Thursday, May 25, 2017

CID :: Special Episode :: The case of the Widow's Husband

Its 4 am in the morning and Abhijeet is still working on his laptop. He hadnt slept the whole night but was checking Police Reports about a case. However he couldnt find any worth studying results. Only it was mentioned that the culprit died in a road accident and hence the case was closed without any further investigations or details.
It was a 5 month old incident where jewellery worth crores was stolen from an International exhibition and immediately was sold separately in various parts of the world. The money so obtained was converted into diamonds within a matter of hours, after that. This was the biggest robbery ever committed with at least 15000 people involved directly or indirectly with just one Master Mind.
Last evening, ACP received a call from CID headquarters informing him that the master mind is an Indian and suspected to currently operate from Pune This information was provided by Intelligence Beaureu [I.B.] (don't mind the spelling please) 3 months back. Immediately the local Police and special Police was set to the case.

One CID inspector Rajeev, who was on this case, seemed to have solved the cast. Rajeev had a huge network of informants and within a week he seemed to have found the master mind but he didn’t inform the headquarters immediately. He asked for a day’s time so he could confirm his report before sending it in. He was granted the time.
But the report never came in and neither did Rajeev. Rajeev had gone to meet one of his informants but never returned. 2 days later, the file came to Rajeev’s assistant Kanya by post, who had been helping on the cast but Rajeev hadn’t disclosed the true identity of the master mind to her either. The file contained Rajeev’s reports on the case but Kanya immediately figured some papers to be missing. Along with them was a letter written in Rajeev’s handwriting which read –

“Culprit dead in road accident. CASE CLOSED”

One week later Rajeev’s dead body was found outside a church fully stained in blood. Kanya knew her boss better to believe that he could so mysteriously close a case. Someone must surely have surely made him write the letter, before killing him. So, she secretly worked on this case alone
She found out that Rajeev had gone to meet his informant Ayush, who was manager of a resort. However, Ayush to died the same day, Rajeev had gone to meet him, in road accident. Ayush’s wife and daughter had moved out of the city. When it seemed a dead end, Kanya turned into the headquarters with her work and that of Rajeev’s. But 3 days after that, she too disappeared.

The headquarters studied the case and too smelt something fishy. Hence they decided to hand this case to CID mumbai and also send Senior Inspector Vaibhav and Inspector Sheetal to help them with the case.
Regarding this, ACP had asked all his team members to collect as much information as possible about this. Kaveri, Lavanya, Vivek and Freddie were sent to Pune to investigate about Rajeev, Kanya, Ayush and other useful information. Daya was sent to the headquarters to collect Rajeev’s body along with Dr. Tarika and also the full report of the case. Vaibhav and Sheetal were to also accompany Daya and Tarika on the way back.
Meanwhile, ACP contacted all his known people working on the same case to collect information and Abhijeet was to collect all information about the case published by the media.

But Abhijeet couldn’t concentrate at all. The reason was his friend, Viren, who too lived in Pune and had also died 3 months back in a road mishap. Abhijeet and Viren were very good friends since college, both with highly sharp minds and strong determination. When they both graduated, everyone was sure that they both would join Police but unlike Abhijeet, Viren joined as a manager in a bank. This didn’t make much difference, they were still best friends and spent lot of time together but as Abhijeet’s skills fetched him more duties and responsibilities, he soon found less time for his friends. One day, Viren announced that he was transferred to Bhopal.
The news fell upon the 2 friends as thundering. What if not like before, but they were still together and could always spend time talking to each other while they were room-mates. But that wasn’t possible now. The friendship became distant and later extinct. Abhijeet received promotion and became very busy and soon forgot about the pain of departing from a dear friend but never forgot his friend.

7 years later, one day when Abhijeet was preparing to sleep after a whole day’s hard work, the door bell rang. He answered it to find Viren standing there. Abhijeet tried to contact Viren manier times but had always got a cold response. So now he wasn’t very excited but surely happy to see his old friend. Viren hugged his friend and said “Andar nahi bulayega kya? Itna gussa hai?”

Abhijeet smiled and let Viren in.

Viren – “Main jaanta hoon tu naraaz hai par main ky karta?”

None of them spoke for a while and then Viren continued – “Tu toh jaanta hai na yaar main bhi tere saath CID join karna chahta tha par phir ek din daddy ka phone aaya. Unki tabiyat bigadne lagi thi toh unhone mujhse kaha ki who chahte hain ki main uka business sambhaloin aur iske liye mujhe experienced hona zaroori hai. Is karan maine bank mein job ki. Bank mein khoob success mili par humesha tujhse jealoused tha kyunki chahe tere paas khoob paise na the par tu who kar raha tha jo tu karna chahta tha aur khush tha…
Bhopal mein kayi ameer aur ambitious log mile. Unke saath dosti kar lee par kabhi tere jaisa dost na mila. Main mehnat se kamata aur wohh sab enjoy karte; phir bhi maine kabhi kuch nahi kaha. Par 3 saal pehle unhone meri saari savings dhoke se apne naam kar leeaur bhaag gaye…
Us din dost teri yaad bahut aayi. Tab bhi himmat nahi hari. 3 saal jee – jaan laga kar mehnat kari. Pichle mahine suna ki jin chaaroin ne mujhe dhoke se loota tha, who chaaro mare gaye. Police ko pata chala ki unhone kayi logoin ko aise thaga tha aur shayad isiliye kisi ne unhein maar diya…
Abhijeet, sach kehta hoon dost, us din mann mein bade ajeeb khayal aaye. Lag raha tha ki un logoin ke saath reh kar kahin main bhi un sa na ho jaun.”

After saying all this, Viren started crying. Abhijeet hugged his friend and said “Paagal hai kya tu? Yeh tera hi toh ghar hai. Tu aaj bhi mera wahi sabse acha dost hai. Aaram se ruk yahan”

Viren smiled for a while but then got tensed again…Abhijeet noticed this
Abhijeet – “Arre..kya hua?”
Viren – “ Yaar main chah kar bhi yahan ruk nahi sakta?”
Abhijeet – “par kyu?”
Viren – “Pitaji ne agle mahine meri shaadi taya kar di hai.”

Abhijeet got really happy and congratulated him.

Abhijeet – “arre yeh toh khushkabari hai…itna dukhi kyu hai ismein?”
Viren – “Ismein khush hone ki kya baat hai? Jaise teri office mein duty lagti hai…waise hi ab meri laga karegi..par ghar mein!”
Abhijeet laughed loudly
Abhijeet – “Kaisi baat karta hai yaar? Chal bata bhabhi ka naam kya hai?”
Viren – “Tu jaanta toh hai. Daddy ki favourite bahu – Shruti”

Since then, Abhijeet and Viren were in touch but somehow Abhijeet couldn’t attend Ayush’s wedding and also could never meet Shruti – Viren’s wife.
But now things had entirely changed. Only a week back Shruti and her daughter came to Abhijeet’s place as they had no where else to turn up after Viren’s death and Viren’s parents were long dead. Moreover Shruti was too an orphan, brought up by her aunt who was Viren’s neighbour years back and now had also died.

Abhijeet’s problem was that he had got himself so busy with work that he never bothered about anything else. Now when he got time to spend with a girl, know her more, he longed for a life partner. He couldn’t even bear Shruti’s loneliness and eventually started liking her. But neither could he tell her nor let her go as she was his best friend’s widow.
He was sure that he had seen Viren that say and now this case. The Ayush in this case was just so similar to Viren. Everything seemed blur.

Suddenly Abhijeet heard a sound and turned to see Shruti entering the study.

Shruti – “Abhijeet ji, aap soye nahi kya raat bhar?” (looks surprised and authoritative)
Abhijeet – “Nahi…main…wohh bas ek case ke bare mein padh raha tha.” (he points towards the computer)
Shruti – “Din bhar toh kaam karte hain na aap, kam se kam raat ko toh so jaaya kijiye. Wohh toh main kitchen mein jaa rahi thi, light on dekhi toh aa gayi…”
Abhijeet – “kya hua? Kuch chahiye kya aapko? Itni raat mein kitchen?”
Shruti – “(smiles) raat kahan hai ab. Subah ho gayi hai.5 baj chuke hain.”

Abhijeet looks little awkward…tries half to smile and looks at the clock.
Abhijeet – “Haan..wohh pata hi nahi chala ki subah ho gayi…main zara fresh hokar aata hoon”

Saying so, Abhijeet leaves. Shruti sees him leave and smiles to herself. Then she turns to leave but thinks to log off the computer before going. When she reached the computer, se read something unexpected and she got really scared and ran out of the room in fright.

Abhijeet left home in a hurry that day. Sharp at 7 am he was in the office with rest of the C.I.D team, meanwhile ACP was talking to Vaibhav and Sheetal, in his cabin.
Abhijeet stood in a corner pretending to read the case file, atleast the 5th time when Daya came to him. Daya had been Abhijeet’s best and only friend after Viren and knew Abhijeet’s feelings about Shruti.

Daya – “kya baat hai boss? Kahan khoye ho?”
Abhijeet – “nahi…kuch nahi…bas case je bare mein soch raha tha.”Daya – “case toh kabse solve kar rahe hain par aaj se pehle tumhe itna pareshan toh nahi dekha”
Abhijeet – “nahi..pareshan kahan hoon?” (tries to smile)
Daya – “Acha…chalo mere saath”
Abhijeet – “Par kahan? Nahi…ACP sir abhi aayenge to datenge”
Daya – “Chalo toh”

Daya goes to Vivek and tells something in his ears. Vivek nods and then Daya pulls Abhijeet out of the office to the canteen.

Daya and Abhijeet settle in the canteen. It isn’t open fully yet.

Daya (to waiter) : “2 coffee lana”

Then he turns to Abhijeet

Daya – “Abhijeet…ab batao kya baat hai?”

Abhijeet quite slowly and unwillingly tells Daya all about Viren and then how the Ayush of the case seemed so similar to Viren.

Abhijeet – “…aur Daya us din yaad hai…mujhe yakeen hai ki maine wahan market mein Viren ko hi dekha tha aur jis tarah who dara hua lag raha tha…Daya mujhe sab theek nahi lag raha…kuch gadbad hone wali hai.”
Daya – “samajh mein nahi aa raha kya kahun? Gadbad toh hai boss..par – “

Before Daya could complete, his phone rang. He answered it. It was Vivek, asking Daya to come back to the office with Abhijeet.
When they reached the office, everyone was standing in a line (except ACP ofcourse) and ACP was introducing Vaibhav and Sheetal to them. Daya hurriedly joined the line. ACP looked at them and said “Yeh Senior Inspector Abhijeet aur Daya.”
Vaibhav and Sheetal shook hands with them. ACP went slowly to Abhijeet and Daya and murmured – “kya hua? Koi emergency thi kya?”

Daya and Abhijeet get a little nervous and exchange looks. They said – “nahi sir. Kuch nahi.”

ACP still eyed them suspiciously and moved back facing all of them.

ACP – “sab ne case file padh lee?”
All – “yes sir”
ACP, then walks to the white soft board and draws a network (one item connected to many other and all linked to one main item)

[Something like this -
where Primary server is the master mind, Secondary servers are the 3 people who know him and the clients are the several other people operating under according them the main boss – secondary server]

ACP – “Abhi tak hum jo jaante hain, wohh hai ki X jo ki iss sab ke peeche hai, bahut tez aur chalak hai aur saari planning khud karta hai. Rajeev ki reports ke hisab se, sirf 3 log X ki asli identity jante hain. In 3 logoin mein 1 ladki hai, 1 smuggler aur 1 cash exchanger hai.
Yeh 3 log X ke liye chor aur chote gunde dhundhte hain taki wohh unhein istemaal kar sake.
Is exhibition ke bare mein 5 saaloin se chacha tha. 5 saal X ne planning ki. Jab exhibition lagi, toh who roz waha gaya aur pata kiya ki kis time sabse kam security hoti hai. Shayad usne security officers se dosti bhi kar lee ho. Exhibition ke aakhiri din, jab kisi ne jewellery mein koi kharabi batayi toh pata chala ki sari jewellery hi nakli thi. Chor ne kab apna kaam kiya, kisi ko pata nahi chala.
Rajeev ke hisab se, X ne exhibition lagne ki 3 raat ko chori kari aur usse raat kisi sunsaan jagah par apne 3 saathiyoin ko bulaya aur unhe jewellery de dee.
Teeno saathiyoin ne subah tak jewellery desh-videsh ke market mein bechne ko de dee.
2 din ke andar saari jewellery diamonds mein convert hokar, X ke paas pahunch gayi. Tab bhi wohh roz exhibition mein jaata raha yeh dekhne ki uska plan kab tak duniya ko bewakoof bana sakta hai. (pauses)
Manna padega, dimaag toh bahut hai in X janaab ke paas. Shayad agar yeh Police mein bharti hota, toh desh ke bahut kaam aata.”

Abhijeet remembered that in his college, he and Viren used to receive the same compliment. The thought only made him shudder.
Meanwhile, ACP kept staring at the white board thinking hard.

Kaveri – “sir…”
ACP – “haan..Kaveri bolo” and turns back to face her.
Kaveri – “sir…chori karne ke baad bhi yeh X exhibition mein roz gaya, bina kisi darr ke, isse 2 cheezein pata chalti hain –
Ek toh usse apne plan par bahut bharosa tha aur doosra who saare kaam akele khud karna pasand karta hai.”
Sheetal – “yes sir. Aur yeh bhi ki jaise raatoin – raat, usne jewellery gayab kar lee, usse zaroor har security measure ki jankari hogi.”
ACP – “par yeh toh namumkin hai. Security toh khud humari CID, U.K police aur Russian Intelligence ne ki thi. Security plans toh sirf in 3 agencies ke selected officers ke paas the.”
Freddie – “sir…mujhe lagta hai…”
ACP – “haan aage bolo”
Freddie – “sir mujhe lagta hai ki X ka ek saathi in teeno organisations mein se kisi ek mein zaroor hoga.”
Vaibhav – “Ye kya mazaak hai? Itni reputed agencies mein sirf desh ke liye marne wale hote hain…desh drohi nahi.”
ACP – “nahi Vaibhav…kai baar kida apne target ko andar se hi khokla karta hai.”
Abhijeet – “sir mujhe lagta hai ki hume Pune jaana chahiye. Wahin par kuch aur pata chalega.”
Daya – “sir mujhe bhi yahi theek lagta hai. Directly to X tak pahunchna mushkil hai. Pehle uske uske saathiyoin ko pakadte hain aur unke zariye us tak pahunchte hain.”
ACP – “Haan…yeh theek lagta hai.”Sheetal – “Par sir agar sab gaye toh ho sakta hai baat spread ho jaaye…after all X ka network kafi bada hai.”
ACP – “Good point Sheetal. Main bhi yahi soch raha tha. Ek kaam karo, Abhijeet, Daya, Kaveri aur Lavanya (they step forward)…tum chaaroin Pune jaao aur Abhijeet tumhara dost..umm kya naam tha..haan Viren…jo marr gaya par tumne usse dekha hai…usske bare mein chaan-been karne ki acting karo.”Abhijeet gets disturbed hearing that ACP knows about Viren and gives Daya dangerous looks and hopes ACP knows nothing of Shruti. But he knew Daya good enough to say that Daya wouldn’t have said anything about Shruti to ACP.

ACP – “Freddie…tum aur Vivek, Mumbai mein jitne chor iss chori mein shamil the unhein pakdo. Sab informers ko bulao aur unse poocho. Koi bhi chootna nahi chahiye. Aur Vaibhav aur Sheetal Pune jaakar chooroin ko pakdenge…saath – saath Rajeev ke informers ko dhoondenge.”

Silence…no one speaks…all look at each other except ACP who is deep thinking..

ACP – “chooroin ko pakadenge to X ko lagega ki hazaroin chor pakadte pakadte hum ustak kabhi nahi pahunch paayenge…Par tab tak Rajeev ka murder case of iss robbery case, hum kafi aage badh chuke honge.
Tum sab aaj hi kaam par lag jao par haan informers ke agar tum milte ho toh iski khabar kisi ko na lage. Tum sab sirf chor pakad rahe ho.
…Aur haan…koi bhi..koi information kisi written form mein nahi rakhega. Koi baat batani ho toh forensic mein Dr. Tarika ko bata do, wohh mujhe bata degi…mujhe directly yahan par ya mobile par koi phone nahi karega ya ek doosre ko bhi.”
Freddie – “Par sir, Dr. Tarika ko kyun?”
ACP – “Freddie kyunki Forensic ke phone tape nahi ho sakte. Koi CID ke andar gaddar chupa ho toh wohh humare phone tape kar sakta hai…par forensic ke nahi…toh chalo sab kaam par lago.”

Everyone turns to leave. Abhijeet catches up with Daya for wanting a word but –

ACP – “Abhijeet…”

Abhijeet stops on the way and turns back

Abhijeet – “ji sir.”

ACP goes to Abhijeet and looks straight into Abhijeet’s face. Abhijeet looks straight back. Daya stops near by not to leave Abhijeet alone which ACP notices.

ACP – “Daya tum chalo, Abhijeet aa raha hai.”

Daya nods and walks out of the office but waits for Abhijeet in the corridor.
ACP sees Daya leave and then talks to Abhijeet.

ACP – “kya baat hai Abhijeet? Aajkal bahut pareshan dikhte ho?”

Abhijeet cant look back straight at ACP anymore, he bends his head and looks at the floor as if like a child in punishment.

Abhijeet – “nahi sir…kuch bhi nahi.”
ACP – “muje Daya ne kaha ki tumhare dosh ki maut ho gayi hai aur tumne usse dekha, isiliye tum disturbed ho…par mujhe nahi lagta…baat kuch aur hai…kyu?”Abhijeet was relieved to know that ACP had no idea about Shruti plot. But at the moment he had no answer to ACP either.

Abhijeet – “nahi sir…aur toh koi khaas baat nahi hai.”

ACP – “Abhijeet…itne saaloin se saath kaam karne ke baad bhi kya tumhe lagta hai main nah jaan paunga ki koi baat tumhe sata rahi hai? Pata nahi tumhe kya pareshani hai? Ya tum aur Daya mujhe sach kya nahi bata rahe…”


ACP – “haan par koi bhi problem ho toh hum sab hain tumhare saath. Isiliye mann mein koi baat mat rakhna. Chalo mood theek karo aur kaam par la jao. Tum logoin ko aaj hi Pune pahunchna hai. Wahan par tumhari help ke liye Rajeev ki poori team hogi par unhein lagta hai tum Viren ke bare mein investigate kar rahe ho. Unhein pata mat lagne dena ki tum asal mein robbery ke case par kaam kar rahe ho.”

Abhijeet was seriously something much more than ‘just shocked’. He was completed startled…didn’t know what to say or how to react…all he did was stared ACP with big eyes in surprise. ACP smiled and left.
Everyone knew that ACP cared a lot for his team but it was actually the first time in years tat he would have shown it. Abhijeet had never seen ACP like this to anyone..not to his son either.

Anyways the totally amazed Abhijeet, walked out of the room to find Daya waiting for him. Daya had heard what ACP had said and was equally amazed if not more.

They both went to Daya’s place to pack things and later to Abhijeet’s. When Abhijeet announced that he had to go to Pune as CID decided to investigate Viren’s death, Shruti was surprised but she was scared.
While Daya and Abhijeet packed Abhijeet’s bag and Abhijeet’s room, Shruti came to the room. She stood at the door silently till Daya noticed her and nudged Abhijeet.

Abhijeet – “Shruti ji aap? Koi kaam tha?”

Shruti looked extremely scared and not at all her usual self.
Abhijeet was little surprised to see Shruti there and much more surprised to see her scared. He secretly wished to go away quickly as then he wouldn’t see Shruti and could possibly forget her and free him of the feelings he has suddenly developed towards her.

Shruti – “aap log Viren ka case kyun investigate kar rahe hain? Jab Police ke hisab se yeh ek accident tha toh ab ismein investigate karne ko kya hai?”

Abhijeet opens his mouth to speaking thinking hard what to say but Daya stops him as Daya feared that Abhijeet might tell Shruti the real purpose for them going to Pune which couldn’t really harm them but any kind of risks couldn’t be afforded in this case atleast.

Daya – “Shruti ji, cheezein humesha waisi nahi hoti jaisi dikhti hain. Dariye mat…hum bas thodi chaan-been karne hi toh jaa rahe hain.”

And what Shruti speaks next…gets the two indeed shocked…

Shruti – “kahi aap dono exhibition se hui chori ka case toh nahi solve kar rahe?”

Abhi and Daya are surprised and then Abhijeet remembers that he hadn’t shut the computer in the morning when Shruti was in the room and he had gone to the washroom.

Abhijeet – “nahi..par Shruti aap us case ke bare mein kya jaanti hai aur aise kyun pooch rahi hain?”

Shruti gets on the verge of crying, shouting..howling..out LOUD..she is extremely frightened. Abhijeet and Daya exchange looks.

Shruti – “Abhijeet ji yeh case bahut khatarnaal hai…bahut khatra hai ismein…main aapse keh rahi hoon agar aap us case mein hain toh usse chod dijiye aur Viren ki maut bhi bhool jayiye. Jo nahi hai, uske liye jaan gawani bewakoofi hai…main keh rahi hoon aapse…main keh rahi hoon”

And saying this..she left the room and ran towards hers and bolted it shut from inside. Abhijeet went after her but couldn’t stop her…he called her from outside to open the door but she didn’t.

Abhijeet and Daya are in their jeep with Kaveri and Lavanya at the back seat. Abhijeet and Daya are unusually quite as they are still thinking about Shruti’s unexpected behaviour. When Abhijeet checks that the girls are busy with their talks, Abhijeet seized a chance to talk to Daya.

Abhijeet – “Daya tujhe lagta hai ki Viren ki maur road accident main nahi hui..par kuch aur hi chakkar hai?”
Daya – “Haan boss. Kuch toh hai warna Shruti aise toh reach nahi karti..zaroor wohh in choriyoin ke bare mein bhi kuch janti hai.”

Abhijeet is deeply thinking. When Abhijeet doesn’t say anything for a while, Daya looks at him to find him worried.

Daya – “Kya hua?”Abhijeet – “Tumhe theek lagta hai agar hum…I mean main Viren ki maut ke bare mein investigate karun?”

They both look at each other but no one speaks.


At Pune,
Daya, Abhijeet, Kaveri and Lavanya reached Rajeev’s office, which they were supposed to be using as theirs for the time they were in Pune. They were met on the gate by former CID Special Bureau officer Pratap who now worked in Pune and was asked to help CID mumbai. However, he was told that they are investigating about Viren. He had no idea of their true case.

Rajeev’s office was very big and had almost 30 more officers working inside on different cases all suprivised by Rajeev. They all greeted the 4 and then Pratap took them to Rajeev’s cabin. Outside the cabin sat a very old man nodding and murmuring to himself, not even paying attention to the visitors.

Daya – “Yeh aadmi kaun hai?”
Pratap – “Ye Rampal chacha hain – Rajeev sir ke Peon aur ab aap logoin ke.”

Daya figured something seriously suspicious about him and signaled this to Abhijeet who too had an uneasy feeling about the man. Then Pratap, took them inside the cabin. It was huge with one big oval table in the center divided into six working spaces by glass dividers. Each working space had a fully equipped computer with a chair to sit on while working on the computer.
Book – shelves were lined all along the 5 walls containing large amount of files, record papers and books. Pratap called the Peon in to get him introduced.

Pratap – “Rampal Chacha, yeh CID Mumbai se aaye hain. Yeh cabin ab inka hai jab tak ye log yahan hain aur aap dhyaan rakhna ki inhe koi takleef na ho.”

Rampal bowed a little and then to everyone’s surprise, asked –

Rampal – “Ye log Rajeev sir wale case par kaam karenge kya?”

Our CID is taken aback and Pratap is annoyed. Rampal Chacha had a very irritating habit of poking his nose. Somehow he knew all work that was on with all the officers and their cases. Rajeev found him amusing and so never scolded him. And so no one else could do that either.

Pratap – “nahi par isse aapko kya? Aap bas in logoin ki baat sunna aur khayal rakhna ki inhe koi takleef na ho.”

Rampal – “Khayal hi toh rakhkar pooch raha hoon…us case se jude log bahut khatarnaak hain. Wohh kisi ko zinda nahi chodenge. Us case ko bhool jao warna –“

Abhijeet got angry.

Abhijeet – “warna…warna kya haan?”

Suddenly, the door opens and enter…(surprise) ACP Prithviraj (Rajeev Khandelwal).

ACP Prithviraj – “warna…arre aap logoin ko aaye abhi 1 ghanta bhi nahi hua aur abhi se marna maarna shuru? Chacha chalo aap bahar baitho.”

CID Mumbai is surprised to see ACP Prithviraj. Pratap, however wasn’t surprised as ACP Prithviraj had already arrived here the last day.

Daya – “sir aap?”
Abhijeet – “aap yahan kaise sir?”
They both come forward and shake hands with ACP Prithviraj. Kaveri and Lavanya, who didn’t know ACP Prithviraj, stand back, see what all is happening and smile.

ACP Prithviraj – “wahi purane Abhijeet aur Daya! Glad to meet you. Main bhi yahan usi kaam se aaya hoon jis kaam ke liye aap – case solve karne.”

Then he turns to Pratap.

ACP Prithviraj – “Pratap, jo call list mangwayi thi…dekho aa gayi hai toh le aao.”

Pratap nods and leaves. Once Pratap is out,

ACP Prithviraj – “Pratap ko nahi pata ki tum log yahan kis case ke liye aaye ho par mujhe pata hai aur mujhe headquarters ne tumhari help karne ko bheja hai.
Acha, toh…pehle main bata doon ki main iss case ke bare mein kya jaanta hoon.”

Saying so, he took a piece of paper lying on the table and scribbled on it for quite few minutes and then passed it to Abhijeet who was standin just next to him.

Abhijeet – “sir ye kya –“Before Abhijeet could complete the sentence,

ACP Prithviraj – “Padho bhi” (very silently)

Also ACP Prithviraj signaled him not to speak. Abhijeet followed and quietly read the paper and the others looked completely blank and stared at each other and then towards ACP Prithviraj who was perfectly fine with the strange passing of messages and just gave them a huge smile.
He then went upto Lavanya and Kaveri and introduced himself to them while Abhijeet read the paper.

The paper read –
“tum sab ke computers par tumhare naam ki slips rakhi hain. Apne computers par baith kar, C Drive me stored ek hidden file hai – ‘robber’. Read that.
DONOT speak of the real case openly. Because if someone is eavesdropping, which I am sure someone is, then we wouldn’t want them to hear all our discussions. Remember, we shall never speak of the case within this office. Whenever we need to discuss about the case, pass a slip mentioning time and name of a restaurant to meet in..however mention a date also BUT WE WILL REACH THE PLACE AT THE SPECIFIED TIME ON THE SAME DAY regardless of the date.
The Head Quarters suspect a spy in the office and I am here to catch him.
After you are done reading, pass this on to others. Once all of you are done reading, pass it back to me.”

Abhijeet was a little shocked to read the paper – a spy right inside CID. The thought of their conversations leaking was horrible indeed. However, Abhijeet passed the paper to much curious Daya as now seeing the looks on Abhijeet’s face, he was sure to receive a deadly news. When Abhijeet looked at ACP Prithviraj, ACP Prithviraj just smiled and

ACP Prithviraj – “Kya hua Abhijeet? Kaam karne ka mood nahi hai kya? Chalo sab kaam par lago.”

Abhijeet opened the file ACP Prithviraj had asked to open on his computer and started reading it. Once everyone finished reading the message passed, Lavanya (who read it last) gave it back to ACP Prithviraj as been told and she too opened the file on her computer.

The file in the computer read –
“I was in Calcutta regarding another case when I saw that Jewellery market was open for an unusual late hour and there was large amount of Police there. On investigating, I found out that many people had struck various shops and sold them jewellery worth thousands and taken the cash. Everything seemed fine, till one jeweler recognized the jewellery sold to him as the jewellery that was supposed to be in exhibition. But it was too late, all the men who had sold it, were long gone. Well, the total jewellery sold there was worth 2 lakh 73 thousand, and it all resides right now in the headquarters.”

Pratap came in while they were reading the file in the comuter.

Pratap – “sir ye rahi list.”

ACP Prithviraj took it but kept it on the table. He then got up, went to the dustbin and burnt the paper on which he had scribbed the message. After which he threw the ash into the dustbin and added water…

Everyone watched him do it and realised how serious and complicated the situation was that one small flaw might ruin everything…Pratap however didn’t know this but he never questioned..however ACP Prithviraj sensed his doubt and

ACP Prithviraj - “Head Quarters ke order hain ki yahan security kam hai isiliye confidential news leek ho sakti hai.”

ACP Prithviraj came back and handed the list to Abhijeet

ACP Prithviraj - “Abhijeet list dekhkar batao…kya tum kisi number ko pehchante ho?”

It was a list of calls received and made from Viren’s mobile phone in the past 4 months…

Abhijeet - “sir..”

He sounded rather alarmed…

ACP Prithviraj - “Kya baat hai Abhijeet?”
Abhijeet - “Ye namumkin hai”

Abhijeet was really in a shock..everyone gathered around him but no one spoke for a while and then

Daya - “Kya baat hai Abhijeet?”

Abhijeet - “Viren ke mobile se 21 February ko ek call aayi hai…aur ussi din ek call ki gayi hai”

ACP Prithviraj – “toh?”

Abhijeet – “par sir..Shruti…I mean Viren ki wife ne bataya ki Viren ki maut 16 tareeq ko ho gayi thi aur body ke paas uska cell phone bhi mila tha – toota hua.”

ACP Prithviraj took the list and checked it

ACP Prithviraj – “Ye dono number toh ek hi hain..aur dekho Mumbai ke hain.”

Abhijeet became quiet again but this time rather serious. He didn’t say anything though.

ACP Prithviraj – “Chalo phir..investigation shuru…Pratap pata karo Viren kaam kaha karta tha..Jab pata chale toh Kaveri aur Lavanya ke saath jaa kar waha chaan – been karo”

The 3 nodded and sat on one computer each…Pratap kept telling them things.

ACP Prithviraj : “aur hum..Abhijeet, Daya and main..Viren ka ghar aur uske gharwalo ko dhoondte hain. Koi bhi distant relative bhi chalega. Ek baar kuch pata chal jaaye toh phir Viren ki wife se bi proper tareeqe se poochenge”

Saying this, he took a computer and signaled Abhijeet and Daya to take one too…Abhijeet was already disturbed about the number and the mention of Shruti troubled him more..How will he take ACP Prithviraj to his house saying that Shruti was in his house.
Daya sensed his tension and checked…wen everyone was busy working..he quietly asked him – “ye galat baat hai ab. Subah se pareshaan ho.”

Abhijeet didn’t reply…Daya got worried

Daya – “pareshan mat ho Abhijeet. Asal mein kabhi Shruti se milne ki zaroorat nahi hogi..usse pehle hi humara case solve ho jaayega.”

And then Abhijeet realised that ACP Prithviraj will never bother where Shruti is as they weren’t working on this case. So, half of his tension lifted but the other half..haunted him worse

He smiled slightly to Daya and said “Nahi Daya baat kuch aur hai.”
Daya - “Kya?”(demandingly)
Abhijeet - “Wohh no.”
Daya – “Kaun sa.”
Abhijeet - “Jis par Viren ne Mumbai mein call kiya aur jahan se call aya.”
Daya – “Kya hua us no. ko?”
Abhijeet- “Wohh no. mere ghar ke aas pass ka hai. Shayad market ke P.C.O Ka.”

Daya too gets tensed!

In Mumbai,
ACP was in the forensic lab with Freddie,Vivek, Dr. Saluke and Dr. Tarika. They were viewing the CC camera recording obtained from the exhibition hall.
Freddie – “Itne ghanto se dekh rahe hain…kuch bhi toh nahi hai ismein.”
ACP – “Nahi Freddie, ismein zaroor kuch milega.”


Tarika – “sir rokiye”
Saluke – “kya hua Tarika?”

ACP paused the video and everyone looked at Tarika.

Tarika – “sir dekhiye, wohh bilkul corner par 2 guards hain. Unmein se ek lagatar kisi se baat kar raha ha…par kisse yeh nahi dikh raha”
Vivek – “haan sir. Us aadmi ka chehra frame se bahar hai, zaroor who gate ke bilkul bahar hoga jahan se wohh sab kuch dekh sake par camera usse na dekh paaye.”
ACP – “doosre camere ki recording lagao”

Like this, they see recording from all 7 cameras but the man’s face couldn’t be seen. Most they got to see was his left hand. They captured its pic and then started seeing the recoding for the 3rd day…it was all fine but then Freddie shouted –

Freddie – “sir”
ACP – “kya hua Freddie?”
Freddie – “sir bijli nahi chamki”
ACP – “kya keh rahe ho?” (angrily)
Freddie – “sir who bijli”
ACP - “Vivek recording roko aur Freddie theek se bolo jo kehna chah rahe ho.”
Freddie – “sir aapko yaad hai jab humne pehle 2 dino ki recording dekhi toh theek 9:15 pm ko waha ek second le liye light chamki thi…wohh nahi chamki abhi”

ACP rewinded the recording and checked that…when he too saw the same,

ACP – “vivek, frame by frame play karo”

They saw the recording frame by frame from 9:14 pm onwards and when they reached 9:15pm, indeed there were 10 frames missing.

ACP – “bahut ache Freddie…saaloin mein pehli baar tumhara dimaag chala hai.”
Freddie – “sir main apna dimaag kam use karta hoon…jab poora karunga tab dekhna”

ACP stares at him and he sits quiet again.

ACP – “10 frames…lagbhag 2 seconds…itne mein toh koi bhi aaram se camere mein false image laga sakta hai.”
Dr. Saluke – “tumhara matlab hai ke in 2 seconds mein kisi ne camere ke aage false image laga di isiliye 9:15 ki laser scanning nahi aayi?”
Vivek – “haan sir…yeh toh aasan hai…9 baje exhibition hall poora khali hota hai toh chor ne pichle 2 dino mein image kheech lee hogi”
ACP – “haan Vivek…iska matlab hai iss insaan ka recording room mein bhi jhol-jhaal tha”
Tarika – “par sir jab sab logoin ko bahar kar diya jaata hai toh sirf ek insaan adhar kaise reh gaya?”
ACP – “haan…yehi toh pata karna hai…aajkal mujrim bade tez ho gaye hain par unko ye nahi pata ki hum yahan pathar nahi todte…Vivek aur Freddie..tum dono saare cameroin ki recordings dekho. Zaroor kisi aur mein bhi yeh frames gayab honge…aur phir exhibition mein aaye ek ek aadmi ko dekh…jab tak wohh bahar nahi nikalta exhibition hall se.”

The Next Day in Pune,
Vaibhav and Sheetal had done a lot of work the previous day and met many informers and one of them had given a telephone number from where he said a few people were instructed. When Vaibhav dialed the number, Pratap answered the call…

Pratap – “CID Pune”
Vaibhav - “CID??? Aap kaun?”

Pratap is taken back at being asked this. ACP Prithviraj sees this…

ACP Prithviraj – “Kya hua Pratap…kaun hai?”
Pratap – “sir pata nahi kaun hai par haan shocked hai sunkar ki ye CID office hai”

ACP Prithviraj goes and takes the call and talks. Vaibhav and ACP Prithviraj knew each other as they both worked in the headquarters. Abruptly after a minute, ACP Prithviraj cuts the call and dialed to Vaibhav from his cell phone. While doing so, he went to the others and said – “Bina kuch pooche, ya bole, poore kamre ki talaashi lo”

Everyone nodded and started searching everywhere and ACP Prithviraj listened to what Vaibhav had to say on the phone. CID searched anything and everything they could find but no luck. Finally after 5 minutes, ACP Prithviraj put down the phone and clapped his hands and said – “badi bhook lagi hai. Chalo zara kuch khaya jaaye. Batao Pratap yahan ka sabse acha restaurant kaunsa hai?”

Pratap and all others were confused. They looked at each other in surprise and Pratap answered “sir central market mein dine-in kafi acha hai.” ACP Prithviraj smiles and then says – “good. Gadi nikalo wahin chaltein hain.”
Well everyone was confused but they did as they were told. Abhi and Daya tried asking ACP Prithviraj the matter but he just said that he was too hungry to work. Finally when they reached the restaurant, it was pretty full except one table reserved besides one occupied by a foreigner couple. ACP Prithviraj asked Pratap to give his visiting card to the manager and then join them on the reserved table. They ordered snacks and coffee and ACP Prithviraj surprisingly discussed their plans pretty loudly.

ACP Prithviraj – “khane ke baad Viren ke ghar chalte hain…Abhijeet, Viren B 6 narrow lane mein rehta tha na?” Abhijeet Nodded.

To reach Viren’s house, CID left the cafĂ© but the foreigner couple too left with them. Everyone except ACP Prithviraj found it weird as the foreigner almost were following them everywhere but ACP Prithviraj didn’t seem to bother at all.
The Car had to be parked in the parking lot and you had to walk nearly 20 metres through the market to reach Viren’s place. While crossing the market, Abhi was deep into Shruti’s thoughts when suddenly he heard some shouting at a distance.

A man was running with a bag in his hand and a lady was shouting behind him. Abhi was so much into his thoughts that by the time he could figure what was happening and went to help, the robber had always ran past him and so the lady banged into Abhi and they both fell down.

Lady – “kya aap dekh kar nahi chal sakte? Wohh chor mera purse lekar bhaag gaya.”

Daya and Pratap ran after the thief and Kaveri and Lavanya went to help the lady who basically needed no help but was fully into the fight with Abhi.

Abhijeet – “dekhiye madam…”
Lady – “arre wah! Dekhna mujhe hai ki aapko. Bina kuch soche samjhe apni hi dhun mein jaa rahe hain”
Abhi was feeling too silly. The lady did only stop fighting when Pratap and Daya got back her purse, arrested the thief and told that they were CID officers. The whole thing took good 30 minutes and after that everyone laughed so much at Abhi’s halat that there was no serious work done for the next 30 minutes either. Abhi was embarrassed but he too had a jolly laugh.

In Viren’s house, they started searching each and every corner and found nothing much. It was a well furnished house but with very less accessories. And then to everyone’s surprise (except to ACP Prithviraj’s) the foreigner couple entered the house and closed the door shut after them. Pratap moved forward to send them off but ACP Prithviraj stopped him.
When they were finally inside, they checked all doors and windows were shut and they weren’t spied on, they removed their disguises and only then everyone saw that the couple was actually Vaibhav and Sheetal in disguise and no one else.

They told how they had been meeting many informants in various disuises and how they found out that Mr. X didn’t operate directly but small people hired by him like shop keepers, watchmen and others give orders and. Only ACP Prithviraj and Abhi were listening to them and to avoid Pratap from listening to all this, he was just told that Vaibhav and Sheetal worked on a different case and they are here just to seek some advice. So Pratap, Daya, Kaveri and Lavanya searched the house to find anything that might help.
Daya then found a letter behind one of the cupboards probably left there by mistake. To his horror, it was written by Shruti to Viren. The letter was fishy indeed as why would Shruti need to write to Viren and the letter was addressed to this very house…it read that ‘Shruti had found her own accommodation and so Viren neednt worry any longer about her as she will be fine.’ This was something fishy for a girl to write to her hubby and so Daya took the letter to ACP Prithviraj.
ACP Prithviraj too found it weird. He asked Abhi and Daya to go to the locality Shruti mentioned she was allotted a house in and find her. He then sent Lavanya and Pratap to find about the letter to the postal office and he himself, along with Kaveri went with Vaibhav and Sheetal to investigate a few people whom they doubted.

Abhi and Daya had a tough time finding the ‘Shruti’. No one in the locality seemed to know her and so they had to knock at almost all the doors in the area. Finally then one person told them about 2 Shruti residing in the area. Abhi went to see one and Daya went to see the other one.

Abhi was tensed as things were getting onto his nerve as there certainly was something fishy about Viren and now another Shruti cropped from somewhere. Well Abhi went to the house and rang the bell. To add to his confusion and tension, came the lady with whom he had banged in the market. Abhi was too scared and kinda shy to say anything but there was something really different about her now. In the morning she looked extremely professional but now she was looking a very homely person, soberly dressed and wearing an apron and dirty hands with flour. She wasn’t angry or anything and Abhi couldn’t help smiling.
The lady too found it surprising to see Abhi standing on her doorstep. She too smiled and then without waiting to listen to him said – “I am sorry. Maine aapko subah naa jaane kya kya keh diya. Wohh zarasal mera purse chori ho gaya tha na aur us purse mein zaroori cheezein thi. Isiliye main pareshaan thi. Aur pareshaani mein maine kitna kuch keh diya bina soche ki kisse keh rahi hoon. Aapne kuch bola bhi nahi…wohh maine bolne kahan diya.”

She laughed saying so and Abhi too smiled. While she was saying all this he wanted to interfere and tell its okie but it really isn’t simple to stop a lady from speaking when she doesn’t want to stop.
Now when she was silent,

Abhi – “arre nahi. Koi baat nahi”
Lady – “par aap yahan kaise?”
Abhi – “haan..wohh janna tha ki kya aapka naam Shruti hai?”
Lady – “aap kya sach mein mere khilaf case kar rahe hain jo naam pooch rahe hain?”
Abhi – “nahi nahi…wohh kuch poochtach karni hai.”
Lady – “sirf Shruti naam ki ladkiyoin se?”
Abhi – “haan wohh case hi kuch aisa hai.”

While Abhi and the Lady were having this coversation at the door, Daya too came there. The Shruti whom Daya went to check wasn’t the correct Shruti. But she was and she did know Viren too. She called Daya and Abhi inside and then went to clean herself and then came to answer their questions.

Daya – “aap Viren ko jaanti hain?”
Shruti – “haan par kya hua?”
Abhi – “Viren ki maut ho gayi hai. Aapko pata hi hoga.”
Shruti – “haan par iss baat ko toh 3 mahine ho chuke hain na”
Abhi – “haan. Main Viren ka dost hoon. Wohh zara main Viren ke case ko dekh raha tha toh laga ki ismein kuch gadbad hai. Isiliye maine ye case dubara khola hai.”
Shruti – “ek minute, kahin aap CID Mumbai, Senior Inspector Abhijeet toh nahi?”
Abhi – “haan par aap mujhe kaise jaanti hain?”
Shruti – “Viren se aapke bare mein suna tha. College mein jab aap saath the. Pehle Viren aapki bahut baat karta tha par phir jabse uski chacha ji se ladai hui tab se meri usse baat cheet lagbhag band hi thi.”
Daya – “par Shruti aap Viren ko kaise jaanti hain?”
Shruti – “main Viren to bachpan se jaanti hoon. Hum saath saath bade hue. Main apne papa – mummy ke saath USA mein rehti thi. Jab main 10 saal ki thi, main, mummy aur papa yahan ghoomne aaye. Mere papa Viren ke papa ke bahut ache dost the. Par ek din mummy – papa Viren ke papa aur Viren ki mummy mujhe Viren ke saath ghar mein chod kar kahin bahar gaye aur raaste mein unka accident ho gaya. Mummy – Papa ke saath saath Viren ki mummy ki bhi maut ho gayi. Chacha ji ne mujhe adopt kar liya aur tab se main humesha se unke saath hi rahi hoon.”
Daya said sorry for making Shruti emotional. But she smiled wiped her eyes. However Abhi was thinking something else…something very different. Shruti and Daya both noticed it and Daya asked him whats the matter?
Abhi didn’t respond to Daya but turned to Shruti.

Abhi – “aap Shruti hain?”
Shruti – “haan….”
Abhi – “mera matlab aap Viren ke ghar ke peeche wale outhouse mein rehti thi aur aapki schooling saari yahin hui hai?”
Shruti – “haan aapko Viren ne bataya?”
Abhi – “oh my God. Toh phir wohh kaun hai?”
Shruti – “kaun?”
Abhi – “Viren ki patni…”
Shruti – “Kanya bhabhi?”
Both Daya and Abhi are surprised to hear this name. This was a new character introduced in the story.

Daya – “Viren ki patni ka naam Kanya hai?”
Shruti – “haan mujhe laga aapko pata hai”
Abhi – “Viren ki shaadi kab hui aapko pata hai?”
Shruti – “saath saal pehle”
Abhi – “saath saal pehle kya Viren ki shaadi Kanya se hi hui thi?”
Shruti – “aur nahi toh kya? Aap kaisi baat pooch rahe hain”
Abhi – “Viren se main aakhiri baar 7 saal pehle mila tha. Usnein mujhe Shruti ke bare mein bataya tha jo uske ghar mein hi rehti thi yani ke aap. Par usnein tab mujhe bola ki uski shaadi ussi Shruti se ho rahi hai.”

Shruti, Abhi and Daya all were very confused and shocked.

Shruti – “Par aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Viren ko toh main bachpan se rakhi bandh rahi hoon aur Viren khud Bhopal se Kanya Bhabhi ko laya tha.”
Daya – “ye kya chakkar hai boss?”
Shruti – “par ismein kya problem hai?”
Abhi – “problem yeh hai ki ek lady jo apne aap ko Shruti aur Viren ki wife kehti hai wohh Viren ke maut ke baad mere ghar mein reh rahi hai. Usnein yahi bataya ki uska naam Shruti hai aur wohh Viren ki patni hai.”

This all went from bad to worse. Shruti told Abhi and Daya that Viren had met Kanya in Bhopal and brought her along when he came to Pune 7 years back. They got married there and lived happily but then things went wrong between Viren and his dad. Viren didn’t want to join their family business and did some job which Viren’s dad didn’t approve off. As a result, Viren and Kanya moved out and went to live separately. Shruti was then left alone to take care of Viren’s dad. Viren loved Shruti as a sister and so he did many times call her to live with them but she never did so. Then when 3 years back, Viren’s dad died, Shruti moved into this flat and that was when she had written that letter to Viren as Viren had become worried about her.

Daya – “boss ye Viren ka kuch aur hi chakkar hai.”
Shruti – “Mujhe pata nahi ki isse aapko kuch madad mile par 4 mahine pehle, Viren ek din achanak yahan aa gaya. Bola ki Kanya bhabhi aur Viren ki ladki kahin gaye hue hain isiliye who ek hafta yahan rehne aa gaya. Baki sab kuch theek tha par Viren lagatar tab phone par baat karta rehta tha aur kafi gusse wala ho gaya tha. Maine poocha toh bola ki kaam ki tension hai.”
Daya – “Viren kaam kahan karta tha?”
Shruti – “Viren ek resort mein kaam karta tha manager tha wahan.”

Abhi didn’t bother to listen to anything. He was in his own thoughts.

Daya – “Kya hua Abhijeet?”
Abhi – “sabse bada sawaal hai ki jo Shruti kaki ke saath ghar mein hai, wohh kaun hai? Aur wohh Viren ke bare mein itna kaise jaanti hai? Uske paas toh Viren aur uski tasveerein bhi hain.”
Daya – “Abhijeet yaad hai jab hum yahan ke liye nikal rahe the toh Shruti ekdum se bade ajeeb tareeqe se bol rahi thi. Zaroor wohh kuch jaanti hai jo hum nahi jaante.”
Shruti – “agar aap log mind na karein to main milun unsein? Main Kanya bhabhi ko pehchanti hoon toh main bata dungi wohh kaun hain.”
Abhi – “nahi. Wohh koi bhi ho sakti hain. Ismein khatra hai.”
Daya – “toh phir kya karna hai boss?”
Abhi – “mujhe ghar jaana hoga. Kisi bhi tarah toh pata karna hi hai ki wohh Shruti kaun hai.”

Meanwhile ACP Prithviraj, Kaveri, Sheetal and Vaibhav (everyone without disguises) went to meet an informer Gangu whom Vaibhav and Sheetal tried tackling yesterday in disguise but he didn’t tell much. They found Gangu sitting in a pan shop and went to him

ACP Prithviraj – “Gangu?”
Gangu – “kyu saab koi peroblem hai kya?”
Vaibhav – “Gangu dekho hum log –“
Gangu – “haila! Dekh toh Rangeele (the pan wala) yeh toh woi kal wale vilayati tattu hain na jo yahan gehnoin ke bare mein pooch rahe the. (laughs) Safedi jhad gayi kya?”

CID look at each other and Gangu seemed to be a highly learnt person and could even see through disguises.

ACP Prithviraj – “Dekho Gangu, hume tumse kuch poochna hai.”
Gangu – “sabko Gangu se kuch na kuch poochna hi hota hai par Gangu kyu bole”
Kaveri – “Gangu dekho sidhi tarah se bata do warna –“
Gangu – “madam ye kalaiyaan na ghar ke kaam karne mein lagao. Mere upar inka koi asar nahi hai.”

Vaibhav is angry. He grabs Gangu from his wrist and twists it. Many men from neighbouring shops come out to help Gangu.

Vaibhav – “Bahut sun liya humne. CID kisi ki itni sunti nahi hai. Ab seedhi tarah se zubaan khol”
Gangu – “saab chodo toh. Aap CID wale ho…pehle batane ka tha na”

Gangu seemed to be much more co ordinating now. So Vaibhav let him go and Gangu stopped the men from coming. He then called the CID people inside a restaurant (very small) and made them all sit.

Gangu – “haan saab boliye kya baat hai.”
Sheetal – “is mohalle mein tumhara kafi rob hai.”
Gangu – “ab apna ich toh mohalla hai…thoda bahut chalta hai. Chalta toh apna bahut jagah hai…kahin bhi pooch lo apne bare mein.”
ACP Prithviraj – “wohh sab chodo Gangu aur hum tumse kuch zaroori poochne aaye hain.”
Gangu – “kis ke bare mein sahab? Exhibition wali chori ke bare mein ya Viren ke khoon ke bare mein.”

Everyone is surprised to see that Gangu knows so much.

Vaibhav – “tumhe kaise pata ki hum kis case par kaam kar rahe hain?”
Gangu – “ab saab informant hai apun…toh khabar toh rakhega na.”
Vaibhav – “sirf Police aur CID ke informant ho ya sabko information dete ho?”
Gangu – “saab dekho…aage kuch bhi baat karne se pehle aap log ye sun lo…apni sirf 2 shartein hain kisi ke saath kaam karne ki aur agar aapko manjoor nahi hai toh pehle hi bol dene ka…aisa nai ki baad mein nahi maan kar apna heart break karna…”
ACP Prithviraj – “kaisi shartein?”
Gangu – “pehli ki apne par trust karne ka…karo toh theek hai nai karo toh bhi apne ko kya farak padta hai aur doosra ki jab main aap logoin ko information deta hoon toh jo khabat aapko pata chale, aap bhi mujhe batana.”
ACP Prithviraj – “theek hai…manjoor. Ab batao jo kal saab ne poocha tha.”
Gangu – “saab agar kal hi bol dete ki CID se hain toh main kal hi na bol deta…zabardasti bade saab ko lekar aaye aap.”
ACP Prithviraj – “koi baat nahi…batao exibition se chori ke bare mein kya jante ho”
Gangu – “zyada toh nahi par ye jaanta hoon ki in sab ke peeche ek nahi 2 log hain – miya – biwi. Dono kisi jhol ke karan hi mile aur raatoin raat ameer hone ke liye ye sab kiya aur jis tarah se kiya usse sab jaante hain ki dono dimaag wale hain.”
Sheetal – “tumhe kaise pata 2 log hain? Humare paas toh sirf ek ke bare mein hi aaya hai.”
Gangu – “yahich toh farak hai aap mein aur mujh mein. Maine Rajeev saab ko bhi bataya tha par baad mein unhe pata nahi kya ho gaya tha. Wohh King’s resort ke manager pe hi vishwas karte the. Wohh bhi gayab hai.”
Kaveri – “aur kya jaante ho?”
Gangu – “wohh jo aap nahi soch sakte. Jisne planning ki wohh CID ke andar hai…chupa hua…jiske liye bade saab ko bade office se bheja hai. Usne apna aadmi nahi rakha aapke office mein par wohh khud hai”

Everyone is shocked at this. Gangu tells them how a thousand thieves just from Pune and Nasik were involved into this and where the gold was sent – to Calcutta by ship. When he had ended with everything,

Kaveri – “jab tum itne kabil ho tab bhi aise bhai giri kyu karte ho?”
Gangu – “madam dekho…bhai giri kya karta hai apun? Khane – peene ka hafta wasool karta hai par badle mein sabki bole toh protection bhi toh karta hai. Kisi ki himmat apne ilaake ke ek bhi aadmi ko chot pahunchaye. Aur baaki rahi is kaam ki baat – toh apni maa bachpan mein bolne ki desh ki sewa aur logoin ke sewa sabse badi hai. Logoin ki sewa toh apun bahut karta hai aur desh ki sewa aap logoin ke madad karne se ho jaati hai”
Sheetal – “tum Police force kyun nahi join karte?”
Gangu – “mujhe kaun Police mein bharti karega? Bole toh apne paas koi skool ka certificate nahi hai na.”
ACP Prithviraj – “Gangu…thank You. Tum wakayi mein bahut kabil insaan ho. Kabhi bhi koi madad chahiye hogi toh zaroor kehna.”

After this they left for Office where Pratap and Lavanya were already there. They had already done with their work at the post office and discovered that the letter was 3 years old.

In Mumbai,
ACP entered the office with anger. Head Quarters were calling again and again for news and ACP was messed up with lot of problems as the recordings were not at all fine. All the cameras had some frames cut and in 3 of the cameras there was a problem of 3 – 5 minutes. ACP paced in tension in his office while Freddie and Daya were constantly checking the video recordings noticing each and everyone entering till they exit. Finally out of tension, ACP comes out from his cabin and walks upto them.
ACP – “kuch pata chala”
Freddie – “sab log toh theek dikh rahe hain, sir”
ACP – “toh phir chori kisne ki? Tumne ya maine?”
Freddie – “nahi nahi sir maine nahi ki…shayad aapne…”
ACP looks at him angrily…

Vivek – “sir mujhe lagta hai ki hume dekhna chahiye jis camere mein 5 minute ki recording missing hai, wohh kya kya dikhata hai. Usse shayad pata chale ki chor sahi mein kahan tha.”
ACP – “zaroor waha se bahar jaane ka koi raata hoga. Dhoondo usse.”

Just then ACP gets a call from ACP Prithviraj, who tells him all they had found from Gangu. ACP tells them what he found out and so they decide that Vaibhav, Sheetal, Kaveri, Lavanya, Abhi and Daya should return to Mumbai and go with ACP to check the hall while ACP Prithviraj and Pratap shall find the traitor.

In Pune,
When ACP Prithviraj and others reach the office, Abhi and Daya had also returned. ACP Prithviraj tells that CID mumbai should go back and investigate there (he doesn’t tell what investigation neither he tells about what Pratap is to do as the traitor must be listening). Listening to it,

Abhi – “sir main Mumbai nahi jaunga.”
ACP Prithviraj – “Par Abhijeet tum toh jaante ho na wahan case kitna zaroori hai.”
Abhi – “sir mujhe yahan kuch aur kaam hai aur waise bhi aap yahan akele kaise investigation karenge.”
ACP Prithviraj – “Abhijeet dekho Pratap hai mere saath. Tumhara jaana zaroori hai”
Abhi – “sir I am sorry main aapko bata nahi sakta par abhi mera yahan rehna zaroori hai. Mujhe Viren ke katil tak pahuchna hi hoga. Wohh mera dost tha.”
Daya – “sir mujhe lagta hai main bhi Abhijeet ke saath yahan rukta hoon. Wahan zaroori case hai toh sab log toh hain. Ab jab Viren ki file kholi hai toh band karni zaroori hai.”

Before ACP Prithviraj could say anything, Abhi called ACP Pradyuman and told him that he can’t come. ACP did understand and agreed to let Daya and Abhi stay in Pune with ACP Prithviraj.

That evening, Lavanya, Kaveri, Vaibhav and Sheetal left for Mumbai. ACP Prithviraj, Pratap, Daya and Abhi went out to a restaurant to take dinner and then Pratap was told the matter by ACP Prithviraj. Pratap couldn’t believe himself.

Pratap – “par sir CID bureau mein koi..kaise?”
ACP Prithviraj – “yeh sach hai Pratap…aur kaise, yehi toh dhoodna hai”
Daya – “Rajeev koi apne aap thodi na marr gaya. Zaroor kuch toh gadbad hai”

Abhi wasn’t speaking anything. He was into his own thoughts.

ACP Prithviraj – “Abhijeet kya hua?”
Abhi – “kuch nahi sir bas thoda pareshaan tha.”
ACP Prithviraj – “hum kuch kar sakte hain?”
Abhi – “sir koi baat nahi. Theek hoon…main zara bahar chakkar laga kar aata hoon…”

Saying so, Abhi left and went out of the restaurant and began strolling in the street. It was a market street but not much crowded. He was in his own thoughts and then he heard firing on the streets and then a girl shouting. He saw that it was Shruti (Viren’s sister)…she was standing with a bunch of girls when the bullet went just an inch away from her. There were 5 bikers on the road full in black with guns in hand aiming at her. Shruti and her friends ducked and Abhi rang in their direction to help. He immediately took out his gun and fired at a rider who hurt his arm with which he was aiming at Shruti…
The other four got alert and aimed at Abhi instead but till then Daya, Pratap and ACP Prithviraj had also come with their guns drawn and there was horrible firing on the road. While all this was on, Abhi rushed to help Shruti and her friends. Shruti’s one friend was injured. The bullet had rubbed against her arm and Shruti was tieing her hankerchief to stop the blood. Abhi went to help.

Abhi – “aap theek hain?”

Shruti nodded but no one replied. Abhi was in front of the girls with his gun up and firing. Finally when one biker was hit by a bullet and was dead, the others ran away. Daya and Pratap went to catch the dead biker in hope that he might still be alive and could tell something but he was dead. They also took hold of his bike. Meanwhile, ACP Prithviraj reached to help the girls along with Shruti. Abhi was now helping Shruti in getting the injured girl into the car so as to take her to hospital as the bleeding didn’t stop. ACP Prithviraj sent his car (filled with Policemen) with them. Abhi too went to hospital.

In the hospital, the girl Anamika wasn’t injured much but her blood was thin so the bleeding continued for long due to which blood had to be given. Abhi’s blood group matched that of the girl and he willingly gave his blood. The girl’s mother thanked Abhi and Shruti a lot and the other girls who were scared were dropped to their homes by Policemen. Anamika was suggested to be in hospital for a night and her family was there with her. Abhi asked if he should leave Shruti to her home and Shruti accepted the offer.

In the car,
Shruti – “I hope she gets fine”

Shruti rested her head on the seat and her eyes closed. She had an unusual expression on her face – she wasn’t scared of whatever happened but yes very much tired and worried for her friend. After all it was a hectic day for her. Meeting CID thrice in a day isn’t simple…either!

Abhi – “Doctors ne kaha na chinta ki koi baat nahi hai.”
Shruti – “Thanks. Aapne blood diya jabki aap usse jaante bhi nahi.”
Abhi – “yeh mera farz tha…”

Shruti looked at him…he was smiling modestly! And she laughed…

Abhi – “kya hua?”
Shruti – “nahi main bhool gayi thi aap logoin ka toh farz hota hai superman bankar sabko bachana.”

Abhi too laughed!

Abhi – “superman nahi sirf dost bankar”
Shruti – “jaankar khushi hui ki aap jaise log bhi hain…warna aajkal kaun kisi par bharosa karta hai?”
Abhi – “par aapne toh kar liya…warna akele raat mein ajnabee ke saath…”
Shruti – “aapse darne wali kya baat hai?”

Abhi looked at her amused…they were talking like they knew each other for ages and now were actually looking at each other (Abhi though did look at front too as he was driving but as there was less traffic in the night so that’s alright)…

Abhi – “kyun…mujh mein aur un gundo mein kya farak hai? Unke paas bhi gun thi mere paas bhi hai…coincidently maine bhi black coat pehna hai bas bike ke jagah car hai…”

He laughed saying so…Shruti stared at him and then spoke very philosophically!

Shruti – “Sab jaante hain ki ACP Pradyuman ke left aur right hand Abhijeet aur Daya jaan par khel jaayenge par kisi par bhi aanch nahi aane denge…”
Abhi – “acha toh aapke saamne ACP sir ke image achi hai…”
Shruti – “ACP sir ko kaun nahi jaanta aur Viren ka toh humesha se sapna tha ki CID join karna hai…toh itna suna hai CID ke bare mein kai baar lagta hai main bhi wahiin kaam karti hoon”

Abhi laughed and while laughing stopped the car…Shruti was also laughing…

Abhi – “Chaliye aapka ghar aa gaya…”
Shruti – “baatoin baatoin mein dhyaan hi nahi raha…thanks…”
Abhi – “koi baat nahi”
Shruti – “waise mujhe pata nahi tha ki CID officers bhi itni baatein karte hain…aur hastein bhi hain”
Abhi – “chalo kisi ki galat faimy toh dur huyi…phir theek hai main chalta hoon…kuch aapko pata chale toh please bata deejiyega…”
Shruti – “aap coffee lenge”
Abhi – “coffee?”
Shruti – “haan aapne khana nahi liya na…itni der se phir hospital mein bhi kaam kar rahe the aur blood bhi diya…kuch kha lijiye…”
Abhi – “nahi seriously thanks…”
Shruti – “dekhiye main bhi aapke saath itni der khadi thi…aapke bahane main bhi coffee pee lungi.”
Abhi – “acha…”
Shruti – “toh aap gadi park karke aayige…main jaakar coffee chadhati hoon”

Shruti got down saying so and went up to her house while Abhi was parking the car…and just then he saw something very weird – lights on in Shruti’s house…this means someone was in there…he took the keys out of his car, got out fast and ran upstairs as fast he could…Shruti was already unlocking her door…and Abhi shouted – “Shruti….” Shruti who ofcourse didn’t know what happened, was opening the door of her house and suddenly looked back and at that time many things happened simultaneously…
A man in mask came running out of the house…he pushed Shruti hard and she hit herself with the door. But then Abhi too reached the floor at the moment and he took out his gun…the masked man retreated and held Shruti as hostage…Abhi didn’t dare fire and the masked man moved backward with Shruti’s neck in his hands…Abhi was closing in…and then the masked man threw Shruti towards Abhi and jumped down the open stairs and ran…by the time Abhi caught Shruti…and holding her went to see the man, he had already escaped. Abhi helped Shruti into her house into the sofa…

The house was all turned upside down…everything broken or stuff lying around in a mess…However, Abhi didn’t bother that at the moment, Shruti was hurt on her head. He fetched her some water. She was fine though…Abhi called ACP Prithviraj and told her what happened. He ordered Abhi to take Shruti and come to the bureau while he sent a team to investigate in the house.

Next Day,
In Mumbai,
Lavanya and Kaveri were busy interrogating the 40 security officers hired to guard the hall, Freddie and Vivek were talking to people in the control room and Vaibhav, Sheetal and ACP were searching for finger prints or other evidence with help of Dr. Saluke and Dr. Tarika.

Lavanya – “Dekho recording mein saaf dikh raha hai ki aap log roz kisi se baat karte the…wohh insaan gate ke bilkul bahar baithta tha aise ki usko ek bhi camera nahi dekh paaye.”
Guard 1 – “par madam hume baat karna mana hai…hum bhale hi 1 minute ke liye kisi se baat kar le par isse zyada nahi.”
Kaveri – “toh phir chor ko itni saari andar ki khabar kaise hui? Kisi ne toh dee hogi”
Guard 2 – “humne thodi na dee.”
Guard 3 – “haan madam. Hum sab gareeb log hain par imaandar hain. Hum jhooth nahi keh rahe.”

ACP who listened to all this came,

ACP – “dekho hum tumhe phasane nahi aaye hain. Hum sirf chahte hain ki tum logoin ko jo bhi yaad aata hai wohh hume bata do.”
Guard 1 – “saab ek aadmi tha. Wohh roz aata tha, andar jaata, kamre ka ek chakkar marta, kuch nahi dekhta aur fir bahar chala jaata. Paanchvein din jab wohh aaya toh maine usse poocha…usnein kuch jawaab nahi diya aur chala gaya…tab se nahi aaya.”
Kaveri – “sir hume kya pata wohh nahi aaya…jiski hum baat kar rahe hain aur behtareen behrupiya hai…toh ho sakta hai wohh kuch aur bankar aaya ho isiliye ye log usse pehchan na paaye hoin.
ACP – “haan Kaveri par tab bhi wohh yahan aata raha…”

Just then Vivek comes and tells “sir andar toh bahut ghafla hai”
ACP – “kya matlab?”Vivek – “sir yeh log bata rahe hain ki jis din exhibition lagi uss din inka regular aadmi- Rakesh nahi aaya jo wahan baithta tha par usne apni jagah apne dost - Biju ko bhej diya. Us dost nein pehle bhi yahan kaam kiya tha isiliye in logoin ne usse aane diya…aur exhibition ke paach din ke baad wohh dost gayab ho gaya…”
ACP – “aur Rakesh?”
Vivek – “sir wohh jab in logoin ne Rakesh ke ghar mein pata kiya toh Rakesh lapata tha”
ACP – “kab se?”
Vivek – “exhibition shuru hone se ek din pehle se”
ACP – “gadbad hai…har jagah gadbad hai”

ACP was consumed in all this when,

Saluke – “arre yeh kya?”

ACP goes to Saluke to see what he found out…

ACP – “kya mila Saluke?”
Saluke – “ACP tum toh keh rahe the ki ye chor bada shatir hai…par yeh toh bilkul daffar nikla”
ACP – “hua kya?”
Saluke – “bas samajh lo bhagte chor ki langoti mil gayi hai”
ACP – “Saluke theek theek batao kya mila hai?”
Saluke – “nakhun”
ACP – “nakhun?”
Saluke – “haan baba haath ki ungli ka nakhun”

Till now Vivek, Lavanya, Freddie, Vaibhav and Sheetal had also come to see. Saluke shows them (Tarika has already seen it) a small piece what looked like part of string coming out from the wall. Saluke took a sharp knife and a forcep and slowly tried to pull out the nail by trying to extract some part of wall with it but surprisingly a lot of dust dropped. Saluke stopped and turned to the guard

Saluke – “yeh is deewar ke peeche hai kya?”
Guard 1 – “sir wohh air conditioning control hai.”
ACP – “kya hua?”
Saluke – “deewar khokhli hai”

Everyone exchange looks.

Saluke – “koi bhi aasaani se ek – do eeth hata kar raasta bana sakta hai deewar ke beecho beech.”
ACP – “toh yahan se gahne gaye hain”
Vivek – “iska matlab sir koi air conditioner ke control ke paas hoga aur chor ne yahan se gehne chura kar usse pakda diye”
Freddie – “uff…yeh chor hai ki spider man, jahan dekho pahunch gaya, air conditioner mein bhi??”
ACP – “yahi toh pata karna hai Freddie…Vaibhav, Vivek, tum dono jaao AC control ke paas hum yahan se wahan raasta banane ki koshish karte hain.”

The two left along with a guard to show them the way and then,
ACP – “Freddie kuch nokili cheez lao jisse ched kar sake…koi rod wagarah”

Freddie went out along with one guard and then returned with 2 metal rods. The guard and Freddie banged the rods on the wall a couple of times and then they could make a little hole through which they could see the other side of the wall. Then after a little more help, the broadened the hole.

ACP – “Vivek…Vaibhav kya tum log wahan ho? Mujhe sun sakte ho?”
Vivek – “ji sir…hum yahin hain”
Lavanya – “sir toh phir yahin se chori hui hai”
Kaveri – “par sir deewar toh thos hai toh phir kaise yahan se koi cheezein andar – bahar kar sakta hai?”
Saluke – “kisne kaha deewar sabut hai?”
ACP – “kya matlab?”

Saluke didn’t reply but took the rod from the guard and then tried breaking the wall vertically. Ofcourse it broke unevenly and then Saluke cleaned the dust from a cloth and what dawned on the CID was shocking!!!
There was a wooden passage hidden behind cement and bricks.

ACP – “oh toh yeh hai yahan ka doosra darwaza…par yeh yahan hai, ye tumhe kaise pata chala Saluke?”
Saluke – “boss cement dhoka de gaya, aadha cement purana hai aur aadha naya aur cement ke beech mein lakdi ke tukde the…”
Saluke holds out his hand to show the cement that had fallen and when ACP noticed carefully, there were brown particles in between.

ACP – “maan gaye Saluke”
Saluke – “arre yeh kya CID ne forensic waloin ki tareek ki?”
ACP – “Saluke…”
Saluke – “kyun boss koi sapna toh nahi? Aisa kaise ho gaya”
ACP – “uff tumhe acha kaho toh bhi sirdardi na kaho toh bhi –“

Before ACP could complete,
Saluke – “sirdardi? Par abhi toh bahut kuch hai batane ko…soch lo”
ACP – “aur bhi kuch hai? Arre wah! Kya?”
Saluke – “Dr. Tarika ko kuch mila hai”
Dr. Tarika – “haan ACP sir, iss cement ke kuch tukdoin mein ek special tareeke ka glue mila hua hai, jisse cement jaldi se jam gaya aur kuch hi gantoin mein mazboot deewar ban gayi”
ACP – “acha?”
Saluke – “aur sunne wali khabar yeh hai ki yeh glue har jagah aasani se nahi milti, yeh sirf sarkari daftaroin mein milti hai thodi thodi aur CID bureau mein milti hai”
ACP – “CID bureau mein?”
Sheetal – “kahiin aap us glue ki baat toh nahi kar rahe jisse overseas parcel jam hokar jaate hain?”
Saluke – “haan bilkul wahi…jab bhi CID ko koi secret parcel bhejna hota hai, toh kissi aur cheez ke andar ched karke, us parcel ko polythene mein lappet kar glue ke ched mein daal dete hain, ab chahe kuch karlo, aapse yeh glue nahi hategi. Is glue ka tod sirf ek solution hai jo glue ke use kare jaane ke sirf 10 gante tak hi parcel ko nikalne mein madad kar sakta hai, warna us parcel ko kabhi nikala jaa sakta.”
Dr. Tarika – “Tabhi toh dekhiye sir, cement ke saath jud kar is glue ne kitne mote pathar bana liye, par yeh glue dilute karke use kiya gaya hai isiliye deewar toot gayi warna isse todna namumkin hai.”

While all this conversation was on, Sheetal was tensed. ACP saw her

ACP – “Kya hua Sheetal?”
Sheetal – “sir, kuch mahine pehle, shayad 4 mahine pehle CID headquarters se ek bada dabba bharkar glue gayab ho gayi thi. Yehi wali glue”

Everyone is tensed.

Sheetal – “Headquarters ko lagta hai ki CID bureau mein hi koi gaddar hai aur ab toh ye sach lagne laga hai.”
ACP – “hume jald hi usse pakdna hoga warna musibat aa jaayegi…Sheetal, Tum, Kaveri aur Lavanya, Saluke aur Tarika ke saath jo kuch bhi milta hai dhoondo aur Forensic lab bhejo testing ke liye… aur Vivek aur Vaibhav…main wahan aa raha hoon….chalo Freddie”

In Pune,
It was 9 am and Shruti was there in CID office sitting in a chair silently crying while the others were discussing the matter.
ACP Prithviraj then went to her.

ACP Prithviraj – “Shruti dekhiye aapko ghabrane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.”
Daya – “yahan aapko kisi se khatra nahi hai.”
Shruti – “par yeh toh sach hai na ki kal mujh par humla hua tha jismein Anamika ghayal ho gayi.”
Abhi – “ek minute…isse pehle kya kabhi aapke saath aisa kuch hua hai?”
Shruti – “nahi…pata nahi kal kya kya ho gaya?”

Abhi didn’t wait to listen to her but went to a cupboard and began searching something in it. It was there…the letter Shruti wrote to Viren. He brought it and showed it to everyone…

Abhi – “yeh rahi hamle ki wajah.”
Daya – “kya matlab?”
Abhi – “jisne bhi Viren ka khoon kiya hai wohh nahi chahta hum ye case solve kare…Shruti jo shayad is waqt hume Viren ke bare mein sabse zyada bata sakti hai…achanak se jaise hi CID usse milti hai…waise hi uspe humle hone lagte hain.”
ACP Prithviraj – “kuch samajh nahi aa raha ki chakkar hai kya”
Shruti – “kya main office phone kar sakti hoon.”
ACP Prithviraj – “haan zaroor. Aur keh do ki aap lagbhag 2 – 3 din office nahi aayengi. Aapki jaan ko khatra hai. Pratap phone dikho.”

Pratap showed her the phone though there was nothing to be shown as the phone was kept just behind her…She dialed and just then came in Rampal Chacha carrying tea. Shruti found the line too disturbed though she thought she saw something about Rampal Chacha that was more disturbing though she didn’t remember it a second later and then thought to forget it.

Shruti – “line mein kitna distubance hai”
Pratap – “haan who kareeban ek saal se hai. Kitni baar line check kara lee par theek hi nahi hota. Aap bahar wale phone se kar leejiye, wohh theek hai.”
Shruti – “yeh kya hai?”

Shruti was examining the land line and then she spotted something.

The others too came too see…Shruti demanded for a screw driver with which she opened the phone quietly and inside the receiver was well placed a mike small enough to fit there. ACP Prithviraj saw it immediately and pulled everyone away from the phone.

ACP Prithviraj – “yeh toh sirf kisi chuhe ka kaam hai. Lagta hai ab chuhe bhi CID office mein aane lage hain.”

Everyone was confused to listen to him but he kept on doing action to them to stay quiet. And while saying, he took a paper and scribbled ‘DON'T SPEAK ANYTHING’ and handed it to everyone.

ACP Prithviraj – “koi baat nahi ab isse jaane do engineer se theek kara lenge. Toh mere hisaab se thoda kaam ho jaaye. Zara dekhna Pratap Shruti ke ghar ki investigation report aa gayi…aur Shruti aap jaakar zara bahar dekh lijiye…aapke ghar ka kuch samaan jo hume laga ki damaged hai, wohh hum yahan le aaye evidence ke taur par. Ek baar aap dekh lijiye. Daya inhe le jao.”

Daya escorted her out..while going out Shruti glanced at Rampal Chacha and for a second she thought that he too was staring at her, the other she thought he looked extremely worried and the third she thought she saw something similar about him. However she moved on with Daya.
Inside the cabin,
ACP Prithviraj was cautiously moving towards the mike making as little noise as possible.

ACP Prithviraj – “Abhijeet mujhe kuch nahi pata kya hoga…iske aage sab kuch clueless hai.”

When he said so, he with symbols said to Abhi to come to him. Abhi understood what he meant. Someone was listening to all CID conversation with the help of the mike and so if they became quiet or talked of discovering it, the listener would be alert. So they talked about the case and meanwhile tried removing the mike.

Abhi – “sir mujhe lagta hai Viren us resort mein kisi chakkar mein phas gaya tha…isiliye maara gaya.”
ACP Prithviraj – “mujhe bhi lagta hai par samajh nahi aata ki wohh Police ke paas kyun nahi gaya…”
Abhi – “hume resort mein chalna chahiye.”
ACP Prithviraj – “mere khayal se pehle ek baar Viren ke ghar aur Viren ke pita ke ghar hokar aate hain.”
Abhi – “haan yeh theek rahega”

And finally the mike was removed from the phone. ACP Prithviraj took the mike and kept it inside a drawer and closed the drawer. Still he didn’t know how safe it was to talk now. Well they went out to see what was happening but then Abhi got a call. It was from ACP who said Abhi should come back. Abhi had told ACP about the weird things happening about the 2 Shrutis and ACP found it unsafe to leave Kaki at Abhi’s place alone with the Shruti. Abhi too found it logical.
While Abhi took the call, ACP Prithviraj went to the hall. Abhi joined later.

ACP Prithviraj – “kya kaha ACP sir ne?”
Abhi – “sir ke hisaab se mujhe aur Daya ko kuch time ke liye Mumbai chalna chahiye”
ACP Prithviraj – “Main toh keh hi raha tha na.”
Daya – “par yahan itna kuch ho raha hai kaise chod kar jaaye?”
Pratap – “hum log hain na yahan…hum dekhenge.”
ACP Prithviraj – “hum log yahan nahi hai Pratap…”
Pratap – “ji sir?”
ACP Prithviraj – “ji…hum sab chalte hain aur Shruti ji aap bhi agar ho sake toh humare saath chale…yahan aapka koi hai nahi, akeli rehti hain…jaan khatre mein hai hi aur jab Abhijeet ki aap custody mein hain toh aisa kaise hoga ki wohh wahan aur aap yahan.”
Shruti – “haan main bhi chalti hoon…wahan un se bhi mil lungi jinka zikra Abhijeet ne kiya tha.”
ACP Prithviraj – “good then. Lunch kiya jaaye…uska baad packing karte hain aur chalte hain.”

ACP Prithviraj instructed other CID members still at Pune to look into the attacks on Shruti and investigate about the rider they had caught. He also asked them to have tight security at Shruti’s place and every news should be reported to him through cell phone.
Shruti was taken by Abhi to her house to get her bag packed.

Shruti – “mere karan aapki duty badh gayi”

Abhi was having coffee which Shruti made and smiled.

Abhi – “duty ka pata nahi par haan coffee peene ki aadat zaroor badh gayi hai…case khatam hone ke baad coffee badi miss karunga.”
Shruti – “kyun ghar mein koi hai nahi jo coffee bana de?”
Abhi – “ghar mein rehta kaun hai jo wahan koi ho…”
Shruti – “toh phir toh aapko ek patni ki zaroorat hai…”
Abhi – “kya baat karti ho…sasti si coffee machine aa jaayegi…uske badle ek zindgi bhar ki patni!”
Shruti – “Patni coffee ke saath saath baaki kaam bhi karegi aur aapko ghar mein aane ki wajah bhi milegi…after all ghar mein koi hai jiski care karni hai…kab tab poori duniya ki care karenge Abhijeet?”

Abhi didn’t speak anything. Shruti was a good friend now and he enjoyed speaking to her but he hadn’t even spoken like this to Daya and so this was weird! Anyways, the packing was done and Abhi and Shruti left for Mumbai. Daya, Pratap and ACP Prithviraj had left in another car…already.

Shruti – “mujhe darr lag raha hai”
Abhi – “kyun kya hua?”
Shruti – “kuch nahi par aise ghar se bahar akeli toh pehli baar aa rahi hoon…aur wohh bhi Police ki madad karne jabki apni jaan mushkil mein hai”
Abhi – “Aap ko agar lagta hai ki aap yeh nahi kar paayengi toh rehne deejiye.”
Shruti – “nahi…main karna chahti hoon…aakhir mera bhi Viren se kuch rishta tha.”
Abhi – “Viren…haan mujhe toh kuch samajh nahi aa raha ki uske saath kya hua?”
Shruti – “pata chal jaayega…”
Abhi – “kya hua?”
Shruti – “kuch soch rahi thi…”
Abhi – “kya?”
Shruti – “pehle Abhijeet aap promise karo ki chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye mujhe CID bureau nahi jaana hoga…main CID mumbai se nahi milungi jabtak main naa chahun”
Abhi – “par kyun?”
Shruti – “bas…aapko baad mein pata chal jaayega…abhi nahi”
Abhi – “par…”
Shruti – “itna bada secret nahi hai yeh…jab sahi waqt aayega jo shayad kuch dino mein aa jaaye, tab aapko pata chalega toh aap hasoge”
Abhi – “acha…theek hai…aap bureau mein mat rehna…main aapke rehne ke liye Kaveri ya Lavanya se baat kar lunga. Wohh bata dengi aapke rehne ke liye jagah…warna aap unke saath shift ho sakti hain…”
Shruti – “kya main…aapke ghar mein reh sakti hoon?”

Abhi didn’t say anything…

Shruti – “main phir us Shruti se ache se mil sakti hoon na aur jaan sakti hoon aur uske bare mein. Aapko toh koi pareshani nahi hai na?”
Abhi – “nahi mujhe kya paresani honi…haan…theek rahega.”
Shruti – “aap tension mein ho?”
Abhi – “pata nahi…pareshaan toh hoon kis bare mein kuch samajh nahi aa raha…”
Shruti – “mujhe bataiye main batati hoon…”
Abhi – “kyun logoin ke dimaag padhne nahi aate…itna kuch aata hai toh wohh bhi aana chahiye na…”
Shruti – “logoin ke dimaag toh bahut ache se padh leti hoon par police waloin ke padhne mein mushkil hoti hai…”
Abhi – “matlab?”
Shruti – “journalist hoon…logoin ki baat toh samajh leti hi hoon par Police ka kya kiya jaaye, sochti kuch hai, bolti kuch aur karti kuch…”

Abhi laughs…Shruti smiles…

Abhi – “aap reporter hain…mujhe nahi pata tha…”
Shruti – “ab toh pata chal gaya na..”

And like this laughing and talking they reached Abhi’s place. Abhi carries the bags inside and its kaki who opens the door.

Kaki – “Abhijeet aa gaya tu? Ek phone hi kar deta, itne dino na koi khair, na khabar, Shruti toh pareshan ho gayi, par maine usse bata diya ki yeh toh roz ki hi baat si hai. Yeh kaun hai?”Abhi – “Kaki…wohh –“

Abhi didn’t know what to tell but Shruti covered up.

Shruti – “Kaki namaste…main Sh…Shipra hoon. Main CID officer hoon. Abhijeet ke dost Viren ke case par kaam kar rahi hoon. Toh maine socha kuch din ke liye Mumbai aayi hoon toh yahan reh leti hoon, Abhijeet ji se case ke bare mein baat bhi kar lungi. Kya main yahan reh sakti hoon?”
Kaki – “arri beti aa na…ismein bhi koi poochne ki baat hai…Abhijeet toh ghar mein rehta hi nahi, chalo kuch din ghar mein hulchul rahegi.”

While the conversation was on, the three walked in. Abhijeet was confused for why Shruti called herself Shipra and also a CID officer and stared at her for an explanation but she never looked at him but she was busy talking to Kaki. And then Abhi’s eyes raced the length of the hall to a figure standing just below the stairs was Shruti (claimed Viren’s wife). She heard Abhi’s and Kaki’s voice and rushed down from her room to see. She was pretty scared just like she was went Abhi had left. Seeing her, Abhi suddenly remembered all that was going inside him when he had left regarding her but after meeting the other Shruti (Viren’s sis), and getting into Viren’s case, Abhi almost forgot all about Shruti and never did either feel anything for her. And so seeing her and remembering all the things was very embarrassing.

Abhi didn’t want to face her and so,
Abhi – “Kaki mujhe office mein report karna hai, mujhe jaana hoga.”
Kaki – “thodi der baith toh, kuch kha le”
Abhi – “nahi kaki, der ho jaayegi”

And without another glance he left.

In CID office,
Everyone was there in the evening – ACP, ACP Prithviraj, Pratap, Daya, Abhijeet, Freddie, Vivek, Vaibhav, Sheetal, Lavanya and Kaveri…all of them working individually on the same case reading files and papers or searching the net, and both the ACP were deep in conversation.

ACP Prithviraj – “mujhe lagta hai ki iss gangu ko pakadna chahiye, yeh aur bhi bahut kuch bata sakta hai”
ACP – “par iss baat ka kya barosa ki wohh sirf humare liye kaam kar raha hai?”

Before ACP Prithviraj could answer, ACP’s phone rang, he picked it up and it was Saluke, calling them all to the Lab.

From the exhibition in the morning, they had found a lot of things apart from the nail and the cement with glue. In the AC control room, there were no special prints except burns of cigarette but just outside the room there was a narrow passage and Vaibhav suggested that when the thief would have come in, he would have needed to hold something to balance himself, and so when they tried looking for fingerprints, they found 25 different fingerprints. The nail and the fingerprints were being studied in the forensic and Saluke had now called to tell them that he had found something.

So they all left for the Forensic Lab,

In the forensic Lab,

ACP – “haan Saluke jaldi batao kya mila hai?”
Saluke – “ACP tumse kitni baar kaha hai ki forensic lab mein aane se pehle apna ghoda bahar chod ke aaya karo…andar baad mein aate ho pehle hi jaldi macha dete ho…yeh forensic lab hai, yahan kaam jaldi nahi dhang se hona chahiye.”
ACP – “haan haan theek hai batao toh ab ki kya mila”
Saluke – “batata hoon…batata hoon…jaldi kya hai?”

Saluke was moving around the lab while the conversation was on…he was holding a test tube with something inside it and moving with it, adding chemicals into it…ACP looked at others and then back…

ACP – “Saluke jaldi bolo…hume aur bhi kaam hain…”
Saluke – “toh karo na…kisne mana kiya, jo baat sunne aaye ho agar thoda theek se dhoondte toh tumhe khud pata chal jaati.”
ACP – “acha…aisa kya hai, bolo toh, taaki agli baar se hum log ache se apna kaam karein”
Saluke – “Dr. Tarika…”
Dr. Tarika – “jo fingerprints aap laaye hain, wohh CID inspector Rajeev aur unki assistant Kanya ke hain”
ACP – “kya?”
Saluke – “haan boss…kyu hosh ud gaye?”
Vaibhav – “par aisa kaise ho sakta hai?”
Pratap – “par yeh nahi ho sakta…Rajeev sir toh Pune mein hi the humesha.”
Saluke – “fingerprints tumhare saamne hain, aur wohh raha computer jismein CID records hain, khud check kar lo”

Vaibhav who didn’t believe this, along with Daya, Abhi, Sheetal and Vivek who all didn’t believe this either, went to the computer. Vivek took the finger prints lying on the table and scanned them and Vaibhav ran a search…after nearly 15 minutes of search, the results actually were the one told by Dr. Tarika. Everyone was shocked.

ACP – “kya hua? Kya mila?”
Abhi – “sir Dr. Saluke aur Dr. Tarika sahi keh rahe hain.”
Saluke – “sun liya…humari baat par toh bharosa hi nahi tha par apne officers par toh hai na?”

In CID office,
Everyone was doing a lot of work. The recent discoveries in the forensic lab had shaken them all completely. Both the ACPs were horribly tensed! ACP asked Vaibhav and Sheetal to call CID headquarters and check with Rajeev’s activities during the time of robbery; Pratap who had argued a lot about being with Rajeev remembered that not Rajeev but Kanya did take a leave for 2 days when the robbery was committed and so ACP asked him and Daya to check on her and find all they could about her, while Freddie, Abhi, Lavanya and Kaveri had gone to the exhibition hall to find out why did Kanya or Rajeev visit there.
Meanwhile, ACP stood tensed in his office and ACP Prithviraj who saw him tensed, came to him.

ACP Prithviraj – “sir aap pareshan hain?”
ACP – “haan Prithviraj, pareshan hoon…samajh nahi aa raha ki ho kya raha hai?”
ACP Prithviraj – “sir mujhe lag raha hai ki kuch hai jo hum dekh hi nahi rahe, ya dekh nahi paa rahe”
ACP – “par wohi toh jananna hai!”
ACP Prithviraj – “par sir baat kuch aur bhi hai…aapko koi aur cheez bhi pareshan kar rahi hai”
ACP – “haan…”
ACP Prithviraj – “sir kya main kuch madad kar sakta hoon?”
ACP - “mujhe khud nahi pata ki baat kya hai…main Abhijeet ke liye pareshaan hoon”
ACP Prithviraj – “maine bhi notice kiya ki Abhijeet ke saath kuch toh problem hai”
ACP – “mujhe lagta hai ki main usse kuch din ki chutti de doon, shayad wohh apni problem ka solution dhoondh le”
ACP Prithviraj – “sir hum log saath hain toh koi bhi samasya ka hal dhoondh sakte hain par alag hokar hum Abhijeet ki madad kaise karenge?”

Before ACP could reply, Abhi and Freddie entered in with of course Kaveri and Lavanya.

Freddie – “sir gadbad hai”
ACP – “Freddie kya mila?”
Freddie – “bahut gadbad hai sir”
ACP – “uff…Abhijeet tum batao kya pata chala…”
Abhi – “sir wohh…”
Freddie – “nahi sir main hi bataunga”
ACP – “toh batao…”
Freddie – “sir Rajeev CID team ke saath wahan hall ki inspection karne gaya tha.”
ACP – “tumhara matlab hai jo team exhibition hall ke inspection ke liye gayi thi, Rajeev usmein tha?”

Just then Vaibhav and Sheetal come in…they too had the same news with a lot more information.

Sheetal – “ji sir, Rajeev us team ka member tha”
ACP Prithviraj – “yani ki agar hall se koi bhi raasta hai, toh Rajeev ko pata hona chahiye…aur Kanya…uske bare mein kuch pata chala…?”
Kaveri – “sir uska toh bahut zyada chakkar hai…exhibition hall ke manager se pata chala, ki Kanya Rajeev ke saath aayi thi jabki wohh inspection team mein nahi thi aur phir – “
ACP – “aur phir kya?”
Abhi – “baad mein wohh ek din phir aayi thi, exhibition ki recordings dekhne, exhinition ke pehle din. Usne wahan kaha ki Rajeev ne usse waha bheja tha.”
ACP Prithviraj – “Pratap…”

Prarap who was talking to Daya came, Daya too came along.

Pratap – “ji sir.”
ACP – “Pratap jis din ye exhibition lagi thi, us din ya ek do din pehle, Rajeev ne Kanya ko kahin bheja tha, ya usne chutti lee ho?”
Pratap – “sir chutti toh nahi lee par haan Kanya tab kisi case ke silsile mein zyadatar office se bahar hi rehti thi.”
ACP Prithviraj – “sir gadbad hai..”

Just then Freddie gets a call from his wife who was furious as it was 11 and Freddie had promised to be back home early…Freddie as usual couldn’t speak anything on the phone…but just made a very poor face…

ACP – “kya ho gaya?”
Freddie – “wife ka phone tha, maine kaha tha ki main jaldi aa jaunga isiliye gussa thi, bola hai agar 10 minute mein nahi aaya toh andar gusne nahi degi”
ACP – “phir toh tumhe nikalna chahiye…”
Daya – “aur nahi toh kya, ghar mein entry nahi mili toh hum mein se kisi ek ko Freddie ko jhelna hoga.”

Freddie is like always, confused, angry and all…

ACP – “acha chalo, sab ghar jao par kal subah saat baje mujhe sab yahan chahiye”
Freddie – “aapka matlab chutti ab?”
ACP – “haan Freddie”

And saying so, ACP left with ACP Prithviraj, Vaibhav, Pratap and Sheetal. Freddie was staring at ACP with open mouth in shock.

Lavanya – “kya hua Freddie sir?”
Freddie – “kya yeh sach mein ACP sir the?”
Daya – “kyun?”Freddie – “inhone hume abhi – abhi ghar jaane ko kaha”
Daya – “haan waise hairani wali baat toh hai.”

Vivek entered when the conversation was on. He saw ACP leave and ACP told him to go home too…

Vivek – “ACP sir chutti de toh koi manta nahi, nahi de toh khush nahi.”

Abhi wasn’t at all interested in the conversation. He didn’t want to go home as in his home there were 2 Shrutis one of whom he didn’t want to face.

Daya – “Freddie niklo jaldi warna bhabhi ji gussa karengi…”
Freddie – “haan haan…”

Saying so, Freddie left in a hurry. Vivek, Kaveri and Lavanya too left.

Daya – “Kya hua Abhijeet? Ghar jaane ka mann nahi hai?”
Abhi – “pata nahi..”
Daya – “kya pata nahi…chalo main ghar chod deta hoon aur subah 6:30 baje pick kar lunga.”

In the car,
Daya – “kya baat hai Boss? jab se Mumbai aaye ho, bilkul khamosh ho”
Abhi – “nahi kuch khaas nahi…”

Then a long silence and Daya was thinking what the matter could be and it suddenly dawned on him…in amazement as he knew it was true, he stopped the car…

Daya – “kahin Shruti mera matlab hai Viren ki behen, tumhare ghar par toh nahi?”
Abhi – “haan. Usne kaha ki wahan reh kar wohh Shruti ke bare mein aur jaan legi.”
Daya – “chakkar kya hai Abhijeet?”

And reluctantly and slowly, Abhijeet told his mind of how he had almost forgotten Shruti when they were in Pune and he enjoyed being with the other Shruti and now it was all hard again…Abhi told Daya how he felt strongly that there is something fishy about Viren and that Viren is definitely alive but he has turned to a criminal… and also Abhi told him how he really wanted to solve this mystery about Viren as there was something very big and crucial too! Daya was so surprised to listen how much Abhi was going through.

Daya – “itna kuch akele kaise face karoge?”
Abhi – “yahi toh nahi pata na yaar”
Daya – “mere ghar chalo”
Abhi – “kya faayda…kabhi na kabhi toh saamna karna hai, aaj kyun nahi”
Daya – “pakka?”
Abhi – “haan”
Daya – “kabhi bhi kuch bhi pareshani ho, phone kar dena…main aa jaunga…”
Abhi – “thanks”

Abhi’s home had come…and so Abhi got down and prepared himself to face Shruti…he didn’t feel what he used to for her but still there were some remains…he didn’t love her any loner and neither felt any attraction but he found her fake and highly fraud as he believed she did know something about Viren… Anyways, he entered the house to find everyone sitting on the dining table, taking dinner.

Kaki – “lo aa gaya…itni der tak dono tera intezaar karke bhooki thi, abhi khane baithi hain, acha hua tu aa gaya, aaja kha le”

Abhi was really hungry but he didn’t want to sit and eat…he decided to postpone the meeting with Shruti (Viren’s wife) for sometime, so he could atleast thing what to talk to her about…

Abhi – “nahi kaki, maine Daya ke saath kha liya….aap log mera intezaar kyun karte ho….kha liya karo”
Kaki – “beta kuch toh le le”
Abhi – “Kaki bas abhi khaya, aap log khao na, main zara fresh ho loon”

And he left upstairs…

Kaki – “dekh lo…poori duniya ke haal se rubaro hai par apni kuch khairiyat hi nahi hai is ladke ko…Shipra beti tum bhi kya aise hi kaam mein lagi rehti ho?”
Shipra – “haan kaki…abhi toh main chutti pe hoon isiliye aaram se hoon…warna kaam ke saath saath apni dekh bhal nahi hoti, waise bhi ghar aao, din bhar kaam karne ke baad, toh khana banta hi nahi”
Kaki – “Abhi toh Shruti hai, isiliye is ghar mein bhi thoda kaam chal raha hai, warna main toh khana hotcase mein rakh deti thi, kab tak intezaar karun? Tum log ho toh ghar mein kitni raunak hai, Shruti jab chali jaayegi toh ghar bilkul soona ho jaayega…Shruti hai, Pinky betiya hai, tum ho…main toh koi kaam kar hi nahi rahi hoon…”
Shipra – “aapko kaam karne ki kya zaroorat hai Kaki? Hum hain na…aur waise bhi Shruti ji ne kahan jaana hai, aur mera kya hai, aap jab bolo chutti lekar aa jaungi, bhai mujhe bhi chutti aur ghar ki khane ki zaroorat padti hai…”

Shruti had finished eating…but she wasn’t at all interested in the conversation.

Kaki – “Main zara Abhijeet ko doodh de aati hoon, kuch toh le lega.”
Shruti – “kaki aap apna khana kha lijiye, main Abhijeet ji ke liye doodh bana deti hoon.”
Shipra – “Shruti aap baitho…subah se aap kitchen mein ho…aap chalo, Pinky ko sulao, aur main Abhijeet ko doodh de deti hoon, aur phir hum baatein karenge…bhai ek hi ghar mein 3 auratein hain aur baatein na ho! Aisa kaise ho sakta hai?”

So Shruti who really wanted to talk to Abhijeet lost her chance as she had to go and make Pinky (her daughter) sleep…

Shipra walked in the balcony in Abhijeet’s room…Abhi was standing there, staring at the dark sky and probably thinking something, but well he was feeling hungry and then he smelled hot food, and he turned to see Shipra standing there and a plate full of hot food on his bed.

Shipra – “kya hua? Aap yahan kyun khade hain? Chaliye andar, khana kha lijiye…”

Abhi didn’t bother about food…he wanted to ask Shruti (Viren’s sister) some questions…important ones!

Abhi – “Shruti aapne apna naam yahan Shipra kyun bataya aur –“

Shipra completed the sentence for him…

Shipra – “aur yeh kyun kaha ki main CID officer hoon…yahi na?”
Abhi – “haan”

Shruti (Viren’s sis) walked upto the railing where Abhijeet was and too stared at the sky…

Shipra – “aap kya chahte the ki main kehti ki main Viren ki behen hoon?”

Abhi didn’t know what to say….he knew that she was correct…so he remained quiet

Shipra – “Pune mein aap ek aur CID officer se mile, yeh thoda logical aur obvious lagta hai…aur ye kehna ki main Viren ke case par kaam kar rahi hoon, toh main Shruti se Viren ke bare mein, un ke bare mein kuch bhi pooch sakti hoon…”
Abhi – “kya bharosa wohh sach bole?”
Shipra – “koi baat nahi, journalists ka kaam aur hota kya hai? Sach aur jhooth mein farak karna…”

Abhi had forgotten all his worries and everything…he felt he was talking to a really good friend, and his mood cheered up! But then he had something in his heart and he spoke it out

Abhi – “aap yeh sab kyun kar rahi hain?”
Shipra – “aapko kyun lagta hai? 3 din pehle tak main aapko jaanti bhi nahi thi, aur aaj yahan aapke ghar mein, aapke kamre mein aapse baat kar rahi hoon… well baat kar rahi hoon kyunki mujhe baat karna pasand hai aur jahan tak rahi baaki sab ki baat, Viren aapka sirf dost tha, wohh bhi ab aisa lagta hai ki sirf aap uske dost the, usne toh aapko dokha diya, par main toh usse bachpan se bhai maanti thi na, mera bhi toh uske liye koi farz banta hai…”

Abhi and Shipra stared at each other, blank but with utter satisfaction for long and then like Shipra was pinched or something…

Shipra – “very good, mujhe baatoin mein laga diya aur main bhool gayi, chaliye khana…”
Abhi – “par maine bola toh ki main kha kar aaya hoon…phir aapne takleef kyu ki?”
Shipra – “ab toh maine takleef kar lee hai na… toh chaliye…”
Abhi – “arre par main abhi Daya ke saath kha kar aaya”
Shipra – “yahi toh problem hai, jab aapko pata tha ghar mein itne log hain toh bahar khane ki jagah Daya ko bhi yahin le aate. Ab unhein ghar jaakar akele thanda khana khana padega.”
Abhi – “Daya ke ghar mein khana banane ke liye aayee hain, jo uska khana bana kar hotcase mein rakh deti hain, wohh usse kha lega…”
Shipra – “kha lega?? Yani ke unhone khana nahi khaya… aapko sharam nahi aayi restaurant mein akele akele khate hue?”

Shruti was silent staring at Abhi half with surprise and half laughing. Abhi’s lie was caught…he had to believe that Shruti (Viren’s sis) did possess qualities of a good CID officer though she wasn’t one… He liked talking to her especially the way they were so friendly…

Shipra – “ya kahein ki aap mein se kisi ne khana nahi khaya…toh chaliye kha lijiye”
Abhi – “aapse behas mein koi nahi jeet sakta…”
Shipra – “thank you…main isse compliment ki tarah lungi…ab aap khana khane chalte hain ya kaki ko batun ki aapne jhooth bola tha?”

Abhi opened his mouth to speak something but he couldn’t figure out what…but till then, Shipra had caught his hand and was pulling him into the room…

Shruti was climbing the stairs carrying milk for Abhijeet…as Shipra forgot the milk glass in the kitchen and she saw Shipra pull Abhi into the room and making him sit and eat… Abhi was laughing and applying least resistance… And then after having a few bites, he wanted water, and so Shipra got to get it and she remembered she had forgotten the milk in the kitchen too and then they saw Shruti standing on the door carrying the glass of milk…

Shipra – “leejiye dhoodh toh aa gaya, main paani lati hoon aap dono tab tak baatein kariye.”

Shipra went pass Shruti saying so. Abhi had stopped laughing but didn’t look at Shruti, Shruti was also silent. She walked in and placed the glass on the bedside table and then unexpectedly …

Abhi – “aapse ek baat poochoin Shruti?”

Shruti didn’t expect Abhi to speak and she actually feared him asking her about her unusual behaviour on the day he went to Pune. Well, she knew that she was in trouble but inspite of wanting to get out of it, she couldn’t and if Abhi would suspect her, things would get just worse. So she decided to face it. She nodded.

Abhi – “Aap aur Viren ek doosre ko kab se jaante the?”
Shruti – “7 saal se zyada ho gaye hain. Hum pehle Bhopal mein mile the.”
Abhi – “aap Bhopal mein thi? Kya karti thi aap wahan?”
Shruti – “kya yeh bhi aapki investigation ka hissa hai?”
Abhi – “dekhiye Shruti ji main jaanta hoon aapko ajeeb lag raha hoga par ab mujhe yakeen hai ki Viren ka khoon hua hai jisse accident dikhaya gaya hai aur main apne dost ke liye kuch karna chahta hoon…jismein mujhe aapki madad chahiye hogi.”
Shruti – “Viren ka kisi ne khoon nahi kiya hai, maine khud investigation dekhi hai. Accident tha, aap apne aap ko kyun pareshan kar rahe hain?”

Shipra had come by now…

Shipra – “kyunki CID officers ki toh yahi nishani hai…choti choti baatoin par pareshan ho jaate hain.”
Abhi – “choti choti baatein hi aage chalke badi surkhiya jo banti hain.”
Shipra – “acha ab aap pareshani chodo aur so jaayiye, warna kal subah aapko office mein der se pahunchne par pareshani hogi.”
Abhi – “arre haan, main toh bhool hi gaya, kal subah ACP sir ne jaldi bulaya hai toh kaki se kehna mere liye naashta na banaye.”
Shipra – “naasta kyun nahi karenge? Aap boliye aapko naasta kab chahiye, tab milega par naasta khaaye begair bahar jaana mana hai..”
Abhi – “par…”
Shipra – “subah 5 baje ke baad naasta tyaar milega, khabardaar bina khaaye gaye…good night.”

She didn’t wait to listen to anything. Saying so, she pulled Shruti out of the room. Poor dear Abhi couldn’t do anything much than stare at her leave and smile… Meanwhile Shruti didn’t liked being pulled out as she smelled something fishy about Shipra and she too guessed something messy between Shipra and Abhi which of course she didn’t herself like. Well not out of jealousy, but if Shipra went close to Abhi, this could create problems for Shruti in future…which wouldn’t be good. Shipra let go of her hand as soon as they were entering the room they shared. Shruti’s daughter (Pinky) was already fast asleep in the middle and Shipra took a novel from her bag and began reading it while Shruti went down to wind up the kitchen.

Abhijeet couldn’t sleep. It was a restless night for him…Viren was someone keeping him from everything else at the moment. Giving up the idea to get sleep this night, Abhi went to the study and opened his computer and searched about Viren in the CID records and all places that he thought of… tired, unknowingly, he fell asleep there on the table.
And suddenly he woke with a jerk…it was late in night and Abhi recalled that he slept here for pretty long…however some noise woke him…someone was moving in the house…he walked out into the hall, it was 2 in the night…he heard someone dialing a number of a cell phone but it was impossible to guess who?

Abhi – “kaun hai wahan?”

No reply…but as he turned to see the other way, there was some moment on his back side and some magazines kept on a table had fallen. He went to pick them up…and while doing so, the lights were switched on… Both Shruti and Shipra heard Abhi calling someone and they came to see the matter. Shruti seemed dizzy however Shipra was pretty awake and alert…

Shipra – “kya hua?”
Abhi – “Yahan koi tha…phone pe number mila raha tha…”
Shruti – “par yahan humare alawa koi nahi hai. Kaun milayega?”
Abhi – “wahi toh dekh raha hoon…”

Shipra moved ahead wanting to come to help Abhijeet…but he saw her and

Abhi – “rehene do…koi nahi dikhta…shayad mujhe aise hi laga…”
Shipra – “CID officers ko sapno mein jeene ki aadat nahi hoti”
Abhi – “par takte toh hain na…aap dono so jaayiye…kuch nahi hai…”

Saying so, Abhi went to his room…and Shruti and Shipra switched off the light and went to theirs…Abhi knew that he did hear someone but who…possibly Shruti…but it was all so confusing and he hated to leave the investigation and go off but he couldn’t have done anything else either…

ACP Prithviraj was fast asleep in the CID restrooms when his cell phone rang. It was 3 in the night and there was no one in the world he expected him to be called from. He picked up the phone and no sooner than in 5 minutes, he was wide awake.
It was Gangu, the informer from Pune on line…He informed that Ayush, Rajeev’s informant working in the resort was none other than Viren…and he is alive somewhere in Mumbai and also the master mind of the robbery is in Mumbai as his one of very important plans were failing… Gangu himself had come to Mumbai to seek shelter and help CID as the master mind somehow knew about him and came for him…

ACP Prithviraj dressed up quickly and went to meet Gangu in the CID office where ACP Prithviraj had asked Gangu to come as there Gangu would be safe.
In CID office,
ACP Prithviraj, Gangu and ACP Pradyuman were there…

ACP Prithviraj – “shuru se batao kya hua Gangu…”
Gangu – “saab unke giro mein kisi ko pata chal gaya ki apun aapki madad karela hai…ekdum ich subah subah meri basti mein bulldozer chalwa diya…hazaroin log beghar ho gaye…”
ACP – “par pata kaise chala kisi bahar wale ko?”
ACP Prithviraj – “sir wohh maine bataya tha na aapko ki landline mein ek speaker laga tha…”
ACP – “yani ki CID office ke andar ka hi koi hai…wohh mike toh itni power ka tha hi nahi ki zyada door tak kuch bhi sunaye…”
ACP Prithviraj – “tum aage bolo Gangu…”
Gangu – “saab phir kuch aur hua…apun ko sahich toh nahi maloom par koi ladki hai shayad jo ya toh khatre mein hai ya unke liye khatra ban rahi hai…aur wohh yahan Mumbai mein hai…isiliye uska kaam tamaam karne ko wohh master mind yahinch aayela hai…”
ACP – “par tumhe yeh kaise pata?”Gangu – “saab jab humle badh gaye…toh apun socha ki main saab ko sab bata doon…maine wahan Puna ke CID office phone lagaya par wohh bola ki saab mumbai mein hain…main rukha kuch ghante par wahan toh log aate jaate khule goliyaan chala rahe hain…”
ACP – “daro mat Gangu…tum yahan surakshit ho…”
Gangu – “saab apni jaan ka khatra nahi hai…par wohh goliyaan apne liye apne bhai log kha rahe hain…aur apan ko bardast nahi hai ki kisi bhi masoom ka khoon bahe…isiliye apun ne soch liya ki saab ko dhoondke kaise bhi unki madad karni hai…jisne apne bhai – beheno pe goliyaan chaliye…usse chain se nahi baithne dena…”
ACP Prithviraj – “bahut ache Gangu…tum chinta mat karo…hum apni poori koshish karenge… acha par yeh batao ki tum Ayush ke bare mein kya keh rahe the?”
ACP – “Ayush wohh Rajeev ka informer jiski achanak road accident mein maut ho gayi??”
Gangu – “saab wohh marela nahi hai…uska kuch bada jhol hai…wohhich Viren hai…jisko Abhijeet saab dhoond rele hain…Wohh naam badal ke us resort mein kaam karta tha…par uska chakkar kuch aur tha…wohh bhi suna hai yahin dekha gaya hai…”

Just as Gangu was speaking this, Pratap and Vivek came in…both of them were called to go with Gangu to investigate…

ACP – “Gangu, ye Vivek aur Pratap, yeh tumhare saath jaayenge…tum bahut kuch jaante ho aur main chahta hoon ki tum sahi tareeke se humari madad karo…tabhi hum tumhari madad kar paayenge…”
Gangu – “kya saab kitna shaq karte ho Gangu pe”
ACP Prithviraj – “nahi aisi baat nahi hai Gangu…hume tumpar vishwas hai…par haan hoshyaar rehna…Vivek, Pratap…tum dono dhyaan rakhna…”
Vivek – “Yes sir”
Pratap – “par sir jaa kahan rahe hain?”ACP – “jitne choro ko pakda hai is chori mein shamil hone ke liye…Gangu unse baat karega…unse shayad pata chale ki kaun ye sab karwa raha hai…”

Vivek and Pratap nodded and left with Gangu…

ACP – “koi hai…jo humare har kadam ko soongh sakta hai…humme se hi koi hai…”
ACP Prithviraj – “par sir hum mein se?”
ACP – “haan…hum mein se…sabko bulao yahan…fauran…”

An hour later,
Abhi, Daya and Freddie were standing outside ACP’s cabin…discussing as to what could have happened that they were called at 5 in the morning…

Freddie – “zaroor kahin aag lagi hogi”
Daya – “Freddie agar aag lagi hai toh sir fire brigade ko bulayenge…hume kyun?”
Abhi – “aur sir pareshaan lag rahe hain…baat kuch aur hi hai”
Daya – “pareshan toh tum bhi lag rahe ho Abhijeet…”

Abhi walked a little distance away and Daya followed him…Abhi told Daya how he heard something and all about him being suspicious of some spy…

Daya – “kahin wohh Shruti…”
Abhi – “mujhe nahi pata Daya…samajh mein hi nahi aa raha hai ki ho kya raha hai”
Daya – “ACP sir se baat karke dekho…”

And just then ACP and ACP Prithviraj came out of ACP’s office…along with Sheetal and Vaibhav.

Daya – “sir baat kya hai? Kya hua?”
ACP – “Daya samaan bandho…hume abhi nikalna hai.”
Freddie – “Abhi? Par kahan ke liye?”
ACP – “Pune”
Freddie – “par sir abhi kaise jaa sakte hain…”
ACP – “Freddie sawal kam kaam zyada…dekho ab hum bahut der chup nahi reh sakte…jaldi kuch karna hoga..”
Daya – “sir par hua kya?”
ACP got angry and showed Daya a paper he was holding. It was a fax on which read ‘Apne officers ko rok lo warna khoon ki holi manegi. Kyun kuch zewaroin ke liye kisi ki jaan gavate ho?’ Below that was the picture of a small child all tied…Daya was shocked to read it.
ACP Prithviraj – “yeh head quarters se aaya hai. Ek choti bache ka apharan ho gaya hai…aur jisne bhi yeh kiya hai, wohh nahi chahta ki hum iss chori ke case ko suljhayein”

In Abhi’s house,
Abhi entered like a storm…the air was still heavy and sleepy but he didn’t have time to waste. Everyone had already left for Pune. He was to leave late as he had to take Shipra along and it would have had been bad to not give her time to pack properly and so he had told others to go while he shall catch up with them within an hour. ACP had asked him to hence drop at everyone’s place and pick their things too…he had done that and now he was at his place to take his and pick Shipra.
Shipra was in the hall waiting for Abhi…Abhi had mysteriously called and asked her to pack her bags quickly…Shruti was in the kitchen.

Shipra – “kya hua?”
Abhi – “aapne abhi tak samaan nahi pack kiya?”
Shipra – “nahi…hua –“
Abhi – “humare paas time nahi hai…mujhe jald se jald Pune jaana hai aur aap saath chal rahi hain.”
Shipra – “par hua kya?”

Abhi told her everything and showed her the fax copy.

Abhi – “ab chalein yaa abhi bhi behas karni hai?”
Shipra – “main abhi nahi chal rahi hoon.”
Abhi – “kya matlab hai aapka?”
Shipra – “main yahan jis kaam ke liye aayi hoon wohh poora nahi hua hai…aur main usse kiye bagair nahi jaaungi…aur wahan kyun jaaun jab itna khatra hai aur mere upar already humle ho chuke hain”

Shipra took a long time to complete the sentence and it looked as though she was making it in the very minute. And it was very weird of her to say this but Abhi knew he couldn’t stop regardless of anything…he had to go to Pune without delay…

Abhi – “par aap yaha…”
Shipra – “main yahan theek hoon…mujhe kya hoga…haan bas aapko toh koi problem nahi hai na mere yahan rukne se?”
Abhi – “nahi ruko…par mujhe jaana hoga.”
Shipra – “aapka samaan thoda pack kiya hai…baaki aap dekh lijiye…”

Abhi smiled and left for his room. When he came down 5 minutes later with his bag and everything else, Shruti was too there in the drawing but very odd just like the last time Abhi had gone to Mumbai. She had a tiffin packed and handed it to him.

Shruti – “main aap par koi cheez lagoo toh nahi kar sakti par agar aap meri baat sunein toh yeh case chod dijiye…ismein sirf khatra hai aur kisi ka faayda nahi hoga”
Abhi – “Shruti aap agar kuch jaanti hain toh please bataiye…isse ho sakta hai Viren ke bare mein aur pata chale.”
Shruti – “Viren mar chukka hai…aap is baat ko jitna jaldi maan lo utna acha hai”
Abhi – “Viren mara nahi hai…maine dekha hai usse”

Abhi actually shouted the last sentence without meaning to…Shruti was almost in tears…Abhi realised that he indeed was loud.

Abhi – “I…I am Sorry…par dekhiye Shruti Viren zinda hai…yeh sirf main nahi aur log bhi keh rahe hain.”Shruti – “mujhe kisi se matlab nahi hai..bahut mushkil se maine zindagi ko sameta hai…aap kyun isse bikherne pe lage hain?”
Abhi – “Viren kisi musibat mein hai..kya main dost ke naate madad bhi na karun?”
Shipra – “shayad mujhe aapko samjhane ki zaroorat nahi hai ki kaun kiska kaisa dost hai? Bewajah jaan daav pe lagana bewakoofi nahi hogi? Main sirf aapse kehna chahti hoon ki jo aap kar rahe hain…usse na karein…kisi ka faayda nahi hai usmein.”

Just then before Abhi could reply, Shipra entered. She was waiting for Abhi besides the car and now when he didn’t come out for long, she came to see…Shruti fell silent in front of her and just turned away from Abhi…wiping a few tears rolling down her cheek…

Shipra – “arre kya hua? Ab aapko jaldi nahi hai?”

Abhi didn’t speak anything…he went out and away without another look backwards. Shipra saw him off and then went for a stroll…

In the car,
Abhi got a call from Daya.

Daya – “kahan ho boss?”
Abhi – “haan nikal gaya hoon…abhi abhi nikla hoon…zyada der nahi lagni chahiye…abhi toh subah hi hai…traffic nahi hoga zyada”

After a small conversation, Abhi cut the phone…he was very disturbed…there was certainly something important Shruti knew about this case and Viren as well (now that they seemed connected) and she was hiding it…which was something very peculiar…

A few hours later…
Abhi wasn’t correct about the traffic…he was stuck in a jam for 3 hours and whereas he was just a few kilometers outside Mumbai. He was cursing this and worried about not being able to reach Pune on time…Daya and others had reached there and continued the investigation. Just then Abhi got a call on his phone…
It was Shipra on the phone. She said that Kaki had got a heart attack and was serious in the hospital and that Abhi should come back if he could…

Abhi banged his hands on the steering wheel…he had to reach Pune to help CID and also investigate about Viren but he couldn’t leave Kaki to two strangers…whatever the fact maybe, Kaki had taken care of Abhi for years and now that she needed him, he should be there and it was a fact that however long Shruti and Shipra were in his house but they were ultimately strangers and he couldn’t leave Kaki to them… so thinking it with heart…he took the next U turn and went back to Mumbai…he called ACP on the way and informed….ACP was not happy ofcourse but he did stick with Abhi’s decision to attend Kaki first.

In the hospital,
Abhi rushes towards the reception, there Shipra is there depositing money.

Abhi – “kaki kahan hain?”
Shipra – “ICU mein…fauran ilaaj shuru kar rahe hain”
Abhi – “ruko main dekhta hoon…”
Shipra – “kya farak pad raha hai abhi…aap jao wahan doctor se Shruti baat kar rahi hain…”

Well there wasn’t much to tell about hospital now…Kaki had just for a heart attack and had to be taken to ICU immediately but ultimately she was fine…

Same evening, in the hospital.
Shruti and her daughter have gone home…as a child shouldn’t be at hospital…Abhi is tensed still…Shipra is now chilled as doctors have said nothing to worry…she gets them both some coffee…

Shipra – “coffee”
Abhi – “thanks”
Shipra – “maine nahi banayi…machine se lekar aayi hoon”
Abhi – “coffee lane ke liye bhi aur…kaki ko yahan lane ke liye.”
Shipra – “toh kya sirf aapka haq hai doosroin ki madad karna…thodi maine bhi kar dee”
Abhi – “par hua kya?”
Shipra – “pata nahi…jab main jog karke wapis aayi…toh Shruti apne kamre mein thi…bahar sab kuch normal tha…aur kaki thodi der mein aayi bas…main newspaper padh rahi thi jab kitchen se aawaz aayi…dekha kaki dard ke mare gir gayi hain…Shruti ko bulaya…bas phir kaki ko yahan le aaye aur aapko phone kar diya.”

Late night,
Abhi decided to stay in the hospital at night while Shipra would go home and rest…so for that Abhi decided to go home and collect a few things and in that time even Shipra was at home…

At home,
Abhi couldn’t find his file that he had brought along which contained papers about the case…he remembered keeping them in the hall when he had come…they were important the thought of loosing them was dreadful…he thought probably Shruti kept them somewhere…so he went into her room to ask her…the door was closed…he knocked and then entered…Shruti was sitting on the bed with something in her hands that Abhi couldn’t see and she looked as though she had been crying…Abhi felt awkward entering and so he left…just a few paces after, he met Shipra who was holding a file and trying to find out what it was…it was the same file Abhi was looking for…and seeing it with Shipra was weird…why would she want to look into the file?

Abhi – “ye file…”
Shipra – “pata nahi yahi table par rakhi thi…main dekh rahi thi ki kya hai…”
Abhi – “office ki hai…main isi ko toh dhoondh raha tha”
Shipra – “mil gayi na…ab jaldi se khana kha lijiye…phir aapko hospital bhi toh jaana hai”

Abhi took the file from Shipra and went with her to the dining table. Shipra went to the kitchen to serve him supper while Abhi saw that everything he needed was put in the bag including the file as it wasn’t safe to leave it at home… and while doing so, he heard a scream from upstairs…it was Shruti…Abhi rushed to help… and he saw that there was a knife covered with blood lying in front of her and an apple was lying on a little distance. Shipra had also come to see the matter….

Shruti said that she put the knife inside the apple and when pulled it out, it was in blood and she got scared… The air got tensed. Abhi wanted to forget all this as soon as he could as now vague thoughts started capturing his mind.

In Pune,
CID had done quite a large amount work for a day. On reaching there, they found that Pune was seriously terrorized. There had been several attacks and small blasts in slums and several were injured. They all set to work immediately. Daya and Freddie went to the slum area. The people were very keen on helping as they knew that Gangu trusted the CID and so they too trusted them. With their help, Daya and Freddie along with a few local cops caught many small merchants and traders who were involved in the blasts or the stealing. They all said that they were given money to transfer either the jewellery or the money from one place to other and all the money was to be given to Birju or the jewellery was sent to them by Birju. On further investigation, they got to know that Birju was Gangu’s cousin brother but the two weren’t on talking terms as Birju had joined hands with the bad and he had sold some property belonging to poor to the rich and since then they were both rivals.
Laxmi, Gangu’s wife told CID all about Birju… she was too in threat and so she was brought to the CID office.

In the interrogation room,
ACP Prithviraj – “Laxmi ek baar phir socho aur batao jo kuch bhi tum Birju ke bare mein bata sakti ho.”
Laxmi – “saab main batayi na aap logoin ko jo bhi main jaanti thi”
ACP – “Laxmi dekho shayad yehi Birju Gangu ke upar humle karwa raha hai, isiliye socho ho sakta hai kuch ho jo tumhe abhi yaad naa aa raha ho”
Laxmi – “saab main Birju ko zyada nahi jaanti…sirf 2 –3 ich baar dekheli hai main usko. Wohh apne baap ke ghar mein rehta hai aur saare galat kaam karta hai par Police saab usse kuch nahi bolti…”
ACP Prithviraj – “aisa kyun?”Laxmi – “saab uske paas bahut paisa hai…sab galat kaam karke kamaila hai wohh…ab jiske paas paisa hoinga, uska toh –“

Both the ACP’s fell silent as they knew this was truth besides being disgusting.

Meanwhile, Freddie and Daya were on Birju’s trail. Freddie had gone to check one part while Daya other… Daya was sure that he had got the correct address. He had a few CID Pune officers with them and together they slowly moved towards Birju’s house. As they came in front of the house, Daya signaled the other men to take positions and himself broke the door. All of them had their guns ready as they entered the house. It was empty. Birju had escaped already… Daya and Freddie checked for anything they could find but nothing much. It was small, untidy house. The cupboards had nothing more than a few clothes.

Daya – “lagta hai bhaag gaya.”
Freddie – “par sir kahan gaya hoga?”
Daya – “pata nahi. Par usse dhoondhna hoga Freddie.”

Daya asks the Pune CID officers to check everything thoroughly in the house and get anything they think as evidence to the bureau. Fredddie and Daya left to report to ACP.

In the Pune office,
ACP – “bahut bada jhol hai Daya…bahut bada.”
ACP Prithviraj – “sir ab kya karein?”
ACP – “maar do sabko.”
Daya – “kya sir?”
ACP – “haan Daya…maar do sabko.”

Daya, Freddie, Vaibhav, Sheetal and ACP Prithviraj, all had disguised themselves and started living in slums. ACP had ordered them to shoot anyone causing any kind of terror. They were there for the whole night.

Things had gone from bad to worse. Daya, Sheetal and ACP Prithviraj were in Gangu’s area to protect the people there along with a 4 – 5 more people while Vaibhav, Freddie and ACP were keeping an eye on Birju’s house. There was no violence that night but late after midnight, a car stopped outside Birju’s flat and two people wearing masks, entered his house. ACP and Freddie entered the house with guns raised while Vaibhav covered for them.

The two men carried 50,000 rs with them and were placing it in the cupboard. They had guns as well. They fought hard but in the end, were injured. Daya, Sheetal and ACP Prithviraj also had come here.
One of the two men, was scared but the other still refused to speak anything. So CID made them both sit away, inorder to get confession out of atleast one.

With the scared one,
ACP – “bolo kya kar rahe the Birju ke ghar?”
Man 1 – “bola na paise rekhne aaye the”
Daya – “kisne diye paise?”
Man 1 – “mujhe nahi pata.”
Daya – “toh unhe Birju ke ghar kyun rakhne aaye?”

He doesn’t reply anything. He is just joing hands and crying.

ACP – “Daya lagta hai isne suna nahi…sunao toh zara isse”

Meanwhile, with the other man ->
Vaibhav – “dekho tumhe saza se hum bacha sakte hain agar tum humari madad karo.”
ACP Prithviraj – “CID tumhara bhala hi chahti hai.”
Man 2 – “CID…” thoo (spits of the floor)

Vaibhav gets real angry and slaps this person and this person starts fighting back.

With man 1,
Daya – “bologe ab bhi ya nahi?”
Man 1 – “rukho saab batata hoon…”
ACP – “haan ab kuch acha sunai aa raha hai”
Man 1 – “who paise Birju ke hain. Usne humse kaha unhe uske ghar mein rakhne ko”

Daya and ACP look at each other.

Daya – “par Birju hai kahan?”
Man 1 – “Biru bade saab ke saath Bambai gaya hai…wahan usse kuch kaam karne ko bola hai. Ye ussi ke paise hain”
ACP – “ye bade saab kaun hain?”

Before this man could say anything, they hear the fighting between the other man and Vaibhav. ACP Prithviraj was trying to stop the fight as much as he could but Vaibhav and the man were too hard on each other. Daya immediately ran there to help Vaibhav but before he reached the other man, had snatched Vaibhav’s gun. He was now holding it, pointing it towards ACP Prithviraj.

Man 2 – “hat jao warna tumhare ACP ki khopdi khol ke rakh dunga”
Daya – “Dekho gun niche rakh do…tum yahan se bhaag nahi sakte”
Man 2 – “bhaagna chahta kyun hai? Humare khool mein wafaadari ka namak hai. Ya Khuda”

Saying so, he fired first Man 1 right on forehead and then killed himself as well. Both of them were dead on the spot.

ACP – “Mumbai mein zaroor kuch gadbad hai. Daya Vivek ko fauran phone karo. Lagta hai is kahani ka ant wahan hi hoga.”

Abhijeet was really tensed as he drove to Pune the next morning. Kaki was fine now and her daughter Krishna had come and right now she was with her. What really tensed Abhi was the two Shruti at his house. Shruti. Viren’s wife, seemed to be knowing something that scared her to life but she wont tell and Shruti, Viren’s sister, Abhi didn’t trust her anymore. He had been very much mistaken to bring her to his house. She certainly had her plans but now he didn’t have time to know them, there was something of much more importance for him. However, he couldn’t forget how suddenly she met him and she was the one whom they were searching. She readily agreed to come to Mumbai and agreed even to stay in his own house when he was a stranger. Then in the night when he heard some noises, Shruti was again out of bed. In the morning, she was checking his file… All this was odd. The file – he thought. He hadn’t seen if there was anything missing. He took it and checked…and indeed he was correct. The fax from the headquarters was missing.
Abhi banged his fists and said “shit” … Shipra was indeed a spy then. He had to inform ACP sir anyhow. He dialed but the number was not answering. What should he do? He decided to go to Pune and try to call ACP after sometime.

He tried everything, but tension won’t go off hid brain. How could he have failed to recognize a spy. More importantly, where was this going? He intended to only trace Viren and now all this. Where had he ended up…? There certainly was some connection between the two cases and his house was certainly a target. He thought to dial to ACP but just as he picked his phone to dial, he got a call. He picked up…

Krishna – “Hello. Abhijeet sir?”
Abhi – “haan main bol raha hoon”
Krishna – “sir main Krishna bol rahi hoon. Aap jahan bhi hain fauran ghar chale aayiye”

Abhi got real tensed. Why would Krishna (Kaki’s daughter) call him. She sounded rather serious. He stopped the car on side and then talked.

Abhi – “Krishna, kya baat hai? Kaki theek toh hai na? Tum itni gabhrayi hui kyun ho?”
Krishna – “sir, maa bilkul theek hain.”
Abhi – “toh phir baat kya hai?”

Somewhere deep inside he had an instinct that what was coming was somehow related to Shruti and Shipra… something had happened. He just knew it.

Krishna – “sir main aapke ghar aayi thi, maa ki kuch dawai lene aur maine dekha ki andar Shipra didi ne Shruti didi par gun tan rakhi hai. Mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai.”

Hell! Abhi thought. He was so right. Shipra wasn’t Viren’s sister. She was just an imposter – a spy. He didn’t know how to react.

Abhi – “suno, Krishna. Tum wahan se chali jao. Main kuch karta hoon aur haan kisi ko iske bare mein kuch nahi kehna”

He hung up saying so. Blunder…how could he have done it? And just then he got another call from a private number.

Voice – “Kyun Senior Inspector Abhijeet…kya haal – chaal hain aapke?”
Abhi – “maaf kijiye par kya main aapko jaanta hoon?”
Voice – “aap hum jaise chote logoin ko chahe na jaane ya na pehchaane par aapko kaun nahi jaanta?”
Abhi – “dekhiye mujhe zaroori kaam hai. Agar koi baat hai toh batayi warna –“
Voice – “kaam toh bahut hai aapke paas par shayad ye sunkar aap humare liye thoda waqt nikaal sake…”

And then Abhi hears a child scream in pain. Then a woman pleading to leave her daughter. It was Shruti and Pinky.
Abhi – “pinky???”
Voice – “arre wah…bahut kam dino mein bahut zyada jaan pehchaan nahi ho gayi hai?”
Abhi – “saaf saaf bolo kya chahte ho?”
Voice – “haan ab jaakar thode pate ki baat ki hai aapne. Main chahta hoon ki aapke baaki saathi fauran se Pune chod de. Wahan jo jaisa hai, usse ussi haal mein chod aaye. Yahan wohh us chori ka aur aap apne dost Viren ka case band kar de.”
Abhi – “isse tumhe kya milega? Kaun ho tum?”
Voice – “jab koi bol raha ho…toh beech mein nahi bolte…itna bhi nahi pata aapko…meri baat abhi khatam nahi hui hai…uske baad main chahta hoon ki tum akele Mumbai – Pune Highway par Bhatia constructions ki building mein aa jao. Building under construction hai…par haan akele hi aana, bina kisi gun ya kisi saathi ke…agar tum inko zinda dekhna chahte ho…”
Abhi – “hello?? Hello??”

The man hung up. Abhi tried calling back, but the number was now switched off. He called ACP and this time ACP picked up… Abhi told ACP all about his suspicions, Krishna’s call and then this call…

ACP – “Abhijeet, main Vivek ko phone kar deta hoon. Wohh jaakar fauran tumhare ghar mein chaan been shuru kar dega. Hum log bhi Pune se chal rahe hain, tum humse Mumbai – Pune highway par Pune resort par milo.”

Abhijeet was just five minutes drive away from the place ACP had called him to. He waited there impatiently, thinking over and over about the things. How couldn’t he figure out that a girl who met him a day, agreed to stay in his house after knowing him for just two days. He always thought that there was something fake about her but he never took it seriously… actually it was how friendly she was that he never doubted her but he should have had been careful… he was already once betrayed by a friend. Was really Viren a fraud? Maybe Shipra had planned it all…and now Shruti and Pinky were in danger… he had to help them what so ever…
It was for not another 40 minutes when the CID team finally arrived. Abhijeet recited the whole story to all of them.

ACP Prithviraj – “sir par mujhe nahi lagta ki Shruti, Viren ki behen ne ye kiya hai”
ACP – “Prithviraj jo kuch hua hai us sab ke hisaab se toh shaq ussi par jaata hai par Abhijeet, tumhe kya ho gaya tha? Tum usse apne ghar mein rakhne ke liye maan kaise gaye?”
Abhi was quiet. He knew he was at fault here.

Just then ACP gets a call from Pratap. He tells that they had properly scanned Abhijeet’s house. It was in perfectly nice condition except some struggle marks in the hall. They also found the fax of the kidnapped child from Shruti’s room and it was wet.

Daya – “sir ab kya karna hai?”
ACP – “karna kya hai…Abhijeet ko us under construction building mein jana hoga”
ACP Prithviraj – “par sir Abhijeet akele…”
ACP – “hum sab chalenge Prithviraj.”

Abhijeet was standing in front of the under construction building. It was just a little after noon. He was trying to calm himself as he entered. He had left his gun with Daya safely but carried small transmitters in his batch and shoes as well. The others would be nearby and it was planned that when Abhijeet felt it fine, he would throw one transmitter away. When the two transmitters would go far from one another, it was the signal for when the others were to join in… Till then, ACP had called Freddie, Pratap, Vivek and more CID officers from both Pune and Mumbai.

Abhijeet turned back, he could see Daya across the road, disguised wishing him luck. It took Abhi some courage to accept the truth and then he entered. There was a watchman outside the building, who asked Abhijeet to show his batch. The watchman searched Abhi for any weapon and only then allowed him inside.
The building was divided into 3 phases and was also several storied. As he entered the first phase, he stood in a verandah type of place with walls all around. There were four men with guns.

Abhijeet said his name and just then walkie – talkie of one of the men rang.

Man – “Yes Boss?”
Voice – “Abhijeet sahab ko ba-izzat lekar aana. Dekhna unhe koi takleef na ho”
Man – “ji boss”

It was the same voice who had called Abhijeet…

Voice – “aur haan Abhijeet sir ke jhoote utarwa lena. Itni der se unhe pehne pehne wohh thak gaye honge. Main unhe takleef nahi dena chahta aur na chahta hoon ki jhoote mein chupe transmitter se CID hum tak pahunch sake”

How could this man know about the transmitter? Abhi thought. Who was this man who had almost all the knowledge about CID. And if the transmitter went far away from the other, ACP and the others outside will think it’s the signal to enter. It will ruin everything…but to his surprise, the man took off the shoes but carried them along.

Daya outside saw the two transmitters were no longer in one line but they were almost together.

Vaibhav – “sir lagta hai ye signal tha”
ACP – “par Abhijeet ne joote ko door kyun nahi kiya…yeh toh lagta hai uske haath mein hai”
Daya – “sir zaroor unhe pata hoga transmitter ke bare mein. Jo insaan CID ki har khabar rakhta hai, usko shayad pata ho”
ACP Prithviraj – “haan par ab kya karein?”
ACP – “thoda intezaar karte hain. Abhijeet ko apna kaam bakhub hi aata hai”

Inside, Abhijeet was now alone with this man who took him up the stairs into a room where two men were there. They checked Abhijeet first and then allowed him ahead. Just then, the man’s walkie – talkie rang again. It was a lady this time.

Lady – “Abhijeet ko abhi kisi kamre mein band kar do. Tum uske saath wahin rehna. Yahan aane ki zaroorat nahi hai. Aur dekhna wohh koi awaz na kare”

Next thing Abhijeet knew was that his head was hit with something hard. The pain was unbearable and a person forcefully tied his hands behind his band. Another person closed his mouth with a tape. He remembered falling on the cold floor… wishing there was a way of contacting his team outside…and then all blackness surrounded him and he lost conscious.

Where was he? Abhi thought…this was a complete dark room. He couldn’t see anything either. Was it dark outside? For how many hours was he unconscious? He checked for his badge, thank God, it was there. CID can still trace him… he tried to get up… ouch it hurt. His leg… he touched it… it had been bleeding and his head still ached. He was however no longer tied and neither his mouth was closed. Abhi found a wall and sat with support. After a few minutes when he thought he could now bear the pain, he got up and searched for any kind of exit. He found a flap…yes… he opened the bolts and then the flap… It was a window… too small for even a child to pass through and was also barred but at least now he could see something.
He was lying in a room with no furniture. Indeed the walls didn’t even have paint on them… they were dirty. The door was in the opposite side but it would be shut, he assumed. He could see the road outside. The window was facing a road… it had to be a city as the traffic was on. How could Abhi call to anyone to help… and then he remembered… these people had held hostages… he needed to rescue them. So Abhi, took his badge and threw it out of the window, in hope the others can find it. Then he turned towards the door, he needed to escape.

Daya – “sir Abhijeet ke transmitter se signals mil rahe hain…”
ACP – “kahan hai Abhijeet…dekho zara Vivek”

Vivek took the computer at once and started trying to locate it…

Vivek – “Yahin paas mein sir. Zyada door nahi hai… par…nahi”
ACP – “kya hua Vivek?”
Vivek – “sir ab signals nahi mil rahe”
Daya – “Lagta hai Abhijeet kisi aisi building mein hai jis mein se signals transmit hone mein mushkil hoti hogi…thodi der ko hi wohh bahar aaya hoga…”
ACP Prithviraj – “kya tum us jagah ko dhoondh sakte ho?”
Vivek – “ji sir…isme wohh location record ho gayi hai…main bas ek minute mein batata hoon”
ACP – “jaldi chalo Daya” He then whispered to himself “bas Abhijeet theek ho!”

Abhijeet tried all he could to open the door but it wont open. He even tried banging it but none came to help him neither was there any sound coming from outside. Maybe they locked him someone isolated and ran away. But where exactly was he? This wasn’t certainly the building he had come to… Abhi ran to the window to see if he can figure something out from the road…
Abhi was staring at the road, when he heard some noise outside the door… there was a click, a door was being opened… and then the door was unbolt and then it opened… he couldn’t make out who was it… the figure was in complete shadows. There was no light outside the door as well…
Abhi stepped a little forward…

Abhi – “kaun hai…kaun ho tum? Aur main kaha hoon?”

The figure didn’t say anything but quickly came inside and shut the door behind. For probably the first time in Abhi’s whole career, Abhi felt a little nervous. He had no clue where he was… he had no weapon… his friends didn’t know where he was... he has someone to protect and whereas he himself was in danger… for a moment, he felt miserable… Once before, only once before, Abhi had felt the same… when he was found by the CID team in a car, hurt. He then had no clue of anything. The time when he had lost his memory but that time, his friends were there for him. Today, once again he was totally clueless and this time even alone…

Abhi – “Kaun ho tum? Kya chahte ho… bolte kyun nahi?”

No reply, but then 2 hands searched him and closed his mouth. This was a girl…

Girl – “shhh…shor mat kijiye…koi aa jaayega”

Abhi knew this voice… it was Shruti – Viren’s sister. She struggled in darkness to find something…

Abhi – “tum?…main jaanta hoon tum koi journalist nahi ho…”

Abhi’s statement broke off as suddenly something clicked and light spread in the room. Shruti was there behind him holding a torch in one hand and a gun in other…

Shruti – “haan main par –“

Shruti couldn’t complete her statement as Abhi snatched her gun by then and was now pointing it on her.

Shruti – “Abhijeet, ye aap kya kar rahe hain?”
Abhi – “chalo…naatak band…batao Shruti ji aur Pinky kahan hain?”
Shruti – “Abhijeet, baat suniye…ye aap-“
Abhi – “tumne Shruti aur Pinky ko kidnap kiya na.”
Shruti – “main aisa kyun karungi?”
Abhi – “kyunki tum in sab se mili hui ho… achanak se tumhara mujhse milna, tumpar hamle, Mumbai aana…sab naatak tha… ye sab kis liye? Batao…”
Shruti – “haan ye sab naatak tha…mera aapse milna zaroori tha isiliye hum mile…par main in logoin ke saath nahi hoon”
Abhi – “mujhe tumpar bharosa nahi… mujhe dosti par hi bharosa nahi”

Just then the door opened and Shruti (Viren’s wife) came in.
Shruti – “aisa mat kahiye Abhijeet ji. Shruti sach keh rahi hain.”
Abhi – “aap theek toh hain na Shruti ji…aur Pinky kaisi hai? Aur…aapko kaise pata ki ye Shipra nahi Shruti hain?”
Shruti – “yahan se chaliye…main aapko sab batati hoon…par yahan nahi.”

Shruti led them through a series of dark corridors. This was an unoccupied building which seemed to be built for a series of offices as there were several corridors and several rooms branched to each corridor. Eventually they had to hide from some patrolling people. After some five minutes, they reached a room in the far end. Shruti gestured them inside and went after them herself.
Abhi still had his gun pointing towards Shruti (Viren’s sister) but she seemed relaxed. Shruti entered inside and ->

Shruti – “mera naam Shruti nahi hai. Main Anjali hoon… CID inspector Rajeev ki patni”

Abhijeet’s hand was now down and so was his jaw in amazement.

Anjali – “main aapko sab pehle bata dena chahti thi par mera beta Ajay, in logoin ke paas hai. Meri behen, Kanya aur uska pati, un dono ne ye chori kari. Jab Rajeev is case ki investigation kar rahe the, toh Kanya unki assistant thi. Kanya ka pati, Rajeev ka informer ban gaya aur kahin se wohh aisi khabarein deta jo sab sach nikalti. Ek din Rajeev ne Kanya ko usse baat karte dekha aur unhe shaq ho gaya. Unhone inka peecha kiya aur unhe pata chala ki saari chori in dono ne hi ki hai. Rajeev ne case ki file mein sab likh diya aur file mere paas ghar chod gaye aur khud agle din unhone in dono ko pakadne ka socha… par wahan in logoin ne Rajeev ko maar diya”

Abhi was in total shock. What exactly was happening? He must be dreaming…

Anjali – “us raat Kanya humare ghar aayi aur Ajay, Pinky aur mujhe apne saath le gayi. In logoin ne Rajeev ko baandh rakha tha ki wohh file band karne ko maan jaaye warna ye hume maar denge. Rajeev nahi maane, isiliye in logoin ne Rajeev ko maar diya. Baad mein, in logoin ne Ajay ko agwa kar liya. Unhone mujhse bola ki agar main Ajay ko Rajeev ki tarah khona nahi chahti toh main wohh file inhe de doon aur khud Viren ki patni banker aapke ghar chali jaun. In logoin ne hi mujhe kaha ki main aapse kahun ki Viren mar chuka hai.”

So indeed Viren was somewhere related to this case…but Abhi still couldn’t see where? But it was like Shruti (Viren’s sister) understood his brain

Shruti – “Viren hi Kanya ka pati yani ki is sab ke peeche hai.”
Abhi – “ye nahi ho sakta”
Anjali – “ye sach hai Abhijeet ji. Viren aapka dost kabhi nahi tha. Wohh sirf aapse matlab nikaal raha tha.”
Shruti – “aaj aapke jaane ke baad, jab main upar kamre mein gayi toh Anjali us fax ko pakde ro rahi thi. Us fax par Ajay ki tasveer hai.”

Abhijeet hadn’t really come up a shock but he knew better not to fall into another trap.

Abhi – “tum kaun ho?”
Shruti – “main?”

He again had his gun towards her…

Abhi – “haan tum…is sab mein tum kaisi aayi?”
Shruti – “Abhijeet main aapko nahi bata sakti. Aap sirf kuch der ke liye maan lijiye ki main dost hoon. Main aapke saath hoon”
Abhi – “kaun ho tum?”
Anjali – “Abhijeet ji, ye Viren ki behen hai. Sach mein, par ye humare saath hai. Viren ne toh inhe aapke ghar se agwa kiya tha”
Abhi – “wohh sab naatak tha hai na?”
Anjali – “Main wahin thi. Maine hi toh inhe chupke se khola…par mere dono bacche abhi bhi wahin hain. Unhe bacha lijiye Abhijeet.”
Abhi – “aap fikar mat karo…Pinky aur Ajay dono aapke paas sahi salamat honge par ab tum muh khologi ya goli maar doon?”

Shruti opened her mouth to speak but just then they heard firing. CID or the Police had come…great! However Shruti had escaped. Abhi asked Anjali to evacuate the building and handed her the gun as well. He ran out to chase Shruti but then met Daya.

Daya – “Abhijeet? Tum theek ho?”
Abhi – “Daya…”

Daya took out Abhi’s gun…

Daya – “tumhari bandook”

Abhi told Daya everything Anjali told him on the way and trust me when Daya got to know who was behind all this – his face was worth watching. Daya stopped on the way thinking how was Abhi even walking… Abhi knew what was in Daya’s mind…

Abhi – “nahi yaar…abhi waqt nahi hai.”

They both rushed upstairs… now it was Daya’s turn to tell the tale… he told that right now they were in Pune. They waited for a long time outside the building for signal but none came. Only after a few minutes, a car drove the watchman away. Another few minutes later the transmitter signals were moving. One was in the building and another was going away, so, they decided to check the building and found it empty. Then they followed the signal but after sometime it was untraceable. A few minutes back (when Abhijeet threw his batch out) they got it again for a few moments but they traced the location and so came here with a good amount of force to back up. At this very moment, wherever they looked, there were bullets firing. They too fired some on their way to get rid of anyone coming.

ACP was also there in the fight… he saw Abhijeet and Daya coming running from a distance and was indeed very glad to see Abhijeet back. Abhi told the whole story again and ACP was as well shocked…however he too like Abhi knew this wasn’t time to react to the story…

ACP – “Kanya shayad top floor par hai…chalo”

The 3 rushed towards the top floor. Most fights were now over. Many dead bodies lay on the floor like carpets and screams and shouts were in the air. They were searching Kanya when Abhi thought that he saw someone with two children…must be Shruti with Pinky and Ajay… he went towards her to stop her but when he reached there, it was Kanya…

Kanya – “hat jaaiye Inspector warna ye do masoom bacche mar jaayenge”
Shruti – “itni jaldi nahi bhabhi”

Shruti had come from behind and now she too had a gun. She fired on Kanya’s leg who fell down. Abhi snatched her gun and took charge while Shruti took the children away but then Abhi took his own gun as well and pointed one each – on Kanya and Shruti.

Abhi – “ruk jao Shruti…yahan se bhaag nahi paogi…Chod do bacchoin ko”

Just then ACP and Daya come running…

ACP – “Abhijeet, ye kya kar rahe ho? Ye ek CID officer hai”

Abhi couldn’t believe his ears. ACP pointed towards Shruti and said she is a CID officer. He took his gun down. ACP turned towards Shruti

ACP – “Shruti kaisi ho beta? Aur tum yahan? Ek minute, kahin yahi toh Viren ki behen nahi?”
Shruti – “sir main sach mein Viren ki behen ho”
ACP – “isiliye toh…isiliye toh isne Abhijeet se kaha ki ye CID bureau nahi aayegi…samjhe Daya”
Shruti – “I am sorry sir par mujhe orders the ki main apni identity kisi ko bhi na disclose karun…bureau mein bhi nahi”
ACP – “par ye sab kya hai?”
Shruti – “sir, headquarters mein Viren ke khilaf already report thi. Unhone mujhse kaha ki main Viren par nazar rakhun. Ek din maine Viren ko Kanya se Abhijeet ke bare mein baat karte hue suna. Tab maine headquarters mein Abhijeet ji ke bare mein report bheji. Wahan un logoin ne investigation karke pata kiya ki shayad Viren Abhijeet par attack kare kyunki koi Viren ki wife bankar inke ghar par thi. Main Kanya ko pehchanti thi isiliye ek din main Mumbai aayi dekhne ki kya Kanya inke ghar mein hai… par nahi…wohh koi aur thi. Jab maine ye report bheji toh headquarters ne mujhe kaha ki kisi bhi tarah mujhe Abhijeet ke saath rehna hoga, taki main inki help kar sakun aur inke ghar mein kaun hai, ye bhi pata kar sakun.”

Only ACP and Shruti were smiling as though they knew each other for long… Abhi and Daya stared each other…knowing nothing about this… ACP saw this…

ACP – “arre tum dono abhi bhi nahi samjhe? Ye CID officer hai aur koi aisi waisi officer nahi, apne batch ki sabse achi. Maine khud training dee hai isse”
Shruti – “Senior Inspector Shruti, headquarters.”

Shruti said so and held out a hand to Abhijeet who shook it firmly and then Daya.

Daya – “par aap phir saare time…”
Shruti – “ji…main hi is case ki aakhiri kadi hoon. Abhijeet ji ki jaan ko khatra tha…isiliye mujhe Abhijeet ki security ke liye rakha gaya.”
Daya – “aur hume laga Abhijeet aapko security de raha hai”

Kanya who was lying on the floor listening to all this…laughed loud…

Kanya – “mil lo…jab tak mil sakte ho…bahut jald Viren tumse ye mauka cheen lega”
ACP – “kya Viren bhaag gaya?”

Shruti looked at Kanya’s fingers… they were oddly familiar… She took her hand and rubbed it…

Shruti – “make up!”
Daya – “kya?”
Shruti – “sir bureau mein kaun hai?”
ACP – “Freddie, Gangu aur 2 aur officers…kyun?”

Shruti called ACP aside and told him something. ACP was utterly shocked… he called someone and then they all decided to leave. Kanya was taken care of by the several officers who had already arrested the others… Ambulance was clearing the dead bodies.

Anjali came running to see her kids safely with Shruti and Abhijeet. While Daya and ACP met others, Shruti and Abhijeet took Pinky and Ajay to Anjali. Anjali hugged her children and then Shruti.

Anjali – “Thank You. Thank You very much. Agar aaj aap dono na hote toh main apne bacchoin se kabhi nahi mil pati.”
Shruti – “koi baat nahi”
Anjali – “I am sorry Abhijeet ji. Maine aapke saath bhi theek nahi kiya. Par main Ajay ko nahi khona chahti thi. Har roz lagta tha ki Rajeev jahan bhi honge, wahan se sochte honge ki CID officer ki patni hone ke baad bhi main aisa kaise kar sakti hoon?”
Abhijeet – “koi baat nahi. Aapne jo kiya, koi bhi maa karti”

Then Pratap came. ACP had asked him to drop Anjali and the kids safely to their homes and to be with them till everything ends.

Abhijeet was now really emabarassed. He thought so bad of Shruti… Shruti seemed to have read this as well…

Shruti – “Kya hua Abhijeet ji?”
Abhi – “I am sorry…maine aapse bahut kharab tareeke se baat ki”
Shruti – “kee toh..”

Abhi was amazed to listen to this…he was apologizing and she here was pulling his leg… however he had some questions unanswered and he wanted to know the answers…

Abhi – “par phir aap yahan kaise aayi?”
Shruti – “jab maine Anjali ko fax pakad ke rote hue dekha toh mera shaq yakeen mein badal gaya ki ye Anjali hain. Maine Rajeev sir ke saath inki aur Ajay ki ek tasveer dekhi thi. Isiliye toh main wohh fax lekar gayi, taki main compare kar sakun”
Abhi – “toh aapko sab pehle se pata tha?”
Shruti – “nahi…thoda time laga…aapke ghar mein raat mein cheezein hilani padi”
Abhi – “toh wohh aap hi thi?”

Shruti laughed…

Shruti – “haan par humesha nahi. Jis din aapne pakda us din nahi. Us din Anjali ko mujh par shaq ho gaya tha aur wohh mere samaan ki talaashi le rahi thi.”

Abhi was really shocked…what all was had happened right under his nose and he hadn’t noticed at all!

Shruti – “main neeche headquarters call kar rahi thi…itne mein Anjali ne mere upar gun taan lee… aadat se majboor hoon toh gun cheenkar unpar aim kiya toh unhone sab bata diya… wohh toh khud ye sab nahi karna chahti thi”
Abhi – “phir aap yahan?”
Shruti – “itne mein Viren wahan apne kuch aadmiyoin ke saath aa gaya… aur bas hume yahan le aaya… Anjali ji ne meri yahan bahut madad ki. Unhone hi mujhe kamre se bahar nikala…”

Just then ACP called out…

ACP – “chale Shruti…maine phone kar diya hai…kahin der na ho jaaye.”

Shruti turned to Abhi

Shruti – “aapki saza baad mein tay Karen?”
Abhi – “saza? Maine kya kiya?”
Shruti – “mere saath kharab vyavhar”

Saying so she laughed and then left…and told ACP “Kanya ko bhi saath le chalte hain.. shayad wahan inki zaroorat pad jaaye”

In the office…
Freddie was really nervous. ACP had called and told him that the person portraying as Rampal chacha is no one else but the villain of the story. He was blabbering to himself…

Freddie – “arre yeh main kahan fas gaya…wife ko pata chalega toh na jaane kya kahegi… par Freddie yahi tera chance hai, agar abhi isse akele pakad liya, toh ACP sir kabhi nahi keh paayenge ki Freddie mein akal nahi hai… aur socho toh wife kitni khush hogi… aur wohh Vivek… tab usse bataunga ki CID officer hona kya hota hai…”

When, ACP, Shruti, Abhi, Daya and all others reached the bureau Freddie was sitting silent on a chair…shocked… eyes wide in surprise and the two officers along with Gangu, were trying to calm him down.

ACP – “kya hua Freddie ko?”
Officer 1 – “sir Freddie sir ne na jaane achanak Rampal Chacha ko maara, Rajeev sir ke office mein lock kiya par ye sab itna achanak hua ki Freddie sir shock mein hain”
Daya – “kya Freddie ne Rampal chacha ko maara…par kyun?”

Shruti didn’t wait to listen to another word, she went to see. The man was lying on the floor on his chest… possibly dead as blood was there all around his head. Shruti quietly unlocked the door and went in… slowly she approached the body. Abhi was the only one who saw her leave and followed her.
There as soon as Shruti held the man’s hand to turn him to see his face, the man got up and snatched Shruti’s gun… Abhi saw this and ran there to help… the others too had seen this and now went near but the man now had gun pointed on Shruti’s head.

Rampal Chacha – “ruk jao…sab jahan ho wahin ruk jao warna isse maar dunga”
Abhi – “Viren…Shruti ko chod do”
Viren – “arre wah…Abhijeet tumne mujhe kaise pehchana? Chalo wohh chodo pehle jao darwaza band kar do… do dost itne dino baad mile hain…main nahi chahta ki tumhare office wale hume tang kare”

Abhi didn’t move…

Viren – “jao warna isse maar dunga aur apni bandook bahar hi chod kar aana”

Abhi went and did as he was asked to. The room was sound proof and bullet proof…means that once the door is closed, one cant listen to any talks that go on inside. However he did so and then returned nearer to Viren.

Viren – “meri behen ki jaan tumhare liye itni kimati kab se ho gayi Abhijeet?”
Abhi – “sabki jaan kimati hoti hai Viren…agar tum ye samajhte toh shayad aaj wahan na hote”
Viren – “haan shayad agar main ye samajhta toh tumhari tarah hi sarkari naukari karta? Kya mila tumhe desh desh chilla kar? Jaan ki baazi ke badle kuch hazar rupye? Aaj mere paas itna hai ki main agar kabhi na kamaun toh bhi koi farak nahi padega”
Abhi – “ye daulat kis kimat par?”

Shruti sought chance and tried to escape..

Viren – “itni jaldi nahi behna…pehle batao toh ki mujh tak kaise pahunchi?”
Shruti – “tumhare haath…jab pehli baar dekha tha toh laga tha ki make up hai… aaj jab bhabhi ko arrest kiya, toh unke haath par bhi make up tha”
Viren – “hoshiyaar ho…par itni nahi… batao Kanya kahan hai?”

Neither of them spoke… Abhi was near the table and he saw the paper weight lying there. Good chance, he could possibly defend… he picked it up but Viren saw it and fired a bullet at Abhi’s already hurt leg…
Abhi fell in pain and Shruti too screamed…

Shruti – “Viren chodo mujhe…kya kar rahe ho tum? Itni insaaniyat bhi nahi bachi tum mein? Dost hai wohh tumhara”
Viren – “Tumhe phir itni parwah kyun hai?”
Shruti – “abhi tak insaan hoon main”

Viren was very angry… he let Shruti free but pointed his gun towards her… she didn’t care and helped Abhi get up…

Viren – “kya milta hai insaan ban kar? Baba ke kehne par apna sapna chod diya… Abhijeet ko dekh kar khoon jalta tha… wohh apna sapna jee raha tha… phir Bhopal mein dost bankar hi un 4 logoin ki madad ki hi na…kya hua? Sab kuch lekar bhaag gaye… Ek din mujhe mauka mila…wohh 4 ek doosre se lad rahe the… tabhi kisi ne un par humla kiya… wohh Kanya thi… in logoin ne uske saath bhi dokha kiya tha…milkar humne unhe maar diya. Kanya aur maine phir tay kiya ki ab hum kisi bhi tarah jald hi sabse ameer ban jaayenge. Ek doosre ko jaana, pechana…aur phir pasand karne lage… shaadi kar lee. Ek din us exhibition ke bare mein aaya…toh plan kiya ki wahan se saare gehne le lenge. Phir Kanya ne hi kaha main Abhijeet se dosti dobara kar loon…taki jab hum chori karein toh Abhijeet ke yahan chup sake…par kahin se wohh Rajeev beech mein aa gaya..”

Viren had ended his talks… He took them both on gunpoint and asked them to walk out of the room with him…when they walked out of the cabin, Kanya was tied to a chair and was unconscious. Sheetal was holding a gun on her head.

Viren – “aye…kya ho gaya Kanya ko?”
ACP – “Kanya bilkul theek hai Viren. Paagal mat bano…Shruti aur Abhijeet ko jaane do”
Viren – “ACP…tumhara officer meri gun point pe hai. Sharate main decide karunga”
ACP – “Viren dekho…tum yahan se bhaag nahi sakte”
Viren – “tumhe aisa lagta hai ACP…”

Saying so, he fired towards Sheetal… the bullet hit her right on shoulder and she fell down in an instant…and a lot of things happened simultaneously… a lot of people scream… few fired towards Viren… few ran to help Sheetal… and someone fired at Kanya… it was Vaibhav who shot Kanya in the moment right when he saw Viren shoot Sheetal…

Viren – “Kanya…”
ACP – “jaldi…dono ko hospital lekar jao”

Freddie and Vivek picked up the two with help from Lavanya and Kaveri and hurried them out… Viren however didn’t move… he help Shruti by her neck and Abhi was right on his gun point…

Viren – “main kisi ko bhi nahi chodunga…tum logoin ne meri Kanya ko mujh se cheen liya…”

Viren let Shruti go but caught Abhijeet by neck…

ACP – “Viren chodo Abhijeet ko”
Viren – “tumhara officer zaroor marega ACP”

Vaibhav tried to cover Viren from behind but Viren already noticed this and blindly shot in Vaibhav’s direction. The bullet hit Vaibhav right in chest and he was dead on the spot. Vivek rushed inside listening to the fire and helped Vaibhav’s body outside…

ACP – “Vaibhav…”
Viren – “aur kisi ko hilna hai? Koi humare peeche bahar na aaye”

Viren took Abhi outside…and then threw him… Abhi was really hurt and injured…Then Viren pointed his gun towards Abhijeet. He closed his eyes and shot…
When he opened his eyes – Shruti was there in front of Abhi and she was struck by the bullet.

Viren and Abhi together – “Shruti…” as Shruti fell down in front of Abhi holding his hand.

Just then, there was another fire… when everyone came out and saw… Anjali was also standing there holding a gun. She had fired at Viren.

ACP didn’t know what to say except – “Ambulance bulao jaldi”

Abhi was helping Shruti… ACP came forward to help her…

Shruti – “sir…”
ACP – “Shruti… ye kya kiya?”Shruti – “duty sir… mujhe ek minute Viren se baat karni hai…”
ACP – “thodi der ruko…fauran tum hospital mein theek hogi”
Shruti – “ek minute sir…please”

Daya who was holding Viren and with getting a blink from ACP, got his body closer to Shruti…

Shruti – “bhai…”

She didn’t speak anything else…but he understood.

Viren – “sorry behen… shayad main kabhi apne faisle sahi nahi le paaya…bachpan mein humesha tujhse jalta raha… phir Abhijeet se… usse phir chot pahuchayi”Abhi too looked at Viren’s face…

Viren – “maaf nahi karega kya?”

Before Abhi could say anything else, the Ambulance came and all the injured were rushed inside… Last what Abhi remembered seeing was all standing around him… staring blankly as two pair of hands carried him on a stretcher into the ambulance…

Abhi opened his eyes in the hospital to see Kaki and Daya standing beside his bed.

Daya – “ab kaisa lag raha hai boss? Char din se behosh ho…ab kaisa lag raha hai?”

Abhi smiled and tried to recall all that happened and then remembered…

Abhi – “Vaibhav aur Sheetal kaise hain? Aur Viren? Aur Shruti?”

Daya was silent for sometime… and then

Daya – “Vaibhav aur Viren nahi rahe”

Abhi was silent for sometime… it was a blow… he had really lost a friend…

Daya – “Viren ka bahut khoon beh gaya tha… doctors ne bahut koshish ki par usse nahi bacha paaye. Marne se pehle usne bataya ki saara paisa kahan milega… Kanya ko arrest kar liya gaya hai aur saara paisa le liya hai”

Daya was really upset to see a tear in Abhi’s eyes.

Kaki – “Abhijeet beta…tumhe aaram ki zaroorat hai”
Abhi – “kaki aap kaise ho?”
Kaki – “main bilkul theek hoon…par tu bata…kahin dard hai kya abhi?”
Abhi – “theek ho jaayega”
Daya – “boss Viren ye chithi tumhare liye de gaya…wohh aaya tha tumhe us din dekhne”

Daya held out a letter which Abhi took and opened… it was very badly written as Abhi guessed Viren was in a lot of pain when he wrote this. However, Abhi recognized his friend’s handwriting immediately.

I am sorry friend. I wasn’t ever that strong and your presence made me feel even weaker… I just wished I had known. Take care of Kanya and Shruti for me…

For a moment of two, Abhi stared back at the letter. He didn’t know what to say. He missed his friend too much… but he didn’t feel like showing his emotions aloud. The letter reminded him of Shruti…

Abhi – “aur Shruti?”
Kaki – “Shruti theek hai, thodi weakness hai…aur kuch nahi”
Abhi – “Doctor ne kya kaha?”

Daya took a serious expression on his face…and gave a long sigh…

Abhi – “kya baat hai Daya…batao”
Daya – “nahi Abhijeet…tum abhi aaram karo… doctor ne kaha hai ki tumhe zyada stress nahi dena”
Abhi – “Kaki…?”

Kaki’s expressions hardened suddenly…

Abhi – “aap dono kuch bata kyun nahi rahe ho? Hato…main khud jaa kar dekhta hoon…”
Daya – “par ruko Abhijeet…tum abhi beemar ho”

However, Abhi didn’t stop…and rushed outside his room. There he met a nurse who told her the Shruti was in the next room. As Abhi entered…he was surprised to see the view – Shruti was perfectly all right. He saw inside the room, the curtains still drawn. She was sitting on her bed laughing and playing with Pinky and Ajay. Anjali had come to visit Shruti. Freddie was also there with Kaveri and Lavanya.
Abhi turned back and Kaki and Daya were standing there laughing at Abhi’s haalat.

Daya – “kaki lagta hai ab Abhijeet kahin aur ki hi duty karega…”

Kaki comes to Abhi…

Kaki – “tu khud baat karega ya main karun?”
Abhi – “Kaki…kya aap…aisi koi baat nahi hai…”
Kaki – “nahi Kaki…kya kar rahi ho?”Daya – “Abhijeet…tumhare muh pe saaf dikh raha hai…bolo bhabhi ko ghar kab laa rahe ho?”

Abhi is silent…

Kaki – “Abhijeet, dekh beta, apne liye nahi, par meri zimmedari hi kam karne ke liye. Khud baat kar lena aaj warna kal main kar lungi”

In the evening, Abhi was in his room sitting on his bed, reading a magazine. Shruti entered the room… Abhi saw her and suddenly got up…

Abhi – “Shruti…aap?”
Shruti – “haan…main…ab aap kaise hain?”
Abhi – “bilkul theek”

Abhi was taking a step back to his bed as he said so and his plastered foot hurt in doing so as he was careless…Shruti helped him sit…

Abhi – “aap theek hain?”
Shruti – “mujhe kya hona tha?”
Abhi – “thanks. Mujhe thanks kehna ka mauka bhi nahi mila”
Shruti – “koi baat nahi…meri duty thi. Aur waise bhi ab toh shayad main aapko dost keh sakti hoon…aur dost ke liye itna toh banta hai”
Abhi – “aap itne din yahan?”Shruti – “bullet se intestine ka kafi hissa damage ho gaya tha. Isiliye under observation hoon”
Abhi – “toh aapko aaram nahi karna?”
Shruti – “main bilkul theek hoon…aap batao… suna aaj aapko Daya aur Kaki april fool bana gaye?”

Abhi couldn’t think of anything of say… he just blushed a little…

Shruti – “waise baat kya hui?”

And just then Abhi remembered there indeed was something for Shruti to see… he handed her Viren’s letter… Shruti read it and she got really upset… almost was crying…

Shruti – “pata nahi usne aisa kyun kiya? Sab kuch toh tha humare paas… Viren sach mein bura nahi tha”
Abhi – “mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha ki pichle kuch dino se mere saath kya ho raha hai?”

Shruti saw that Abhi was also tensed and so … she decided to lighten the atmosphere…

Shruti – “ab kya samajh nahi aaya? Sab kuch toh pata hai… Viren aur Kanya ne ye sab kiya… Rajeev sir ko pata tha… main secret mission par… aur I am sure fighting sequence toh aapko yaad hi hoga. Wohh bhulane jaisa tha nahi”

Abhi still didn’t laugh… he was still upset…

Abhi – “par meri wajah se… kya ho gaya”
Shruti – “kuch nahi hua… jo hua…wohh likha tha. Vaibhav sir ke liye sab upset hai par aap sochiye aapke karan kitne log ab khush hain.”

Abhi gave it a thought…

Shruti – “anyways…ab bataiye…aage ke kya plans hain?”

And Abhi suddenly remembered what Kaki had told him in the morning…

Shruti – “kuch toh hai na?”
Abhi – “Shruti…aaj kaki ne kuch kaha…”
Shruti – “kya?”

ACP Prithviraj, Daya, Abhijeet, Vivek, Lavanya, Kaveri, Sheetal, Pratap, Freddie and Freddie’s wife were all seated in the dining table in Abhi’s house. Abhi and Shruti had invited them for lunch after their wedding. Shruti was indeed a great cook and she loved cooking as well. Kaki was serving them all food.

Daya – “kya Abhijeet…itni jaldi kya thi…abhi tumhari umar hi kya hai?”
Kaki – “meri maano Daya toh ab tum bhi koi dhoondh lo…”
Daya – “arre nahi Kaki…mujhe maaf karo”
ACP Prithviraj – “kyun Daya, Abhijeet se poocho..itna bura toh nahi ho sakta anubhav”
Vivek – “kya hua Freddie sir…aaj aap kuch nahi bol rahe?”
ACP Prithviraj – “ye galat hai Vivek. Tum sab Freddie ko itna kyun chedte ho…”

Freddie looked at his wife and just shook his head…

Abhi – “kya bhabhiji…aaj toh bolne do Freddie ko”

Just then Shruti came with some dish.

Daya – “Bhabhi ab aap bhi aa jao…itna sab hum akele thodi na khayenge”
Kaveri – “nahi khana itna acha hai…khatam toh ho hi jaayega sir.”
Lavanya – “haan khana hai bahut acha”
Shruti – “haan bas main aati hoon…koi aane wala hai…wohh aa jaaye, toh aa jaaungi”

Abhi didn’t know who was more to come… he quietly went after Shruti to the kitchen to investigate…

Abhi – “ab kaun aane wala hai Shruti?”
Shruti – “aap jaakar baithiye toh…jab wohh aayenge…toh aap dekh hi lenge”

Abhi looked at her…and felt how pleased he was…just one decision had made everything seem so pleasant…

Abhi – “main madad karwaun?”
Shruti – “aap? Aap kya karwayenge?”

No one was cooking now…but the two of them were looking into each other’s eyes deeply in love with each other…

Abhi – “jo aap karwaye…”
Shruti – “acha?”
Abhi – “arre hadh hai… aazma kar dekh lo”
Shruti – “kya – kya kar sakte hain?”
Abhi – “baat toh waise ye hai…ki jab instructor itna talented ho toh students bhi acha kaam kar dete hain… isiliye agar aap sikhayein toh hum kar denge”

Abhi and Shruti were looking just too cute together… they held each other’s hand as they talked…
Just then, Daya calls from outside…

Daya – “kya hua Abhijeet…aaj kya tum khana pakaoge?”
Vivek – “lagta hai Abhijeet sir bhi ab apni wife ke aas paas hi milenge”
Freddie – “teri patni nahi hai na Vivek..isiliye tu kya jaane…ab Abhijeet sir se poocho…”

Shruti and Abhijeet too laughed on the conversation…

Shruti – “ab aap jaakar baithiye…”
Abhi – “tum bhi chalo na…”

Abhi held Shruti’s hand and was pulling her out to join them…and just then the bell rang…

Shruti – “jaayiye…dekhiye…aapki curiosity ka jawaab aa gaya”

Abhi looked at Shruti suspiciously and then went to open the door. All eyes were on the door indeed…who would be this so much awaited guest…
Very dramatically…Abhijeet moves towards and door and opens it… it was…none other than ACP Pradyuman. ACP was smiling… he carried a gift which he gave it to Abhijeet…

ACP – “andar nahi bulaoge Abhijeet?”

All the guests in shock had stood up seeing ACP there…

Shruti was the only one who seemed to be carefree and welcomed ACP inside. She walked passed the shocked Abhi very gracefully…

Shruti – “sir…aayiye na…”

ACP gave her the gift and hugged her…

ACP – “umeed hai…tum dono humesha khush raho”
Shruti – “sir baithiye…khana”

As ACP sat at the dining table, everyone was still standing…

ACP – “aap sab bhi baith sakte hain”

Everyone laughed. ACP was definitely family but it was just no one had ever seen him like this… but they were glad that he was there with them… celebrating…

Abhijeet was still standing at the door. Shruti whispered into his ears while closing the door – “ab ye family complete hai”
Abhi smiled at her… he was glad that he had a friend for life who understood him so well…

Abhi – “humari family…thanks to you!”

Both of the smiled at each other and then joined the others on the table for lunch.

A little drama is required

Being an Indian, I can totally bet that you can just never get enough of drama. You may hate it yet you can’t escape it. I think that w...