Thursday, July 14, 2016

The iPhone Conundrum

After a very long time (lie!!) I am traveling by the Delhi metro (well.. After quite long I am traveling at this hour.. Otherwise I traveled on Monday itself and today is just Thursday). What I notice significantly in the train is that almost every girl is holding an iPhone. Mostly it is 6s but quite 5 series as well. Regardless of the size, color, cover or willingness-to-flash the brand, an iPhone, nonetheless.

Just a couple of years back, I sought Apple products to signify two things - riches and even more riches. The first riches is in terms of technology - iPhone is a one of it's kind phone and Apple products have the market still in awe with the maintained standards, security and style. The second and the greater of the riches is definitely the Richie Rich type of riches. And yet, here, everyone (almost everyone) has an iPhone.

I am not pointing fingers as I, myself, am typing this on an iPhone. However, this iPhone is more my dad's than mine in the second sense of riches. I am still battling everyday with Google and the user manual on iBooks for the first kind of riches. It has been more than eight months since my dad brought an iPhone unannounced. Unable to decipher how to insert the sim card, he handed it to me. I had to call a colleague who had recently purchased an iPhone to find out the same. Since then, my status with my iPhone is much like a guy's with his crush - it's complicated.

My primary reason to carry this expensive beauty in my hands is none of the three S factors, I mentioned above. I use iPhone for my love for songs and karaoke. There is this wonderful app Smule, which was recommended to me by a friend. Now I had Smule on my previous android as well but that was only to fulfill my hobby. Smule on iOS offers so much more. It lets you use some modifiers and then record your voice. I fell in love with my voice when I heard it on Smule on iOS and thus in turn, with iPhone on a whole.

Coming back to where we started - everyone has an iPhone. And as far as my observations lead me to, iPhone is much, way much popular in girls than in guys. I believe (as I have also witnessed), this is due to the guys gifting an iPhone to their fiancee. This brings us to the conundrum that I am facing - I have an iPhone 6s plus, already. I am also quite happy with it, as I have mentioned.

So, requesting all the guys and girls, feel free to suggest me what else can I take take as gift from my fiancee as and when he comes ;)

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