Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jao na...

Well this is just for a friend... When I heard this song.. I wanted it to fit to someone in my life.. and finally it jus fit rite

Dont go... please...

I am always gonna MizZ you...

Okie.. I donno why but I am crying! Its been days I did something like this.. that is cried... I thought the recent changes in life had hardened me enough.. bt I was wrong.. they had hardened me just for my daily life...

and you.. I hate u!

Well I dont know what this pic says... I cant read it.. I dont understand it.. but when I searched ' Javed ' I found this and this somehow reminds me of you!!

I dont know how it all happened.. bt Javed you are definitely a frnd I dont wanna loose.. ever...
I will always celebrate January.. the month you said hi for the first time... I am gonna cherish that forever...

Well.. to all those who dont know Javed... I would say I dont want you to know him either.. I dont wanna share my bff... :P

Well.. me and Javed connected on Orkut via common friends... and then to play a prank on the 2... we joined hands... and then it was like I spent all moments of my day talking to him :D :D well even nights.. bt not till 4.. that was jus once Javed...

neways.. and then like all good things dnt last forever.. this didnt... either! I hated him for a while.. I so much wanted to hurt him bt I couldnt somehow do that. Whenever I spoke to him... my heart would melt.. :( :(

Anyways... the best thing about Javed is - this guy is definitely the one who knows me! He knows my dreams and even remembers them.. and though its jus saying but he does say he will help me complete it!! He did my holiday homework in class 10 and I can boss him anyday! :D :D

He's the sweetest person you can come across.. though very rich and very ashleel :P no offense sweetheart...

He taught me how to speak bad... :P :P ... he would make me tell him all tales.. and so sweet that he would listen to it...

Even when at work.. I would always trouble him.. and he wont say anything. How sweet!! You know Javed... whatever you did was nothing... nothing compared to all the moments of friendship we had! I remember every moment of it...

The ganda wala heart IM environment.. I hated when your housemate commented.. his voice still rings in my ears... I feel guilty you had to treat so many people because of me.. you still remember about my Titanic.. you promise to get me to meet Dan Brown... you know my strengths and weeknesses and I know you take me the way I am.. nothing more.. nothing less...

though you never said you wanted to change anything in me but trust me you have changed alot! I now know how to talk dirty :P :P I can understand guys better... I got a broader view of life and a better one... I wanna visit Shillong and definitely you are taking me along!

OMG... sab likhne baithungi toh subah ho gaayegi!!

I will jus say.. somehow Javed you are always there whenever I needed you... you had been and you are the perfect sweetheart I can ever wish for! and no matter wherever I look or for how long.. I will never find you!

I hate when I have to say goodbye...

and today I felt so bad.. when you said you are going.. theek hai not that wala love.. but yes I love you and I always will.. :) and this time I am very serious!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Lost Symbol

Ahk... the difficult job.. writing a review to something better than yourself!! Well yes.. I have to accept.. this book is indeed the Bible to me! I mean.. okie I say Angels and Demons to be the Bible bt this book is even better than Angels and Demons...

Very honestly... the plot is weak.. I mean... its like the protagonist is summoned to Washington by some cheating... and then he is following a trail he himself doesnt believe in... so being a fan.. I too doubt what we are reading... as there is no idea what we are looking for and absolutely no one to help... it gets a little more difficult...

and the biggest of the weaknesses I guess is that not many people will believe like half of the book characters havent believed in the mystery!

Anyways, however the plus points are its more evil... the villian is a maniac... a true one this time.. he is the evil planner and executor... he has great knowledge and gives perfect competetion to Professor Langdon.

Also, you would love to read about America... the mysteries revealed indeed proves that America is no less mysterious than Rome or Paris!!

Going a little sequence wise... the story is related to Robert Langdon. He is summoned to Washington for a lecture by the PA of his mentor - Peter Solomen. However, on reaching there, Professor discovers that there is no such lecture but Peter is in trouble. Years ago, Peter trusted Professor with a package... it was supposed to 'bring order from chaos'... now Professor finds himself holding the secrets of the ancient Masons sealed for more than 3 generations. He is asked to reveal the secret by the maniac who just wants enlightment by knowing the truth.

The female this time is Katherine... she is elder to Professor.. so no love interest :P ... she is Peter's younger sister and Robert is the only friend she finds in all the grave times... though she and Robert werent great friends but she knew that Peter trusted him well and so she too trusts him... and as it is he was the only friend in all strangers!

Now... Once Professor and Katherine are together.. they are supposed to find what the ancient Mason mystery has to say... Peter's life depends on this and so the anxious Katherine is ready to unlock all mysteries which the other members of the brotherhood warm Langdon that they are even more precious and shouldnt be revealed...

The main sciences shown this time are the Noetic Sciences... there isnt much of sci - fi in this book but if you read the book.. you are bound to search alot on noetics.. 'thoughts have mass!!!!' and yea all the ancient texts are full of sciences advanced than we are today!! So do read them!!!!

CIA chief is directly involved in the matter treating it as a matter of National Security which no one understands how it is... Sato.. the chief is a lady and very much dominating.. she is shown evil but turns out to be good...

In the end.. ofcourse everyone is rescued.. the maniac doesnt find the lost word - the word which would reveal wisdom when let out... indeed he turns out to be one of the family of Peter... and again we have some family feuds which if I let out will take away the mystery..

Finally... the word when revealed leaves Professor and everyone in uttermost shock!!

All I wanna personally say is - I agree to the word's potential and have no doubts about it.. indeed I respect it alot and I know I will need to read the word soon along with other ancient texts having the advance sciences but I hated risking Professor's life for the word when I can get it for him... However.. this book is a true 'cant be put down'!!!
Loved it.. and you should read it!


You knw what? Whenever we meet new people.. its so difficult to start a conversation... you dont knw what the person is like or will you both even have something common.. this happens alot in parties or your first day to school...

but you know the harder part?? Now you have knwn a person and made frnds with him / her... its hard to accept that soon its going to be goodbye!

A friend of mine recently asked me that do I hate saying goodbyes? Are they difficult for me? And I guess its time to accept - YES... I hate people leaving. No matter they were good or bad to me.. no matter I liked them or not but I hate it when I need to say bye. And if you know me.. I jus wave and I dont say 'bye'...

Suddenly all this for I recently said bye to a friend... and this post is just for him.. to remember one the my friends who really made life positive for him.. who freakingly spoke more than me and even made my quiet... I loved arguing with him and with him it was just like we were back in Nursery.. where you dont really care who the one in front of you is.. you dont need to pretend.. you can say your heart like it is...

I remember when I first saw him.. I was in 9th.. then we worked together in a group the same year bt hardly knew each other... we talked when I was in 11th.. I got a friendship band.. which was so sweet and so mysterious.. :P... and SHivangi Goel tore it too X( ... Then I loved when he would ask riddles and just walk out of the room leaving you so frustrated when you cant solve it.. and in the end it would turn out to be really easy... you need to see the sparkle in his eyes when he blushes.. OMG.. I know boys dnt blush bt someone needs to tell this to him... and what I am gonna miss the most will be that if we talk 20 mins a day... 15 mins I am laughing my life out and the rest 5 I am trying to speak :P .... there are countless memories I got of this new frnd... new frnd for he called me a frnd only too recently though I guess we have been frnds since long...

Okie.. I donno why am I writing this.. I just know that there is a smile I want to save in my heart so that I can see it always whenever I close my eyes...

I also know it neednt be a goodbye bt its the better thing for both of us for I have experianced when frnds stay apart for long... things change drastically... and in a matter of months.. I am gonna be really far frm him.. so I want to part with good memories and not sour tastes of no calls and no talks for months...

Well... I will jus say...

it was hard saying goodbye to you... one thing I had to do and I didnt want to... bt I knw that I did it just for you! Be as you are ... be glad.. and remember you always have a frnd...
Love ya!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well... memories.. a brand new label just for the person I miss the most in this world... my granny... she's been more than mum to me!!

Well.. no I am not sulking or senti.. I just dont want to loose the countless memories I have of her... and just for that sake... I will try and write as manyy as I can of her... and inshallah... they will be my strengths!

I remember telling her I had an ice cream and not giving it to her :P ... I remember seeing her sit at the threshold and cut vegetables ... I remember her cooking food.. I remember her telling me tales I will never hear again... I remember her praying... I remember where she hid the pack of toffess and how much we loved eating them... I remember her telling my dad not to pamper me so much.. I remember her telling me tales out of a word... her combing my hair... her taking my side... waking me at 3 to jus ask me its 3...

and they are countles...

I just tried to write what all I could see in front of my eyes immidiately... but honestly it will be impossible to write all...

Its been 3 years since I havent seen her.. spoken to her.. heard her... though I have forgotten your voice Eja... I always will remember that you want me to be a good girl and I also know you are looking and therefore I will be a good gal...

You are there with me in whatever I do... and I am truely blessed in this sense..

Oh.. How I wish you were here with me... wish I had been a better grand-daughter.. there was so much we were yet to do... and now its all left unspoken and undone...

"...oh how I wish you could see
everything that's happening for me..."

Honestly, hope you are glad wherever you are...!
Missing you...

and the words you said will always be with me.. like the Echoes... Echoes that come from the heart!

Thnks for making me what I am...

It feels really weird you know when just in one day you are told that you are a great human... people wake up.. I am no 'angel'... I heard it from few while other's wrote that I am really good...

As a matter of fact.. I really donno what I do it right or wrong.. I do it for I want to do it... I do it for my heart wants me to... and eventually if it turns to be a good deed... Its just coincidence...

Well.. I am not trying to anyway show that I am good or bad... but I want to tell a very special person.. actually 2 of them.. the 2 angels of my life.. thnk you for being there.. I am what I am just because of them.. they are so good that I keep trying to reach their level and possibly only that makes me good...

I am what I am just because of you... and to be honest I dont still am what I should be to match you.. I wont be that ever.. but I will never stop trying!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

India to host Common Wealth Games...

Okie.. I know that you all know this and so this is no reminder or a news caption... actually this is totally opposite to the heading... (fish.. do I sound like Uday and Vanshika :P :P)

Well then... the thing is everyone knows that Common Wealth Pres is there... I knw it a little more for he lives across the road :D

So well as u all must know that this dude has asked the PM to interfere in the arrangements for the common wealth games.. and if you are in Delhi.. you must knw that THERE IS NO PREPARATION...

I mean.. guys / gals jus think of it.. if this dude gives a report that we cant have the games.. and the venue is changed.. how much disgrace it will be to my country... WHY THE ****** hell arent the politicians understanding that this is unfortunately not the time to make money or controversies...

Any party... I say even if it had to be Mahatma Gandhi.. even if he gives a statement that 'sorry we cant have the games' .. even he should commit suicide before saying somethin like this...

A country with 120 crore population... 7th largest in terms of land.. a country of rivers... the country known of being the best host... we ve been in top 5 produces for various kinds of food.. and we cant host one **** game???

Its worse than giving the keys of the country to any terrorist group ...

Till date if you say - I am an Indian... you may be discriminated on the basis of being a lil backward but your head is held high for you are an Indian.. born in a country which gives the best education.. a country known for its talent.. its culture.. heritage.. and God forbid if the games are called off.. and u say you are an Indian.. what is someone asks me 'oh the same India which couldnt host one game??' ...

You know what.. I love my country and I love it beyond limit.. bt its no longer my country.. its all eaten by **** ... no invader... no outsider.. no imperialist did that bad to the country as much done by people inside.. and the great thing is WHO WILL HEAR??? PEOPLE DIE.. who cares?? COUNTRY GETS BAD NAME.. who cares?? BUT POCKETS NEED TO BE FULL!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A sweet short thing...

Pata hai... I have always told something to my friends and everyone I knw.. whenever they find themselves at the end of something and its difficult for them to get over it...

"Whatever you shared.. all moments you loved.. are yours.. you can't undo them.. and no one can take them from you... not even the friends or that special person with whom those memories are... and if you see it all ending.. dont make it sour.. leave with a smile and with happy memories.. whatever it was.. its all good.. and now its upto you how much longer you want it to be good!!"

Okie.. I believe that's a big piece of advice but I must say people this works..

Things aren't as you want always.. and to be honest they never will be.. why should they be? Things come.. things go.. life is how you react to each and everyone of them...

In some interview.. Shahrukh Khan said that if you want to tell a joke to God.. tell him your future plans :P :D
And this is reality..

Well I write this.. No I am not upset or anything... I write this because I tried it with a few of the people who were really important to me.. and it worked.. I felt great today after really long!! :)

So trust me.. I am not saying it for I read it somewhere.. I liked it and I want to have that 'gudie - gudie' image.. but because everyone who reads this will be a special person to me and so I want you to be glad!! Stay Happy!

Sufi tere pyaar main..

teri yaadien mujhe tadpati hai tarsati hai
mere dil ko sanam dhadkati hai behkati hai
tu kabhi kisi aur ki hona nahi…
jaadu tere ishq ne aisa kiyaa…
sufi tere pyaar mai ban hi gaya…
sufi tere pyaar mai ban hi gaya…

tu meri chaahatein
meri raahatein
meri aashiqui…
tu meri aarzoo
meri justajoo
meri bekhudi…

tu meri dhadkane
meri zindagiii…
meri palke kabhi bhigona nahi
tu kabhi kisi aur ki hona nahiii…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…

Ooo… Ooo…

apni tanhaayien
ye viraaniyan
chalo baant le…
apni aawargi
chalo baant le…
bin tere na lage
kahi ab jiya…
ger ke khwaboon ko pirona nahi…

tu kabhi kisi aur ki hona nahi…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…

tere yaadein mujhe tadpati hai tarsati hai
mere dil ko sanam dhadkati hai behkati hai
tu kabhi kisi aur ka hona nahi…
(tu kabhi kisi aur ka hona nahi)
jaado tere ishq ne aisa kiya…(aisa kiya)
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…
sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya…
(sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya)
(sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya) ban hi gaya…
(sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya) ban hi gaya…
ban hi gaya….
(sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why does it ache??Oki

Okiezz ppl.. this is no senti post or anything.. bt a frnd.. balki the Doctor Dude.. said something really cool and am thinking abt it for really long bt I dont have an answer.. so I thought I better let it be on the blog and anyone who knows an answer can help me..

A heart's function is just to pump blood.. then how can it ache??

Why does seeing a person you care for in pain... even the slightest of pain hurts you...??
Why does seeing the one you care about not seeing you causes you to be angry??

Seeing him with someone else makes me angry.. seeing him not smiling makes me upset.. seeing him makes me smile through the tears...

Ps - Him is no person and this is not supposed to be in 1st person but just to make it convinient.. I did so... so dnt think am senti or anything... and again tag me as the drama queen.. I am very much normal and stuff...

bt I would really wanna knw.. when God made a heart.. he meant it to pump blood.. then how did this thing start that the person u lov resides in your heart??

My Favourite People...

With the great idea frm a fb friend (Satinder.. thnks dude)... I decided to make a list of all the people that I really love.. the people who make my life worth living each day...

Ps - none of them are my family.. they are just the people I have met in this life and I really cherish

The top - most list -
Professor Langdon
Jack Dawson
Severus Snape
Albus Dumbledore

People.. I wish I knew or was more with..
and others at Kuwait

My Besties... Today and Always...
Shivangi Raheja

Friends I cant live without...
and my entire Hogs family!

My Daily Friends... the ones I hang out with :D
Shivangi Chopra
Vanshikha (sry abt the wrong spelling..)

I will never forget...
Surabhi Sharma
Surabhi Sadana

My Extended family -

My first family on net!! -
and the entire DTV ppl...

My IF lil cosy hub -

My Classmates -
Sarvesh Sethi

My FB frnds -
Sagar Suri
Apramit (sorry abt the spelling)

okie... pps... I dnt say these are all... These are all I remember... THANK YOU ALL THESE PPL FOR MAKING MY LIFE SO GR8... Luv ya all

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mere Humnashii

hey hey hmm hmm hmm hmm
hey hey hey hey hey hey
la ra ra hey hey hey hey hey.......
(mere humnashi teri dilbari
yahi shaayari meri roshani) - 2
hai har ek shaam dhuli dhuli
hai har ek subah khuli khuli, zindagi
haan meri zindagi, meri zindagi
mere humnashi teri dilbari
yahi shaayari meri roshani, meri roshani

(jhuki jhuki jo aankein hain
thami thami jo saansein hain) - 2
suno to iname kehani ki kitani baatein hain
ye gagan dhara ke jo paas hai
tera roop hai meri pyaas hai, zindagi
haan meri zindagi, meri zindagi
mere humnashi teri dilbari
yahi shaayari meri roshani, meri roshani

(kabhi kabhi yoon lagata hain
yahann wahaan sab achchha hai) - 2
khushi mein pagala jaata hai, dil wo bachchha hai
ye jo preet hain, ye jo pyaar hain
yahi dhadakano ka singhaar hain, zindagi
haan meri zindagi, meri zindagi
hey hey hey ... la ra ra ra
ho ho ho ho... la la la la la
hey hey hey... la la la la hey hey hey

(chupa chupa jo sapana hain
isi mein to ghar apana hain) - 2
ye jo apani tupani hai, yahi duniya hain
ye ghata, fizaan aur ye chaandani
hain hami se ye dilkashi, zindagi
meri zindagi, meri zindagi
mere humnashi - 2
teri dilbari - 2
yahi shaayari - 2
meri roshani - 2
haan hai har ek shaam dhuli dhuli
hai har ek subah khuli khuli, zindagi
haan meri zindagi, meri zindagi
meri zindagi, haan meri zindagi
hmm hmm.... meri zindagi haan meri zindagi

A little drama is required

Being an Indian, I can totally bet that you can just never get enough of drama. You may hate it yet you can’t escape it. I think that w...