Thursday, May 28, 2015

Larger than Life

I am on way to my office. As usual there is a lot of traffic jam and as usual, I have headphones in my ears, listening to music and consumed in my own thoughts.
Few moments back, these thoughts meant big. I was thinking about what I lost and how hard it is to cope up.

While I was completely in submerged in another reality created by my own brain, an ambulance passed by the bus. Because there was the siren, I momentarily escaped my illusion and looked. It was an XUV... a Sumo kind of vehicle and inside there were army men. The vehicle had passed by till then but I kept staring from back, for as long as I could.
On the right, two army men were sitting with their arms crossed to their chest and on the left seat, there was a coffin and on top of it, flower rings of tricolor flowers.

Suddenly I feel so small. While, here I am not getting over a heartbreak, someone lost his life trying to protect my country and me. The other army men know that instead of this guy in the coffin, it could easily be one of them. Here I was complaining so much about things that are long gone, they were carrying a friend to his home. A friend they will never see again.
And just think how hard it would be to face the departed' family. My Eja left me of natural causes and yet it is hard for me to see her friends and cousins, all alive, knowing I won't be able to see my Eja ever again. Then the family... who will they blame?

I feel so small and that I complain about really petty things. I don't even know this guy or the thousands like him who serve at the border daily. So many of them risk their lives every second that we breathe. So many of them leave behind their loved one's so that we can all be at peace at night.

The only good thing that I felt was that it is noble of the Army and the country to see that these soldiers are sent in honor and pride on their last voyage...

Jai Hind.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Natural tip to grow nails faster!!

Trust me... I am not selling anything over here... Indeed, the tip I am going to tell you is going to be totally natural and will cost you almost next to nothing. At max, it will just take 15 minutes of your time daily and constant effort for like 2 - 3 weeks.

I have tested this myself, and I can ensure you guaranteed results!!

1. Whenever you get a chance... take some luke-warm water and take a slice of lemon. Clean your
nails and cuticles as nicely as you can. You see, with long nails, the biggest problem is hygiene and you would not want to compromise with that. Also, cleaner nails look prettier.

So, if you make it a habit, even like 2 times a week will be sufficient and it is a good habit that you can keep!

Tip - whenever you dine out, use your finger-bowl to clean your nails. That will just be an extra time when you take care of your nails.

2. Take one clove of garlic... peel it off clean and then cut it into half (You can use more than one
clove of garlic if you want,  depending on your patience and the length of your nails). Now, rub one half over the nails of your one hand and the other over the nails of the other hand.

You should give like some give minutes to one hand each and rub till the garlic is all lost.

Tip - You can totally make a paste and use like one spoon of lukewarm oil or water and make a paste to apply. Make sure you apply garlic where your nails are attached to the skin.

3. Wear a nail paint. I know this sounds the stupidest of all but nail paint, I dont really care which brand or quality - sure the more expensive, the better, but do wear it!

I know you must really want pretty long nails that you have landed here and I hope you do ;)

Jugaad - The Correct way of Life

Jugaad technically means to make the ends meet by not the proper meant to be way, but here are a few 'Jugaads' that actually teach how to live life correctly!!

courtesy : Original Creators and Dinesh Selvaraj (for sharing with me!!)

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