Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai : Remembering Maya

The very thing that you are here and spending your time reading this post, proves that you are a fan of the show. And quite honestly, who doesnt like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai? It just takes one look of the show and you fall in love with it!

and the best of all.......

Monday, July 13, 2015

Fairytale Come True

Fairytales don't always mean the princess and the Prince and their happily ever after. So don't expect that in this blog post. Fairytales are about believing. They are about selflessness. To keep others above you. To see the world as a beautiful place and to make the world a beautiful place.
Recently I have had my own miracle... but then you would think that if it is just a miracle, why isn't it in Miracle of the Day like all other miracles? Because the miracle is there in my life for sometime now and it won't just leave.
Before I say something more, let me tell you that I am a very difficult person to be with. There is no easy day with me. Everyday is a new story... a new challenge. Frankly, I have started liking life this way. This is much better than a dull and monotonous day.
So people who stick around... I know I should treasure always!! And I also know that it might be difficult for me but it is worse for them...
So well... here enters the protagonist... on whom this Blog post is based. Let's call him Ram, I like to call him that.
The first time I got to know that such a person existed was when I joined my first project in the company. It took like two weeks for anything to begin. I didn't have a system to work and every one was busy with theirs... And then the girl mentoring me asked me to call Ram as he comes in the noon shift and I could use his system in the mornings. I dialled, Ram didn't answer. Then she asked me to call another new joined to the project. He would usually use Ram's machine in his absence. I called the second guy and he picked up and told me the details.
But working for the first time was confusing... so I kept calling the second guy. After a while, Ram called and I told him the entire story. He sounded very serious and since then, I confess, I have been scared of him. Then I remember being so confused calling one by the name of another.
Well then our office building shifted. My number of days in the team grew. The second guy got his own system. So officially, I were to use Ram's system in his absence. Work was given to me and I became an alarm clock.
Every morning at 9, I would call Ram and speak the usual line "Good Morning Ram. Could you tell me your id." Well the id is something like otp that he would only have.
Initially, I remember, I would tell him the same thing over and over again... story that I don't have a system and I need to do this, so could I use your system...?... now, that I look to it... it was damn funny. Don't know his part of the story though.
Some days he would wait for me to repeat the whole story, greet me back and then give the id. Some days he would just say the id as soon as he picked the call. Most days were in between. Some days he would be awakened by my call. Everyday I would think over how he had responded. That became a part of my routine.
He would come for his noon shift, I would tell him what all I was doing. Usually, what I did was nothing compared to what he would do but yet, he would sit there with all the attention and listen.
Quite a few days he would come with this grim expression. He wouldn't talk to anyone and neither greet. Those were the days that made me run out of the seat at his mere sight.
Slowly, I came to talk to Ram. But thanks to his grim expressions, I was so scared to talk to him that I would hardly speak. I would ask questions by mere nodding, if that was possible.
But he knew everything! I even call him that now that I have started speaking in front of him. Anti(Jon Snow). Well this is a joke he would appreciate better.
So back to the topic that he knew everything. How can someone know everything? Initially, I was even convinced that he is a robot. Usually in that grim expression and knowing everything. It was difficult to believe him to be a mere mortal.
Back to... he knew everything. And the most amazing and at times irritating quality of his is that he would repeat the same thing a thousand times, with the same dedication and willingness and patience. He would help you a million times if you ask for it. Even if he is working, he would find all the time in the world to help you out and complete his work as well.
Okay... more of thisd topic later.
Then my mentor left. She went to onsite. There were all others who could help but no one would help the same way. So I started asking him. And he would help. Slowly, he would tell me other tasks too. He would ask my report. But during all this, I never stopped being scared. I was more scared of him than I was of my TL. But all in all, he is a good man. A wonderful person.
I used to joke that whenever anyone would have a question... people would call out to Ram like people call out to Spiderman.. Spiderman... Spiderman...  And Ram would go there whizzing invisible threads from his hand to help the damsel or dude in need.
Then something changed! We had to give weekend support. There were issues that I didn't understand and people who came with me, would neglect. So I would whatsapp Ram. All professional!
Then something more changed. One day after 12am.. he asked if he can call me...
Of course he can call me.. he is an electronics engineer, I am sure he knows how to call. Sorry, it was a feeble attempt at humour. But well, that was my thought then.
And there is another little thing that changed... he was missing having friends! Somehow I found that out. Sorry can't tell for if he ever read this blog post.. remember, I am scared!!
We started talking.. all rubbish! And he became a friend.
No matter how difficult the situation was... but the most difficult it became, stronger he held on. He wouldn't let me have a bad day. He would stand by all my week moments... maybe professional or personal. 

Sometimes, I really like to look back to how I actually met him and wouldnt believe it myself. Sometimes, I think for the two weeks that I was in the old office, I dont recall seeing him even once. And now, I need to see him once to know how he is or vice versa :P
I can't write them all. There are not enough words to tell how important he is for me.
But every time I think of this whole thing... all I can think of is

Updated :
I would dedicate a million songs... but there is just one line that I can think of whenever I think of this person...

"Meri nazar mei jadd gaya...
Rutbe mein wohh aur badh gaya!"

 Life is just so unpredictable.. we find the most important things when we are not even looking...

And when I think of him... I don't believe he is real. Someone so nice can't be real. I just know, I am blessed!
And I believe that he is too good to be human... he has to be my Fairy GodMother :)

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