Thursday, June 29, 2017


Sound as grand as it might
a rain is not always a delight
slippery and clogged
is how it leaves the roads
jams and chokes everywhere,
the city is not a pretty sight

It doesnt allow the mango to ripe
It makes men do extra sweep and wipe
It floods the drainage systems
and fills the mines
It causes disruption of signals
It disconnects twitter and skype

Worms infect the Lychees
in rain
Crunch of the Crunches
goes stale in vain
Need an Umbrella overhead, all the day
Rain makes the day mundane

If you think I hate it, read twice
All the above, is what elders advice
Rain clears the sky and brings out the stars
It cleans the dust and makes
the earth smell musky nice

To all the haters, how do you forget
the dirt is not the rain it is what you beget
it brings us water, it brings us life
it is way of starting afresh
It washes all our sorrows and debts

Let your hair lose, the next time it rains
break free from your inhibitions, break those reigns
take a step outside, take a stride
let freshness fill you
judge for yourself, if rain is magic or
something one profanes.

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