Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Alarm Clock

Every morning, I wake up to my parents endless (and quite effective) efforts. Half in the dreamland and half right here, I make my way through the usual tasks, that are so mastered that I can do them even in complete sleep. Next I leave for my bus stop where I need to await the bus.

Waiting for the bus is another experience in itself. Every day I will see the same set of people rushing by. Before my bus should reach the stop I await at, a number of buses pass by. The same buses and almost the same schedule every day. There is a bus which has K S Gupta inscribed on it. The name resembling that of a good friend. There is a bus for TERI. Another one for St. Mary School, for DPS RK Puram, for another location for my office. Coincidentally, I travel to GG7 location in bus number 6. The other bus is to GG6 location, bus number 7. Another bus that reads Durga, which would sometimes stop at the bus stop where one guy boards it. There is also a bus that reads Kumar. Three people take that bus from the same stop as I do. Curiously I have followed that bus whenever I could, and there is one thing that I noticed about it and that was that this bus usually comes before my bus at the stop but it mostly gets stuck in traffic and thus trails. Ironically, as I write this, the bus overtook mine.

Anyways, when finally I catch the glimpse of my bus at the far end of the bridge (that leads to my stop), I call someon. She is an HR at my office and boards the bus two stops after mine. It takes roughly 3-4 mins to get to her stop from mine. Every morning I would call her and then she would start from her home towards the stop. Sometimes she gets a little late and then I ask the bus driver to wait. Twice she has also put up a chase in an auto where I was her acting GPS. Other times, I am just her alarm clock, as she puts it. An alarm clock that never fails.
I first met her in the private cab that I thought to join to beat the heat. That, however, didn't work out and she ended taking the bus with me. However, maybe it's a part of her job but I do remember her smiling every morning and wishing everyone good morning when she would enter the cab. I used to feel that not being a morning person, I get cranky most during mornings, especially after fights with maa or when I know that there is a long day ahead. She would have to go through alot of ordeals too, yet the smile never failed. Thus, I try little every day to not fail. As a reminder, rather as a tribute to that never say die spirit... And be the alarm clock each morning.., be that tiny part of someone's life who once made me realizes, that it's a beautiful day, every day.

PS: I hope we over take the Kumar bus soon. It's still leading us 😔

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