Thursday, May 25, 2017

CID Fanfic :: Episode 1 :: The case of the poisonous needle

Scene 1
We are in a water park where all water swings are there and stuff... people have come here for picnic and they are enjoying rides and everything. There is a long queue for a particular swing... The Splash.. where people in group of 2 or 3 slide down a big slide into pool...

Simran (the first in queue) - "Raj dekho na.. kab khulega?"
Raj - "gaya hai na wohh kholne"
Tanvi - "main bhi thak gayi hoon. 15 minute se khade hain. Baki saare jhoole khul gaye."
Ishaan - "Tum mein bilkul sabra nahi hai.. Dekho aa gaya wohh."
Simran - "Main pehle... main pehle.."

The guard comes and opens the gate of the queue and then the people operating the swing come too...

Simran hands over her purse to Tanvi and takes a hankerchief from her. Simran and Raj go first. They are very excited to go... and they do.. all is fine till the slide reaches the top point... Something sharp hits Simran. She ignores it but within seconds, a pain develops throughout her body and she is unable to breathe... she screams but people think that she is screaming in fun...
When they come down..

Raj - "kya hua Simran? Itna uchal rahi thi pehle aur upar kitna chilla rahi thi tum"

Simran doesnt reponds and Raj shakes her... so Simran falls down on him. Whoever saw this shouts...
Tanvi and Ishaan come to help Raj carry her body out..

Ishaan - "ye kaise hua?"
Raj - "mujhe nahi pata. Maine kuch nahi kiya. Abhi toh ye chilla rahi thi."
Tanvi - "ye toh marr gayi hai."
Manager - "kya shor ho raha hai?"
Random Person 1 - "Khoon... khoon"
Manager - "khoon kya hua?"

The operator tells the manager everything...

Manager - "zaroor aap mein se kisi ne iska khoon kiya hai."
Ishaan - "tumhara dimaag toh kharab nahi hai?"
Tanvi - "hum to Simran ke dost hain..." Tanvi is crying out too loud and pathetically!
Manager - "nahi main CID ko bulata hoon. Guards dekhna koi bahar na jaaye aur entry bhi band kar do."

Scene 2
Freddie comes rushing in to Daya. Daya was reading a file.

Freddie - "Daya sir, aaj bhi Abhijeet sir nahi aaye."
Daya - "Kya? Aaj bhi Abhijeet nahi aaya?"

Vivek enters..

Vivek - "nahi sir. Abhijeet sir teen din se nahi aa rahe. Kisi ko nahi pata wohh kahan hain."
Daya - "ACP sir ne Abhijeet ke baare mein nahi poocha toh zaroor ACP sir ne usse kisi kaam se bheja hoga."
Freddie - "par unhone phone bhi toh nahi kiya."

Lavanya comes...

Lavanya - "kahin Abhijeet sir kisi mushkil mein toh nahi?"
Freddie - "Abhijeet sir mushkil mein? hahaha... Abhijeet sir se toh mushkil door bhagti hai."
Daya - "Nahi Freddie, pata toh karna padega Abhijeet theek toh hai. ACP sir se poochte hain."

Just then ACP enters. He has a file in his hand and he is very busy reading it. He walks past them... they all look at him wanting to ask about Abhijeet but ofcourse who will dare to stop the ACP... while walking to his room...

ACP - "Abhijeet ko andar bhejna."

Daya and others are surprised... When Abhi isnt there.. how can they send him in? And also this means that ACP doesnt know that Abhi aint here... so they are even worried and they look at each other in surprise... and ACP notices the unusual quiteness...
He stops, and also stops reading the file and stare at them while they stand in their place in shock...

ACP - "kya hua? Aaj bureau mein itni shanti kaise? Freddie bhi chup hai..."
Daya - "sir woh..."
ACP - "kya hua Daya?"
Daya - "sir Abhijeet yahan nahi hai."
ACP - "yahan nahi hai matlab?"
Vivek - "sir Abhijeet sir 3 din se nahi aaye. Hume laga aapko pata hoga wohh kahan hain."
ACP - "kya Abhijeet abhi tak nahi aaya?"
Daya - "sir Abhijeet kahan hai?"

ACP is silent.. he doesnt answer... and just then the phone rings.

Vivek answers it.. it was informing about the murder at the water park...

Vivek - "sir Water City fun park mein ek ladki ka khoon ho gaya hai."
ACP - "fauran jaakar wahan dekho."
Daya - "par sir..."
ACP - "jao Daya... main thodi der mein wahan pahunchta hoon."

There was certainly no more arguement after this. ACP went inside his cabin while the others went out of the office.

Scene 3
The CID team is there on the scene with all their tools and stuff. The swing is sealed. A crowd of hundreds stand outside the prohibited area watching as the team is working.

Daya - "Manager Kaun hai yahan ka?"

Manager comes from inbetween the crowd...

Manager - "ji main"
Daya - "acha toh yahaan ek khoon ho gaya aur tum wahan chup kar khade ho?"
Manager - "par mujhe kuch nahi pata khoon ke baare mein"
Daya - "kaun tha is ladki ke saath?"
Ishaan, Tanvi and Raj - "sir Simran humare saath aayi thi."
Daya - "Sach Sach batao kya hua yahan par?"
Raj - "sir humne kuch nahi kiya..."
Manager - "nahi sir ye ladka jhooth bolta hai. Yehi us ladki ke saath jhoole par gaya tha."

Tanvi is sobbing badly so Daya asks Lavanya to take her away.

Daya - "tum batao ki kya hua?" (to Raj)
Raj - "sir hum chaaroin toh yahan chutti manane aaye the. Simran bahut khush thi. Jaise hi hum jhoole par gaye, wohh chilayi. Hume laga ki darr rahi hai par jab jhoola ruka, toh Simran mar chuki thi."
Daya - "kya aise hi mar gayi? Pata hai na ki koi jhoole par baithne se nahi marta."
Vivek - "Daya sir..."

Vivek is sitting besides the body and examining it and Freddie is clicking pics. Daya goes to Vivek.

Vivek - "sir dekhiye body ke nakhun ke neele hone lage hain. Isse zeher diya gaya hai."
Daya - "suna? Zeher diya hai ladki ko. Aise hi nahi mari."
Tanvi - "Kya zeher?"
Daya - "haan aur tum teeno mein se hi kisi ne diya hai. Tum log hi toh uske saath the."
Ishaan - "hum kyun zeher denge Simran ko? Hum to uske dost hain."
Daya - "kyun aur kisne zeher diya, wohh toh pata laga hi lenge. Par aisa kaise ho sakta haiSu ki kisi ne nahi dekha kya hua."

Suddenly, a man from the crowd screams.

The man was holding out his camera where he had recorded the swings. It was of the slide on which Simran died and in the camera the video was taked when Simran was shouting.

Daya - "Raj idhar aao. Dekho ye toh tum aur Simran hi ho na?"
Raj - "ji sir..."
Daya - "very good. Kamal aapne CID ki bahut madad ki hai. Thank You. Kya hum aapka camera le ja sakte hain? Case khatam hone ke baad aapko ye wapas mil jaayega. Aur tum teeno, chalo bureau. Lavanya, body ko forensic lab bhijwa do."

Scene 4
It had been hours since he was searching her. Not forgetting his mission, he silently searched all corridors for her. His job was there and so was hers but there was some responsiblity of his towards her as well. He had put her into danger. He wished he had called the bureau and not her. Atleast she would have had been safe. Now he didnt even know where she was.

The mystery was that four days back, Abhijeet's informer gave him butll informing him about a drug deal that was going to take place at the Texas Bar the next morning. There wasnt anything much about it except that there might be involvement of some of the wanted people in this. When Abhi told this to the ACP, ACP asked Abhi to work alone on this. Abhi followed two suspects for 2 days continuously and also when the deal was on, he caught them red handed with some Policemen. After having caught them, Abhi was on phone with Shruti telling her that he had been successful when firing started. A few Policemen were traitors and had given the plan away.

Abhi faught back with all might he could but got injured. The injury wasnt great but still. Seeking the chance the dealers ran away. Abhi had clicked their pics and he had to save them whatever. So he his somewhere no one would find him but then he heard someone call for him. It was Shruti. She had tracked him and came there searching for him. Before Abhi could come out and declare himself safe, he heard the men return and drag Shruti. They said that Abhi will come to rescue her and then they can take the evidence from him.

Now Abhi was in the building the men said they would be and he was desperately finding Shruti but he couldnt find her. He was first lying unconcious in his hiding place for few hours and finally he gathered strength and came to hunt Shruti. He hadnt called the bureau and he knew his team will be worried. Moreover, he didnt even know for how many hours he was unconcious.

Scene 5
In CID bureau, Daya was talking to the other about the case.

Lavanya - "sir Forensic se reports aayi hain. Simran ki maut zeher se hui hai."
Daya - "zeher? toh kisi ne usse khane mein zeher diya tha kya?"

Just then Saluke enters.

Saluke - "Nahi Daya. Is ladki ki maut sirf zeher khane se nahi hui."
Freddie - "sirf zeher khane se matlab?"
Daya - "kya isse ek se zyada zeher diye gaye?"
Saluke - "poore 7 zeher. Is ladki ke shareer mein 7 zeher hain."
Freddie - "saat? Par kisi ki body mein saath zeher kaise ho sakte hain?"
Saluke - "kyun nahi ho sakte Freddie?"
Daya - "toh kya is ladki ne saat zeher khaye?"
Saluke - "Nahi"
Daya - Nahi?"
Saluke - "bilkul bhi nahi."
Daya - "toh phir?"
Saluke - "is ladki ko koi kai dino se zeher de raha hai. Choti matra mein zeher roz iske shareer mein jaa raha tha. Aaj kisi ne iski chai mein zeher milaya. Iske lungs mein bhi thoda zeher hai. Aur iske shareer par 3 chote ched hain, jaise kisi ne sui chubhayi ho. Un teeno se zeher daala gaya hai."
Freddie - "Ye ladki roz zeher kha kar bhi zinda thi?"

Just then ACP enters... Daya starts telling the case report -

Daya - "sir Dr. Saluke bol rahe hain ki -"

But ACP cuts him short...

ACP - "ek minute Daya. Pehle zara mere cabin mein aao."

Saying so, ACP goes into his cabin.

Saluke - "Kya baat hai Daya?"

Everyone stares Daya as Daya goes inside ACP's cabin...

Daya - "ji sir."
ACP - "Daya meri baat dhyaan se sunna. Abhijeet aur Shruti kisi musibat mein hain. Is baat ko main sabko nahi bata sakta kyunki Abhijeet out of the way jaakar kaam kar raha tha. Shruti toh sirf wahan Abhijeet ki madad karne gayi thi aur ab dono lapata hain. Main chahta hoon tum apne informers ki madad se jaldi se unka pata lagao."

Daya is speechless...

ACP - "Tumhari car mein ek file hai jismein saari zaroori batein likh dee hain. Tum abhi nikal jao. Aur haan, mujhe lagatar batate rehna. Zaroorat pade toh bula lena."
Daya - "ji sir"

And Daya turns to leave...

ACP - "Daya..."
Daya - "ji sir."
ACP - "apna khayal rakhna. Mujhe mere saare officers wapas chahiye"

Daya smiles and leaves...

Scene 6
Abhijeet is really confused. He figured it out that he is in the basement of some building but cant tell which. There are all kinds of things here - bed sheets, trolleys, trays, scissors, cotton, paper, hay stacks, ropes, tanks, pipes and what not. This had to be a common godown. However there were somethings that Abhijeet recognised in the darkness - there were bandages too. Certainly there had to be some connection of a hospital...

Just then he heard a voice... far away he could see light... 2 people were coming...

Man 1 - "Wohh upar Doctor ne dibba mangwaya hai."
Man 2 - "kaun sa dibba?"
Man 1 - "jismein chaku - churi hain..."
Man 2 - "acha jao - wahan us taraf rakha hai."

The man showed the man somewhere near Abhi.. jus then Abhi got a plan.. he hid behind some boxes there waiting for the man to approach.. as the man came there.. Abhi put his leg out to make the man fell and in the darkness the man did fell.. He shouted loudly in pain and the other man came with torch to help...
Abhi saw his chance and ran towards the door. The other man had left the keys in the lock to rush to the man who had fallen. Abhi closed the door behind him and locked it too. He was in the parking area of some hospital.

Something in ABhi's mind asked him to go into the hospital. He wasnt as it is feeling good and he knew that he must have looked pathetic too... so he entered the first room he saw. Luck favoured him and he was in a room where the compunders would sit as there were many spare clothes. Abhi quickly changed into one and modified his look.

Scene 7
Daya was really stuck! He read the file thouroughly. The file said that Abhi reported a businessman to be at the place of trade but when Daya investigated about it, the businessman was in hospital for over a week. Some 10 days back, two men on bike fired at the man when they failed to get money out of him. There was a proper Police record of the same. But how was this possible.

Daya decided to go to the hospital himself and find out.

He went to the Mala Jeevan Hospital which was owned by a friend of the businessman - Bansilal, the exporter or furniture goods.

Daya entered the hospital and went to the reception. He held out his batch and said - "Main CID Senior Inspector Daya. Mujhe Bansilal ji se baat karni hai. Wohh yahin bharti hain na?"
Receptionist - "ji sir wohh yahin par admit hain par abhi unse milne ki kisi ko permission nahi hai. Par main aapko unki family se milwa deti hoon. Ek minute... Suno ward boy"

The receptionists calls a wardboy who was passing by...

Receptionist - "ye CID officer hain. Inhe Bansilal ji ki family se milna hai. Inhe unke paas le jao."

The ward boy nods and walks away. Daya says 'thanks' to the receptionists and follows. It was quite early and so there wasnt much rush in the hospital. There were only the attendants of the patients admitted and some staff around. The attendant led Daya through long corridors and passing many wards. Daya was looking around when he saw a woman inside a room through the corner of his eye... she looked familiar and somehow he couldnt help concentrating on her...

She was muttering something which he could faintly hear like "maara... wahan... goli... Abhijeet"
The last word rang a bell... Daya stopped outside the room and opened the curtain... Shruti lay there unconciously speaking...

Daya rushed inside. Shruti was there, safe but not in senses. The wardboy came inside with Daya..

Wardboy - "sir, yahan nahi. Aage hai room."
Daya - "ye kaun hai?"
Wardboy - "pata nahi sir."
Daya - "sister ko bulao."

The ward boy went and came a lil while later with a sister...

Daya - "sister ye kaun hai?"
Sister - "sir pata nahi. Inke saath koi nahi hai."
Daya - "kya hua inhe?"
Sister - "chloroform ki overdose ho gayi hai. 2 din se behosh hain. Kisi Abhijeet ko baar baar yaad kar rahi hain. Shayad kisi hamle mein zakhmi ho gayi hain. Kya aap inhe jaante hain?"
Daya - "haan. Ye mere saath kaam karti hain. Inka jo bhi bill hai le aao. Inka yahan se jaana zaroori hai."
Sister - "par sir ye abhi theek nahi hain. Aap yahan se inhe aise hi nahi le jaa sakte. Iska police case banega."
Daya - "sister aap saare bills banwayiye. Inka yahan se jaana bahut zaroori hai. Inka ilaaj hum ache se karwayenge. Aur Police report ke liye, CID bureau se letter aa jaayega."

The sister and the wardboy went and did as Daya asked. Daya immidiately called ACP and told her that he found Shruti and that ACP should fax the required documents to the hospital for her to be out of here immidiately.
ACP was glad that Daya found Shruti and faxed the papers.

Meanwhile, Daya went to Shruti and sprinkled some water on her face... and called her name.. Only after a few attempts, Shruti gained conscious...

Shruti - "Daya... Abhijeet kahan hai?"
Daya - "Shruti aap aaram karo..."
Shruti - "Abhijeet doosri taraf se fire kar rahe the. Maine bhi 2 - 3 logoin par fire kiya par koi peeche see aaya aur mere sir par zor se maara. Uske baad mujhe kuch yaad nahi... Jab hosh aaya, toh yahan par thi... aur mere haath mein glucose ki bottle laga rakhi thi. Jab glucose chadta toh mujhe neend aa jaati. Ye log mujhe behoshi ki dava de rahe hain."
Daya - "Shruti aap pareshan mat ho. Ab aap theek ho. Dr. Tarika aapko lene aa rahi hain aur wohh yakinan aapka bahut dhyaan rakhengi."

Shruti still wanted to ask about Abhijeet but Daya asked her not to take tension now.

Soon the sister returned with the bills. The fax had come and so everything was clear. He paid whatever the amount was and then the sister asked him to take the undertaking.

Sister - "sir, aap inke kya hain? Agar aap relative nahi hain toh aap inhe nahi leja sakte."
Daya - "chinta mat kariye..."

Shruti smiled from behind and completed the sentence...

Shruti - "ye mere bhai hain."  

Scene 8
Abhijeet searched the whole hospital but he couldnt find a clue about Shruti. He needed to find her at all costs but how... He walked past a ward when a sister called to him... at first he didnt respond for he was not habitual of being addressed as a wardboy but then he realised that he was disguised.
He went... The sister gave him a wheel chair to be taken for a lady who was taken out of here now. Abhi was anything but interested. He delivered the chair outside the room and then was sent to fetch clean bedsheets...

When he came back, a man in black was wheeling a lady on the wheel chair out of the room. Abhi went inside to clean the room... nothing in the room really bothered him. He wanted to clean fast enough and be out. At a real fast speed, he changed the bedsheet and threw the dirt... and then he found a ring, a chain and a pair or earrings. He picked them up for they couldnt be thrown in trash and was going to deposit them... on the way, he was just playing with the ring when he noticed something...

he looked at the ring carefully and yes, it was the very same ring that he had given Shruti for their wedding. Also the chain and the earrings belonged to Shruti...
Abhi pocketed these and realised that the lady who just went was Shruti... he ran after her to stop her but he saw a big black car go... the car belonged to CID and now he was sure that Shruti was safe. Now he could simply concentrate on the case.

Scene 9
Freddie - "dekh Vivek mujhse behas mat kar. Ab main incharge hoon."
Vivek - "Freddie sir maine kab mana kiya. Par aapko nahi lagta hume wahan jaana chahiye."
Freddie - "maine mana kiya na."
Lavanya - "par sir aap is slide par kyun nahi jaana chahte?"
Freddie - "nahi.. wahan khatra hai."

Just then ACP comes...

ACP - "haan kya hua?"
Vivek - "sir Freddie sir slide par jaane ko mana kar rahe hain."
ACP - "kyun Freddie?"
Freddie - "sir mujhe lagta hai ki uspar jaane se maut hui hai."
Vivek - "kya Freddie sir, Raj bhi toh Simran ke saath tha jhoole par. Usse toh kuch nahi hua."
ACP - "nahi Vivek... mujhe lag raha hai Freddie ne sahi kaha."

Freddie is himself surprised that he said the correct thing... Just then Freddie gets a call... he answers it..

ACP - "haan Daya. Bahut Acha.. haan tum dono ruko wahin, hum aa rahe hain."

And then ACP asks them all to leave for bureau...

Scene 10
Daya and Shruti are there in the bureau when all others come there.

ACP - "Tum theek ho Shruti?"
Shruti - "ji sir."
ACP - "Excellant. Vivek zara wohh video recording dena jo us aadmi ne diya tha."

Vivek plays it. And when it comes to the scene where Simran shouts, ACP asks to rewind and play it slowly...
And when they do, and focus it.. they see that a pin came from somewhere which hit Simran and caused her to scream.

ACP - "aajkal Freddie ki baatein badi sahi nikalne lagi hain. Kya baat hai Freddie?"

No one speaks anything.

ACP - "Vivek, tum jaakar Dr. Saluke se is pin ke baare mein pata ko. Shruti, tum aur Lavanya Simran ke parents ko bulakar unse pooch taach karo. Saath mein baki teen baccho aur unke mata - pita ko bhi bula lo. Freddie tum Kaveri ke saath jaakar wahan jhoole ke paas dhoondhoin kahan se pin aayi... aur Daya zara chalo saath mein."

ACP walks to his cabin and others set to do their jobs.. Daya follows ACP inside and Shruti is the only one who sees them go inside and follows them.

ACP - "Daya kya pata chala?"
Daya - "sir main jaise hi hospital pahuncha, Shruti dikh gayi, toh mujhe laga ki pehle inhe wahan se nikalna zaroori hai. Shruti ki baat sunkar laga ki unhe koi samay samay par neend ki dawai de raha tha. Zaroor Shruti ne kuch dekha hoga jiska unhe darr ho."
Shruti - "sir main andar aa jaaun?"
ACP - "haan Shruti aao. Daya tum jao aur mujhe batate rehna kya pata chala."
Shruti - "sir main bhi jaana chahti hoon. Abhijeet musibat mein hain toh main unki madad karna chahti hoon."
ACP - "Shruti suno. Jis tarah tumhe Abhijeet ki parwah hai, usse bhi tumhari hai. Wohh nahi chahega ki tum musibat mein pado. Mujhe mere officer par poora bharosa hai, wohh apna khayal rakh sakta hai. Aur madad ke liye main Daya ko bhej raha hoon na. Agar Abhijeet ko pata chalega ki tum khatre mein ho, toh wohh apna dhyaan kaise rakh paayega?"
Daya - "Shruti aap pareshan mat ho. Main Abhijeet ko bilkul theek le aayunga."
Shruti - "Maine kab kaha ki aap Abhijeet ka dhyaan nahi rakh sakte. Bas main bhi jaana chahti thi par kabhi kabar duty karni chahiye."

She laughed saying so and ACP and Daya smiled.

Shruti went and joined Lavanya in calling the people to the bureau and Daya went away...

Scene 11
Abhijeet wondered what he would do next as he carried helped a patient out of the lift. ABhijeet thought of a plan - he would be here as a ward boy and try to get at the businessman. He had surely seen him there during the drug deal then how could he be there in the Hospital for days?
Abhi preferred to help people critically ill as the businessman was there in VIP ward with lots of security and the only way to get there was as a member of staff. So here he was, helping people into their rooms.

As Abhi passes the businessman's room, he heard some shouting inside... someone was really loud for Abhi could he him clearly outside.

Man - "Kya? Kisne us ladki ko jaane diya? Tum sab bewakoof ho... Us ladki ne apna muh khol diya, toh hum sab musibat mein aa jaayenge. Jaante ho kaun thi woh?.."

Abhi couldnt hear more as he had to keep moving..
While going back, he wished some miracle would happen and he could go inside the business man's room and a miracle did happen. Someone from inside asked the guard outside to call a wardboy... they called Abhi and he went inside rather glad!

Abhi - "ji"

The businessman looked perfectly fine. The owner of the hospital - Vijay Singh, was also there. Both looked rather furious. 2 women were also there in the room. One of them came towards Abhi. She looked older like the businessman's wife..

Wife - "wohh doosre wardboy kahan hai?"
Abhi - "pata nahi ji. Shayad wohh kisi patient ko lekar gaya hai."
Singh - "acha tum, jao khane ke liye kuch lekar aao aur Nihal se kaho us CID officer ko lekar aaye."

Abhi nodded and left. As he was once out of sight, he gave a sigh in relief but before long, one of the guards waiting outside the room, joined him. Abhi seized his chance and grew friendly with the guard. He pretended to be one of the wardboys knowing everything and it was quite easy to get things out of the guard.

The guard told Abhi that ofcourse the businessman wasnt in hospital for long. Indeed the CID officer's wife who escaped from the hospital had injured him during the firing. He and Vijay Singh are equal partners in the drug deals. During that particular deal, Vijay SIngh was stuck in some work and so was late. When he arrived to the scene, the bullets were already firing. He saw the officer's wife shout for her husband and then fire at the businessman. Vijay Singh, saw this and attacked her. He thought that he had seen her when he hit her head with a rod.

As they couldnt find the officer, they announced before leaving that they were taking to some building though they didnt tell that its the hospital's basement. They told a map by which he would enter through backdoor and would never figure that he was in the hospital.

Now the things were clearing in his mind. Abhi had known all he should have about what was happening. All he now needed to do was collect proper evidence and ofcourse call at the bureau. He hadnt even once called at his office in days and he knew that they were looking. He also wanted to warn Shruti that she was in danger.

Abhi thanked the guard for the story and then left to take the lunch. Nearly some 15 minutes later, as Abhi came out of the businessman's room serving him lunch, he saw Daya coming with another wardboy. Abhi tried his best to catch Daya's attention but Daya was busy trying to get something out of the wardboy's mouth. The wardboy was however mixed with the people and simply refused to speak anything... he was however surprised to see Abhi there. He knew all the staff of the hospital then who was this and what was he doing here?

Wardboy - "tum kaun ho?"
Abhi - "kya?"

Before the wardboy could speak anything, the guards outside the room asked them all to disperse and not make sounds so as to let the patient rest. Daya looked back at the wardboy who had come out of Businessman's room and he noticed that he was wearing Abhi's wedding ring... this was ABhi then!

Daya rushed to catch up and was just in time to be in lift with him. But the other wardboy was somewhere clever and came rushing too. Daya didnt care for this wardboy...

Daya - "Abhijeet?"

Before Abhi could say anything...

Wardboy - "mujhe pata tha tum yahan ke nahi ho. Main bataunga.."
Daya - "bataoge tab na jab batane layak rahoge..."

Before the lift came to a halt at the ground floor (from the 5th floor) Daya and Abhi were aiming a gun each at the man and asked him to walk quietly. He already had had Daya's dose to disobey. 

Scene 12
Everyone in the CID bureau were watching the video tape they had taken from the person Kamal from the adventure park.

ACP - "haan bas Vivek, ab dheere chalana, dekho, wohh wahan ussi jhoole par toh Simran ki maut hui."

And what CID sees shocks them all... They zoom to see it again.. when Simran is at the swing, she suddenly, holds her neck where there was a needle struck.. and so somebody at the adventure park must have planned Simran's murder.
As CID discuss this, Daya and Abhi return.

Freddie - "Dekho, Abhijeet sir aur Daya sir aa gaye."

Everyone goes and meets Abhi...
ACP welcomes him...

ACP - "tum theek toh ho na ABhijeet?"
Abhi - "ji sir."

And then ACP sees Abhi's eyes going past ACP into the very back of the room, where Shruti is standing. Everyone turns to see... Shruti didnt come to meet Abhi. She stood where she was smiling to see Abhi and Abhi couldnt help smiling back.

Five minutes later,
Shruti and Abhi sat in the canteen talking over coffee.

Abhi - "tum theek ho."

Shruti didnt say anyting, just nodded.

Abhi - "kya hua?"
Shruti - "kuch nahi."
Abhi - "kuch bologi nahi?"
Shruti - "kya?"
Abhi - "arre hamesha toh kitna bolti ho. Ab itni chup kyun ho?"

Shruti shook her head...

Abhi - "Coffee pasand nahi aayi kya? Bhaiya kaisi Coffee - "

Before Abhi could scold the person there for a bad coffee, Shruti raised her eyebrow and he stopped and laughed..

Abhi - "toh phir bolo."
Shruti - "ek vaada karoge?"
Abhi - "ek? Aur shaadi ke time jo saath vaade kiye the?"
Shruti - "Abhijeet?"
Abhi - "acha ab aur mazaak nahi. Bolo. Tumhari koi baat taali hai jo ab nahi manunga?"
Shruti - "agli baar kahin bhi jaoge, main saath chalungi."
Abhi - "Shruti tumhe toh nahi samjhane ki zaroorat na. Humari job mein in sab ke liye time nahi hai aur tum jaanti ho ye. Personal aur Professional life ko mix nahi karte."
Shruti - "jaanti hoon par isse pehle main itna kabhi nahi dari."

Shruti had a tear in her eye by now.. Abhi couldnt see that (so sweet) and so he got up (he sat opposite her) and went to sit beside her..

Abhi - "CID officer hokar darna? Kyun darti ho?"

Shruti didnt speak...

Abhi - "Arre bhai kahan jaunga? Chalo wada hum apni 60th anniversary cruise par manayenge. Tab tak hamesha tumhare saath rahunga."
Shruti - "aur uske baad?"
Abhi - "kamaal ki ladki ho. Tab tak saath ho, iska kuch nahi, uske baad ki zyada chinta hai"

Shruti had wet eyes but now she wasnt crying. Instead she was looking at Abhi, smiling through wet eyes. She raised her eyebrows for him to tell her what was on his mind...

Abhi - "well theek hai. Uske baad cruise pe kisi happening bandi ke saath bhaag jaunga."

Abhi laughed saying so and Shruti kind of was beating him with fists but that was very playful and just then Abhi's cell rang... break over and they had to be back at work.

Scene 13
CID was at Simran's home. Simran's parents, Raj, Ishaan and Tanvi were also there.

Simran's mom - "kuch pata chala ACP sir?"
Tanvi - "aapne hum sab ko yahan kyun bulaya hai?"
ACP - "pata chal jaayega sabko. Simran ki maut zeher ki wajah se hui hai. Koi usse roz zeher de raha tha."
Simran's mom - "Kya?"
ACP - "ji. Kya hum Simran ke kamre ki talaashi le sakte hain?"
Simran's dad - "zaroor."

And CID searches her room. They find nothing specific.. meanwhile Daya and Shruti are talking to Raj, Ishaan and Tanvi.

Daya - "dhyaan se, soch kar batana, Simran ki kisi se dushmani thi? Koi ladai hui ho?"
Raj - "nahi sir. Simran ko toh sab bahut pasand karte the. Mazaak mein kabhi kuch keh de toh baat alag hai, par warna toh sab uske saath ache se rehte the."
Shruti - "college mein koi baat hui ho? kisi se jhagda? Ya Kisi Professor se?"
Tanvi - "nahi maam. Tanvi toh bahut seedhi ladki thi."
Daya - "seedhi ladkiyoin ka yahin kahin khoon toh nahi hota rehta. Uska hua hai toh zaroor koi baat hogi."

Just then Vivek comes to ACP who is talking to Simran's parents.

Vivek - "sir room mein ye kuch magazines hain."
ACP - "kaisi magazines?"
Vivek - "sir college ki annual magazines hain.."
ACP - "dekho toh inmein kya hai..."
Vivek - "sir in magazines mein se ek ke kuch page phate hain..."
ACP - "dikhao"

Vivek shows the pages.. only the heading of the first page torn was seen, and it looked like the rest of the article is torn.. the heading the the page which was torn said "Simran .." (there was more to heading)

Simran's mother - "Ye toh Simran ka article hai"
ACP - "kya tha is article mein?"
Simran's dad - "Simran magazine ke editorial mein kaam karti thi. Ek din usne aur Raj ne, kuch ladko ko ek ladki ko tang karte dekha... wahan Simran ne college ke teacher ko bula liya, jinse darr kar wohh ladke bhag gaye... uske baad Simran aur Raj ne ye article diya, jismein unhone un chaaro ladko ke naam diye. In ladko ke khilaf college ne action liya aur chaaro ko resticate kar diya. Inke khilaf Police complain bhi hai."
ACP - "Raj..."

Raj comes..

ACP - "Raj is article ke baare mein kya jaante ho?"

Raj tells all the same.. he tells that the four boys were Nakul, Vicky, Siddharth and Karan... all 4 of them have now left the city...

Just thn Abhi calls ACP...

ACP - "haan Abhijeet bolo... kya.. acha.. usse pakad ke rakho... hum abhi aa rahe hain."

then to his team..

ACP - "lagta hai ab khooni pakda gaya. Vivek tum Raj ka statement le lo. Hum log zara amusement part jaa rahe hain. Abhijeet or Freddie ko wahan koi mila hai."

Scene 14
In the amusement part...

Freddie and Abhi are with a man.. he looks like a mechanic. He is scared and stuff... Just then ACP and others enter...

ACP - "haan Abhijeet, batao kya mila?"
Freddie - "sir aap humesha Abhijeet sir ko hi kyun poochte ho? Aaj maine isse pakda.."

ACP raises and eyebrow towards Abhi..

Abhi - "haan sir, aaj toh Freddie ne hi pakda isse..."
ACP - "arre wah Freddie... toh chalo tum batao kaise pakda."

Freddie gets tensed..

Freddie - "sir wohh hum dekh rahe the ki pin kahan se aayi.. aur phir.. Abhijeet sir aap bolo na. Har waqt saara kaam main kyun karun? isse pakda na. Kahani Abhijeet sir sunayenge.."
ACP - "Abhijeet chalo tum hi batao.."
Abhi - "sir, iss pole ke upar machine chupa ke rakhi hai.. jab humne yahan kaam karne wale sabhi logoin ko bulaya.. toh ye bhagne laga.."
ACP - "haanji.. ab aap sach ka raag sunayenge.."
Man - "saab maine kuch nahi kiya.. main bekasoor hoon"
ACP - "nahi nahi.. doosra wala sach.."
Abhi - "dekho seedhe tareeke se bolo warna... "
Man - "saab maine ye khud nahi kiya.. ek ladki aayi thi.. usne ye machine dee aur 5000 rupye diye. Kaha ki machine ka muh udhar kar ke laga do taki kisi ko dikhe na. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki wohh ladki khoon karegi."
ACP - "dikhti kaisi thi wohh ladki?"
Man - "pata nahi saab.. maine dekha nahi usko. Wohh burkha pehen ke aayi thi"
ACP - "yahan aayi thi?"
Man - "ji saab. Pichle hafte mangalwar ko aayi thi. Main kaam khatam kar shaam ko ghar ke liye nikal raha tha toh ek lambi gadi mein aayi aur mujhe bulaya..."
ACP - "mangalwar.. aur Simran ki maut hui shukravaar ko. Yani ki machine roz nahi chalti... ye zaroor remote se chalti hai aur wohh ladki Simran ke saath yahan aayi thi... koi Simran ka peecha kar raha tha.. acha gadi ka number yaad hai?"
Man - "nahi saab.."
ACP - "gadi ke baare mein kuch toh yaad hoga... kuch bhi.."
Man - "haan saab.. sunhere rang ki gadi thi.. lambi.. aur uspar ek bichchoo bana tha.. darwaze par."
ACP - "very good... Freddie pata karo shehar mein aisi kitni gadiyaan hai. Unke maliko ko bulao.."

Just thn Daya gets a call...

Daya picks up... "Hello.. haan.. mil gaya.. badiya hai.. nahi.. aa rahe hain.. ruk wahi tu."

Daya goes to ACP..

Daya - "sir aaj wakai bada acha din hai. Us compounder Heera ne kafi kuch ugal diya.. agar samay se pahunch gaye toh Hospital mein raid kar bahutoin ko pakad sakte hain."
ACP - "phir ruke kyun ho? Chalo.. aur wahan Police ko bhi keh do aane ko."  

CID is outside the hospital..

Abhi - "Daya main aage jaata hoon, tum cover karo."
ACP - "nahi Abhijeet... unhone tumhe dekha hai... Vivek tum jao, Police tumhe cover karegi.. aur Abhijeet tum aur Shruti jao undergorund godown mein. Jo milta hai, pakad lo. Daya aur main dekhte hain kitne akhbaar ke chehre hum daboch sakte hain."

And all this happens..

Vivek enters the hospital and runs to the lift with 5 - 10 cops and they go to the third floor..

Abhi and Shruti have their guns out and along with 4 - 5 cops they run the length of the corridor and are back in front of the door of the godown...

ACP goes to the reception and gives instructions..
ACP - "koi bahar nahi jaayega. Hospital ka kaam jaise chal raha hai chalne do"
Sister - "par sir aap log kaun hain?"
ACP - "hum CID se hain.. sister yahan ek bahut khatarnaak khooni bhaag kar chupa hai. Par aap log dare nahi. Hum usse zaroor pakad lenge. Acha abhi aap apne register dikhayiye.. kaun kaun admit hai yahan? Daya Vivek se bluetooth par bane rehne.."
Daya - "ji sir.."

Vivek and the other cops exit the lift at the top floor all guns out.. some staff there is running here and there in hurry, they see CID and panic.. the cops catch them immidiately and then the rest of them moves towards the door.. Vivek keeps one hand on the door...

Abhi and Shruti open the door with a bang.. the room is no longer like Abhi remembered it.. it was well lit.. and the back door was open.. back door was big enough to allow a truck in and a truck was indeed there.. and a couple of people were hurried moving things in it... The cops catch them.. while Abhi talks on phone..

Abhi - "Daya.. suno yahan ye log samaan truck mein bhar ke le jaa rahe hain. Bahar Kaveri aur Lavanya se kaho pakde inhe.."

Daya - "theek hai Abhijeet.. ab tum Vivek ko cover do."
Daya - "sir wahan packing chal rahi thi.. Abhijeet ne pakda hai.."
ACP - "good..."

just then a guy comes running.. not running but walking too fast.. he is in good suit but looks too scared and wants to exit.. Daya stops him..

Man - "ye kya battameezi hai.. jante nahi main kaun hoon?"
ACP - "Kya battameezi hai Daya? Tum jaante nahi ye Bansilal ji hai... humare shehar ke jaane maane exporter... kya nahi export karte ye, aur tumne inka raasta roka?"
Bansilal - "ACP ji aap? Ye aapka aadmi hai?"
ACP - "ji nahi ye CID officer hai... par abhi tak seekha nahi.. kyun Daya?"
Daya - "sir aise logoin ke liye ek hi jagah hai.. Jail.."

And Daya gives a tight slap...

Vivek enters the room with lots of cops..
Vivek - "jo jahan hai wahin ruk jao. Hum CID se hain. Aap sab ko arrest kiya jaata hai.. hilna mat.."

one man still tries being brave and looks at the window and moves towards it and Vivek actually shoots at his knee and he falls.. there is panic in room but before anyone could realise it, Abhi has also joined the mess and the cops arrest all.. the man hurt is caught by Abhi...

Abhi - "Vivek pehchante ho inhe?"
Vivek - "nahi sir.. kaun hain ye?"
Abhi - "Vivek tum inhe nahi pehchaante? Ye hai Dr Singh.. iss hospital ke aur isme ho rahe sabhi kamo ke malik..."

Abhi and Vivek drag the doctor outside...

Scene 15
Outside the hospital, the Police has arrested all people they found suspecious.. now only the inspector, CID and the 2 main culprits where left and CID was talking to them...

ACP - "bolo.."
Bansilal - "ye sab iss Singh ki wajah se hua hai..."
Singh - "meri wajah se? Maine kaha tha kya ki business expand karte hain.. ye sab tere gande irado ki wajah se hua hai.."
ACP - "aap dono aapas mein bahas karna chod kar sach bologe.."

They both stare at each other and are quiet...

Daya - "bolte ho warna..."
Abhi - "ruko Daya.. main batata hoon... Singh sahab apne aspatal ke mareezo ki kidney nikaal kar usse bech dete the. Ek din inke dost Bansilal ji ne bataya ki kidney export karne mein zyada paisa hai. Toh dono ne kidney export firm kholi... kuch din baad inhe aur achi cheezein milne lagi export ke liye - gareeb ladkiyaan, drugs, sona - chandi.. kyun kuch kam toh nahi bola na maine..."

They both look at each other and then towards CID with an angry and loser face...

ACP - "Abhijeet pata hai in logoin ke baare mein khabar kaise mili?"
Abhi - "kaise sir?"
ACP - "Bansilal ji ke truck ki checking hui. Truck mein toh sirf kapde the par unke saath ek injection mila jismein ek aisi dava thi jo sirf dil ke mareezo ko dee jaati hai aur itni aasaani se milti bhi nahi. Wohh dava sarkar sirf kuch hospitals mein bhejti hai. Ab kapdo ke truck mein wohh dava kahan se aayi... toh pata chala kapdo ka truck kapde lane se pehle hospital mein khada tha. Bas lag gaye log in dono ka peecha karne... humare desh mein aap jaise log hona, desh ki shaan ke khilaaf hai. Aapke liye toh phasi bhi kam hogi. Inspector aap in dono ko le jaayiye. Inke upar smuggling, kidnapping, ladkiyoin ko bechne aur mere do officers par attack karne ka iljaam hai."
Abhi - "par CID officers ko pakad ke rakhna shayad inke bas ki baat nahi. Dekho na, dono hi inke naak ke neeche se bhaag gaye."
ACP - "Vivek tum inpector ke saath jao. Main baad mein milta hoon."

Vivek nods and leaves...

Just then ACP gets a call..

ACP - "haan Freddie.. bolo.. mil gayi? very good.. kiski hai? ruko hum abhi pahunch rahe hain."

ACP - "Kaveri aur Lavanya, Raj par nazar rakho."

Scene 16
CID is walking... into a house and Freddie is waiting at the gate.. while walking inside..

Freddie - "sir Mumbai mein sirf 2 gadiyaan hai jinpar bichchoo bana hai. Pehli gadi hai kisi Angad ki. Wohh Goregoan mein rehta hai."
ACP - "aur doosri?"
Freddie - "doosri gadi hai Nakul ki... "
Daya - "kya? Nakul wahi na jisko Simran ke article ki wajah se college se nikaal diya tha?"
Freddie - "ji sir."
Abhi - "yani ke khoon Nakul aur uske doostoin ne karwaya hai."
ACP - "haan par paise kisi ladki ne diye the."
Freddie - "sir Nakul ka yehi address hai."
ACP - "chalo chalkar dekhte hain."

CID goes and knocks.. after a little while a servant opens the door...

ACP - "hum CID se hain. Nakul ghar par hai?"
Servant - "nahi sir, Nakul baba toh yahan kam hi aate hain."
Daya - "toh rehta kahan hai ye Nakul?"
Servant - "Nakul baba toh Pune chale gaye. Jab kabhi aate hai toh apne mummy - daddy ke saath rehte hain. Yahan toh kabhi mahine mein ek baar aa gaye warna kabhi unki behen aa jaati hain."

Just then Abhi and Shruti were looking around the house..

Shruti - "sir..."
ACP - "haan Shruti bolo.."

Shruti had a photo frame in her hand and she showed it to ACP...

ACP - "ohh toh ye hain Nakul ki behen?"

ACP shows the pic to the servant.. its of Tanvi and Nakul together...

Servant - "ji yehi toh hain Tanvi didi."

Scene 17
CID is in the car..

ACP - "Abhijeet jaldi Raj ko phone lagao.. uski jaan khatre mein hai. Agar khoon Tanvi ne kiya hai toh wohh Raj ko bhi maar sakti hai."
Abhi - "sir Raj utha nahi raha."
ACP - "Shruti pata karo jaldi ki Raj aur Tanvi ka phone kahan hai."
Shruti - "haan sir... wohh log dhoondh rahe hain."

After a minute..

Shruti - "sir Raj apne ghar par hi hai. Par Tanvi Raj ke ghar jaa rahi hai."
ACP - "Daya jaldi Raj ke ghar chalte hain. Shruti Kaveri ko phone kar ke kaho ki Tanvi par nazar rakhe..."

At Raj's house..

Tanvi and Raj are having meals..

Tanvi - "Raj chalo na drive par chalte hain."
Raj - "par khana toh khatam kar lo."
Tanvi - "Mera mann nahi hai.. chalo na.. mujhe abhi jaana hai."
Raj - "acha phone toh lene do."
Tanvi - "nahi phone ki kya zaroorat... bakaar mein koi phone karke disturb karega.."

Just then Raj's phone rings.. it was CID...

Tanvi - "dekha abhi toh sirf jaane ki baat ho rahi hai, tabhi phone aane lage. Chodo na.. main bhi apna phone yahin chod rahi hoon. Chale"
Raj - "acha chalo..."

And Raj and Tanvi sit in the car and go.. after a second they leave, CID comes.. they see the house is left in a hurry...

Servant comes..

ACP - "Raj aur Tanvi yahin the na? Unke phone bhi yahin pade hain.."
Servant - "haan saab par wohh dono toh abhi abhi nikle hain."
ACP - "kahan gaye?"
Servant - "saab pata nahi par aksar wohh dono Juhu beech jaate hain."
ACP - "chalo jaldi.. zyada door nahi gaye honge wohh... Kaveri ko phone karo."

Now there is a chase.. not actually for Tanvi and Raj dont know that they are being followed..

Tanvi - "Raj kahan jaa rahe hai?"
Raj - "Juhu beech.. tumhari favourite jagah..."
Tanvi - "nahi aaj wahan chalo jahan jaana tumhe pasand ho..."
Raj - "baat kya hai aaj?"
Tanvi - "bas main aaj bahut khush hoon. Bhai ka phone aaya tha. Wohh agle mahine wapas aa raha hai."
Raj - "kaisa hai Nakul?"
Tanvi - "bahut acha. Main bahut dino baad usse milungi. Bahut saha hai bhai ne. Uska toh koi dosh bhi nahi tha... Par abhi Bhai ki chodo.. abhi main tumhare saath rehna chahti hoon."
Raj - "toh chalo aaj main tumhe Juhu beech ka wohh kona dikhata hoon, jo bahut logoin ne nahi dekha."

Raj takes Tanvi to a hotel in front of the beech and he asks for a particular room.. he takes her to that room and then to the balcony... he then shows her the beech.. it looked beautiful with sun shining bright.. and the view was magnificent.. you could see so much and then she could see a part where no one went...

Just the CID car comes and parks under the hotel.. Kaveri and Lavanya are waiting for them..

Kaveri - "sir dono upar gaye hain. 7th floor."
ACP - "very good well done.."
Shruti - "sir wohh rahe upar..."
ACP - "chalo jaldi. Kaveri tum aur Lavanya ruko yahan. Dekhna koi bhaage na."

But then Tanvi sees them.. she pushes Raj

Raj - "kya hua Tanvi?"
Tanvi - "Raj mujhe jaana hai."
Raj - "par hua kya?"
Tanvi - "rasta chodo..."

and she pushes him and rushes out and up the stairs towards the terrace... Raj comes out of the room calling her.. and then CID comes the same moment up... they see Raj

ACP - "Raj tum theek ho?"
Raj - "ji sir kyun?"

But the same moment, he starts vomitting and goes a little pale..

ACP - "Freddie Raj ko jaldi hospital ke jao. Raj Tanvi kahan hai?"

Raj points towards the terrace.. Abhi looks up and he sees Tanvi looking down at them..

Abhi - "sir Tanvi wohh rahi."

CID rushes up and now they are at the terrace.. Tanvi entered the terrace and locked the door behind her..

ACP - "Daya, tod do darwaza."

and Abhi and Daya start breaking the door.. it breaks off and Tanvi is no where to be found...

ACP - "dhoondo usse.. bahut door nahi gayi hogi."

At the backside of the roof.. Daya and Shruti were searching and then Shruti spots her.. Tanvi was trying to climb down by the pipeline...

Shruti - "Daya ye rahi."

Daya comes and sees...

Daya - "ruk jao Tanvi, tum bhaag nahi sakti..."

Shruti goes and gets a rope lying nearby

Daya - "ladki mein jaan toh hai. (looks at Shruti) Tum ye kya kar rahi ho??"
Shruti - "Daya rassi pakdo.. aur kas ke pakadna."
Daya - "par ye kya kar rahi ho?"

Shruti handed one end of the rope to Daya and tied the other around herself nicely, ensuring that she wont fall and then she climed the wall and just then ABhi and ACP come that side..

Abhi - "Shruti"
Daya - "sir Tanvi yahan hai."

Abhi rushed to help...

Shruti had already left support.. Daya was holding the rope tightly and not to let her fall.. Abhi came and helped.. and so did ACP... Shruti did something good then.. she went down just to get a little under Tanvi and then tied the rope around Tanvi and then asked Daya to pull...
ACP, Abhi and Daya pulled the two girls up...

ACP - "well done Shruti. Lagta hai Daya aur Abhijeet ko tumse training dilani padegi."

Shruti smiled at Abhi and Daya.. Daya looked amused but Abhi looked so tensed.. and confused! 

Scene 18
In the bureau..
Raj is also there, Simran's parents are also there, Ishaan and Tanvi's parents are also there... Tanvi and a boy is sittin on a chair each and crying...

ACP - "kyun maara Simran ko?"
Tanvi - "uski wajah se mere bhai ko college se nikaal diya. Mere bhai ki zindagi kharab ho gayi."
ACP - "tumhara bhai ek ladki ke saath battameezi kar raha tha. Wohh aur uske dost bachchoin ko drugs supply karte the..."
Tanvi - "toh kya hua? Kisi ka khoon toh nahi kiya na usne... Ek din mujhe Vicky mila.. Vicky apne dad ke dost ke office mein engineer ban gaya par abhi bhi ye Simran se nafrat karta hai. Isne wohh machine dikhayi. Remote ka button dabate hi usmein se sui aayegi aur jisko wohh sui lage, wohh toh gaya.. maine Adventure park jaane ka programme banaya.. socha tha ki ek ke baad ek dono Simran aur Raj ko wahi khatam kar dungi... par Simran kuch jaldi mar gayi. Isiliye Raj bach gaya.. toh maine aaj usse zeher wala khana khila diya..."
Raj - "Tanvi tum aisa karogi.. main soch bhi nahi sakta tha..."
Tanvi - "aur jo tumne kiya? Bola tha na maine ki mera bhai hai.. jaane do.. par tab tumne hi kaha tha na ki mera bhai galat hai..."
Vicky - "Raj aur Simran ki wajah se hum chaaro barbad ho gaye. Humne inse kitna kaha ki hum ye nahi karenge bus ye dono article na chaape.. par ye maane hi nahi..."
Simran's mum - "isiliye tumne meri bachchi ko maar diya?"

and she starts crying and Lavanya takes her out...

ACP - "tum dono ko toh phasi hi hogi." 

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