Thursday, May 1, 2014

Miracle of the Day : Anniversary

I remember well enough that the first 'Miracle of the Day' was for 1st May 2013 when I felt glad wishing someone happy birthday.
Now I agree that I haven't been frequent enough to think of something good each day to touch people's lives but I have tried to share and capture all the moments that I could remember.

Miracle of the Day was my attempt to remember how beautiful life is - and that it is beautiful because of all the people around us. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that I value those people - that I affect them in a good way.
Moreover, there are several times when other people make me feel very special.
I would give up anything in this world to keep these moments with me forever and to treasure them for eternity.

So here is to another year ahead of wonderful moments and memories. I hope I would blog more.
And most importantly - Happy Birthday Vivek sir :)

Miracle of the Day : 30th April 2014

I learned something very special today.
For quite a few days, I admit, I am being really bad. I have a very nice friend who got committed to again, a very dear person of mine. Somewhere, I was feeling a hole inside of me - kind of a hole that needed a person to fill. I was feeling envious of the happiness the two of them share. It isn't that I am upset of something but I was just wanting someone dear one too.
Anyways, though I was happy, the void existed.

Today, I met someone - Gaurav sir (name disguised so you won't identify it unless you are the person himself)… It is not that I met him for the first time but I did meet him after a LONG time. In this long time, there had been several things that I had been meaning to tell him… there were moments of anger… of frustration… of a little worry and most importantly… a lot of laughter and smiles from the memories of time before that.
I keep thinking to myself that it has just been 4 months since I have met Gaurav sir but in this little time, he has become someone really important to me - he affects my priorities and today itself, I found out - he affects my hunger… For he was here, I didn't take lunch and I didn't feel hungry at all!
I look back over these 4 months and I gather that there is if not much, but a significant age difference and yet, we have talked a lot. In all the talks that we have, I don't speak much… and mind you, I am a very talkative girl. I like to listen to him. Every minute that I sit beside him, I feel I have gained something that I didn't have before. Even when he is silent, I learn how to be such passionate about one's work.

I have learnt to have fun, to see life from a different perspective, faith, joy, passion for work and don’t know what else from that one person.

I would just say that he is one person I wouldn't ever want to lose contact with. And having said that, just to show some concern, I am also penning down a story inspired from him.

Today… like I mentioned, I met sir after a long time. It was definitely some great moments. But what was even special was a single moment when he said something - don't get your horses running ;)
I was just speaking on and on and mostly nonsense because I had to say sorry to him for something and I didn't know how to start the topic. Anyways, in nervousness, I kept speaking on and on. I kept complaining about some things but to be honest, those things never bother me, not anymore at least.
And then suddenly, sir said that it seemed to him that I was really angry.

Okay, I gather that this is nothing but to me, it is a lot.
There is someone I keep my ears on - yes ears! I am always there to listen to him speak and here, he listens to me and actually gives it a thought. I really felt amazing with that thought.

The amazing thing was - I felt really happy. For the rest of the evening, I have been laughing and dancing to myself. I really don't need anyone else. I am also feeling loved. Yes I know Gaurav sir is far from being someone special in that sense to me and he isn't. Very honestly, that void is there and it is only time that will fill it when the correct person comes. But from this incident, I realized that I need to love myself to feel loved and it doesn't matter how someone else sees me or for that matter, if someone else wouldn't see me at all.

You see, Love isn't only of the kind of having a boyfriend (or a girlfriend). Love is an expression of happiness… if you happy, you are in love - simple! And today, I have realized something really important - I am in love <3 p="">

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