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A mini situation :: CID Fanfic

Dhiren could not understand why any woman would have hundreds of her own photographs scattered throughout her home, furniture toppled chaotically, and spots of multicolored paint staining everything in sight. However, he didn’t have time to bother with such issues. His focus was on one thing: the cash and jewels he would be stealing from this home.

“Her name is Sheetal Ambuja. She's a vice-president for Sheetal Industries, lives alone, and keeps a good one hundred to two hundred thousand in cash and jewels in the house at any one time," Tejas had told him when they'd met at the Malibu Bar and Grill.

"What about her schedule?" Dhiren had asked, contemplating how he would pull off the robbery.

"That's up to you to figure out. I've done everything I can." Tejas had gathered up his papers and stuffed them into his briefcase. Dhiren had been provided with an entire file on Sheetal, including a rough layout of the house and Polaroids of the security system and many of the rooms. The two would not talk again until Dhiren delivered Tejas’s ten percent.

As he walked through the hallway, Dhiren was certain that Sheetal would not be home for at least another two hours. It was Wednesday night, which meant that she would be playing racquetball with her colleagues until nine. Now that he was in the home, it was only a matter of finding where the riches were stored.

After checking the other rooms, Dhiren finally headed into the final one: Sheetal’s bedroom. The moment he opened the door and peered inside, the gun fell from his hand and clattered on the wooden floor. There on the bed lay Sheetal, a bloody wound on her stomach. The white sheets around her lifeless body were soaked with blood.

Once he had gathered his senses, Dhiren approached the bed slowly. There was no doubt it; Sheetal was dead. But who could have done such a thing? And why had she been home so early? His eyes caught sight of something small and silver next to her hand. He leaned over slowly, careful not to touch anything. It was a silver chain with a small skull pendent on it.

As he turned to leave the leave the room, Dhiren made a firm resolve. He would call the CID team and let them know that a murder had been committed before fleeing the scene himself.

Dhiren called the CID.

Dhiren – “Hello?”
Freddie – “Hello”
Dhiren – “Hello”
Freddie – “aage bhi bolo na.”
Dhiren – “CID office?”
Freddie – “haan main CID office se Freddie…umm..CID officer Fredricks bol raha hoon.”
Dhiren – “main ek murder ke bare mein report likhwana chahta hoon.”
Freddie – “haan bolo”
Dhiren – “Sheetal Ambuja ka khoon ho gaya hai. Sheetal Ambuja jo Sheetal Industries ki vice president hain.”
Freddie – “ye tumhe kaise pata?”
Dhiren – “main aapse keh raha hoon na. Aap log jaldi yahan aa jaayiye.”
Freddie – “theek hai par tumhara naam kya hai?”

Dhiren hung up.

Abhijeet – “arre Freddie kaun tha?”
Freddie – “mujhe kya pata, mujhe koi kuch batata hi nahi!”
Abhijeet – “par usne kaha kya?”
Freddie – “Sheetal Ambuja ka khoon ho gaya hai.”

Quietly Dhiren jumped out of a window to escape. He ran to the gate, but the gardener spotted him and shouted. Watchman came. The two, caught Dhiren and started beating him. Dhiren couldn’t escape.
Not until he was really injured, the CID came. They freed Dhiren and called for an ambulance. Then Daya questioned the gardener and the watchman, while Vivek tried to talk to Dhiren and others went inside the house.
The Gardener and the Watchman told them that they saw him running and thought he was a thief and so they caught him.

Vivek – “Tum kaun ho aur yahan kya kar rahe ho?”
Dhiren – “saab main Dhiren hoon. Main yahan chori karne aaya tha…….”
Vivek – “ye khoon tumne kiya?”
Dhiren – “nahi”
Vivek – “haan bolo. Phir tum bhaag kyu rahe the?”
Dhiren – “Maine kuch nahi kiya. Nahi mara…nahi churaya…main darr gaya.”
Vivek – “haan bolo aage”
Dhiren – “Tejas..wohh Tejas.”

Dhiren fainted. Ambulance arrived then and Vivek escorted Dhiren to hospital.
Inside, CID found that someone had stabbed Sheetal with a knife on the stomach wounding her badly but not killing her. Sheetal died slowly and before dieing she must have tried to escape and that’s how the whole room was stained with blood. On searching the whole house, they found Sheetal’s personal diary stitched inside a woolen coat. In that, she mentioned how her someone was after her life as after her divorce, she got lot of money and would become the President in the company. Also, Sheetal mentioned about her will and papers that she had hidden. In those papers she had written whom she suspected.
They searched a lot but found no papers and all the cash and jewellery was gone.
Morning, The CID went to Sheetal’s office to talk to her husband but he wasn’t there. Sheetal’s brother Hemant was there who didn’t know about her sister’s death. On hearing the news he was completely shocked. He told them that Sheetal used to fight a lot with Ashish (her husband) and so they got divorced and now he wanted to take over the company. He told them that Ashish had disappeared from yesterday night and so surely he is guilt. ACP took Ashish’s cell number. On coming out, ACP ordered Daya to spy on Hemant and Abhijeet to trace the position of the cell phone.
In the Hospital, Dhiren was recovering but while Vivek was gone to attend a call, someone tried to come and kill him. Vivek caught him. He was munna a contract killer and Tejas had asked him to kill Dhiren. He told that Tejas would come to Flinton Bar that evening.
In the bar, Abhijeet met Tejas.

Abhijeet – “aur Tejas bhai kya haal hai?”
Tejas – “Tu kaun hai be?”
Abhijeet – “Shakeel hoon. Delhi se yahan naya aaya hoon. Sab ne bola Tejas bhai se mil lo wohh set kara denge.”
Tejas – “set? Kya baat kar raha hai?”
Abhijeet – “bhai aap toh jaante ho na. Kacha khiladi nahi hoon bas mauka nahi mila. Main bhi aapke saath kaam karna chahta hoon”
Tejas – “koi chori ki hai kabhi?”
Abhijeet – “ haan bhai kai choti choriyaan toh ki hain par maine suna hai aap sirf badi choriyaan karte ho!”

Tejas saw Ashish standing at a corner of the bar with rest of the CID. He recognizes Ashish and smelt something fishy. He took out a gun and placed it on Abhijeet’s head.

Tejas – “nikalne do mujhe warna maar dunga isse.”
Daya – “Tejas gun neeche rakh do, tum yahan se nahi bhaag sakte.”
Tejas – “aisa tumhe lagta hai. Hato mere raaste se.”
Daya – “nahi hatunga. Neeche rakho gun aur surrender kar do Tejas.”

Daya moves to catch Tejas

ACP – “arre Daya kya karte ho? Jab who keh raha hai raaste se hat jao, toh hat jao na.”

Daya see Tejas and see Abhijeet is holding his gun out.

Abhijeet – “Bola tha na Tejas bhai. Hum bhi kache khiladi nahi hain.”

Tejas drops his gun.

Hemant comes to the bar and sits with Tejas.

Hemant – “kya baat hai? Kyu bulaya mujhe? Tumhare paise toh de diye na maine?”

Just then CID comes and ACP places a hand on Hemant’s shoulder is gets surprised and stands.

ACP – “toh Hemant ji. Aapse phir mulaqat ho hi gayi.”
Daya – “bata Sheetal ko kyu maara?”
Hemant – “kya bakwaas hai? Maine Sheetal ho nahi maara…main kyu maarunga usse?”
Abhijeet – “Yehi toh hum pooch rahe hain…Kyu maara?”
Hemant – “maine nahi maara..kya keh rahe hain aap log? Aapko kisne bola maine mara?”
ACP – “ab drama karne se koi faida nahi nahi hai. Daya zara bulwao toh inse.”

Daya slaps Hemant and now they are in CID office crying and confessing. Ashish is also there.

ACP – “bolo ab.”
Tejas – “saab mujhe maaf kar dijiye. Hemant saab mere paas aaye the. Unhone mujhe bola ki Sheetal ke ghar mein bahut paisa hai. Unhone mujhse kaha ki 6 baje wohh Sheetal ke saath Sheetal ke ghar par honge aur main aakar Sheetal ko maar doon. Unhone mujhe iske liye 50000 rs diye.”

Hemant – “sir, Sheetal ke divorce ke baad poori company ab uski hone wali thi. Aur wohh mujhe kabhi manager se aage nahi badne deti. Usse pata chal gaya tha ki maine 100000 rs ka gafla kiya hai. Par main kya karta? Mujhe jue ki aadat lag gayi thi. Main 100000 rs haar gaya. Un logoin ko paise na deta toh wohh mujhe maar daalte. Isiliye mujhe paise chahiye the. Maine jua phir bilkul chod diya par Sheetal ko pata chal gaya. Ek – Ek karkar usse saare galat kaam pata chal gaye jo maine kiya. Un dino Sheetal – Ashish bahut ladte the. Mujhe laga agar Sheetal achanak marr jaaye toh saara dosh Ashish par aa jaayega aur uske baar main hi company ka owner ban jaaunga.

Us din main Sheetal ke saath uske ghar gaya aur usse baatoin mein uljhaye rakha par usse shayad shaq ho gaya. Itne mein maine dekha ki Tejas khidki pe aa gaya hai. Toh isne fauran usse maar diya. Humne baad mein wohh chaku ek naale mein faink diya. Poora ghar dhoond liya par uski will aur wohh kagaz jismein usne mere khilaf bayan diya tha, wohh mile hi nahi. Jaldi Jaldi phir saare gehne – zewar liye aur bhaag gaye taki lage ki chori hui thi.”

ACP – “toh Dhiren ko kyu fasaya?”

Tejas – “saab mujhe to Hemant saab ne bola ki kisi ko waha thodi der baar chori karne bhej dena. Uspar naam lag jaayega. Inhone hi mujhe Sheetal ka routine aur uske ghar ke security plan diye.”

Ashish – “ACP sir thank You. Aap ke karan hi Sheetal ko nayay mila hai. Hum chahe pati – patni nahi reh sake par dost the. Usne mujhe us din phone karke restaurant mein bulaya aur ye file dee. Usne kaha ki agar usse kuch ho jaaye, toh main ye file uske lawyer ko de doon. Who bahut ghabrayi thi. Uske jaane ke baad maine dekha toh ismein ek kagaz par usne likha tha ki Hemant usse maarna chahta tha aur Hemant ne jo saare galat kaam kiye hain un sab ke sabot bhi hain.”

ACP – “dekha. Gunaah ko chahe kitna chupa lo par usse bhaagna na mumkin hai. Mujhe tab hi shaq ho gaya tha jab Hemant baar baar Ashish par iljaam laga raha tha. Kisi ki behen mari ho toh wohh behen ke bare mein poochega ya khooni dhundega? Humne Ashish se baat ki toh usne hume ye sab bataya. Dukh hota hai dekhkar ki aaj kisi insaan ki zindgi sirf 50000 ki ho gayi hai. Wohh bhi kisi insaan ki nahi, apni khud ki behen ki. Aur ek taraf Sheetal thi, jo apni poori property charity mein de gayi. Ab tumhe sirf fasi milegi.”


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