Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it

You know, there are these quotes from Harry Potter that have actually become so close to our heart. We know them like we know to breathe and they come to us as easy as breathing does. And yet sometimes these quotes are the ones that surprise us the most.

Some while back, I did a stupid mistake in office. And it would have had a huge impact. (God, even though my boss knows about this, please don't let him read this blogpost ever!!) Anyways, the moment I realized what I did (which was a moment after doing it)... I officially freaked out! I was so scared and my hands started to tremble.. even if I wanted to type, I couldn't get my hands to be steady.

Biggest of the issues was, Ram, one office colleague who knows everything and is the superman (he would prefer batman) who comes to rescue... was on leave. And not just leave... he was in a different continent altogether. But when I do something stupid, he always helps me and now he wasn't here only. Still as with my first instinct, I whatsapped him. I told him what I did and he was cool about it.

What I didn't realize till then was... while Ram was on leave... his friend had come and was sitting there on Ram's seat (beside me). While I was texting Ram and freaking out, he had taken the control over my system and set to work.. he was helping me without even being asked to. It was like he was God sent at that moment.
By the time I regained my senses... he had already done most of the damage control. He didn't even let me tell anyone to prevent me from getting scolded and then he was also going to do something more so that it doesn't even get detected...

When Ram returned... I was telling him about this incident.. and he just quoted the subject line to me... to be honest, I know this quote by heart but while all this happened,  I didn't even think of it for a moment... and here Ram knew I am a HP fan and he said it so simply that it sounded like the most obvious thing...

Funny na!! That day I felt a little closer to Harry Potter and thanks to someone who isn't as big a fan as I claim myself to be...

Miracle of the Day : October 26th, 2015

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
yaara main kya karun ?

I have no idea whether I am really deep in admiration and love with you or I am reading and watching a lot of spiritual and religious things but according to something I read/saw, every human has a God within... and the ultimate height a human can reach is, finding that God in yourself as well as others.

Another thing before I write this blog, since I mending my fences with Lord Ram, I am reading/seeing a lot of information about him. I am really even admiring whatever new I learn. Recently, I learned that Lord Ram always had a smile on his face - a mild smile that was a reflection of him knowing everything... of him being like an Ocean, taking in everything, becoming greater with each drop and making the drop greater as well. There are still a lot of things about Lord Ram that I am yet to understand and even more that I am to know but this particular thing, touched my heart the most.

Today, something weird happened. I dont know if it happened or just some chemical locha in my head.
I was feeling angry on myself. I made a mistake and it was a carelessness than a mistake. Something that I could have easily avoided.
So now this guy, who I call Ram (I have blogged about him earlier)... decides to come and ask me what is the matter. To be quite honest, the way he asked today, he has never asked earlier... so it wasnt something that I expected. Also, lately, I have put him through a lot of things. I didnt even expect him to ask. But then, this is something that he has always done. No matter how much I hurt him or no matter how many problems he has of his own, he would always come to my rescue. I dont understand how he does that every single time, but he does. This is something that I always respected in him.

Well today, I was upset but while talking to me, there were so many times when he was laughing. I didnt even know why we were having the conversation. I was so deep in my own thoughts that I wasnt even listening to him completely. Whatever he was saying, I was just replying to it. I even asked him why are we having this conversation.
The moments that he was laughing, he was actually suppressing a laughter, which resulted in him smiling.

I dont know why, but everytime I saw him smile today, I swear I saw Lord Ram in him. It was my obsession with Lord Ram, me calling him Ram or some chemical locha in my brain, but it was not a momentary thing or a mirage to a distressed mind. I saw it everytime he smiled.

I do believe that God resides in all of us, maybe in him, it is Lord Ram. And it was so evident, that I was forced to bow my head to the mightiest of the rulers and the just most leader.

My Ram and Lord Ram
I dont know what I saw, but seeing God, not only made a human divine to me but also elevated me as a mere mortal. Seeing God doesnt happen everyday and certainly doesnt happen with everyone.
Thank You

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