Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ek Radha.. Ek Meera

Ek Raadhaa, Ek Miiraa Dono.N Ne Shyaam Ko Chaahaa
Antar Kyaa Dono.N Kii Chaah Me.N Bolo
Ik Prem Diivaanii, Ik Daras Diivaanii
Ek Raadhaa, Ek Miiraa ...

Raadhaa Ne Madhuban Me.N Dhuu.Ndhaa
Miiraa Ne Man Me.N Paayaa
Raadhaa Jise Kho Baithii
Vo Govind Aur Daras Dikhaayaa
Ek Muralii Ek Paayal, Ek Pagalii, Ek Ghaayal
Antar Kyaa Dono.N Kii Priit Me.N Bolo
Ek Suurat Lubhaanii, Ek Muurat Lubhaanii
Ik Prem Diivaanii, Ik Daras Diivaanii ...

Miiraa Ke Prabhu Giridhar Naagar
Raadhaa Ke Manamohan
Raadhaa Din {Sh}R^I.Ngaar Kare
Aur Miiraa Ban Gayii Jogan
Ek Raanii Ek Daasii, Dono.N Hari Prem Kii Pyaasii
Antar Kyaa Dono.N Kii Tr^Ipti Me.N Bolo
Ek Jiit Na Maanii, Ek Haar Na Maanii
Ik Prem Diivaanii, Ik Daras Diivaanii ...

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Do you know there is alot more to the subject called 'Mathematics' than just numbers?? No I am not talking of geometry, graphs neither the complex numbers but alot more... Yes there is calculus, curves and measurements but even bigger things exist...

Here is just a small tribute or say effort from my side to the great things that we never see... Mathematics, in true sense is a language... and I am here just as a mere translator according to my 'knowledge and understanding'...

Recently.. I heard someone say 'Math is just like some poem or an artwork.. it is the creation of a mathematician.. in a more permanent way'

How true... Math is just some information embedded in numbers and drawing we often hate.. but if you know the language, they can be deciphered easily...

I myself am weak at Math, I started doing it in 9th because I hated why am I weak in Math... and since then.. lets say I am blessed to have teachers, who always made me do more and more of it.. and so here I am today.. I still hate it but it is one language I understand just like the one I speak or write... or probably with little more ease...

So lets not hate Math altogether and try and see if I can make you see some really interesting things in this...

Ps : I dont use Maths but Math.. for a teacher was cool enough to tell me -

M - Mentally
A - Affected
T - Teachers
H - Harassing
S - Students

and I cant get that outta my mind yet :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bachche Man Ke Sachche - Neetu Singh,Mala Sinha, Biswajeet - Do Kaliyaan

When I was very young.. 2 or 3.. my nanaji celebrated my bday... all I remember of that day is this song... I loved listening to it then and it has been carried in my heart since then...

its so simple, so cute, so true!! Love it totally!

:: Raaz Pichle Janam ka ::

'Reincarnation' ... what do you get when you hear this word? Spooky? Weird? True?

Well my answer is - I dont knw... yes I do believe that it does exist for I believe in everything I dont have a reason not to believe into... however lately I have learnt a thing from the person I adore the most - 'My brain says I wont understand it and my heart says I am not meant to' ... [[Yes its a Robert Langdon dialoge from Angels and Demons :P :D ]]

Anyways... I just know one thing... we got more than 33 million species walking on this planet (if not walking sliding, gliding, flying or whatever... ) and out of those 33 million.. God chose me and developed my mind.. so as to make me a superior specie (as we humans call ourselves)

God gifted me his beautiful creation (this world) to live in... to call my home and he also laid his secrets and the textbooks so that I have the opportunity to reveal them...

and for this I am thankful... and one thing that I want to say is... seeing that God gave me so much... I must have had been his favourite or I should have done really good deeds in my last incarnation...

You know sometimes.. this world appeals to me like a puzzle... a very tiny baby.. if sees something as simple as mix the identical pair... might do it wrong... (I remember it being an exercise in my Math book once and now I get 40 sums of calculus!!! )... but slowly as we gain the intelligence.. we can do the same easily...

Similarly... God has laid all the knowledge there is possible in different forms.. we call them as - science, religion, logic, numbers, language and so on... and then God expects only the worthy one (like in Angels and Demons :P ) to find the starting point of the quest.. and once you find it.. you actually find the path of illumination laid by not Galileo but God himself :D :D

And thats when you gain Nirvana.. I guess.. for I havent found anything yet and so I am not sure :D :P

Anyways... what I mean is... this show I am hell sure is just pranks... just like Rakhi ka Swaymvar.. poor Elesh had he known it was all fake.. atleast he would have had his gf with him... well well well.. we arent talking of Rakhi and Elesh.. so back to the topic...

This show is scripted for sure but think what you would have had been in your previous life.. For me.. nething will do except a lizard...
Gosh I hate hit!!

Shiamak Picture Mania...

Okie I know one pic is repeated over and over again but thats because I am in love with this pic totally....

Luv ya Shiamak!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Okie... so I see I mentioned 'Dik' in my one blog entries... now it would be unfair not to tell about her... but there is a slight problem... the more I write about her.. the lesser it seems...

Dik is a totally comedy movie vamp... you cant help hate her at times.. but while the others.. you love to sit with her.. listen to her and laugh... :P

and the best part was.. she was our Reserve Bank... she actually used to take her assignment file.. open it.. search it and find 1000 bucks in there.. amazing!! and super-cool and super-sweet!

Dik I knw we fought like cats bt I wanna let you know that I love u and I shall always remember u!...

And here is something... I wrote about her years back...

She is the queen of all evils
the most popular, none other than
Dik the Devil
She's always ready to fight
whenever I come in sight
She sometimes steal...
our classmate's meals
She's so funny
and is very fond of white bunnies
She is just like a coal from outside
and really has a hidden diamond inside
Whatever she is
She's my good friend!

There is one more by Shin.. I had found it.. bt I seem to have lost it again.. and as soon as I find it again.. I will put it...

About Dik.. trust me people.. she's one person you would definitely wanna knw.. so just watch out for her!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother

Well.. you know one thing?? We meet so many people in this life.. some stay with you.. some go... some go and come again and so on.. but there are a few people who are with you for a small time but you cant help remember them forever... and well here is telling you all about one such person...

I can still bet.. when you enter the room.. he will stand out from everyone else and yet he is so much a part of everyone..

I donno how I met this person.. or the first time I talked to him.. but I know that he was one person who hardly asked me who I was... where I was from... he is so much into today... I have never seen him talk of past or future (except in jokes ofcourse :P )

I remember.. one day we were putting up a chart in the corridor and he asks me what do I want to do? Silly question when asked unexpectedly.. and well before I could answer.. he had to speak :P :P... he says he wants to be a Scientist.. and then he asks me 'Do you know what I will do as a Scientist?'... When people say you.. its courtesy you ask them the same question.. but before I can ask this guy.. he tells it himself... he wanted to be a scientist and increase the size of atoms to an extent that a man can life the earth on his palm...

I didnt dare ask what / when or how.. but till date I am wondering.. the man shall do so while standing on Earth?? or somewhere else? like if on moon.. then can the moon take that much mass.. lolzz...

And then.. he was and I am sure he still is one of those popular dudes around... who can attract any girl... and I am damn sure he knows every girl in his school... and the worst part was.. he talks to anyone.. and he was paired to them... it was big time trouble for you cant even talk to him... :P :P ... but well then relief.. he decided to make a few girls his sister and I was one of lucky ones... :P... and one friend had then told me that he actually announced to strangers that he made sisters... aaa....

There were always girls around him.. so many that I actually called him 'magnet'... and he was.. with such a sweet baby smile and those cute eyes.. he was the Mr Irrestible :P ... I wouldnt have dared tell him this on face!!

He was a total foodie.. he ate everything... totally everything... and he was so sweet and well mannered in front of elders... that you shouldnt ask!! My mum still loves him :D

I remember.. once there was a misunderstanding.. and we 3 girls were in problem and we feared if he would speak against us.. somehow we managed his number and then.. how to call him.. I donno why but my friends chose me to do the good work.. and I remember.. I did so on a Saturday morning... I was out from a bath.. quickly changed and took his number the first thing in the morning and dialled and very scared I dialled his number... and talked to him...
He hardly talked about the problem for a minute or two and rest of the time.. he spoke utter nonsense... when I put back the phone... I was - phew!!

If you have seen High School Musical 1.. Gabriella says that she doesnt need to be anyone else in front of Troy... like in Kindergarten.. you can be yourself all the time.. same was with this dude... you never need to be anyone else... he if not likes.. but doesnt show that he hates you the way you are!!

and yes... how can I forget.. his legendary fights on tiffin boxes... every other day we would see him do so...

And yeap... what I used to call him was KBI - Kangal Bank of India... he never had money.. and all his sisters had to keep getting him things...

Something I will always remember about him is.. on my birthday.. I used to distribute Makintosh chocolates... and for all the years I celebrated my birthday.. I was allowed just to give one sweet to the kids... to the teachers.. and rest.. he would take charge of the box and jump on seats.. like a monkey.. throwing toffees here and there.. and eating so many himself!!

Best memory that I have is he and Dik d Devil... (sorry I wont reveal any names... I am not feeling like doing so.. but if you know either of the two.. you are sure to guess the things)... I still know the day... when he sat with me for he didnt have his English book... and I felt Dik staring at me through the entire class... OMG... that was scary.. the first english lecture where I was physically present but just wanting to vanish.. and then after the class I told him.. IF YOU DONT GET YOUR BOOK.. TAKE MINE BUT NEVER SIT WITH ME.....

OMG... now that I am looking back.. I am sure he is one of the best memories I have of my old school... Like an English Quote says... 'King of none but Jack of All'... he was so... he never knew anything to the ultimate limit.. but he almost excelled in everything.. touchwood...

He is also one of the things (people) I missed the most when I joined the new school... I donno... you know something... what I know of him now is that he kinda hates me... I dont know why such things happen.. I mean if not hate.. but for sure he doesnt remember me... but you see I cant help forget him.. yaar mera itna cute bhai hai :D

Here on your birthday bro... wishing you a very happy Birthday.. I think you are 18 today!! Have a great day.. enjoy your life... and I dont know what you have to say.. but what I have to say is that I have had a great time with you around.. and just hoping great for you...!!

Take Care!!



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tum yahan ho.. :P

Jaanam dekh loon
mit gayi dooriyaan
tum yahan ho... yahan ho...
yahan ho.. yahan...

janam dekh loon
mit gayi dooriyaan
tum yahan ho...
yahan ho...
yahan ho...

janam dekh loon
mit gayi dooriyaan
tum yahan ho...
yahan ho...
yahan ho...

kaisi sarhadein
kaisi majbooriyaan
tum yahan ho yahan ho yahaan ho yahan..

main chupa nahi sakungi tum wohh raaz ho
main bhula na sakungi wohh andaaz ho
goonjte ho jo dil mein toh hairaan hoon kyun
tum mere hi dil ki toh aawaz ho
dun sakun toh sunu dhadkano ki zubaan
tum yahan ho...
yahan ho...
yahan ho...

kaisi sarhadein
kaisi majbooriyaan
tum yahan ho...
yahan ho...
yahan ho...

tum hi tum ab mere khayalo mein ho
tum zawabo mein ho
tum sawaaloin mein ho
tum meri har ek khwaab mein ho base
tum meri nazar ke ujalo mein ho
dekhti hoon tumhe
dekhti hoon jahan
tum yahan ho...
yahan ho...
yahan ho...

janam dekh loon
mit gayi dooriyan
tum yahan ho...
yahan ho...
yahan ho...

kaisi sarhadein
kaisi majbooriyaan
tum yahan ho...
yahan ho...
yahan ho...

tum yahan ho...
yahan ho.. yahan ho...

Okie I havent got the lyrics wrong.. I jus like singing it this way!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fiqranan : Blue

( Fiqrana hoke hum jeeye
Khamakha hum jeeye na kyu
Beparvaah hoke hum jeeye
Khamakha hum jeeye na kyu ) - 2

Jeet-te hain adh adh adh ke hum
Fir-te hain fur fur fur se hum
Mil-te hain rom rom rom se hum
Chal-te hain dum dum dum se hum

Mehk-te gulzaron mein hum
Chamak-te sitaro mein hum
Dekh-te angaro mein hum
Lekhte hawao mein
Oh ye fiqrana…ye fiqrana…
Oh ye fiqrana…ye fiqrana…

Hain qaatil apni rangat
Hain shatir apni sangat
Thodhe se hum hain diwaane
Yehi hain apni daulat

Main puri karlu hasrat
Main mann ki saari mannat
Mujhe koi rok nahin… tok nahin…
Main manmana…
Hu junoon sukoon main sharara
Main mazaa…sazaa main aawaarah
Yeh maan le main hoon ishq ka maara

Hone de yeh mulakate
Thodhe din thodhi si raate
Sochenge fir yeh hum
Chahenge ya na chahenge hum

Jeet-te hain adh adh adh ke hum
Fir-te hain fur fur fur se hum
Mil-te hain rom rom rom se hum
Chal-te hain dum dum dum se hum

Mehk-te gulzaron mein hum
Chamak-te sitaro mein hum
Dekh-te angaro mein hum
Lekhte hawao mein
Oh ye fiqrana…ye fiqrana…
Oh ye fiqrana…ye fiqrana…

Hain qaatil apni rangat
Hain shatir apni sangat
Thodhe se hum hain diwaane
Yehi hain apni daulat

Toh karle sabse khilafat
Tu ban ja meri muhobbat
Jahan se lad jaunga
Mar jaunga main mastana

Toh shuru karu ishq badana
Jo kahe woh lage rab ko pana
Jo jale voh jale apna hain zamana…

Honge sang jo humara
Aasman ke yeh taare
Milenge tab tum-hum
Haan kar denge na na karenge hum

Jeet-te hain adh adh adh ke hum
Fir-te hain fur fur fur se hum
Mil-te hain rom rom rom se hum
Chal-te hain dum dum dum se hum

Mehk-te gulzaron mein hum
Chamak-te sitaro mein hum
Dekh-te angaro mein hum
Lekhte hawao mein
Oh ye fiqrana…ye fiqrana…
Oh ye fiqrana…ye fiqrana…

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shiamak Davar

You see this guy here... Shiamak Davar... OMG!! I am just totally crazy about him.. he's got such a sweet smile.. and so deep eyes.. how can one not love him ?? <3<3<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

About Shiamak.. I must say there is truth that I see in his eyes.. he's just as simple as anything can be.. so organised and loving.. he knows his job and he knows how to do it effectively... and thats what matters... he's simple.. sweet yet a fashion statement.. actually a style statement...

I heard his instructors in an interview.. that Shiamak is no longer a name.. it is a style.. a dance form.. he's unique and he built himself this!!

Today all I want is... I want to dance WITH Shiamak Davar... Its not going to be easy.. I need to be even better than perfect... but I know this dude.. one day inshallah I am going to dance with you.. not from some contact or something.. for I will dance matching your feet... I promise you that!

I am literally nuts about everything about Shiamak.. his eyes.. his smile... He's just angel like :P

I often wonder that God has created some of the finest people to be around... Shiamak's definitely one of them.. SDIPA is not only a place to dance.. its a place for your talent.. all kinds of it and above all its for oneness... it makes friends for life and also heels.. heels your soul.. completes you spritually and emotionally (well thats what I have heard... I havent been lucky enough to get in till date)

Not wanting to end it but I will have to.. else I will go on and on when it comes to Shiamak...
I will always have one complain... just one with God.. that why did you create so great people and create them as humans.. and that to elder to me.. till date I know 3 people.. without whom I cannot.. just CANT imagine any life on this Earth and the unfortunate thing is all three of them are humans.. they will die one day and (not wanting to sound depressed or anything ) I hate to think what then...

Please God.. Shiamak's one of those special children of yours.. take care of him and let him be thou messenger of love and goodness..

Shiamak.. I <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Friday, November 20, 2009

81 on 18th!!

Do you know (well I didnt but i am sure you know) that Mickey Mouse... turned 81 on 18th of November!!

Yes Mickey (and others who didnt know)... our very own lil hero has turned 81!

Let's see what wikipedia has to say about Mickey -

"Mickey Mouse is an American comic animal cartoon character who has become an icon for The Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks and voiced by Walt Disney. The Walt Disney Company celebrates his birth as November 18, 1928 upon the release of Steamboat Willie. Although Mickey had already appeared six months earlier in Plane Crazy (Steamboat Willie being the first Mickey Mouse Cartoon with sound).

The anthropomorphic mouse has evolved from being simply a character in animated cartoons and comic strips to become one of the most recognizable symbols in the world."

Wikipedia also tells us that Mickey replaced "Oswald the lucky rabbit" as disney's main toon.. have a look at Oswald's early pics and see arent both, he and Mickey, twins!!

Dont you see they are so much like peas in a pot??

Well what I really wanted this entry to be all about was that how Mickey has spread magic all around the world...
There should be no child who doesnt know Mickey.. indeed all adults do knw him too... he's simply cute and adorable..

Mickey is no magician (except in one tale which I agree is pretty popular :P)... he tells us that to do hardwork is the key to success... he tells us to help friends is what a good friend should do... and he teaches us alot more things... like nothing is impossible!

Today when I see kids seeing Chinese - English dubbed cartoons... I at times feel that they are missing all the disney magic that enchanted my childhood... they never watched Donald, Goofy, Talespin, Tom and Jerry, Aladdin, Mermaid, Hercules, Chip and Dale and so many more...

I remember Sony got a paid channel from 1 September.. I wasnt in India then... and I was praying desperately that let Sony be paid from 2nd for on 1st they were having a special episode on Disney Hour.. bt hard luck.. I will always remember this and feel unlucky about the same :(

I mean Disney is just so enchanted.. I love everything about Disney..

Back to Mickey... Mickey is just too cute... and on his birthday I just wanted to remember him (though I am 2 days late sorry :P)

Here are some of Mickey Times.. you might wanna remember -

Picture Perfect... muah...

Awww.. they are so cute together... I jus love them!

Remember this face... I use to always wish to see this.. it always meant - followed by a Mickey and friends cartoon (mostly mickey)

The magician episode.. I loved how the broom troubled him.. lolzz...

And here are some really lovely times...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tu Jaane Naa

Kaise batayein
Kyun tujhko chahe
Yaara batha na paayein
Baatein dil o ki
Dekho jo baki
Aake tujhe samjhaein
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na

Hmm milke bhi, hum na mile
Tumse na jaane kyun, milo ke,
Hai phasle tumse na jaane kyun
Anjaane, hai silsile
Tum se na jaane kyun, sapne hai
Palko tale tum se na jaane kyunnnnnn…

Kaise batayein
Kyun tujhko chahe
Yaara batha na paayein
Baatein dil o ki
Dekho jo baki
Aake tujhe samjhaein
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na

Aaaa aaaaa aaa
Nigahon mein dehko
Meri jo hai bas gaya aa
Woh hai milta tumse hubahoo
Jaane teri aankhein
Kiya baatein ki vajah…
Huye tum jo dil ki aarzoo
Tum paas ho ke bhi
Tum aas ho ke bhi
Ehsaas ho ke bhi
Apne nahin aise hai
Hum ko gile
Tumse na jaane kyun, milo ke
Hai phasle tumse na jaane kyun ooonnn….
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na

Ooo jaane na jaane na jaane na
Aaaaaaa aaa… tu jaane na
Khayalon mein lakhon baatein,
Yun toh keh gayaaaa..
Bola kuch na tere saamne
Oooo… huye na begaane bhi
Tum hoke aur ke
Dekho tum na mere hi bane
Aafsos hota hai, dil bhi yeh rotha hai
Sapne sanjotha hai, pagla hua soche ye
Hum the mile tum se na jaane kyun
Milo ke, hai phasle tumse na jaane kyun
Anjaane, hai silsile
Tum se na jaane kyun, sapne hai
Palko tale tum se na jaane kyunnnnnn…

Kaise batayein
Kyun tujhko chahe
Yaara batha na paayein
Baatein dil o ki
Dekho jo baki
Aake tujhe samjhaein
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na

Tu jaane naaaa… tu jaane naa

Friday, November 13, 2009

**Friends Forever**

This is for a very special friend of mine.. she isnt reading it for its like we are friends who dont talk.. dont see each other or stuff.. and I hate to admit - we dont know each other.. not now...

Shivangi (Pinky)...
Before I disappear into nothing and you wake up one day and you want to talk to me but I am not here.. before that - I wanna let you know a few things.. important ones...

You mean alot.. if you hadnt I wouldnt leave Adi for you.. or lets say Shonali couldnt be forced to do that... I know you said so for you meant all good but you forgot it would hurt me.. When I needed you there to be with me.. you were no where.. and this hurts.. You even dont know my birthday now...
No comparisons.. but he did know and he got me a gift.. he was nothing more the friend you were!

And the remaining.. I dont want to hear what your friend has to say... I respect her opinion and I know the girl you dont want me to be talking of (who fought with Nitisha)... I know that girl pretty well.. in a fight I know she could have spoken tons and tons what you dont expect a girl to speak.. but if she spoke.. I trust her to know what she spoke and to an extent I know she wont do it without a reason...

So if you dont wanna talk to the girl.. its k.. no forcing you but dont speak ill of her...

And I know my words dont mean anything to you.. not now.. I hope inshallah one day they will...

Take Care
and keep smiling always!

Uttaranchal : My Home

Okie.. I do know that half of the world which has seen me things I am a South Indian.. the others think I am a Punjabi (by the way I speak) but trust me I am neither.. am a very typical Pahadi girl though I least resemble one (thnks the water of Delhi :D :D) Anyways... yes I am a pahadi girl and today I feel homesick :((

Delhi's been my home since like I was a week old (Am not a Delhi born)... and I have known Delhi alot.. though fine I havent seen all of Delhi but I have a fairly good idea about Delhi.. how people are here.. how they live and everything... but you know this is NOT home...

Sometimes I wish I was never here... wish that my grand-dad hadnt moved to Delhi to search for a job.. but well when I tell him this, he is right in saying that farming wasnt his cup of tea and if he was there, we would be in rags.. the riches I enjoy today is all what Delhi has to provide... I agree the my life without these riches would be tough and hard and at times miserable but I still long for a home...

My dad tells I say this for I know they will never take me to Uttaranchal and let me live there.. but trust me I wanna do this!!

See these ladies here... the dotted thing they wear is what we call 'Pichaud' or 'Pichauda' ... Its a traditional head covering for all married women and its given to them at the time of their marriage.

Seeing that all of them are also wearing the same coloured saree (blue).. means either they are sitting for a traditional pooja (ritual) or they are all fasting for one of their daughter is getting married and all of them will do the Kanyadaan..

See their bangles? The maroon thick glass chudiyaan? My granny wore them all her life.. though today my mum and aunts wear the thin glass and shiny one.. I see the beauty of the thick ones...

and see the lady 2nd from right.. she's put the sindoor from her forehead.. that's how we put it in Uttaranchal.. I had once gone to seen an Uttaranchali play. and there the lady put it right from her nose to her head.. wow!!

See them?? These are ghats..they are built in paths of river so that we can go and bath there... the water pressure in these is less and its enjoyble...
I love being there!!

Well what all do I mention about my home?? Its just unique and I am totally in love with it...

I just wish that people will stop polluting it.. corrupting it and spoiling it... Let it be untouched.. my home of Gods (thats what Uttaranchal is called - 'DevBhoomi')

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Midnight Sun

If I say I have read it.. wont hurt for duh.. its available on the net and anyone can read it (no piracy.. Stephanie has it on her site)

Well then even I read it and what I wanna say is... its beautiful...

Reading Midnight Sun.. a thought came across my mind.. we meet so many people daily... or lets not say meet.. lets say see.. or share the place with...

Now we arent as fortunate as Edward... for he wasnt able to listen to Bella's thoughts.. he was drawn to her... but this luck isnt with us.. then just think how many people we miss..

Maybe the girl who brushed past you yesterday shared the same thoughts.. maybe the guy in your favourite blue loved the same movie as you... maybe that teacher.. nasty weird looking is the one who can tell you what you want.. maybe that uncle whom you hate to look at be your mentor and what not???

The only thing is we just dont knw... humans are bad at this I must say.. they are scared to try.. to experiment.. what if it doesnt turn out well?? If it doesnt.. let it go to hell.. move on..

Back to the book.. (I will put the 'gyaan' in some other blog entry)... I enjoyed reading it but I wish it wasnt leaked out... for
1. As an author.. Stephenie should have a right about the publishing date
2. She had emotions with it and hurting them is BAD
3. I want her to complete which she says is postponed for infinite time...

Now I am stuck up with an incomplete Edward :P...

Oh I so much wanna knw what was Edward thinking in the end.. in the very end when Bella asks him to bite her... I really wanna...

8 notes woven for 80 years

Well... I speak of none other than Lata Mangeshkar (sorry I dont know how to show the respect.. that is what to add in front of her name)...

I have been trying to do this diary entry since her birthday but I always forget :P

Well.. Lata Mangeshkar is better known as to 'share the title of the only other thing (person) apart from the Taj that none other than India holds' ...

She's truely a legend.. she's singing for like 60 years and I have like heard 600 voices but I have never found anyone who can sing anything equal to her... she's amazing.. a true "Bharat Ratna"

I really dont know why am I writing this.. but that day when I heard on the radio its Lata tai's birthday and there was some other event too that day.. I got to know it from radio about her birthday and that too late in the evening but the other event was too prominent... I hated that...

Since I donno.. but I had to be like some seconds old but since then I am listening to her... my dad's a big fan and I am bigger...!! :P I love Kishore da and Lata tai duets... both of them are the true essence and above everything.. Lata di has a song for everything!

She's sung over hundreds of songs and is the idol for lovers.. her so many duets have been anthem for lovers... and she's an all time diva for growing girls... but well she's been for me!

Today.. all I want to say is that I have heard like so many people from Geeta Dutt to Alisha Chinai... Celine Dion to Taylor Swift but never ever have I been able to get out of Lata di's magic...

I just hope she lives a great life and I get to listen to more of her... I know today the songs are different and not the kind Lata di would want to sing but her voice is what I want to hear... However.. even in the other case.. I just want her to be happy.. forever and always!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mar Jawaan Arabic Part

:Radi krah di krawa:
:wal hawah wasamah:
— Teri yaad mein main tarsa iss hawa
— mein aur is samah mein —
:Wadi krah hitawahat:
:allah dukha wasamah:
— Wade karke tune tarsaya mujhe
to allah ne dekha iss samah mein —

:Latehwal flahwahat:
:allah dukha wasamah:
— Gunha Kabool Kiya phir bhi na kuch paya
— aur Allah ne dekha iss samah mein —
:Wadi krah hitawahat:
:allah dukhawasamah:
— Wade Karke Main Tarsa
Allah ne dekha iss samah mein —

Mar Jawaan

Before reading this... I want you to think of the 'special person' of your life... He / She (preferably He... that is this is for girls mostly!) can be Edward Cullen :P, Shahrukh Khan or any celebrity... can be your crush, your present one or your ex... but the only condition is you need to have seen the person enough to know how he looks in different chores of life!

If you are in my school, you will easily know the places I talk of... else it wont be much of a problem imagining it... I wont say there are any classrooms or commerce classes kinda stuff.. I just mention corridoors and halls and rooms... you can imagine them anyway.. to me they will be like the ones in my school!

This is perfectly my imagination.. well actually its moments... I cherish and I will always and before I loose them.. I want them to be here... I have woven them all into a small song... and whenever I will hear it.. these flashes will play in my mind like a video

Whenever I listen to Mar Jawaan... it reminds me just of one person I can like see forever... well I donno if I will ever get to see him again for like after 12th.. he's gone! But I know this song and my eyes closed will always get him in my heart...

So here we start... read each line of the song and then visualize what you are asked to!

(you are standing and the guy is sitting... he looks at you with the most innocent eyes you will ever see... and you are looking into them and thats all the world is about in that moment)

(the guy looking in your eyes with same affection as you are looking into his and he mouth curls into a slight smile which is sweet, angelic and naughty at the same time)

(the smile turns to a laughter... not a loud one but a very sweet one... your smile widens)

allah dukha…wasamah…
(laughter now goes into the eyes of the guy and his eyes are sparkling)

(he asks you to show your hand for he wants to read it and you dont cross question or anything but simply he orders you and you join both your palms and show them forward for him to see)

allah dukha…wasamah….
(he hardly looks at the palms for a second and then says 'you arent as naughty as I thought')


(you have first time in your life taken your finger prints... actually had them taken by one of the India's top forensic doctor and you bring the A4 sheet and show it to the guy)

allah dukha…wasamah…..
(he takes them but sees them in such a way that all the black powder is rubbed off the finger prints and gets on his hand and then he takes a napkin and says 'you dirtied my hands')

fly yooo….

(you are walking a corridoor on 2nd floor... and from first floor the guy is staring at you just to make sure you are there for he asked you to go...)

fly yooo….
(you realise that the guy was supposed to be doing something more important and why the hell is he staring you?)

mar jawaan mar jawaan
(you are standing beside the guy and a professional carrier person... the guy is telling all he has done and all he is interested to do... you are listening to it and smiling)

tere ishq pe mar jawaan
(in a hall... the professional is giving a lecture and the guy is standing with the late comers... he is least interested in the lecture but alot more interested in the girl beside him...)

mar jawaan mar jawaan
(he keeps asking the girl something or the other... one moment you feel glad to be somewhere near him and being able to see him.. the next you are hell angry for the guy talks to another girl)

fly yooo…

(you are super jealous now)

tere ishq pe mar jawan
(you try alot of stupid things to do while the lecture... biggest of them being trying to sound interested and asking questions... you hope the guy is looking at you when you are doing so but you totally dont know!)

bheege bheege sapno ka jaise khat hai
(you are standing outside a room which isnt a classroom or anything... you are there just like that and the guy comes out of the corridoor... honestly he got no work to come there and God knows why is he there... but he then sees you and he leaves...)

(however as he sees you before going so he stops dead in the place and comes to you)

geeli geeli chaahat ki jaise lat hai
(next you know is that the guy has seen you first time in a total different look and asks you 'how these clothes?' and then you know you are just walking besides him...)

mar jawaan mar jawaan
(you remember the blue shirt... royal blue shirt he wore the time he saw you in different clothes for the first time... it was shining and so he was he!)

tere ishq pe mar jawaan
(back to the hall and lecture... you hear the guy tell his educational interests to the professional and then you leave feeling good)

mar jawaan mar jawaan
(next moment God knows why you turn back to look at the hall and you see the guy walk out just behind you...)

tere ishq pe mar jawan
(neither the guy nor I stop or try to even converse... both of you just walk and you think that was the guy there just till you were or you are making alot of things in your mind!)


(you are not in your best clothes but in the colour and look you like... you are just walking and someone calls your name.. its the same guy.. he's in school on Saturday though he has no reason to be there... he is in a room to which he isnt related a miles like to... but he is in there and has called your name from there...)

(you go into the room and for the first time you see a very homely look of his... he's wearing a t shirt over his not so regular pants and he is looking good... you now know he loves BLUE!)

allah dukha…wasamah…..
(he kind of scolds you... you love it for he's being in a way naughty... he talks to you for hours... and all you do is SMILE and stand there fixed at your place and listen... listen for hours and I mean HOURS!)

latehwal…flahwahat…. allah dukha…wasamah…..
(he asks you when was your class supposed to be... and you tell him it started half and hour back but as he was speaking and you didnt want to disturb so you let him talk and you were listening)

wadi…krah….hitawahat…. allah dukha…wasamah…..
(another day... you tell him that someone somewhere may care for him and so he should better take care of himself... and he smiles and laughs.. you ask him what?? and he says thinking that how you have grown up so suddenly and you feel amazing listening to this!!)

soche dil ke aisa kash ho
(you bugged the life outta the guy to search something for you... poor chap one day calls you himself and says come along and we will search the drawer and maybe we find the things and he does so... he is working and you are looking at him...)

tujhko ek nazar meri talash ho
(you are looking while he is speaking as he searches for the things and then just an affectionately 'dear'... bas then what?? you are dead on the spot.. you dont hear anything more than that.. you dont do anything for the rest of the day... all you do is SMILE)

jaise khwaab hai aankhon mein base meri
(you are walking in the corridor... you feel he is looking at you but well you feel it 24 hours and then suddenly his 2 fingers curl out of wrist and call you... you are confused! He's calling you for the first time... is it real?? So in sign again you ask him - me? and he nodds...)

waise neendo pe silvate pade teri
(your first rain... or atleast you had your share of rain... okie he likes to be with his friends playing and you like rain dance... but well that feeling coming in front of him...)

bheege bheege aarmano ki na had hai
(you all wet... going home and on a long path you are walking.. knowing he is there behind you following each and every step.. yet you dont turn and it goes on like this! just after the first partial rain :P)

(you forget something on your table.. he asks for it the next day and you say... oops I lost it and then he gives his so naughty wali smile and takes it out of his pocket...)

geeli geeli khwaish bhi toh behad hai
(you scold the hell out of him for he does something you dont like.. poor chap comes all the way to where to are to make up but doesnt succeed... sends another friend to do so but no luck there either but you feel pathetic for being so angry on him before... and its the first time you had a tear in your eye for something so sweet)

mar jawaan mar jawaan
(sitting alone in a room with the guy wanting to talk about studies but well he has pen.. so do you... he's got a notebook in front of you and so do you.. a common book.. but he's on with his tales and you are listening..)

tere ishq pe mar jawaan
(he drives past you sitting inside the best car you saw... a car in India you would like to purchase with the number '0001' and well you stare again!)

mar jawaan mar jawaan
(the first face you see in the morning is him... without his usual specs and he looks wow without them and the first person he reminds you of - Salman Khan and since then you secretly call him ' mera wala Salman Khan ')

tere ishq pe mar jawan
(you are there out of your class in the photostat room.. he comes there for the same.. you are the one doing the photostats and he sees you and just one question he asks ' you can do this too? ')

(you are there in front of him... he is standing there with his group of friends... but well he wanted you to be there... you ask him a million times - Can I leave? and all the times all he says is 'no stay here' ... he wont ask you a thing in the group directly but knows that you know all the answers...)

(he's standing in front of you speaking to a lot of people.. you are one of the listeners... he's upset or angry about something and when you ask him all he'll say is 'no I am not' but you dont pay attention to what he is saying.. you are seeing the small nail he is playing with... trying to hurt his nail with it.. actually it was bent so he was trying to undo so inspite of knowing he wont be able to do it.. and you are like crazy not listening to anything but just seeing so he doesnt hurt himself...)

mar jawan…
(seeing the guy standing alot away from where he should be talking to another girl and feeling HORRIBLE)

(recording his voice secretly and listening to it all the time.. a thousand times)

allah dukha…wasamah…..
(his telling your mom 'your gal doesnt eat a thing.. I tried all my might')

mar jawan….
(listening to his heart... he knows you are there and you havent seen that side of him but he is willing to share it with his friends in front of you... you hear it.. you cant help crying and you CANT show it in front of him either... you know the pain he talks of for you have felt something similar and once again you feel helpless.. this time more for you feel helpless for him as well.. and you rush out of the room)

(ofcourse how can you not forget the fights... not talking to him.. teasing him.. taunting him.. him teasing you.. pulling your leg and irritating the hell out of you... but at the end of the day even if you both mutually decide to not talk for the rest of your lives.. you know you are there for each other and you always will be!)

allah dukha…wasamah…..
(praying a hundred time... a million times 'God please take care of 'the guy'')

(in one blink... all these memories discussed above go in your brain in super fast forward speed... slow enough so you can catch a few... and save all in your heart... something like how the infinite memories passed me when I was writing a few special ones here...)

allah dukha…wasamah…..
(just that one smile... a smile to die for... a smile with which you can spend an eternity.. a smile.. ahh... that killer smile and with those sparkling eyes... you are so much drowned into them!)

Okie... wait let me tell a few more things.. these memories ARENT MINE i.e. Shruti's... These are however very much real.. the gal and the guy who share these memories have full copy rights on them :P and I just hope the guy doesnt read it for he will take the ghost outta me :P :P ... See I know I am confusing everyone who is reading... just one thing.. THE GIRL ISNT ME! I know the guy and the gal... but I dont get them and so I wont be able to understand either of them to you.. you might wanna see this as a love story and lets see if you can figure the start and the end (both mentioned here)
I just loved these and listening to them I felt like living them.. and so I just complied them all.. and put them in my blog..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I didnt want this to happen...

I need to accept it... within a matter of a few days I will have to leave a big part of my life till date - school! I am going into school like ever ... duh!! Everyone does

Har Jagah Mein - Mithoon

(har jagah mein tu samaaya hai
har disha mein tu numaaya hai) - (2)
subah mein meri shaam mein tera jirr hai, tera saaya hai
mera haath jo tu thaam le, phir jahaan ka karana hai kya
tu hi tu har jagah, tu hi tu jine ki wajah - (2)

meri subah mein meri shaam mein, tera jirr hai, tera saaya hai
mera haath jo tu thaam le, phir jahaan ka karana hai kya
tu hi tu har jagah, tu hi tu jine ki wajah - (2)

tu roshani koi chaandani, tu hi ped hai tu hi chhaanv bhi
tu hi raasta tu hi hai safar, jaha pahunchana hai woh gaanv bhi
mera haath jo tu thaam le, phir jahaan ka karana hai kya
tu hi tu har jagah, tu hi tu jine ki wajah - (2)

yaar tera saath jis pal pa liya jisane
usako toh phulon ki tarah raahon ka ?? mile
subah mein shaam mein tera jirr hai, tera saaya hai
mera haath jo tu thaam le, phir jahaan ka karana hai kya
har jagah mein tu samaaya hai, har disha mein tu numaaya hai
main tere nashe mein hoon chur sa, teri justajoo mein hai jindagi
mera haath jo tu thaam le, phir jahaan ka karana hai kya
tu hi tu har jagah, tu hi tu jine ki wajah - (2)

Monday, October 26, 2009

A must read POEM : 'Ek Mitr mile... Aaram Karo'

ek mitr mile, bole, "lala, tum kis chakkee ka khate ho?is dedh chhatank ke rashan men bhi tond badhae jate ho.kya rakkha mans badhane men, manahoos, akl se kam karo.sankranti-kal kee bela hai, mar mito, jagat men nam karo."ham bole, "rahane do lekchar, purushon ko mat badanam daud-dhoop men kya rakkha, aaram karo, aaram karo.aaram zindagi kee kunji, isase n tapedik hoti hai.aaram sudha kee ek boond, tan ka dubalapan khoti hai.aaram shabd men 'rama' chhipa jo bhav-bandhan ko khota hai.aaram shabd ka gyata to virala hi yogi hota hai.isalie tumhen samajhata hoon, mere anubhav se kam jivan, yauvan kshannabhangur, aaram karo, aaram karo.yadi karana hi kuchh pad jae to adhik n tum utpat karo.apane ghar men baithe-baithe bas lanbi-lanbi bat karo.karane-dharane men kya rakkha jo rakkha bat banane oth hilane men ras hai, vah kabhi n hath hilane men.tum mujhase poochho batalaoon, hai maza moorkh kahalane men.jivan-jagriti men kya rakkha jo rakkha hai so jane men.main yahi sochakar pas akl ke, kam hi jaya karata buddhiman jan hote hain, unase kataraya karata hoon.die jalane ke pahale hi ghar men aa jaya karata milata hai, kha leta hoon, chupake so jaya karata hoon.meri gita men likha huaa, sachche yogi jo hote hain,ve kam-se-kam barah ghante to befikri se sote hain.adavayan khinchi khat men jo padte hi aanand aata hai.vah sat svarg, apavarg, moksh se bhi ooncha uth jata hai.jab 'sukh kee ninda' kadha takiya, is sar ke niche aata hai,to sach kahata hoon is sar men, injan jaisa lag jata hai.main mel tren ho jata hoon, buddhi bhi fak-fak karati hai.bhavon ka rash ho jata hai, kavita sab umadi padti hai.main auron kee to nahin, bat pahale apani hi leta hoon.main pada khat par booton ko oonton kee upama deta hoon.main khataragi hoon mujhako to khatiya men git footate hain.chhat kee kadiyan ginate-ginate chhandon ke bandh tootate hain.main isilie to kahata hoon mere anubhav se kam karo.yah khat bichha lo aangan men, leto, baitho, aaram karo.

This is one poem my dad read in his school... and I have been listening to it through him since always.. he loves this poem and I found it today... its hillarious and at the same time has the core to life.. a must read!

The poem is in hindi.. therefore the above is hindi written in english but beneath you find Hindi font... ENJOY!

एक मित्र मिले, बोले, "लाला, तुम किस चक्की का खाते हो?इस डेढ़ छटांक के राशन में भी तोंद बढ़ाए जाते हो।क्या रक्खा माँस बढ़ाने में, मनहूस, अक्ल से काम करो।संक्रान्ति-काल की बेला है, मर मिटो, जगत में नाम करो।"हम बोले, "रहने दो लेक्चर, पुरुषों को मत बदनाम करो।इस दौड़-धूप में क्या रक्खा, आराम करो, आराम करो।आराम ज़िन्दगी की कुंजी, इससे न तपेदिक होती है।आराम सुधा की एक बूंद, तन का दुबलापन खोती है।आराम शब्द में 'राम' छिपा जो भव-बंधन को खोता है।आराम शब्द का ज्ञाता तो विरला ही योगी होता है।इसलिए तुम्हें समझाता हूँ, मेरे अनुभव से काम करो।ये जीवन, यौवन क्षणभंगुर, आराम करो, आराम करो।यदि करना ही कुछ पड़ जाए तो अधिक न तुम उत्पात करो।अपने घर में बैठे-बैठे बस लंबी-लंबी बात करो।करने-धरने में क्या रक्खा जो रक्खा बात बनाने में।जो ओठ हिलाने में रस है, वह कभी न हाथ हिलाने में।तुम मुझसे पूछो बतलाऊँ, है मज़ा मूर्ख कहलाने में।जीवन-जागृति में क्या रक्खा जो रक्खा है सो जाने में।मैं यही सोचकर पास अक्ल के, कम ही जाया करता हूँ।जो बुद्धिमान जन होते हैं, उनसे कतराया करता हूँ।दीए जलने के पहले ही घर में आ जाया करता हूँ।जो मिलता है, खा लेता हूँ, चुपके सो जाया करता हूँ।मेरी गीता में लिखा हुआ, सच्चे योगी जो होते हैं,वे कम-से-कम बारह घंटे तो बेफ़िक्री से सोते हैं।अदवायन खिंची खाट में जो पड़ते ही आनंद आता है।वह सात स्वर्ग, अपवर्ग, मोक्ष से भी ऊँचा उठ जाता है।जब 'सुख की नींद' कढ़ा तकिया, इस सर के नीचे आता है,तो सच कहता हूँ इस सर में, इंजन जैसा लग जाता है।मैं मेल ट्रेन हो जाता हूँ, बुद्धि भी फक-फक करती है।भावों का रश हो जाता है, कविता सब उमड़ी पड़ती है।मैं औरों की तो नहीं, बात पहले अपनी ही लेता हूँ।मैं पड़ा खाट पर बूटों को ऊँटों की उपमा देता हूँ।मैं खटरागी हूँ मुझको तो खटिया में गीत फूटते हैं।छत की कड़ियाँ गिनते-गिनते छंदों के बंध टूटते हैं।मैं इसीलिए तो कहता हूँ मेरे अनुभव से काम करो।यह खाट बिछा लो आँगन में, लेटो, बैठो, आराम करो।


Pretty Long back I had thought that I have seen something like all kinds of girls possible to exist in this world. I had named the so called thing I wanted to write - Lifesize.

Lifesize would be a book by me ofcourse (so nothing great)... of 7 volumes... it will speak of 7 different women... woman of today, of past, rich, poor and whatever you can imagine woman to be like...

Now you will ask me why suddenly about the long lost book or its stories... well for this song... 'Bikhri Bikhri' of Whats your Rashee... reminds me of the book... There is nothing specific tradegy I have seen happen with women, heard them.. read about them.. seen them reported but I dont know this tpic is something I get emotional about...

I hate to see girls being oppressed... I hate guys because of the same...

This song tells me tales of all the woman around the world trying to meet ends... trying hard even when they dont have space to go out to...

I mean.. possibly... indeed I am sure.. woman is God's best creation till date... girls have sensitivity and simultaneously, we understand. We can deal with all sorts of things, survive.. we got emotions but we can kill as well...

I really donno why am writing all this.. suddenly I come across this song in youtube and it reminded me of Lifesize and I thought of writing this blog entry...

Guys - no offense... nothing personal!

Tu hi mera saara jahan hai

'teri parchai bhi hai bahut dilnashii
tu hasa toh ye aalam hasa hai...'

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jao na...

Well this is just for a friend... When I heard this song.. I wanted it to fit to someone in my life.. and finally it jus fit rite

Dont go... please...

I am always gonna MizZ you...

Okie.. I donno why but I am crying! Its been days I did something like this.. that is cried... I thought the recent changes in life had hardened me enough.. bt I was wrong.. they had hardened me just for my daily life...

and you.. I hate u!

Well I dont know what this pic says... I cant read it.. I dont understand it.. but when I searched ' Javed ' I found this and this somehow reminds me of you!!

I dont know how it all happened.. bt Javed you are definitely a frnd I dont wanna loose.. ever...
I will always celebrate January.. the month you said hi for the first time... I am gonna cherish that forever...

Well.. to all those who dont know Javed... I would say I dont want you to know him either.. I dont wanna share my bff... :P

Well.. me and Javed connected on Orkut via common friends... and then to play a prank on the 2... we joined hands... and then it was like I spent all moments of my day talking to him :D :D well even nights.. bt not till 4.. that was jus once Javed...

neways.. and then like all good things dnt last forever.. this didnt... either! I hated him for a while.. I so much wanted to hurt him bt I couldnt somehow do that. Whenever I spoke to him... my heart would melt.. :( :(

Anyways... the best thing about Javed is - this guy is definitely the one who knows me! He knows my dreams and even remembers them.. and though its jus saying but he does say he will help me complete it!! He did my holiday homework in class 10 and I can boss him anyday! :D :D

He's the sweetest person you can come across.. though very rich and very ashleel :P no offense sweetheart...

He taught me how to speak bad... :P :P ... he would make me tell him all tales.. and so sweet that he would listen to it...

Even when at work.. I would always trouble him.. and he wont say anything. How sweet!! You know Javed... whatever you did was nothing... nothing compared to all the moments of friendship we had! I remember every moment of it...

The ganda wala heart IM environment.. I hated when your housemate commented.. his voice still rings in my ears... I feel guilty you had to treat so many people because of me.. you still remember about my Titanic.. you promise to get me to meet Dan Brown... you know my strengths and weeknesses and I know you take me the way I am.. nothing more.. nothing less...

though you never said you wanted to change anything in me but trust me you have changed alot! I now know how to talk dirty :P :P I can understand guys better... I got a broader view of life and a better one... I wanna visit Shillong and definitely you are taking me along!

OMG... sab likhne baithungi toh subah ho gaayegi!!

I will jus say.. somehow Javed you are always there whenever I needed you... you had been and you are the perfect sweetheart I can ever wish for! and no matter wherever I look or for how long.. I will never find you!

I hate when I have to say goodbye...

and today I felt so bad.. when you said you are going.. theek hai not that wala love.. but yes I love you and I always will.. :) and this time I am very serious!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Lost Symbol

Ahk... the difficult job.. writing a review to something better than yourself!! Well yes.. I have to accept.. this book is indeed the Bible to me! I mean.. okie I say Angels and Demons to be the Bible bt this book is even better than Angels and Demons...

Very honestly... the plot is weak.. I mean... its like the protagonist is summoned to Washington by some cheating... and then he is following a trail he himself doesnt believe in... so being a fan.. I too doubt what we are reading... as there is no idea what we are looking for and absolutely no one to help... it gets a little more difficult...

and the biggest of the weaknesses I guess is that not many people will believe like half of the book characters havent believed in the mystery!

Anyways, however the plus points are its more evil... the villian is a maniac... a true one this time.. he is the evil planner and executor... he has great knowledge and gives perfect competetion to Professor Langdon.

Also, you would love to read about America... the mysteries revealed indeed proves that America is no less mysterious than Rome or Paris!!

Going a little sequence wise... the story is related to Robert Langdon. He is summoned to Washington for a lecture by the PA of his mentor - Peter Solomen. However, on reaching there, Professor discovers that there is no such lecture but Peter is in trouble. Years ago, Peter trusted Professor with a package... it was supposed to 'bring order from chaos'... now Professor finds himself holding the secrets of the ancient Masons sealed for more than 3 generations. He is asked to reveal the secret by the maniac who just wants enlightment by knowing the truth.

The female this time is Katherine... she is elder to Professor.. so no love interest :P ... she is Peter's younger sister and Robert is the only friend she finds in all the grave times... though she and Robert werent great friends but she knew that Peter trusted him well and so she too trusts him... and as it is he was the only friend in all strangers!

Now... Once Professor and Katherine are together.. they are supposed to find what the ancient Mason mystery has to say... Peter's life depends on this and so the anxious Katherine is ready to unlock all mysteries which the other members of the brotherhood warm Langdon that they are even more precious and shouldnt be revealed...

The main sciences shown this time are the Noetic Sciences... there isnt much of sci - fi in this book but if you read the book.. you are bound to search alot on noetics.. 'thoughts have mass!!!!' and yea all the ancient texts are full of sciences advanced than we are today!! So do read them!!!!

CIA chief is directly involved in the matter treating it as a matter of National Security which no one understands how it is... Sato.. the chief is a lady and very much dominating.. she is shown evil but turns out to be good...

In the end.. ofcourse everyone is rescued.. the maniac doesnt find the lost word - the word which would reveal wisdom when let out... indeed he turns out to be one of the family of Peter... and again we have some family feuds which if I let out will take away the mystery..

Finally... the word when revealed leaves Professor and everyone in uttermost shock!!

All I wanna personally say is - I agree to the word's potential and have no doubts about it.. indeed I respect it alot and I know I will need to read the word soon along with other ancient texts having the advance sciences but I hated risking Professor's life for the word when I can get it for him... However.. this book is a true 'cant be put down'!!!
Loved it.. and you should read it!


You knw what? Whenever we meet new people.. its so difficult to start a conversation... you dont knw what the person is like or will you both even have something common.. this happens alot in parties or your first day to school...

but you know the harder part?? Now you have knwn a person and made frnds with him / her... its hard to accept that soon its going to be goodbye!

A friend of mine recently asked me that do I hate saying goodbyes? Are they difficult for me? And I guess its time to accept - YES... I hate people leaving. No matter they were good or bad to me.. no matter I liked them or not but I hate it when I need to say bye. And if you know me.. I jus wave and I dont say 'bye'...

Suddenly all this for I recently said bye to a friend... and this post is just for him.. to remember one the my friends who really made life positive for him.. who freakingly spoke more than me and even made my quiet... I loved arguing with him and with him it was just like we were back in Nursery.. where you dont really care who the one in front of you is.. you dont need to pretend.. you can say your heart like it is...

I remember when I first saw him.. I was in 9th.. then we worked together in a group the same year bt hardly knew each other... we talked when I was in 11th.. I got a friendship band.. which was so sweet and so mysterious.. :P... and SHivangi Goel tore it too X( ... Then I loved when he would ask riddles and just walk out of the room leaving you so frustrated when you cant solve it.. and in the end it would turn out to be really easy... you need to see the sparkle in his eyes when he blushes.. OMG.. I know boys dnt blush bt someone needs to tell this to him... and what I am gonna miss the most will be that if we talk 20 mins a day... 15 mins I am laughing my life out and the rest 5 I am trying to speak :P .... there are countless memories I got of this new frnd... new frnd for he called me a frnd only too recently though I guess we have been frnds since long...

Okie.. I donno why am I writing this.. I just know that there is a smile I want to save in my heart so that I can see it always whenever I close my eyes...

I also know it neednt be a goodbye bt its the better thing for both of us for I have experianced when frnds stay apart for long... things change drastically... and in a matter of months.. I am gonna be really far frm him.. so I want to part with good memories and not sour tastes of no calls and no talks for months...

Well... I will jus say...

it was hard saying goodbye to you... one thing I had to do and I didnt want to... bt I knw that I did it just for you! Be as you are ... be glad.. and remember you always have a frnd...
Love ya!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well... memories.. a brand new label just for the person I miss the most in this world... my granny... she's been more than mum to me!!

Well.. no I am not sulking or senti.. I just dont want to loose the countless memories I have of her... and just for that sake... I will try and write as manyy as I can of her... and inshallah... they will be my strengths!

I remember telling her I had an ice cream and not giving it to her :P ... I remember seeing her sit at the threshold and cut vegetables ... I remember her cooking food.. I remember her telling me tales I will never hear again... I remember her praying... I remember where she hid the pack of toffess and how much we loved eating them... I remember her telling my dad not to pamper me so much.. I remember her telling me tales out of a word... her combing my hair... her taking my side... waking me at 3 to jus ask me its 3...

and they are countles...

I just tried to write what all I could see in front of my eyes immidiately... but honestly it will be impossible to write all...

Its been 3 years since I havent seen her.. spoken to her.. heard her... though I have forgotten your voice Eja... I always will remember that you want me to be a good girl and I also know you are looking and therefore I will be a good gal...

You are there with me in whatever I do... and I am truely blessed in this sense..

Oh.. How I wish you were here with me... wish I had been a better grand-daughter.. there was so much we were yet to do... and now its all left unspoken and undone...

"...oh how I wish you could see
everything that's happening for me..."

Honestly, hope you are glad wherever you are...!
Missing you...

and the words you said will always be with me.. like the Echoes... Echoes that come from the heart!

Thnks for making me what I am...

It feels really weird you know when just in one day you are told that you are a great human... people wake up.. I am no 'angel'... I heard it from few while other's wrote that I am really good...

As a matter of fact.. I really donno what I do it right or wrong.. I do it for I want to do it... I do it for my heart wants me to... and eventually if it turns to be a good deed... Its just coincidence...

Well.. I am not trying to anyway show that I am good or bad... but I want to tell a very special person.. actually 2 of them.. the 2 angels of my life.. thnk you for being there.. I am what I am just because of them.. they are so good that I keep trying to reach their level and possibly only that makes me good...

I am what I am just because of you... and to be honest I dont still am what I should be to match you.. I wont be that ever.. but I will never stop trying!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

India to host Common Wealth Games...

Okie.. I know that you all know this and so this is no reminder or a news caption... actually this is totally opposite to the heading... (fish.. do I sound like Uday and Vanshika :P :P)

Well then... the thing is everyone knows that Common Wealth Pres is there... I knw it a little more for he lives across the road :D

So well as u all must know that this dude has asked the PM to interfere in the arrangements for the common wealth games.. and if you are in Delhi.. you must knw that THERE IS NO PREPARATION...

I mean.. guys / gals jus think of it.. if this dude gives a report that we cant have the games.. and the venue is changed.. how much disgrace it will be to my country... WHY THE ****** hell arent the politicians understanding that this is unfortunately not the time to make money or controversies...

Any party... I say even if it had to be Mahatma Gandhi.. even if he gives a statement that 'sorry we cant have the games' .. even he should commit suicide before saying somethin like this...

A country with 120 crore population... 7th largest in terms of land.. a country of rivers... the country known of being the best host... we ve been in top 5 produces for various kinds of food.. and we cant host one **** game???

Its worse than giving the keys of the country to any terrorist group ...

Till date if you say - I am an Indian... you may be discriminated on the basis of being a lil backward but your head is held high for you are an Indian.. born in a country which gives the best education.. a country known for its talent.. its culture.. heritage.. and God forbid if the games are called off.. and u say you are an Indian.. what is someone asks me 'oh the same India which couldnt host one game??' ...

You know what.. I love my country and I love it beyond limit.. bt its no longer my country.. its all eaten by **** ... no invader... no outsider.. no imperialist did that bad to the country as much done by people inside.. and the great thing is WHO WILL HEAR??? PEOPLE DIE.. who cares?? COUNTRY GETS BAD NAME.. who cares?? BUT POCKETS NEED TO BE FULL!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A sweet short thing...

Pata hai... I have always told something to my friends and everyone I knw.. whenever they find themselves at the end of something and its difficult for them to get over it...

"Whatever you shared.. all moments you loved.. are yours.. you can't undo them.. and no one can take them from you... not even the friends or that special person with whom those memories are... and if you see it all ending.. dont make it sour.. leave with a smile and with happy memories.. whatever it was.. its all good.. and now its upto you how much longer you want it to be good!!"

Okie.. I believe that's a big piece of advice but I must say people this works..

Things aren't as you want always.. and to be honest they never will be.. why should they be? Things come.. things go.. life is how you react to each and everyone of them...

In some interview.. Shahrukh Khan said that if you want to tell a joke to God.. tell him your future plans :P :D
And this is reality..

Well I write this.. No I am not upset or anything... I write this because I tried it with a few of the people who were really important to me.. and it worked.. I felt great today after really long!! :)

So trust me.. I am not saying it for I read it somewhere.. I liked it and I want to have that 'gudie - gudie' image.. but because everyone who reads this will be a special person to me and so I want you to be glad!! Stay Happy!

Sufi tere pyaar main..

teri yaadien mujhe tadpati hai tarsati hai
mere dil ko sanam dhadkati hai behkati hai
tu kabhi kisi aur ki hona nahi…
jaadu tere ishq ne aisa kiyaa…
sufi tere pyaar mai ban hi gaya…
sufi tere pyaar mai ban hi gaya…

tu meri chaahatein
meri raahatein
meri aashiqui…
tu meri aarzoo
meri justajoo
meri bekhudi…

tu meri dhadkane
meri zindagiii…
meri palke kabhi bhigona nahi
tu kabhi kisi aur ki hona nahiii…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…

Ooo… Ooo…

apni tanhaayien
ye viraaniyan
chalo baant le…
apni aawargi
chalo baant le…
bin tere na lage
kahi ab jiya…
ger ke khwaboon ko pirona nahi…

tu kabhi kisi aur ki hona nahi…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…

tere yaadein mujhe tadpati hai tarsati hai
mere dil ko sanam dhadkati hai behkati hai
tu kabhi kisi aur ka hona nahi…
(tu kabhi kisi aur ka hona nahi)
jaado tere ishq ne aisa kiya…(aisa kiya)
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…
(sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya)
(sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya) ban hi gaya…
(sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya) ban hi gaya…
ban hi gaya….
(sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why does it ache??Oki

Okiezz ppl.. this is no senti post or anything.. bt a frnd.. balki the Doctor Dude.. said something really cool and am thinking abt it for really long bt I dont have an answer.. so I thought I better let it be on the blog and anyone who knows an answer can help me..

A heart's function is just to pump blood.. then how can it ache??

Why does seeing a person you care for in pain... even the slightest of pain hurts you...??
Why does seeing the one you care about not seeing you causes you to be angry??

Seeing him with someone else makes me angry.. seeing him not smiling makes me upset.. seeing him makes me smile through the tears...

Ps - Him is no person and this is not supposed to be in 1st person but just to make it convinient.. I did so... so dnt think am senti or anything... and again tag me as the drama queen.. I am very much normal and stuff...

bt I would really wanna knw.. when God made a heart.. he meant it to pump blood.. then how did this thing start that the person u lov resides in your heart??

My Favourite People...

With the great idea frm a fb friend (Satinder.. thnks dude)... I decided to make a list of all the people that I really love.. the people who make my life worth living each day...

Ps - none of them are my family.. they are just the people I have met in this life and I really cherish

The top - most list -
Professor Langdon
Jack Dawson
Severus Snape
Albus Dumbledore

People.. I wish I knew or was more with..
and others at Kuwait

My Besties... Today and Always...
Shivangi Raheja

Friends I cant live without...
and my entire Hogs family!

My Daily Friends... the ones I hang out with :D
Shivangi Chopra
Vanshikha (sry abt the wrong spelling..)

I will never forget...
Surabhi Sharma
Surabhi Sadana

My Extended family -

My first family on net!! -
and the entire DTV ppl...

My IF lil cosy hub -

My Classmates -
Sarvesh Sethi

My FB frnds -
Sagar Suri
Apramit (sorry abt the spelling)

okie... pps... I dnt say these are all... These are all I remember... THANK YOU ALL THESE PPL FOR MAKING MY LIFE SO GR8... Luv ya all

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