Thursday, December 3, 2009


Okie... so I see I mentioned 'Dik' in my one blog entries... now it would be unfair not to tell about her... but there is a slight problem... the more I write about her.. the lesser it seems...

Dik is a totally comedy movie vamp... you cant help hate her at times.. but while the others.. you love to sit with her.. listen to her and laugh... :P

and the best part was.. she was our Reserve Bank... she actually used to take her assignment file.. open it.. search it and find 1000 bucks in there.. amazing!! and super-cool and super-sweet!

Dik I knw we fought like cats bt I wanna let you know that I love u and I shall always remember u!...

And here is something... I wrote about her years back...

She is the queen of all evils
the most popular, none other than
Dik the Devil
She's always ready to fight
whenever I come in sight
She sometimes steal...
our classmate's meals
She's so funny
and is very fond of white bunnies
She is just like a coal from outside
and really has a hidden diamond inside
Whatever she is
She's my good friend!

There is one more by Shin.. I had found it.. bt I seem to have lost it again.. and as soon as I find it again.. I will put it...

About Dik.. trust me people.. she's one person you would definitely wanna knw.. so just watch out for her!!

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