Thursday, May 25, 2017

CID Fanfic :: Episode 2 :: Case of the Jinxed Necklace

Daya is in his home.. humming and then the bell rings... he goes and opens the door and there is a boy.

Daya - "ji?"
Boy - "aap CID inspector Daya hain?"
Daya - "haan par tum kaun ho?"
Boy - "main Vishal hoon. Richa Aggarwal ka neighbour. Richa ne kaha ki ye main aapko deta jaun."
Daya - "Richa Aggarwal?"
Vishal - "Richa ne bataya ki wohh apke saath college mein thi..."
Daya - "ohh haan Richa.. kahan hai wohh abhi?"
Vishal - "pata nahi sir. 1 hafte pehle ek din achanak hi ek bag mein kapde daale aur chali gayi. Ghar mein sab samaan waisa hi pada hai. Aaj subah mere office aayi aur boli ki ye mein aapko de doon."
Daya - "okie thank You. Aap kuch lenge?"
Vishal - "nahi sir mujhe jaana hai.."

and Vishal leaves... Daya opens the letter and reads..

someone is trying to kill us. I need your help. Please find me

Okie.. Daya read the letter over and over again.. Richa hadnt mentioned anything. She just said that she wanted help.. and she didnt even tell where she was.. but she wrote her mobile number.. maybe she was hiding and didnt want to reveal her whereabout... And someone was trying to kill 'us'... who is trying to kill Richa and who is the other person in danger?
Daya called at the number but Richa never picked up.. he then realised why Richa gave the number.. he called the Mobile company and gave them Richa's number and asked for the location...

At the same hour, somewhere else in Mumbai, Shruti was sitting on the window frame.. there was little wall space and she sat there looking at the world from the 25th floor... She wasnt at her home but in a hotel.. Abhi and Shruti decided that it was time to get the house a little renovated and so there was work going on in their house, as a result, they had to shift in the hotel for a week. Shruti was looking outside smiling... and then ABhi comes from a door at the side.. he had just come out after taking a bath and has wet hair.. which he is drying...

Abhi - "Shruti kursi nahi hai kya. Neeche utaro."

Shruti looks at him.. and then looks back.. as if not hearing anything...
Abhi goes to her and looks where she was looking...

Abhi - "Utaro, gir jaogi..."

Abhi was holding her hand to pull her down and then like she looses balance, Shruti was about to fall and Abhi gets panic but it lasted only a second.. after the second.. Shruti happily jumped inside the room and was laughing...

Shruti - "tum darr gaye na?"

Abhi was silent.. he was scared... and he had to admit it.. however he remained silent... Then Shruti came to him.. and silently both of them were looking at the world outside, holding hands and then Abhi started looking at her.. but Shruti was seeing something else now.. her smile changed to a worried expression... Abhi saw it but even before he could ask -

Shruti - "Abhi... dekho wahan..."

Abhi strained to look where Shruti pointed and then he noticed... in the building opposite the road, on the 6th floor, two people were in the house... 2 girls, they seemed to be arguing... but what scared Shruti was a red light on the window.. it grew sharper but sometimes got blur.. it focused on one of the girls and then there was a bullet fired... there was no noise but the window glass broke... and the girl at the aim fell down and the other girl grew panic... she ran inside...

Abhi - "chalo.."
Shruti - "ruko dekho.. building ke neeche kaun hai - ye toh Daya hai na.. aur suno... jisne goli chalayi wohh zaroor issi building mein hoga. Main dekhti hoon koi bhaag toh nahi raha.. tum Daya ke saath jaakar dekho. Main ACP sir ko bhi batati hoon."
Abhi - "sambhal kar..."

Abhi left saying so and Shruti rushed near the stairs to see if anyone was running out and she was also checking if someone was going down the lift but that wasnt till sometime for now ABhi was in the lift..

Meanwhile, Abhi rushed down by lift ofcourse.. no one joined him entire way down... he needed to hurry... he went down, ran out of the hotel and across the road to the other building..

Daya had entered the building and he met the watchman...

Daya - "ye Richa madam kis floor pe rehti hain?"
Watchman - "kaun Richa, saab? Yahan koi Richa nahi hai."
Daya - "Richa Aggarwal.."
Watchman - "saab main sabko jaanta hoon iss building mein. Koi Richa nahi hai yahan.. aap bolo aapko kisse milna hai."
Daya - "dekho wohh ladki yahin rehti hai"
Watchman - "dekho saab kyun raat mein time paas kar rahe ho. Shareef lagte ho, chale jao warna police ko bulaunga.."

Daya raised a finger but before he said anything, Abhi had come.. Abhi placed a hand on Daya's shoulder..

Abhi - "Ye khud CID se hain aur main Senior Inspector Abhijeet. Building ke 6th floor par kisi ka khoon hua hai.. kaun kaun rehta hai wahan.. chalo jaldi.."

Now all 3 of them rush upstairs... while going up...

Daya - "Abhijeet tum yahan kaise?"
Abhi - "Shruti aur main saamne hotel mein the tab Shruti ne dikha. Kisi ne us building se aim kiya tha laser se."
Daya - "kaun kaun rehta hai 6th floor par?"
Watchman - "saab baki sab toh theek hai par ek ladki hai - Nisha madam. Ek mahine pehle unhone bahut zaldi zaldi mein ghar liye. Kuch 15 din pehle unke saath unki ek saheli Ishani madam bhi aa gayi."
Abhi - "un dono ke ghar se sadak dikhti hai?"
Watchman - "haan saab. Dikhti hai."

Daya and Abhi broke through the door. They ran into the hall and saw a girl lying there. Blood coming out of her stomach. She had been hit with a bullet on her stomach. And right in front of him, Abhi could see the broken window and beyond that the hotel where he and Shruti stayed and now he could see Shruti standing at the window with other people. Abhi guessed it to be ACP sir and others...

Watchman let out a scream on seeing the dead body.

Daya - "pehchaante ho isse?"
Watchman - "ye to Nisha madam hai.”
Daya – “Abhijeet main andar dekhta hoon.”

And Daya goes into other rooms. One bedroom looks fine. There is nothing in the cupboard or anywhere else. The bathrooms are clean just there are some hair. Daya makes a mental note to collect them as evidence. The other bedroom however looks shabby. There is a broken plate. Nothing else. Abhijeet said that there were 2 people arguing… where is the other person… was it Richa?
Daya enters the kitchen, almost making up his mind that Richa had somehow escaped. Daya checks the kitchen… and he was almost leaving when he heard some commotion near the refrigerator. He opened it, but it was fine… then he decided that the noise wasn’t from the fridge but from the cupboard beside it. Daya goes to it slowly and opened it and was shocked to see a girl cuddled inside. Daya looked carefully and it was Richa. She was hurt and also very scared. The same moment, Richa took a better view of Daya and came out in an instant and hugged him tight. She was really scared.

Richa – “Thank God Daya tum aa gaye.”
Daya – “Richa tum theek ho? Yahan kya hua tha?”

Before Richa could respond, Kaveri and Vivek came into the kitchen. They too were looking through the house and they see Daya and Richa. Richa broke off the hug and took Daya’s hands now…

Richa – “Main bata nahi sakti, I am so glad. Please mujhe iss sab se bacha lo. Maine kuch nahi kiya par wohh mujhe maar dega.”
Daya – “Richa, ruko. Pehle saant ho jao. Phir aaram se batao kya baat hai.”

And ACP, Abhi and Shruti too come now. Freddie and Lavanya are taking care of the dead body.

ACP – “tum isse jaante ho Daya?”
Daya – “ji sir. Ye Richa Aggarwal hai. Mere saath college mein thi.”
ACP – “Richa, dekho gabrao mat. Sach Sach batao.”

Richa looks at Daya and he gives her a reassuring look and Richa looks back to ACP. Obviously Daya and Richa are no longer holding hands…

Richa – “sir wohh mujhe bhi nahi chodega. Maine kuch nahi kiya.”
Abhi – “kaun nahi chodega? Kaun hai wohh?”
Shruti – “sir Richa ki tabiyat theek nahi lag rahi. Pehle isse hospital le jaaye?”
ACP – “theek hai. Vivek, tum Lavanya aur Freddie ke saath body forensic lab le jao. Shruti, tum aur Kaveri Richa ko hospital le jao, phir bureau le aana.”

Abhi and Daya too leave with others…

ACP – “Daya aur Abhijeet. Tum dono ruko.”

Daya, ACP and Abhi are in the bureau.

ACP – “Daya tum kuch chupa toh nahi rahe ho na?”
Daya – “sir maine bataya toh aapko. Richa mere saath college mein thi. Management padh rahi thi. College se nikalne ke baad main aaj Richa se mila hoon. Bas suna tha ki Richa Hotel Management mein gayi hai.”
ACP – “aur jo tumne letter ke bare mein bataya…”

Daya takes out the letter from his pocket and gives it to ACP… Abhi leans in closer to have a look. ACP and Abhi read it while Daya kept saying…

Daya – “sir aaj shaam 7 baje ke kareeb ek aadmi aaya. Usne apna naam Vishal bataya. Vishal ne kaha ki Richa uske pados mein rehti hai aur 15 din pehle wohh ghar chod kar chali gayi. Phir kal aaj subah wohh Vishal se milne office aayi aur usne Vishal ko ye letter mujhe dene ko kaha.”
Abhi – “sir ye ho sakta hai. Watchman bhi keh raha tha ki 15 din pehle hi Ishani Nisha ke saath rehne aayi hai. Ho sakta hai Ishani hi Richa ho.”

Then Shruti and Kaveri enter with Richa.

Everyone except Richa is standing. They all are staring at her and Richa is even more nervous. She has a bandage around her forehead and one on her arm. Rest wounds were nothing more than scratches and they would heel up.

ACP – “Richa sab sach sach batana. Dekho agar tum sach nahi bologi, toh hum tumhari koi madad nahi kar sakte.”

Richa is very scared, she looks at everyone and then as she opens her mouth to speak, her lips tremble the first time but then she gathers courage and speaks…

Richa – “sir, Ragini, Lata aur main, Hotel Ocean Waves mein managers the. Hum teeno ek hi ghar mein rehte the. Ragini Restaurant dekhti thi aur Lata aur main, room service. Ek din Ragini kahin se ek mini recorder layi. Usne bas test karne ke liye, ek table mein laga diya. Us table par ek ladka ladki baithe. Ladki ruthi hui thi aur ladke ki saari baatein ladki ko manane ke liye hi thi. Hum teeno ne raat mein saari baatein suni aur bahut hase. Agle din, unhi dono se phir se table book kari aur Ragini ne recorder phir laga diya. Wohh ladka ladki toh nahi aaye, par us table pe 2 aadmi baithe us din. Unmein se ek ka naam Raaka tha. Wohh log keh rahe the ki Hotel mein jo maut hui thi, wohh maut nahi thi par unhone khoon liye the.”

Everyone looks at each other…

Abhi – “ye wohi toh nahi, jahan hotel ki 3 parties mein ek aurat ki maut ho jaati hai?”
Richa – “ji sir. Wohi. Humare Hotel mein kai business parties hoti thi. Kai log with families aate the. Hotel complementary kisi na kisi ko gifts bhi deta. Teeno partiyoin mein, ek dress aur accessories aayi kisi na kisi guest ko dene ke liye. Wohh dono aadmi baat kar rahe the ki uska khoon karna hai jisne necklace pehna hoga. Hum log darr gaye ye sunkar. Agle din humne party ki pics dekhi toh dekha ki teeno auratein jo mari hain, unhone ek hi jaisa necklace pehen rakha tha. Aur unke marne ke baad, wohh necklace kabhi nahi mila.”
ACP – “tumhe kaise pata ki ye necklace Hotel ki taraf se gaye samaan mein hi gaya tha?”
Richa – “sir teeno necklace bilkul ek jaise the. Koi farak nahi. Aur ek baar maine aur Lata na ek pack khol kar dekha tha. Usmein bhi wohi necklace tha.”
Abhi – “phir, tum logoin ne bataya Police ko?”
Richa – “Ragini gayi thi. Usne Hotel ki jewellery shop mein pata kiya. Wohh necklace hotel ka nahi tha. Balki guests ke liye jo gift aaya tha, usmein toh koi necklace hona hi nahi chahiye tha.”
ACP – “Ye Ragini aur Lata hain kahan?”
Richa – “sir Nisha hi Lata hai. Ragini ek din achanak gayab ho gayi. 2 din baad uski body khoon se latpat laundry ke truck mein mili. Hotel ke malik ki Police mein achi jaan pehchaan hai toh ye mamla daba diya gaya… Tab se Lata aur mujhe dhamki bhare phone aa rahe hain. Ek din na jaane kisi ne phone pe Lata se kya keh diya, wohh ghar chod kar chali gayi. Usne kaha ki ab wohh yahan aur rahi toh Ragini ki tarah marr jaayegi. Thode din akele rehne ke baad mujhe bhi darr lagne laga. Humare ghar mein dhamki bhare khat, khoon se sane rumaal aur na jaane kaisi kaisi cheezein aane lagi.”
Abhi – “pata nahi chala kaun kar raha hai ye sab?”
Richa – “pata nahi kaise wohh party ki pics hotel mein fael gayi. Sabko pata hai ki wohh necklace manhoos hai. Jo bhi uss necklace ko pehenta hai, maara jaata hai. Jab baat itni badh gayi, toh maine aur Lata ne kaam par jaana bhi chod diya. Din bhar ghar ke andar darr kar rehte. Ek din jab bahut ho gaya toh main bhi Lata ke saath rehne chali gayi. Maine usse bahut poocha ki aisa kya hua ki wohh ghar chod kar aa gayi par usne nahi bataya. Aaj subah kisi ka phone aaya aur Lata fauran chali gayi. Mujhe laga ki kuch toh gadbad hai aur maine socha main aap logoin ke paas aaun. Par agar unhe pata lag jata, toh wohh log mujhe maar dete. Isiliye main Vishal se milne gayi aur usse kaha ki wohh Daya ko letter de de. Shaam ko Lata aayi toh uske paas bahut paise the. Maine bahut poocha par usne nahi bataya. Hum issi baat par behas kar rahe the, ki itne mein sheeshe ke us paar se goli aayi aur dekhte hi dekhte Lata ne dam tod diya. Main bahut dar gayi thi, isiliye main rasoi mein chup gayi.”

And she started crying…

ACP – “Kaveri…”

Kaveri took the clue, nodded and took Richa aside.

Just then Abhi’s cell rang. It was from the forensic lab… Dr Tarika’s… and Abhi was always flirty with her…

Abhi – “ji Dr Tarika… kya? Acha acha… nahi hum log aate hain abhi… arre nahi… kaun busy… bas aapne bola na toh pahunch jaayenge.”

Abhi had turned his back while on the phone… when he turned, everyone was staring at him… surprised seeing Abhi flirt even after his wedding…

At the Forensic… all enter except ACP, Vivek, Kaveri and Lavanya who are still interrogating Richa…

Saluke – “Arre Abhijeet ki toh shakal hi badal gayi shaadi ke baad. Itne dino ke baad lab mein aaye ho, warna pehle toh yahan se bhagana mushkil tha.”

Abhi blushes a little…

Saluke – “kyun bhai main jhooth bol raha hoon kya? Kyun Tarika?”

Tarika never saw this coming… and she got a little scared at first…

Tarika – “sir aap mujhse kyun pooch rahe hain? Waise Abhijeet itna bhi nahi aate the…”

Abhi knew this was his chance… and well he hadn’t still left flirting completely…

Abhi – “dekha Doctor saab, aap toh bas aise hi kehte hain. Tarika ne kaha na main itna bhi nahi aata tha.”
Saluke – “haan bhai, Tarika ne kaha hai toh aisa hi hoga. Suna Shruti?”

Everyone turned to see Shruti. She stood silently all through this but laughing her stomach out. Abhi saw her laughing and smiled…

Freddie – “Shruti aapko kya hua?”
Shruti – “Freddie aapko pata hai, maine Abhijeet ko kabhi flirt karte nahi dekha. Aaj pata chala kyun…”
Freddie – “kyun?”
Shruti – “kyunki Abhijeet ko flirt karna nahi aata.”

And everyone laughed out loud… including Abhi himself…

Saluke – “acha ab kaam ki baat karte hain. Is ladki ki maut toh goli lagne se hi hui hai par iss ladki ke khoon mein drugs mile hue hain.”
Daya – “Kya? Nisha… yani Lata drugs leti thi?”
Saluke – “Haan. Ye lagbhag ek mahine se drugs le rahi hai. Aaj bhi usne drugs liye. Aur jaananewali baat ye hai ki Lata roz pehle se zyada drugs le rahi thi.”
Shruti – “yani koi Lata ko drugs ki lat lagwa raha tha aur agar Lata aaj na marti toh ek din drug overdose se mar jaati?”
Saluke – “bilkul sahi. Arre wah Shruti… ek kaam karo Dr Tarika ko CID mein bhej dete hain aur tum yahan aa jao. Yahan ka kaam tum jald hi seekh jaogi aur wahan Abhijeet toh hai na.”
Freddie – “par phir yahan aakar Abhijeet sir flirt kisse karenge?”
Abhi – “Freddie?”

And everyone burst laughing again…

In the office,
Richa sat on the chair and everyone stood beside her… except Abhi and Daya… they weren’t in the room.

ACP – “Richa dekho sach sach batao. Lata ek mahine se drugs ke rahi thi.”
Richa – “sir mujhe sach mein nahi pata. Lata ne mujhe nahi bataya aur na maine usse kabhi drugs lete dekha.”
Kaveri – “sir ye khoon bhi toh ek mahine pehle hone hi shuru hue hain.”
ACP – “haan…”
Kaveri – “Pehla khoon hua tha 29 April ko, doosra 6 May aur teesra 13 May. Aur teeno din hi Wenesday tha.”
ACP – “Richa in teeno dino mein koi khaas baat?”
Richa – “sir Lata ka toh Wednesday ko off hota tha. Wohh aksar Wednesday ko Sahil se milne jaati thi.”
ACP – “Sahil kaun hai?

Just then Abhi enters…

Abhi – “sir Sahil Lata ka mangetar tha.”
Richa – “tha matlab?”
Abhi – “Sahil ne ek mahine pehle Lata se sagayi tod di.”
Richa – “kya? Ho nahi sakta. Lata toh roz mere saamne Sahil se baat karti thi.”
ACP – “par Sahil ne sagai kyun todi?”
Abhi – “sir Sahil ka kehna hai ki Lata kuch galat logoin ke saath mil gayi thi.”
Lavanya – “sir kahin Lata in khoono mein shamil toh nahi, aur usse chup karwane ke liye uska khoon hua?”
ACP – “ho sakta hai. Aur Lata ke ma – baap?”
Abhi – “Lata ne unse bhi kai din se baat nahi ki.”
ACP – “is ladki mein kuch toh gadbad hai. Vivek Lata ka mobile number lo aur mobile company se pata karo ki pichle ek mahine mein Lata ne kin kin logoin se baat kari hai.”

Then Abhi gets a call… it was Daya and Daya asked Abhi to come alone to a bar. Daya also asked Abhi not to tell this to anyone. Daya sounded tired and a little nervous and Abhi said he will be there…

ACP – “kiska phone tha?”
Abhi – “sir wohh D… Daya ke informer ka.”
ACP – “kya hua?”
Abhi – “sir Daya ne kuch information maangi thi par abhi Daya ka phone nahi lag raha isiliye usne mujhe bulaya hai.”
ACP – “theek hai, tum aur Vivek chale jao.”
Abhi – “nahi sir ye thoda teda aadmi hai. Isne bola akele aana aur agar koi aur gaya toh shayad ye kuch bhi batane se inkar kar de.”
ACP – “theek hai.”

Saying so, ACP raises an eyebrow and he doesn’t trust Abhi enough. Abhi walks out and Shruti sees that no one is watching and so she goes after him…

Shruti – “Abhi kahan ja rahe ho?”
Abhi – “Bola toh informer ke paas.”
Shruti – “maine poocha kahan jaa rahe ho? Kisse milne nahi.”
Abhi – “Shruti mujhe abhi der ho rahi hai, main tumhe wahan se phone karunga.”
Shruti – “jab jhooth bolna nahi aata toh kyun koshish karte ho?”
Abhi – “matlab?”
Shruti – “Daya ka phone than na?”
Abhi – “tumhe kaise pata?”

Shruti takes her phone out and shows Abhi a message. It was from Daya as well… It read –

Main abhi nahi aa sakta. Yahan kuch gadbad hai. Abhijeet se kehna mujhse jald se jald baat kare. Uska phone nahi lag raha.

Shruti – “aap yahan the hi nahi, kise batati?”

Abhi smiles, nods and then leaves.

Abhi goes to Axis Bar and Restaurant, where Daya had called him. There Daya was waiting for Abhi with another man. Abhi goes and joins them.

Daya – “kisi ko pata toh nahi ki tum mujhse milne aaye ho?”
Abhi – “nahi, maine kaha tumhare informer ka phone hai. Par baat kya hai Daya?”
Daya – “Kisto ka kisi ne khoon kar diya.”
Abhi – “matlab tumhare informer ka?”
Daya – “haan Abhijeet. Maine usse Lata ke ghar waloin ke bare mein pata karne ko kaha tha. Aur ye Murli hai, Kisto ka dost. Isne bola shaam ko wohh apne ghar mein mara hua mila.”
Abhi – “dekha usko?”
Daya – “haan Police thi wahan. Alcohol overdose se mar gaya.”
Abhi – “Murli Kisto ne kuch bataya?”
Murli – “saab Kisto toh subah subah chala gaya tha. Din bhar kisi ne usse nahi dekha. Shaam ko jab uski behen ghar aayi, toh dekha wohh mara pada hai. Maine fat se Daya saab ko phone kar diya.”
Abhi – “tumhe pata hai Kisto gaya kahan tha?”
Murli – “nahi saab. Wohh apne ko har jagah nahi lekar jaata tha. Par saab Kisto ko pakka kisi ne pakda tha. Kisto toh sharab nahi peeta tha. Uski behen Kajri ne usse ek din bahut jhagda kiya tha. Tab se usne daru ko haath ich nahi lagaya.”
Daya – “boss koi hai jo nahi chahta ki Lata ke ghar waloin ke bare mein hume pata chale.”
Abhi – “chalo hum hi chalte hain Lata ke ghar.”

Abhi and Daya are waiting in front of a bungow when everyone else come.

Daya – “sir ye Lata ke parents ka ghar hai.”
ACP – “wohh hain andar?”
Daya – “ji”
ACP – “chalo phir.”

Inside the house… there was an old man, an old lady, a teenage girl and a tall handsome dude. The old couple was crying bitterly and very tensed. The girl took care of the lady and the guy of the man…

ACP – “Dekhiye Sharma ji, hume jo kuch hua uska dukh hai. Par agar aap iss waqt humari madad kar dein toh hum pata kar sakte hain ki aapki ladki ko kisne maara.”
The guy – “sir aap mind na karein toh main aapke sawaloin ka jawab de doon? Papa iss waqt shayad jawab na de paaye.”
ACP – “Aap kaun?”
Sahil – “sir main Sahil Wadhwa, Lata ka fiancĂ©e.”

ACP looks at everyone…

ACP – “Sahil tumne toh Lata se mangni tod de thee na. Kyun?
Sahil – “sir Lata kisi galat kaam mein phas gayi thi. Maine usse bahut poocha ki agar koi pareshani hai toh mujhe bata de par usne kabhi nahi bataya. Ek din papa ne Lata ko nashe ki halat mein ghar aate dekha. Nashe mein wohh kuch bol bhi rahi thi… kisi khoon ke bare mein. Tab papa ne hi kaha ki ab umeed karna bekaar hai.”
Sharma aunty – “sir meri ladki aisi nahi thi. Usse zaroor kisi ne phasaya tha.”

And saying so she starts crying horridly… ACP asks the girls to take care of her and the 3 lady cops take her aside…

ACP – “aur aap kaun hain?” (to the girl)
Girl – “sir main Urmila, Lata ki choti behen.”
ACP – “Urmila, Lata ne tumhe kabhi kuch bataya.”
Urmila – “sir didi mujhe apni saari baatein batati thi. Par ek din achanak wohh bahut darri hui lag rahi thi. Us din se unhone mujhse kabhi theek se baat nahi ki. Shaam ko der se aati aur so jaati.”
ACP – “par kuch toh hua hoga us din?”
Urmila – “pata nahi sir. Par haan didi diary likhti thi… ho sakta hai usmein ho.”
Sahil – “kya? Lata diary likhti thi? Tumne bataya kyun nahi Urmila? Hum pehle pata kar sakte the ki usse kya baat sata rahi hai.”
Urmila – “wohh diary yahan nahi hai. Didi ke jaane ke baad, maine har jagah dhoondi. Kuch bhi nahi hai.”
ACP – “sharma ji, agar aapko aitraaz na ho, toh kya hum ghar ki talaashi le sakte hain?”

The old man nodds and the search begins…
They mainly concentrate on checking Lata’s room… there is nothing specific there… and then Lavanya is checking her cupboard… and there she takes out a dress… ACP sees Lavanya seeing the dress and comes to her…

ACP – “Kuch mila Lavanya?”
Lavanya – “sir ye dress…”
ACP – “kuch hai kya ismein?”
Lavanya – “sir dekhiye, baaki saare kapde bahut ki sade aura am hain. Par ye bahut mehengi designer dress hai. Ye Reena Daswani tagged hai.”
ACP – “is dress ki koi khaas baat?”
Lavanya – “ji sir. Reena Daswani sirf order par dress banati hain. Unke koi 2 dresses kabhi ek jaise nahi hote aur ye dress, jahan tak mujhe lagta hai, bahut mehengi hai.”

Till then all others come near… Sahil and urmila are also here…

ACP – “Urmila, ye dress kiski hai?”
Urmila – “sir ye didi ki hai.”
ACP – “par ye zyada purani toh nahi lag rahi.”
Urmila – “sir, ye dress didi ko kisi ne gift kari thi lagbhag ek mahine pehle. Maa bahut gussa bhi hui thi ki did ke kisi dost ne unhe 10,000 ka gift diya.”
ACP – “ye dost kaun hai?”
Urmila – “pata nahi. Didi ne bataya hi nahi.”
Lavanaya – “sir hum Reena Daswani store se pata kar sakte hain.”
ACP – “theek hai. Tum aur Vivek Reena Daswani se milo, aur hum log Lata ke doosre ghar jaate hain. Wahan uski diary zaroor honi chahiye.”
Sahil – “sir main bhi chaluin?”
ACP – “nahi Sahil. Chinta mat karo.”

At Reena Daswani Store.. Vivek and Lavanya enter…

Sales Girl – “sir may I help you?”
Lavanya – “ye dress dekhiye… ye aap hi ke dukan ki hai na?”

Lavanya shows the dress from the bag…

Sales girl – “ji ma’am ye dress toh humare store ki hi hai.”
Vivek – “kya aap bata sakti hain ki ye kisne lee thi?”

Then the designer comes out of the room… she asks the sales girl whats the matter and the sales girl tells her and then…

Reena – “aapne ye dress jisse lee hai usse kyun nahi poochte? Ye kya tareeka hai ki aap aise poochne aa gaye?”
Vivek – “madam dekhiye hum CID se hain. Ye dress kisi ne ek ladki ko gift ki thi aur us ladki ki maut ho chuki hai.”
Reena – “oh… rukiye hum dekh kar batate hain.”

Then Reena asks the sales girl to check the records and finds…

Sales Girl – “sir ye dress Mr Ankit ne lee hai.”
Lavanya – “unka koi contact number?”
Sales Girl – “ji sir. Main aapko likh kar de deti hoon.”

Daya was standing with Richa in the drawing room. Richa wasn’t to be left alone as she was in danger… and also they didn’t want her to interfere while searching the house…

Richa – “thanks Daya. Mujhe pata tha ki sirf tum hi iss waqt meri madad kar sakte ho.”
Daya – “Richa, agar aisa kuch hai jo tumne nahi bataya toh bata do, warna hum tumhari madad nahi kar paayenge.”
Richa – “par Daya mujhe sach mein iss sab ke bare mein kuch nahi pata. Lata ne kuch bhi batana chod diya tha.”
Daya – “achanak toh sab kuch nahi hua hoga na?”
Richa – “tumne kya meri baat par yakin nahi hai Daya? Agar mujhe kuch chupana hota toh main tumhe khud kyun bulati… pata nahi achanak se kya se kya ho gaya? Pehle Ragini phir Lata… mujhe bahit darr lag raha hai…”

Shruti was passing the drawing room that time… Daya saw her pass and she saw Lata crying… and in all Daya was really embarrassed… Shruti goes to them…

Shruti – “kya kaha tumne Daya?”
Daya – “maine kuch nahi kaha…”

Abhi too came there then..

Abhi – “arre ye kya ho raha hai yahan?”
Shruti – “aap sab log aise hi ho… Dekho Daya ne bhi bechari ko rula diya…”
Abhi – “maine kya kiya? Aur bhai Daya ye kya tumhari shikayat aa rahi hai.”

Daya was too confused… he was looking from Richa to Shruti to Abhijeet…

Jus then ACP comes… he sees Daya confused and Shruti and Abhi laughing…

ACP – “ab se lagta hai CID mein sirf shaadiyaan aur hasi – mazaak hoga… kuch kaam kar lein?”

And ACP leaves saying so for Vivek calls him from inside…

Still Outside…
Richa wasn’t crying now… she had a faint smile…

Shruti – “Richa tum bura mat mano. Ye sab log aise hi hain…”
Abhi – “tumhara kya matlab hai ye sab log… aur waise kharabi kya hai hum mein?”
Richa – “aap dono pati – patni hain?”
Abhi – “dekho Shruti ye galat baat hai… ab toh saari duniya ko pata chal raha hai… kya yaar… main toh soch raha tha case khatam hone ke baad, Richa ko dinner ke liye poochoin…”
Shruti – “Daya se pooch toh lo…”

Before Daya could speak anything… Shruti was already dragging Abhi inside… Richa was a little blushing and Daya was highly blushing and he followed Abhi and Shruti inside… and then Richa too…

Vivek and Freddie were pulling aside a wooden cupboard from its place. ACP see them coming…

ACP – “thank God, ab kuch kaam hoga.”

The 4 late comers were silent… Abhi and Daya helped Vivek and Freddie to move the cupboard… after moving it… they saw there was a poster behind.

Richa – “ye poster toh Lata ka hai.”
ACP – “par ye poster yahan kar kya raha hai. Freddie, hatao isse.”

Freddie does so… and when Freddie removes it, there a little key falls from behind it. Freddie picks the key and gives it to ACP…

ACP – “Richa ye chabi kis cheez ki hai?”
Richa – “sir mujhe nahi pata. Maine ye chabi pehle nahi dekhi.”
Kaveri – “sir kahin ye chabi kisi locker ki toh nahi.”
Daya – “Richa, Lata ke paas koi locker tha?”
Richa – “Usne kabhi bataya toh nahi.”

And then ACP asks them all to be silent… (by actions…) when they are all quiet.. they too hear that there are some voices from outside… and its like someone is moving there silently…
Daya and Abhi take their guns out and go out first… Vivek and Freddie cover them… the rest also have their guns with them. ACP and Shruti are covering Richa.

Outside, there are 7 men, all in black masks. They have guns and chains.. they enter quietly and are hiding in the drawing room, waiting for CID to come… Abhi is going first followed by Daya… and Abhi is about to show up when Daya pulls him back.

Daya – “Abhijeet, dekho wahan koi hai… sofe ke peeche.”

Abhi looks at the direction Daya was pointing and there certainly was someone hiding there. Abhi pulls the silencer of his gun and then points towards the man… and then shoots… the man dies and then everything happens too soon… All the others have their guns out and declare themselves… Daya and Abhi face them all first and they are already ready so 2 people die just after… but then the ratio was still uneven… there was a little hand fighting and it was getting a little tough when Daya and Freddie joined… the 4 men, ran.

ACP came with the others…

ACP – “Vivek jao dekho… pakdo unhe.”

Vivek, Daya and Freddie go after them…

ACP – “Abhijeet, dekho kuch milta hai kya inke paas se…”

Abhi is searching the pockets and he finds a paper bag. It was an envelope… the usual brown envelopes. Abhi opened it and it had money. 10,000 ruppees. Abhi gave the money to ACP and then he was checking the packet… It was addressed to this house and in the bottom left had some other address printed.

ACP – “wohh kya likha hai envelope pe?”
Abhi – “sirf ye toh…”
ACP – “kya?”
Abhi – “Sir ye envelope Hotel Ocean Waves ke gym ka hai.”

Everyone is shocked…

In the Hotel… Daya and Kaveri go there with Richa. Richa takes them to the manager of the gym.

Manager – “arre Richa. Kahan thi tum itne din?”
Richa – “sir wohh sab chodiye. Ye CID se hain. Inhe aapse kuch poochna hai.”
Manager – “kuch gadbad hai kya?”
Daya – “dekhiye, aapke Hotel mein kaam karne wali ek ladki thi Lata. Aap usko pehchante hain?”
Manager – “Lata. Ofcourse. Abhi kal hi toh aayi thi yahan.”
Kaveri – “kya Lata kal yahan aayi thi?”
Manager – “ji. Lata toh yahan aksar aati hai.”
Daya – “kyun aayi thi?”
Manager – “sir wohh keh rahi thi, locker se kuch samaan lena hai.”
Daya – “Lata ka locker hai yahan?”
Manager – “nahi sir. Kisi Mr Shyaam ne liya tha. Phir ek din wohh Lata ke saath aaye aur keh gaye ki Lata hi ab unka locker access karegi.”
Kaveri – “Kal Lata yahan kitne baje aayi?”
Manager – “Din ke waqt.”
kaveri – “kya hum locker dekh sakte hain?”
Manager – “locker toh hai, par bina chabi ke nahi khulega.”

Daya takes out the key…

Manager – “ye chabi aapko lata ya Mr Shyaam ne hi dee hai na?”
Daya – “dekhiye Lata ka khoon ho gaya hai. Hum uske khooni ka pata karne ki koshish kar rahe hai.”
Manager – “kya? Lata ka khoon ho gaya? Par kal toh wohh bahut khush thi. Keh rahi thi ki kuch din baad videsh ghumne jaa rahi hai.”
Richa – “Lata ne mujhe toh nahi bataya.”
Manager – “ajeeb hai. Keh rahi thi tum uski tyaari mein madad kar rahi ho.”
Daya – “kaisi tyaari?”
Manager – “sir Richa aur Lata bahut dino se kaam par nahi aa rahi. Jab Lata kaam par na aane ke baad, locker khol ne pehli baar aayi toh maine us se poocha ki kya baat hai, toh kehti ki Richa ko toh kafi sadma hai Ragini ki maut ka. Kal aayi toh kehne lagi, ki wohh videsh jaa rahi hai aur tum uski madad karwa rahi ho.”
Daya – “acha pehle chalo Locker dikhao.”

The Manager showed them the locker… Daya opened it. It had lots of money. Daya took it all out. Then deep inside was a small bag and a diary. Daya gave the bag to Kaveri. She opened it and it had a necklace.

Richa – “ye toh wohi necklace hai.”
Kaveri – “jo sab marne walo ke gale mein tha?”
Richa – “haan.”

Daya is reading the diary by now… he rushes past first few pages and then eventually his average time on each page increases… and then suddenly, he goes back to the previous page…
He reads the page again… and his expressions are all changed… he is scared, angry, confused and shocked!

Kaveri – “kya hua sir?”

Daya doesn’t listen. He is already taking his cell and calling ACP.

Daya – “sir haan, diary mil gayi. Sir bahut badi gadbad hai…”

And Daya hadn’t even completed when he heard a bullet being fired and then Richa screamed. ACP too heard the bullet… he asked Daya to take control while others are on the way…. Here Richa had been hit by a bullet in her wrist. Kaveri was holding Richa with one hand and in the other, her gun already steady. The manager was shivering with fear… Daya pushed him behind the lockers… Daya’s gun was out now. He pulled Richa behind and asked Kaveri to look behind and then he was moving forward… The diary was with him…

Daya knew what he had to do… he had to somehow survive with the diary and Richa till the others reached here. It wont take them more than 10 minutes… but he could hear the time passing slower than ever…

Daya – “Kaveri locker ke peeche jaldi. Wahan se cover karo.”

And then Daya took Richa’s hand, and pulled her with him as he moved… Daya was too careful… for he didn’t know where exactly were the bad men hiding… and they took the advantage… they suddenly appeared in front of him. All were masked like they were in the house. Their leader stepped forward –

Leader – “kyun apni jaan gavate ho? Hume tumse koi matlab nahi hai. Ladki aur diary hume de do. Wohh saare paise tumhare. Bologe toh doogne bhi mil jaayenge.”

Daya remained silent…

Leader – “officer, humare paas zyada time nahi hai. Ladki ko humne maarna hi hai, kyun chahte ho ki ye yahin mar jaaye.”

Daya was still silent… Richa was really scared. Her hand ached like hell but she didn’t care. Not now. She clung very tightly to Daya’s shirt.

Leader – “lagta hai isse ladki se koi pyaar nahi hai… theek hai, jaisi aapki marzi.”

And the leader points his gun towards Richa… Daya was ready, he was just about to shoot when another of the men fell down and died. Everyone turned to see the other CID ppl there. It was ACP who had fired… Daya however didn’t look back. He knew it had to be CID for silently he was counting time. It was 9 minutes 28 seconds since when he had called ACP. Daya thanked God for this and without wasting a second moment, he took hold of Richa’s hand and escaped. He knew he had to explain but not now…

Till the time the bad men knew what was happening, Daya and Richa were already rushing past them. The leader was intelligent. HE asked his men to fight the CID and he ran after Daya… he was fast and caught Richa. Richa used her big nails… she never imagined herself doing it nor did she think, that she would ever but as it says – desperate times, desperate measures…. Richa used her nails on his throat and he let her free… Daya looked at Richa and smiled. The leader bad man, was hurt but more shocked… he knew he missed his short and now ran out of the building…

Daya asked Richa to get into the car soon and then he took her to the most unpredictable clinic one can think of… it was a Government run clinic. Richa got her wound cleaned. It wasn’t easy… the people there wont help… and then Daya had to show his ID and also ask them all to keep their mouths shut as they were on trail…
Daya took the public phone and then called Abhi…

Abhi – “Daya kahan ho?”
Daya – “Abhijeet wohh sab chodo… aur meri baat suno… tumhara ghar abhi poori tarah se nahi bana na?”

And then Daya tells Abhi something… some plan or whatever… what we cant hear… but we see Daya speaking something in most urgency…

Daya – “Abhijeet theek hai na?”
Abhi – “hum pahunch rahe hain.”

Fifteen minutes later…. Daya parked the car in front of Richa’s old house.

Richa – “Daya kuch toh batao kya baat hai? Hum yahan kyun aaye hain?”
Daya – “Abhijeet aur Shruti, yahan hain.”
Richa – “Daya mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai. Wohh log mujhe kyun maarna chahte hain?”
Daya – “tumne zaroor kuch dekha hoga ya suna hoga… unhe darr hai ki kahin tum hume na bata do…”
Richa – “par mujhe sach mein kuch nahi pata…”
Daya – “ye unhe nahi pata”

And then Richa is really scared… Daya could see her trembling… and so he gave her a reassuring smile

Daya – “daro mat. Main hoon na. Tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga.”

Richa was on the verge of crying but ofcourse now she didn’t…
The two of them, went upstairs and to the house… Daya rang the bell… and Richa couldn’t recognize who opened the door. There was a lady in shiny royal blue suit. She had long thick hair tied into a neat plat and wore a little jewellery.

Lady – “ahho! Tussi aa gaye si? Assi tuada kinni der nu intezaar karya si…. Aap aao…”

Daya and Richa entered… Richa kept staring the lady. She knew that the lady had to be harmless… but she didn’t recognize her and that was bad… she kept staring her and the Punjabi lady smiled back…

Daya – “Abhijeet kahan hai?”
Lady – “unki abhi tak pagdi nahi bandhi…”

And only now Richa recognized – this was Shruti…

Richa – “aap?”
Shruti – “kyun bhai Daya, tumne kya kisi aur ko bulaya tha?”
Richa – “nahi, main toh aapko pehchaan hi nahi paayi…”

Daya wasn’t listening at all… he was worried and Shruti saw this…

Shruti – “ruko main bulati hoon …. Suno tussi aa rahe si ki main jaun?”

Abhi came out… if Shruti was unrecognizable… have a bet Abhi would see his ID again to confirm he was really Abhi…. Abhi wore his usual suit… but this was different… all brown and with beard and turban… this was the perfect Punjabi get up.

Abhi – “ye pagdi zaroor giregi.”

Shruti shook her head and went to help him…

Shruti – “ab sir itna mat hilao… warna giregi na…”

They both came to Richa and Daya…

Daya – “Shruti, Richa ko kapde de do…”

Richa looked at Daya for some kind of explaination but she got none… Anyways, so she followed Shruti inside while Abhi and Daya talked outside…

Abhi – “ab batao kya baat hui?”
Daya – “Abhijeet Lata gadbad hai…”

Daya shows Abhi the diary… a particular page…

Abhi reads it loud…

Abhi – “…mujhe darr lag raha hai. Aaj shyaam ke kehne par na jaane maine kya kar dala? Shyaam ne kaha ki wohh haar party host ke gift mein daal do… uske baad jisne wohh haar pehna tha, us aurat ka khoon ho gaya…”

Abhi looked at Daya but Daya was busy turning the page… Daya opened a page and then Abhi read again…

Abhi – “…ye theek nahi hua… Ragini ke mini recorder ne Mithun aur Rakka ki baat record kar lee hai. Agar Ragini ko sab pata chal gaya toh wohh chup nahi rahegi… Shyaam ne kaha ki chinta karne ki zaroorat nahi hai…”

Daya turned the page still further…

Abhi – “…main apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paungi… Shyaam ki baat sunkar mujhe drugs ki aadat lag gayi hai… main kya karun? Iss wajah se maine ghar bhi chod diya… papa ko shaq ho gaya tha… par ab main drugs ke bina nahi reh paati… aur aaj jab main shyaam ke ghar mein drugs le rahi thi… toh maine dekha ki shyaam kisi aur ladki ke saath bahar se aaya… wohh ladki bhi nashe mein thi… shyaam ne meri taraf dhyaan bhi nahi diya aur us ladki ke saath andar chala gaya… mujhe shyaam ki baat sunni hi nahi chahiye thi… mujhe iss aadat se chutkara paana hai…”

Daya again turned the page…

Abhi – “… koi sahi kehta hai… ek baar kisi buri sangati mein aa jao, toh nikalna mushkil hota hai… maine shyaam se door rehne ki kitni koshish ki par uske paas mere kuch gande photos hain… usne kaha ki agar maine uska kaam nahi kiya toh wohh ye photo mere ghar bhej dega… usne mujhe drugs bhi dee………. Jab main hotel pahunchi… toh Ragini ko sab pata tha… usne kaha ki wohh sabko bata degi… darr ke mare maine Ragini ko maar diya…”

Abhi closed the diary…

Abhi – ‘is Shyaam ko dhoondna padega…”
Daya – “ye jo koi bhi hai, bahut pahunchi hui cheez hai. Drugs aur ladkiyoin ka dhandha karta hai…”
Abhi – “aage kya karna hai?”

Daya opened the diary again and showed Abhi some dates at the back…

Daya – “ye wohh saari dates hain jin par Hotel mein khoon hua. Inmein ek date kal ki bhi hai. Yani ke kal kisi ka khoon hona hai. Us party mein Mr and Mrs Raichura ki jagah Main jaunga.”
Abhi – “akele? Kya baat kar rahe ho? Nahi… main aur Shruti jate hain…”
Daya – “boss par kaam khatarnaak hai.”
Abhi – “koi baat nahi… uske baad?”

Daya explains the plan to Abhi… The guy Shyaam thinks that Richa knows everything and so he is after her but in reality she doesn’t know a thing. Now they need to somehow hide Richa till Tomorrow night. They both agreed that Abhi and Shruti will live here as a Punjabi couple and they will take Richa in. No one will know this and Shyaam wont ever think that Richa went to her old apartment…

As they were talking this, the door bell rang. Abhi answered it…

Freddie – “sir ye toh Abhijeet sir ya Daya sir nahi hain…”

Abhi decided to take it back on Freddie… Freddie had made Abhi quite in trouble in the lab and this was the time to pay.

Abhi – “aaho ji, assi toh Shamsher Singh hainge…”
Freddie – “dekho hum CID se hain… yahan do CID officer hone chahiye… hume aane do.”
Abhi – “aiwei aane do… assi ketta na ki inha koi CID SheID officer nahi henge…”

Freddie was leading the pack… he thought this is gonna be difficult and so he just tilted his head a little and said “sir aap fikar mat karo isse main nipat ta hoon.” Thank God Freddie didn’t look back, for behind, everyone had guessed it was Abhi and were struggling to control their laughs…

Freddie – “dekho tum mujhe jaante nahi ho… mujhe gussa aa gaya toh –“
Abhi – “toh? Arre tuane Shamsher Singh ko dhamki de haigi? Ab toh khoon di nadiya bahengi… aji sunti ho, zara meri talwar toh laana…”

Freddie gets scared…

Abhi – “abhi toh tussi assi nu jaande nahi si… sade boss da naam sunkar tuana nu kuch aur sunne di icha ich nahi rendi…”

Before Freddie could speak… Shruti came there… still in her get up but as she didn’t know what was going on, she spoke normally…

Shruti – “kya hua? Itni loud over acting kyun kar rahe ho?”

Everyone burst out laughing… including ACP. Freddie was feeling really sad…

Vivek – “arre ye toh Abhijeet sir hi hain…”
Freddie – “haan bas bas Vivek mujhe pata tha… main toh bas inhe mauka de raha tha…”
ACP – “Freddie…”

And then everyone went in…

Now the plan was,
Lavanya would walk out with Daya. Lavanya’s physique resembled that of Richa and so Lavanya would dress as Richa and leave with Daya. Richa would stay behind with Abhi and Shruti. Shruti was asked to get friendly with the neighbours and find out about Lata. Meanwhile, Vivek, Freddie and Kaveri would get employed at the Hotel and find whats happening inside. The rest was set up for the next day – Shruti and Abhi will attend the party as the hosts and Shruti will wear the necklace…

ACP – “Daya tum bureau jao, hum aate hain…”
Shruti – “sir, Daya ke liye ek aur kaam hai…”

Everyone looks at Shruti…

ACP – “kya?”

Shruti produces a small plastic packet… in it there was a cut nail… Richa looks at her recently cut nail.

Shruti – “sir, ye Richa ka nakun hai. Ismein kisi ki skin phasi hai.”

All the heads turn to Richa…

Richa – “mujhe lagta hai, jab wohh aadmi mujhe rokne ki koshish kar raha tha, tab usse hatane mein uski khaal nakun mein atak gayi…”
ACP – “ye toh bahut achi baat hai… ab hum khooni tak pahunch sakte hain… Daya tum ye sample lekar abhi forensic lab jao.”

Just then Richa’s phone rings… it was Sahil’s number…

ACP – “kiska phone hai?”
Richa – “sir Lata ke fiancee Sahil ka.”

ACP looked suspecious…

Richa – “sir Sahil aksar phone karta hai…”

ACP nods… Richa picks up the phone

Richa – “hello… nahi main theek hoon… arre kuch nahi hua… Aunty kahan se aa gayi? Nahi aunty main theek hoon… bilkul dard nahi hai… Sab hain mere saath… haan bhai apne ghar mein hi hoon, aap itni chinta kyun kar rahe ho. Nahi, dekho main theek hoon aur main aapse bahut jaldi milne aaungi… promise. Bbye…”
ACP – “kaun tha?”
Richa – “sir wohh meri aunty Sahil ke ghar aa gayi thi… Unhone news par dekha ki Hotel mein mujhe goli lag gayi.”
ACP – “tum toh Daya ke saath –“
Daya – “sir Richa mere saath hi thi… isse Mrs. Dixit ne sponser kiya tha.”

There was an awkward silence…

ACP – “Daya tum aur Lavanya Saluke ke paas sample le jao… aur Freddie, Vivek aur Kaveri ko main zara doosri naukari dilwata hoon.”

Everyone left…
It was now only Richa, Shruti and Abhi in the room… Richa was holding her hand…

Shruti – “dard ho raha hai?”

Richa nodded…

Shruti – “tum jao, thodi der so lo. Aaram milega. Waise bhi abhi tumhe kuch karne ko nahi hai…”

Richa leaves and then its only Abhi and Shruti in the room…

Shruti – “main jaakar padosi se milkar aati hoon…”
Abhi – “main bhi chalunga”
Shruti – “nahi ji aap toh rehene do… itni badiya Punjabi hai aapki ki abhi padosi ne Police bulani hai.”
Abhi – “toh? Keh denge ki Punjab mein nahi rahe”
Shruti – “acha ji… chaliye…”

Shruti and Abhi went next door… A lady opened the door…

Shruti – “ji main –“
Abhi – “ji ye meri woti hain Parminder Kaur. Aur main Shamsher Singh. Hum dono ee saamne wale ghar nu rehen waste aaye si.”
Lady – “haan, maine suna tha, kuch aawaz ho rahi thi. Main Priya hoon. Aayiye na.”

As Abhi and Shruti went inside… Vishal came into the room…

Vishal – “kaun hai Priya?”
Priya – “ye Vishal hain. Mere pati aur Vishal ye humare naye padosi – Shamsher ji aur unki patni Parminder ji…”
Vishal – “Richa aur Lata ne ghar bech diya? Par wohh dono gayi kahan?”
Shruti – “ye toh hume nahi pata… kal humare estate agent ne bola ek ghar hai, bilkul tyaar. Par bechne waloin ko jaldi hai. Hume bhi jaldi thi, kyunki naye shehar mein rehne ke liye ghar toh hona hi chahiye… toh bas humne aaj hi shift kar liya.”
Priya – “arre aap aayiye na.. baithiye please. Kya lenge?”
Abhi – “nahi.. aap pareshan na ho. Hum theek hain. Aap bhi aayiye…”

Shruti looks at her over concernt husband… but worried about only girls! And then Abhi sees her looking and laughs… and then all 4 of them sit…

Daya and Lavanya were going to the lab when Daya gets a call… he gets a little worried listening to the call…

Lavanya – “kya hua sir?”

Daya doesn’t listen to her… he is thinking all that he heard…

Daya – “Lavanya, tum car lekar forensic lab jao. Main thodi der mein aata hoon.”
Lavanya – “sir sab theek hai?”
Daya – “haan wohh informer ka khoon ho gaya na… ussi ke liye jana hai.”

Daya gets out and Lavanya takes the car back… Daya stops the next auto he finds…

Further… back at Vishal’s and Priya’s…

Priya – “aap log yahan kuch saal toh honge hi?”

Abhi and Shruti look at each other…

Shruti – “umeed toh hai…”
Vishal – “aap karte kya hai Singh sahab?”
Abhi – “ji… jii… ji humara export te import ka business hai. Thode fal – fruits hi export karte hain. Zyada kuch khaas nahi.”
Priya – “aap bhi kaam karti hain Parminder ji?”
Shruti – “nahi ji… humne bahar kaam karna shuru kar diya, te ghar kaise chalega? Acha yaad dilaya… ghar mein koi kharabi toh nahi na? Koi kaam – shaam karvana ho?”

Now Priya and Vishal look at each other…

Vishal – “dekhiye hum aapse jhooth nahi bolna chahte…”

Abhi and Shruti get serious…

Priya – “aapse pehle yahan 3 ladkiyaan rehti thi… unmein se ek theek nahi thi… uska milna julna galat logoin se tha… baaki 2 ladiyoin mein se ek toh mari gayi or doosri kahin bhaag gayi…”
Vishal – “ghar mein vaise toh koi kharabi nahi hai par agar un teeno ne kuch kiya ho toh keh nahi sakte…”
Abhi – “e uh kharab ladki… kya thi ye?”
Priya – “Lata naam tha uska. Shuru shuru mein toh teeno hi bade pyaar se rehti. Phir humne dekha ki Lata ko milne koi koi aane laga… aksar jab wohh ghar mein akeli hoti thi… toh koi gunda type ka aadmi aata aur usse kuch packet mein de jata. Ek din humne pooch kya liya.. bhadak gayi.”

Shruti and Abhi’s eyes widened… they looked at each other and then to the couple..

After a lot of gossip about all the people of the building, Shruti and Abhi finally managed an excuse to leave…
Once in their new home… Abhi went to the bedroom the first thing and slept… Shruti took off the get up and dressed normally. When she went to the room… she sees Abhi sleeping…

Shruti – “Kya hua? So gaye kya?”

Abhi nodds…

Shruti – “kaam nahi karna?”
Abhi – “aaj mood nahi…”

Shruti goes and touches his forehead. Abhi opens his eyes and sees her…

Abhi – “kya?”
Shruti – “pakka tumhari tabiyat kharab hai.. kaam karne ka mood nahi.”
Abhi – “Shruti.. kyun hamesha kaam karne ka mood kyun ho?”
Shruti – “Senior Inspector Abhijeet…”
Abhi – “nahi…”

Shruti looks at him… and he pulls her down to sit with him…

Abhi – “aaj nahi… aaj chutti… aaj hum sirf aapki duty pe hain…”
Shruti – “haaye aaj aapko itna pyaar kaise aa gaya?”

Shruti had her chin resting on her palm and Abhi was leaning against the wall… and then they began talking…

Abhi – “itni baat humne kabhi nahi ki…”
Shruti – “kya karein? ACP sir dono ko ek saath chutti hi nahi dete..”
Abhi – “isse acha toh hum bina shaadi ke the… yaad hai kitni baat ki thi humne?”
Shruti – “wohh meri duty thi…”
Abhi – “meri toh life long imprisonment ho gayi…”
Shruti – “acha… abhi pyaar aa raha tha aur abhi –“

Bt before she could complete her sentence.. the door bell rang…

Abhi – “aaj kismat meherbaan hai…”

Shruti smiled and went to answer the door.. when she opened the door… and oops…
It was the neighbour Priya… and Shruti just remembered that she was without get up… Priya was shocked to see her…

Priya – “arre.. aap kaun ho?”
Shruti – “main.. main…”

But till then Abhi had come out to see…

Abhi – “kaun hai jaan?”

Bas… this thing did everything… Priya’s eyes widened with shock.. Shruti wasn’t in the punjabi get up.. she was looking very western in the jeans – shirt she wore… Priya didn’t recognise her at all.. now Abhi was in his Punjabi get up still so Priya thought Abhi has some kind of affair and she looked at Abhi with disgusted look on her face and left…

Abhi – “inhe kya hua?”
Shruti – “main in kapdo mein aur tum un…”
Abhi – “bas ab toh pooche mohalle ko pate chalega ki naye logoin ka chakkar hai..”

And just then Abhi’s phone beeps… he checks the message… and suddenly his expression changes…

Shruti – “Kya hua?”

Abhi didn’t seem to listen to her…

Abhi – “Richa kahan hai?”
Shruti – “andar.. par hua kya?”

Abhi didn’t wait to tell her but rushed into the room… Richa was sleeping.. Shruti followed him…

Abhi – “Richa”

Richa didn’t wake..

Abhi – “Shruti uthao isse abhi…”
Shruti – “Abhi kya hua?”
Abhi – “Daya ka message tha… wohh log isse dhoondh rahe hain.. Daya Richa ko lene aa raha hai…”
Shruti – “par Daya lekar kahan jaayega isse?”
Abhi – “Shruti samjho… Daya sambhal lega…”
Shruti – “hum yahan 2 hain.. wohh akela..”
Abhi – “Shruti hume yahan se jaana hai…”
Shruti – “kahan?”
Abhi – “hotel”

Five minutes later… Daya was leaving with Richa on his bike… Richa had wore a scarf and her face wasn’t much visible the way Daya asked her to sit…
Abhi and Shruti had their things packed… Shruti was back to her punjabi get up and she went out for a second to check if the police they demanded had come or not and again Priya came out of her house…

Priya became sad seeing Shruti and silently came and hugged her…

Shruti – “kya hua Priya ji?”
Priya – “rab sab theek karega…”
Shruti – “par kya?”
Priya – “aapko pata aapke pati –“

Before Priya could complete.. there was a bullet fired somewhere around.. Shruti suddenly had a gun out of no where and she covered Priya…
Priya got panic and was shouting..

Priya – “ye kya ho raha hai… ye bandook…”
Shruti – “shh..”

Abhi had heard the firing too and he came out.. he too had his gun in his hand..

Abhi – “kya hua?”
Shruti – “shayad neeche hain…”
Abhi – “main dekhta hoon…”
Shruti – “sambhal kar…”

But Abhi was already going down… well he didn’t need to because 2 men wearing masks came running up firing bullets.. Shruti pushed Priya into her house and then went to give Abhi cover… In the next five minutes Abhi and Shruti found themselves amidst 7 dead bodies… just then Vivek came up…

Vivek – “sir ye sab?”
Abhi – “mar gaye… bodies bhej do bureau.”
Vivek – “yani ke ACP sir ka shaq sahi tha… koi hai jisse pata hai ki hum kya kar rahe hain… aur…”
Abhi – “aur wohh nahi chahta ki hum us tak pahunche.. par aaj tak aisa mujrim nahi hua jise CID ne nahi dhoondha ho…”
Vivek – “ji sir..”

And then Vivek hands a packet to Abhijeet and leaves…
Shruti and Abhi go inside their house…

Shruti – “ismein kya hai?”

Abhi didn’t know either… he took out a file. Abhi took the papers and read them… it was the party invites Mr and Mrs Raichura had sent for the tomorrow’s party. It was a mask party and so Shruti and Abhi could easily get in there as the hosts. The packet contained the key to their room and then a letter from Daya…

Abhi read it –

“Raichura aur baaki 3 ki patniya ek doosre ko jaanti bhi nahi thi par in sab mein ek baat common hai.. teeno ki company mein laakho ki hera pheri hai.. ye laakhoin rupye kisi Ankit ke naam par transfer kiye gaye hain.. ye baat ACP sir ko nahi pata… aur batana mat kyunki koi hai jo hum par nazar rakh raha hai… main Richa ke saath tumhare ghar par hoon.”

And just then Abhi got a call.. from ACP

ACP – “Abhijeet… kya hua?”

And Abhi tells about the attack…

ACP – “aur wohh parcel jo Daya ne bheja…”
Abhi – “sir Daya ne bataya ki wohh Richa ke saath kahin chupa hai… main phone par nahi bata sakta… hum bureau aate hain…”

And Just then the bell rang.. Shruti went to see it…

It was Police.. the entire residents of the building were here and the Police was taking the bodies of the victims…

Police – “aap log?”

And then Abhi comes… he holds out his batch…

Abhi – “Senior Inspector Abhijeet. Aur ye bodies kahan le jaa rahe hain?”
Police – “sir aapki lab mein…”
Abhi – “good.”

And then Priya and Vishal were staring at Abhi and Shruti in disbelief.. Shruti had too taken out her batch… Abhi looks at them..

Abhi – “Inspector.. humare neighbours ko full tight security deejiye… inko khatra ho sakta hai..”
Inspector – “ji..”

And without second glance, Abhi and Shruti leave for the bureau…

Meanwhile, At Abhi’s house…
Ruchi was sitting on the sofa and Daya got 2 cups of tea…
Ruchi smiled at him… and took a sip…

Ruchi – “tum chai itni achi kaise bana lete ho?”

Daya smiled back…

Daya – “college ke time se roz bana raha hoon…”
Ruchi – “hmmm.. College mein bhi Daya ke haath ki chai ke charche alag the…”
Daya – “Tumne toh kabhi nahi kaha..”

It was an awkward moment.. Daya and Ruchi had been knowing each other… they werent the best friends but they were the best team.. once Ruchi and Daya were together for a project and the project is still spoken of at the college… However unlike the numerous girls that fell in for Daya.. Ruchi was always an exception… she was one of the very few who talked to Daya normally and Daya liked her for that…

The silence grew thicker…

Ruchi – “Daya…”
Daya – “haan…”
Ruchi – “tumne shaadi kyun nahi ki ?”
Daya – “koi mili nahi…”
Ruchi – “college ke sabse popular ladke ko koi mili nahi?”
Daya – “tumne bhi toh nahi ki…”
Ruchi – “tum nahi mile na…”

Daya became silent for a while and then the two laughed so loud… and then Richa’s phone beeped… message

Richa read it… Daya wasn’t bothering much.. he was busy thinking what Richa had just said… and it was the start of something new… when Daya realised that it had been too long that Richa was absorbed in the phone, Daya lifted his gaze and saw that she was typing something…

Before he could ask her.. Richa spoke..

Richa – “Daya ye kya jagah hai exactly?”
Daya – “kyun?”

And then suddenly it all dawned on Daya… he got up and snatched Richa’s phone.. he opened the battery and took out the sim…

Richa – “Daya ye kya kar rahe ho?”

Daya didn’t answer… Daya took out his phone.. he then went to the landline at Abhi’s place.. now he had an important call to make…

At the bureau…
Abhi was in the cabin with Shruti and ACP… the others were seeing from outside…They were asked for wait outside for a while…

ACP – “par aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Bureau ke andar ki baatein kaise kisi ko pata chalengi?”
Abhi – “sir par agar baatein bahar nahi gayi toh kaise un logoin ko kaise pata chalta hai ki Richa kaha hai?”
ACP – “kuch aur hai Abhijeet jo hume nahi pata…”

And then the phone rings… outside…
Freddie picks it up… it was Daya… Daya wanted to talk to Abhijeet only bt Freddie wouldn’t dare call Abhi right now… so Shruti who was looking at Freddie went to see the matter…

Freddie – “Daya sir ka phone hai.. unhe Abhijeet sir se hi baat karni hai..”
Shruti – “dijiye Freddie main baat karti hoon…”

And Freddie gives her the phone…

Shruti – “Daya… kya hua? Aap aur Richa theek ho?”
Daya – “Shruti Abhijeet kahan hai?”
Shruti – “Abhi andar ACP sir ke saath… kyu bolo kya hua?”
Daya – “meri baat dhyaan se sunna… Richa ka phone bugged tha… jab bhi humari location unhe pata chali.. hamesha thodi der pehle Richa ne phone use kiya tha… kuch bahut bada hai…”
Shruti – “par.. ab kya karoge?”
Daya – “maine Richa ke phone ka sim nikaal diya hai… phone bhi off hai.. par ab hume yahan se bhi bhaagna hoga…”
Shruti – “Daya suno.. jaoge kahan?”

And then Abhi and ACP heard Shruti almost shouting when she knew about the bug thing… so they come out…

Abhi – “kya hua?”
Shruti – “Daya ka phone hai.. usse pata hai bureau ki baatein un logoin tak kaise pahunch rahi hain…”

ACP and Abhi look at each other and then ACP takes the phone…

ACP – “Haan Daya bolo…”

And Daya tells the entire tale again…

ACP – “good work.. ab tum phone kahan se kar rahe ho?”
Daya – “sir Abhijeet ke ghar ke phone se…”
ACP – “suno.. wahan rehna theek nahi.. niklo wahan se… aur ab kal shaam party par hi milenge…”
Daya – “ji sir… main apna phone bhi band rakhunga…”

Shruti had told Abhi and others the matter… and as soon as ACP kept the phone down…

Abhi – “sir Daya kahan jaa raha hai?”
ACP – “pata nahi…”
Abhi – “par sir…”
ACP – “Abhijeet mujhe Daya par poora bharosa hai.. wohh apni aur Richa ki dekhbhaal kar sakta hai… un dono ka abhi tumhare ghar rehna theek nahi… aur abhi tum aur Shruti jao… tumhare ghar mein wohh log ghus sakte hain…”

Abhi and Shruti took leave…

ACP – “Freddie tum aur Vivek kaam par lag jao… Kaveri aur Lavanya hotel mein manager hain… aur tum dono waitors… mere saare officers ke wahan hote hue, mujhe waha koi gadbad nahi chahiye..”

Abhi and Shruti reach their home… it looks fine… Shruti moves forward to enter and Abhi catches her hand and pulls her back…

Abhi – “kahan jaa rahi ho?”
Shruti – “andar…”
Abhi – “Shruti andar wohh log ho sakte hain…”

Shruti lowers her gun and looks at Abhi at his face…

Shruti – “Abhi ye mera ghar hai… humara ghar hai…”

Abhi gets what she is feeling and he holds her hand even tightly to reassure her…

Abhi – “Shruti… humare ghar ko kuch nahi hoga… par hum tab tak andar nahi jaa sakte jab tak pata na chale ki andar koi hai ye nahi..”

She nodds at him and then they both check all windows and doors but everything looks fine… and then they decide its safe to enter but then as they were about to enter.. they hear a tone.. a mobile ringtone…

Abhi – “shh.. koi hai andar”

Abhi leans to listen and Shruti calls ACP…

Within next five minutes.. there are almost 20 – 30 policemen here… when they have all taken positions, Abhi breaks open the front door.. Shruti does the same with the back door and with 10 men each they enter in… the rest of the men remain out and see no one escapes… when the men inside realise that they had been trapped… and there were firing.. lots of it… most of the men were captured bt then Shruti saw one of them escape… she called Abhi who was near the exit from where the man was trying to escape.. Abhi could get the man but he fired a bullet which hit his palm.. the man saw his palm bleeding and slowed for a second… Abhi thought he would stop and so Abhi stopped too… but the man knew if he will stop, he was gone… however Abhi noticed a golden bracelet on the man’s hand… it was normal but what wasn’t usual about it was that this man was supposed to be a paid person and how did such a man afford a golden bracelet… so Abhi made a personal note of it but then he didn’t think it too long… for he had to return…

When Abhi came back… the Police were removing the bodies.. 3 policemen had died too in the firing… Abhi talked the thing with the Police and then they left… Abhi couldn’t find Shruti anywhere… Abhi got really scared… the first thought that came to his mind was horrible itself.. the Policeman didn’t speak of a girl’s body and they knew that Shruti was also an officer… he needed to find her… Abhi went to the place where he had last seen her.. there was some blood there and Abhi grew really worried… there were blood drops leading to a trail from there.. Abhi followed the trail.. they went into the kitchen and then out.. then to the study and out and then to his bedroom… Shruti was there lying on the bed… blood came from her arm... She looked weak…

She opened her eyes.. saw Abhi and smiled… Abhi was so scared… that he went and instantly hugged her…

Abhi – “kya hua tumhe?”
Shruti – “Abhi.. kuch nahi main theek hoon…”
Abhi – “kitna khoon aa raha hai…”
Shruti – “jis insaan ka tum peecha kar rahe the wohh bhagte bhaagte mujhe chaku maar ke gaya.. isiliye toh maine dekha ki wohh bhaag raha hai… pakda usko tumne?”
Abhi – “nahi bhaag gaya… par uske haath par goli lagi hai..”

Abhi then let her go and checked the wound… it wasn’t much.. the knife had rubbed there and it was not very deep either but it was bleeding…

Shruti – “Abhi main theek hoon…”

Abhi wasn’t listening… he took out a towel and cleaned it and then put on some anti septic and then took her to hospital and got her tetanus vaccine done…

Abhi and Shruti returned to Richa’s home… as they opened the door to their home… they heard a slight sound at the neighbour’s door… Shruti went there and knocked.. Priya.. who was really scared.. opened the door very slightly…

Shruti – “Priya ji hum hain… hum andar aa sakte hain..?”

Priya opned the door and tried to smile… Abhi and Shruti went in…

Shruti – “dekhiye hum jaante hain humne galat kiya.. hume aapko bata dena chahiye tha. Par …”

Just then Vishal comes from inside…

Vishal – “aap log?”
Abhi – “Vishal ji.. hum log maafi maangne aaye hain… humare karan aap dono ki jaan khatre mein pad gayi…”
Vishal – “nahi koi baat nahi… aapne humari jaan bachayi…”
Abhi – “hum batate kaise? Pata hi nahi tha kispar vishwas karein aur kis par nahi?”

There were some sweet words and then Abhi and Shruti left…

Abhi is sitting in the drawing room holding his head in his hands. Shruti got some tea…

Shruti – “Abhi??”

Abhi looks up…

Shruti – “kya hua?”

Abhi shakes his head… Shruti gives one tea cup to him and sits beside him with her own…

Shruti – “kyun pareshaan ho?”
Abhi – “pata nahi Daya kahan hoga…”
Shruti – “Abhi Daya bachcha nahi hai…”
Abhi – “pata hai…”
Shruti – “toh phir kya baat hai?”
Abhi – “pata nahi…”
Shruti – “Abhi??”
Abhi – “Shruti pata nahi… sab badal gaya hai… dekho tumhare aane se sab kuch achcha hai par kahin –“
Shruti – “tum aur Daya door ho gaye?”

Abhi looks at Shruti…

Abhi – “nahi Shruti aisa nahi hai… tumhari wajah se kuch nahi hua…”
Shruti – “Abhi mujhe pata hai… maine bhi dekha hai… Daya ko shayad lagta hai ki wohh disturb na kare”
Abhi – “par wohh disturb kaise kar sakta hai? Tum meri patni ho aur Daya mera dost hai…”
Shruti – “ye baat kabhi Daya se kahi?”
Abhi – “kuch der pehle tak mujhe iss baat ka ehsaas bhi nahi hua tha…”

Shruti smiles…

Abhi – “kya hua?”
Shruti – “Abhi… jo baat mann mein hai keh deni chahiye…”
Abhi – “kahi toh…”
Shruti – “tumhe kuch toh jaanti hoon… jab se tumne Daya ko Richa ke saath dekha hai… tab se tum pareshan ho…”
Abhi – “nahi wohh toh bas isiliye ki… pata nahi… Daya aur Richa ko saath dekhta hoon toh kuch ajeeb sa lagta hai…”
Shruti – “Abhi… Daya Richa ko pasand karta hai…”

Abhi looks at her really shocked…

Shruti – “oh common… sabko dikh raha hai… Daya ko kabhi itna protective dekha hai? Matlab CID team ke alawa kisi ke liye…”
Abhi – “nahi…”
Shruti – “Abhi… suno… tumhe ajeeb lag raha hai kyunki tum aur Daya hamesha se bhai ki tarah rahe ho… achanak se main aa gayi toh ab Daya ko bhi koi mil gaya hai… sab waisa hi hai jaisa pehle tha… bas Richa ke aane ke baad ab Daya ka bhi ek ghar hoga… aur tum dono ki dosti ke beech mein main ya Richa kaise aa sakte hain? Pata nahi tum dono ko ye kaun samjhaye?”

Abhi was smiling…

Shruti – “ab kya?”
Abhi – “tum CID chod kar marriage bureau kyun nahi khol leti?”

Shruti laughs…

Shruti – “phir main tumhare saath itna waqt kaise bita paungi?”

Both of them laugh…

At the same time… Daya and Richa were having a very bad time…. They were following Sikka, one of the informers of Daya, into the narrow streets on the Dharavi Chawls….

Richa – “Daya hum kahan jaa rahe hain?”
Daya – “tum chalo”

And after almost walking for 10 – 20 minutes… Sikka showed them one room…

Sikka – “saab ye kamra theek hai?”
Daya – “haan aur dekh hum yahan hai iski kharab kisi ko kaano kaan nahi honi chahiye…”
Sikka – “kyun tension lete ho saab? Tum daam dega na… toh tumko bhi pata nahi chalenga ki tum yahan ho.”

Daya got the clue and took out a brown packet from his pocket and gave it to him. Sikka smiles and left… Daya asked Richa to go in and then followed… Richa looked around. It was just one room, with a bed… a mat, one table, one chair and a little space that you could call a kitchen.

Richa – “ye kahan aa gaye hum?”
Daya – “aaj tum yahi rahogi…”
Richa – “Daya main akele yahan nahi rahungi…”
Daya – “main bahar hoon…”

Daya was leaving…

Richa – “Daya ruko.”
Daya – “kya hua?”
Richa – “mujhe yahan acha nahi lag raha…”
Daya – “Richa abhi so jao. Tum thak gayi hogi. Kal zaroori din hai…”

It was true… Richa never realized it but she had been very tired. She had fallen asleep the moment she hit the bed and she woke directly now its 9 in the morning. She couldn’t recall where she was at first and then slowly all came back to her… how could one day change your lives completely… she had now known. It first appeared to be something filmy talking of such days but it had happened to her and then she thought of CID… they had all days like this only… one day to change everything… Richa thanked God for knowing Daya… if it hadnt been for him… she doesn’t know where she would have had been now…
But where was Daya now??

Richa got up and first went to wash her face… there was a tap in the kitchen side which was totally in bad condition but thank God there came some water in it. The first few drops of water had just hit her face when Richa heard some guitar strings being played… they were the sweetest thing she had heard after long… the thing that could make her smile during the worst of nightmares… Richa ran out to see who was playing them and like she thought in the courtyard there was Daya with a guitar along with the kids of the chawl…

This tune had been one composed by whole of the group in college – the best days of their lives. Daya had been great at guitar those days but today imagining a CID officer play guitar was a little different… in an instant Richa realised how much everything had changed. They were no longer in days of no worries… today had their fair share of responsiblities… hardly they contacted one another… they were all left alone into the new world with just memories of the old one…

Daya saw Richa and smiled… Richa came to sit beside him… Daya kept playing the tune.. when it got over.. all the kids there loved it and they clapped hard… including Richa… then Daya asked them all to go for now he had work… finally it was just Richa and Daya sitting alone…

Richa – “tumhe abhi bhi wohh dhun yaad hai?”
Daya – “kyun nahi hogi?”
Richa – “nahi ek CID officer ko guitar bajane ka time kab milta hoga?”
Daya – “CID officer kya insaan nahi hote?”

And then they were both speechless… for a while!

Daya – “tum aise bahar kyun aa gayi?”
Richa – “kyun?”
Daya – “koi bhi ho sakta hai na yahan par…”
Richa – “CID officer ke saath baithi hoon… is samay mujhe kuch nahi ho sakta.”

Daya decided to play it a little naughty…

Daya – “par ye achi baat nahi hai… tum mujhe jaanti kitna ho… kya pata main bhi bura hoon?”
Richa – “haan zaroor… wohh bura insaan jo mere ek baar bulane par sab chod kar aa gaya… jo kal se meri jaan itni baar bacha chuka hai ki shayad ab tak toh record ban gaya hoga ‘most endangered human’ … wohh bura insaan jo apni team se alag hokar mere saath is jagah baitha hai taaki mujh tak koi na pahunch paaye… well mujhe aise bure log pasand hain.”

Richa was just the perfect girl for Daya… she too had a very quiet nature just like Daya’s… Indeed in college once a girl had said ‘they need to be mirror images’

Daya and Richa sat there for don’t know how many minutes… both silent but still listening to the other’s unspoken song… finally Daya’s cell phone buzzed and he got up and took the call…

Daya – “Richa chalo time ho gaya…”

Richa’s smile disappeared into the same fearful expression she had when Daya had seen her first two days back.

Daya – “Richa… daro mat… “

There was more Daya wanted to speak… Daya felt wordless… Richa had always been a great person to be with but having spent almost every moment with her since two days, Daya feared what if he lost another friend?

Since Abhi and Shruti got married, Daya had been very happy for Abhi and Shruti had instantly become a very important part of their family but Daya sometimes thought that he was missing something… Daya tried to distance himself from Abhi just so the newly wed would get sometime alone but doing so, Daya realised that Abhi had been the sole great friend Daya had and his absense made Daya very much alone.
Daya had visited all his others friends… talked to them all… but somehow none of them were as close to Daya as Abhi… Daya could justify it just by saying that Abhi and Daya afterall, had been together like always for some 10 – 12 years… CID often makes you be there at duty every second and all those seconds, Abhi was also there… Daya remembered all the talks and laughs they shared, how they both hid mistakes of the other from ACP, Daya also remembered when Abhi was hurt and then the times when Abhi helped Daya out of problems… These memories always spread smile across his face…

Though Daya knew that this was just a momentary phase, soon the ‘honeymoon phase’ would get over and then all will be back to normal but till then it was pretty quiet for Daya… and then Richa resurfaced from the past… It wasn’t the case with Richa where when 2 people meet after long, have to start it all over… indeed somehow their friendship had been stronger than he remembered… Richa was just like she was and Daya got a chance to be like he was in college… years of dealing with criminals had hardened him… he liked his life but he enjoyed his 2 days back into being the Daya he had once been… Daya now feared when the case will be over… Richa will again go back into her life routine and he didn’t want to loose this friend…

Daya pushed the thoughts aside and then left the chawl with Richa… his bike was there and they both went to the hotel. Freddie was waiting outside the hotel… Freddie is dressed as a waitor…

Freddie – “sir kahan the aap… main kitni der se khada hoon…”
Daya – “Freddie sab tyaar hai na?”

And while taking them to a room…

Freddie – “ji sir… main waitor hoon aur Vivek manager… pata nahi usne ACP sir ko kya patti padhai…”
Daya – “Freddie shikayat nahi…”
Freddie – “umm.. ji sir… Lavanya beauty section mein hai aur Kaveri Richa ji ke saath manager hai.”
Daya – “host pahunch gaye?”
Freddie – “ji sir… Abhijeet sir aur Shruti kal raat hi aa gaye the.”

Meanwhile… in a deluxe suite of the hotel Ocean waves… Abhi had put on a very fine black suit, white shirt and a black tie… somehow black complimented him a lot. He had been looking at his wrist ‘golden’ watch again and again and pacing.. and then he turned to the locked washroom room…

Abhi – “Shruti jaldi karo… kitna time lagega?”
Shruti – “Abhi aa rahi hoon… ek minute…”

And Abhi grows further tired of waiting… and then finally after what seemed like hours, Shruti comes out… the dress did look like made for her only.. it was a long black gown which sparkled. Abhi couldn’t help staring her. Shruti walked upto him but Abhi didn’t even blink…

Shruti – “kya hua?”

But before Abhi could answer… there was a knock on the door and Shruti went to see it. There was a waitor dressed in uniform with a box in his hand.

Shruti – “ye kya hai?”
Waitor – “madam ye jewellery store se aapke liye..”

Shruti takes it.. the waitor stands there… Shruti stares at the parcel and then at the waitor…

Shruti – “kuch aur bhi hai?”
Waitor – “nahi madam.. bas aap isse zaroor pehene…”

Shruti smells something suspecious… she opens the parcel and it has that same so called jinxed necklace… even though the necklace was beautiful, Shruti made a bad face…

Waitor – “koi problem madam?”
Shruti – “problem hi problem hai… kitna hi ganda set hai ye.. main ye pehenungi..”

The waitor looked worried now… Shruti rushed in and got her cell phone and she pretended to call the manager… meanwhile she clicked the waitor’s pic.. and then called Vivek… Vivek was dressed as manager…

Vivek – “madam koi problem?”
Shruti – “aapke hotel mein itne kharab set hai?”
Vivek – “I am sorry madam par humare hotel mein ye sabse acha hai…”

Abhi comes…

Abhi – “kya hua?”
Shruti – “darling maine kaha tha na.. ye hotel D grade hai. They don’t have proper jewellery.”
Abhi – “well you don’t need it either sweetheart. Abhi ke liye apni koi jewellery pehen lo, aur main nayi dila dunga. Agli baar manager se kahunga kisi ache hotel mein book kare…”
Vivek – “madam hume acha lagega agar aap humara diya set pehene…”

The waitor was a man of the killer and now he thought that so was Vivek…

Shruti – “theek hai.. par aainda aisa na ho..”

In the party…
It’s a mask party. All people are wearing eye masks. All the CID members are disguised and spread except ACP and Daya… they are nowhere around.

Abhi and Shruti happily talk to the guests and it’s a very natural scene as though Abhi and Shruti are the true hosts… Richa is really scared and she was sitting to one corner but then Kaveri and Lavanya keeo coming next to her and asking her to mix in the crowd. Unwillingly Richa agrees…

It was very dramatic… the CID disguised and also we had the criminal… Vivek was following the guy dressed as waitor for he would lead them to the entire gang… slowly and slowly Vivek and Freddie marked a total of 5 waitors whom they thought were suspecious…

Meanwhile.. a lot of time went by.. guests had started to leave.. and it was just like a dozen of them when a masked man approaches Richa… he lifts his mask a little so Richa sees him and Richa is glad to see him and hugs him. He asks her to come outside and Richa readily agrees… all this is viewed by Daya who was hiding somewhere in the room and he was just watching Richa…

As soon as the man is out of the hall, the suspecious waitor signals another and before the CID people could understand, a bullet brushes past Shruti’s shoulder. There are some 10 men with guns and CID team takes out theirs. Freddie and Vivek hurry at finding the ones they suspected and shoot them… the others get alerted and hide and there is a lot of firing.
Lavanya and Kaveri immidiately hurried to take aside the other guests… Abhu hurries to pull Shruti aside. Shruti has her gun in hand and she had immidiately thrown off her necklace. Abhi had his gun out to and they were too firing. Slowly and slowly as Lavanya and Kaveri too joined the firing, the bad men died…

But just then they heard Richa scream… Everything had happened so quickly that actually no one had an idea what had happened… Lavanya immidiately came besides Shruti as Abhi rushed in the direction from where the scream came. Shruti was fine now… her shoulder did hurt a lot but she had pressed it against the wall and was firing with the other hand.

Soon all the 10 men were down… Lavanay and Kaveri rushed to where Abhi had gone a few minutes back… meanwhile Shruti helped the guests out safely… there was Police here by now and they helped Shruti…

At the same time…

Richa had been called out by Sahil. He had asked her if she was fine and wanted to talk to her and so she readily agreed to go to a less crowded place.

Daya was at the same time hiding behind the pillar watching Richa all the time and just a minute back ACP had called informing Daya about who was the murderer… ACP was very much in the hotel… he had Lata’s diary and was reading it and reconstructing all he could going from one place to another and eventually he had found out… as soon as he did, he called Daya to warn him… It all fitted… there was only one person who was connected to Lata and Richa and only he knew where they were headed to. How could they all miss it at first?

But just then Daya saw Richa move out of the room with a guy who resembled the murderer… and so Daya instantly followed. However, it took him sometime to clear the crowd and once he was just at the point of exit, he heard a bullet fire… Daya glanced back to see all his team take out their guns and Daya knew they will manage and so he went after Richa hoping no one in the hall will get hurt…

By the time Daya could figure some sense where he was, Richa and the guy had vanished. He stood alone in a corridoor with lots of doors. Each door into a storage… a different storage everytime and in the background, there was firing. Daya started to check each and every door… and he couldn’t see Richa. He called her name in each room but she gave no reply.

Daya had checked almost all the rooms in the corridoor when he heard a bullet fire and then Richa scream. This bullet didn’t sound like the distant ones in the hall and it echoed, so it had to be somewhere near and then Daya realised Richa had screamed. Was she hurt? He so much wanted to find her… Daya then looked at the room he had opened, it containted towels… hundreds of towels… all clean and nicely folded, some untidy and kept in a separate pile tagged ‘washing’. Suddenly it struck Daya… yes there was a place Richa could be in. Daya immidiately headed to the corridoor below and soon he heard footsteps behind him rushing towards him… he stopped a little to see Abhi rushing towards him. Abhi had his gun in hand…

Daya immidiately told Abhi what he thought and Abhi agreed to it and together they headed to the room…

Soon Daya and Abhi were standing exactly below where Daya had stood a few seconds back. They were facing a big room – laundry room. The laundry room was indeed big. The hotel, didn’t send laundry outside for cleaning, they had their own vast laundry section.

Daya broke in with his gun pointing straight… no one there… Abhi and Daya split up to check each side… Daya spotted some blood and followed the trail and then suddenly a girl comes out of a corner pointing a gun at him… it was Richa… her hands were covered in blood and she was hell scared… her hair were out of place as if they were struggling to be freed and she was sobbing… on seeing Daya, she dropped the gun and hugged him tight… she pointed to the opposite side and spoke in broken phrases ‘Daya khoon… uska… wohh… wahan…’

Daya – “Richa kuch nahi hua… mat daro… main hoon yahan”

Richa was mostly fine except some bruises and a cut on shoulder which was bleeding… the blood in her hand wasn’t hers and so she must have hit someone…

Daya asks Richa to pick the gun and follow him… she does so…

At the same time when Sahil who was hiding amongst clothes hearing CID breaks in comes out… Abhi immidiately spots him. Sahil wasn’t fine at all… a bullet had hit his arm and he was in pain… however he had a knife in hand and was trying to get Abhi out of the way with it so he can escape… Abhi had to be careful so as to not kill Sahil and yet arrest him…

And so Abhi backs and Sahil was running when Daya comes from behind and catches him… ACP enters the same moment and takes the knife…

In the bureau… Richa is hugging Shruti and sobbing… she points to Sahil… and is trying to say…

Richa – “isne maara… Lata ko… Ragini ko… aur ye mujhe bhi maarna chahta hai…”
ACP – “Sahil kyun maara Lata aur Ragini ko?”

And he doesn’t reply and so Daya gives him a dose and then Sahil speaks it all in one go…

Sahil – “main aur Ankit milkar drugs ki dealing karte hain. In sab ameer logoin ki patniyaan hume paise deti thi… aur Ankit ka inse affair bhi tha… par kisi ne in sabko ye sab bata diya.. isiliye inko maarna zaroori tha… Ankit ke aadmi jab khoon ke baare mein baat kar rahe the toh Ragini ne sab record kar liya… ek din usne laundry room ke bahar humare aadmiyoin ki baatein bhi suni.. usse sab pata chal gaya… Ankit yahin kaam karta hai… manager tha Irfan ke naam se… usne Ragini ko maar diya… par Lata ko Ragini ke paas meri ghadi mili… wohh mujhse poochne aayi… wohh pareshaan thi.. maine usse drugs diye.. Ankit pehle usse drugs deta tha.. drugs se nikalne ke liye hi usne ghar chod diya… itne dino baad drugs usse ache lage aur dheere dheere kuch hi din mein wohh drugs ki aadi ho gayi… wohh mere liye sab kuch karti… dhamki bhare phone, khat… sab kuch par phir uska dimaag kharab karne lagi thi ye Richa.. wohh darne lagi thi.. isiliye usse maar diya… aur mujhe darr tha ki Lata ne Richa ko zaroor kuch bataya hoga… isiliye isse maarna hai…”

And Sahil looks angrily at Richa… wohh gets more scared… however Daya sees this and catches Sahil’s collar….

ACP – “Daya chodo isse…”

Daya does so…

Lata’s parent’s – “Sahil tumne ye sab kiya? Hume toh vishwas hi nahi hota.. meri beti ko kyu maara?”

Lavanya and Kaveri take them out…

ACP – “dekha MRS Raichura, aise logoin se milne se kya hota hai?”

She nods and they leave…

ACP – “ab Sahil tum… kya mila itne khoon karke… kuch paiso ke liye tumhe kitne khoon kiye… kya tum Lata ke maa baap ko unki beti lauta sakte ho? Tumhara plan bahut acha tha par Lata ki diary ne sab bigaad diya… usne Ankit ko tumhara dost likh diya aur Ankit bahut pehle hi pakda gaya… ab jail mein tum dono drugs supply ka plan banana…”

Vivek and Freddie takes Sahil away…

ACP – “Shruti aur Richa ko chot lagi hai… inko hospital le jao…”

It was late in the evening. Daya and Richa were laughing about something as Shruti and Abhi entered Richa’s ward in the hospital. She was perfectly fine now. The doctors had said she could be discharged the next day. It took 2 weeks for Richa to recover and one of the CID officers mostly Daya, had been beside her always to take care of her.

Richa sat up as she saw them coming…

Abhi – “arre tum dono ne hasna kyun band kar diya?”

The nurse entered after them and announced that some papers need to be filled before Richa can be discharged. Abhi accompanied Daya outside. Shruti sat besides Richa…

Shruti – “ghar jaane ke liye tyaar?”
Richa – “ji… “

There was silence… both of them had things to say but none of them knew how to say them…

Richa – “Shruti.. main aap logo ka ehsaan kaise utarungi… aap logoin ne mujhe bilkul apne parivaar ki tarah rakha.”
Shruti – “koi ehsaan nahi hai… humne jo kiya wohh humari duty thi.. aur phir kya Daya ki dost humari dost nahi? Waise bhi ab toh tum hum sabki dost ho… sirf Daya ki thodi na…”
Richa – “haan.. main wahan jaakar aap sab ko bahut yaad karungi…”
Shruti – “toh mat jao”
Richa – “kya?”
Shruti – “mat jao…”
Richa – “par main ab Mumbai mein karungi kya? Mera toh yahan koi bhi nahi…”
Shruti – “tumne dhyaan se dekha? shayad koi ho?”

For sometime, everyone gathered at the bureau… afterall kaam bhi karna hota hai Lolzz… Anyways, they were all glad Richa is fine and now she is going back home to her parents. However, Daya was standing alone in a corner having a file in hand but he wasn’t reading it.

Lavanya passed him…

Lavanya – “Daya sir kya hua?”

Daya didn’t respond… so everyone’s attention turned that way… Vivek came over and shook Daya…

Daya – “huh.. kya?”
Vivek – “sir Lavanya ne kuch poocha…”
Daya – “Kya?”
Lavanya – “sir aap theek hain?”

Daya didn’t respond… Kaveri came forward…

Kaveri – “Daya sir lagta hai khush nahi hai…”
Vivek – “wohh kyun?”
Kaveri – “aaj Richa ghar chali jaayengi na…”

Daya heard this..

Daya – “Toh? Tum logoin ke paas kuch kaam nahi hai.. wohh karo”
Freddie – “sir aap Richa ji ko bahut miss karoge na… wohh kitni achi friend hain aapki.”
Daya – “toh? Naukari chod doon? Dostoin ke saath rahun… CID chod deta hoon…”

Freddie gets scared listening to Daya shout and backs off… everyone sees Abhi and Shruti…

Abhi goes over to Daya.. and pats on Daya’s shoulder…

Daya – “Abhijeet main theek hoon… mujhe chod do thodi der ke liye…”
Abhi – “Richa ko –“

Abhi wanted to speak but Daya cut him short…

Daya – “bas bahut ho gaya… kya Richa Richa laga rakha hai? Kaam karo…”

Abhi too went… and Daya turned away pretending to read a file… and then after a few minutes there is another pat on his shoulder… Daya gets really angry and he doesn’t even turn but shouts before turning…

Daya – “agar aapko Richa se itna hi pyaar hai toh chale jao uske saath…”

And when Daya turns… all his angry sneaks out.. it was ACP Pradyuman who had patted this time.. oops!!

ACP – “kyun Daya Richa ki baat kaun kar raha hai?”

Daya gets really pissed off and walks out… ACP is confused! Abhi and Shruti explain everything to ACP that Daya likes Richa and so does Richa… ACP gets angry…

ACP – “tum sab yahan milkar Valentines Day mana lo… kaam koi aur kar lega…”

And ACP scolds everyone first but then he has a soft heart for our Daya…

ACP – “par tumhe kaise pata Richa bhi Daya ko pasand karti hai?”
Shruti – “sir wohh main keh rahi hoon na… main aap sab ko kal subah mere ghar pe saabit kar ke dikha dungi…”

Richa was brought to Abhi and Shruti’s house the next morning. Her things were brought here and nicely packed and she was to leave in 2 hours for her home.

Richa was in her room packing when Shruti comes in with a few wrapped gifts… she silently gives them to Richa…

Richa – “arre ye kya hain?”
Shruti – “kuch nahi…”
Richa – “par iski zaroorat kya hai?”
Shruti – “har cheez ki zaroorat hoti hai kya? Tum itne din humare saath itne pyaar se rahi… ab phir jad hi milenge…”
Richa – “aap log wahan aaoge?”
Shruti – “nahi tum yahan nahi aaogi kya?”
Richa – “yahan kyun?”

And just then Abhi enters…

Abhi – “Shruti kahan ho? Chalo der ho rahi hai… kitna kaam hai…”

Abhi sees Shruti talking to Richa and stops besides her…

Abhi – “koi zaroori baat?”
Shruti – “Abhi Richa ko kisi ne invite nahi kiya?”
Abhi – “kya?”

Richa was really confused and curious now. These people had become her good friends and she liked to get along with them…

Richa – “kis baat ke liye invite?”
Abhi – “Richa waise Daya ko tumhe bulana chahiye… after all hum kaise uske function mein kisi ko bula sakte hain?”
Richa – “Daya ka function?”
Shruti – “haan… Daya ki sagaai hai…”
Richa – “SAGAAI?”

Richa had almost tears in her eyes… her mouth was wide open and she was standing up…

Abhi – “tumhe kya hua?”

Richa realised she reacted too much and so he relaxed herself…

Shruti – “tumhe sach mein nahi pata tha?”
Richa – “nahi mujhe kisi ne nahi bataya…”
Shruti – “chalo koi baat nahi… ab toh pata chal gaya hai na.. ab toh aaogi?”
Richa – “kisse sagaai ho rahi hai?”
Shruti – “Daya ke saath college mein thi.. tum toh jaanti hogi?”
Richa – “naam?”
Abhi – “acha Shruti chalo.. kaam hai…”
Shruti – “aa rahi hoon na…”
Richa – “Shruti uska naam?”
Shruti – “Richa… guestroom mein ek packet hai.. usmein uski tasveer hai.. dekh ho. Theek hai?”

And saying so, Abhi and Shruti rush out of the room… Richa first collapses on the bed shocked and then she too rushes out towards the guest room…

Abhi and Shruti hadnt gone anywhere… they were hiding behind the door and they see Richa run out…

Shruti – “dekha maine kaha tha na… ye Daya se bahut pyaar karti hai…”
Abhi – “kya pata bathroom gayi ho?”

Shruti stares at Abhi in disbelief…

Shruti – “Abhi… wohh guest room ki taraf bathroom kyun jaayegi?”
Abhi – “ye toh usse poocho…”
Shruti – “ABHI!”
Abhi – “acha maan liya… aapko sab pata hai…”

Shruti is smiling… and then she hugs Abhi… Abhi hugs back!

When Richa enters the guest room, she sees a single small box on the bed wrapped in yellow wrapping paper… she sees no one’s around and then tears it open… there wasa cardboard box and she opens it… there was a frame… and she takes it out but instead on it being a photo frame, it was a mirror and Richa saw her own face and on the mirror ‘Richa’ was written in Daya’s hand writing… there was also a paper along and Richa opens it and it reads a sher.. beautiful 4 lines in Daya’s handwriting…

“kaash hum unse keh paate ki wohh na jaaye…
Kuch pal hi sahi par ye humare sang ruk jaaye…
Dekhe bina jinhe shaam dhalti nahi…
Unke jaane ke baad hum kahin marr na jaaye”

Richa had a faint tear in her eyes and just then Daya enters the room… he sees Richa there… with HIS POETRY in her hand…
Before Daya could say anything… everyone including ACP gathers behind him… Richa stands up…

Shruti – “kyun Richa… ab toh rukne ka bahana hai na?”

Richa doesn’t know what to say…

ACP – “acha chalo sab yahan se… kaam hai bahut… Richa ke parents ko bulana bhi hai aur ab in dono ko bhi baat karne do…”

And then Daya and Richa talk for hours and as we all know they get married but the episode will end when all leave and Daya and Richa look at each other and smile and then Richa comes and slightly hugs Daya…

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