Saturday, February 27, 2010

Totally Weird!!

I dont know where but I either read it or heard it somewhere... A person ISNOT bad... its the personality he or she possess towards you... I really liked this and so I read the entire article or heard the whole thing.. but I would really want it to share with you all...

Just today I noticed that there are some people in my life.. especially friends - whom I know and no one else know them the same way... strange! (Fish.. when all things come down to real life experiencing... I feel I am copying Satinder :P ) Like one of my really good friend (wont tell her name).. tells that I never need to point her weaknesses when she is with me or I am with her... and its true.. I like her for what she is... why do I need to tell her she's bad? I just need to warn her if she is doing something bad... and I do that... (Do I sound like SRK makes Kajol sound in MNIK :S ).. no people not bragging about my own self.. but trust me.. I have not asked anyone to change... I have just told my besties that they have changed but never even asked them to change... and told no one else that he / she has changed.. and its simply because I wanna know you... like you and respect you for what you are with all your flaws and short-comings.

I really dont get it... if she is friend.. why do I need to change her? and what is so hard about this... I mean what is so hard to accept a person the way he / she is...

And then... there is another person... people say this person never smiles... but I havent seen this person without 'SMILE'.... whenever we talk.. the smile is always there.. it may turn to laughter.. bt always there...

So all in all.. m seriously confused!!

Application for Fees Concession

The Principal
High School

Respected Sir

With deep regret I have to inform you that my father had given me Rs. 2000 for the fess. 200 were used for watching Avataar with my friends.. 500 were used for the pub paas with my girlfriend and 500 for the drinks there.
I got her cell recharged for Rs. 300.. the rest 500 I lost in a bet with my friend - I said that the English teacher is having an affair with the Math sir only but its surprising to know that she has an affair with you too...

Now you have two options -
1. Forget about my fees
2. The notice Boards will have a very important announcement tomorrow


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mayur Love Story

Hey people..

Mayur is really the best love story if you ask me :D :P
I love them.. they are just too cute and here I found something... this is so sweet... so I put it here!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

10 on 10 : Pyaar Impossible

One two three four ... <3

Chocolate boxes.. <3
Men on horses.. <3
Valentine’s day.. <3
Party’s on Saturday.. <3

Teenage popstars.. <3
Filmy filmstars.. <3
Gulab ke phool.. <3
People think these are cool.. <3

Ye sab toh hai 4 on 10.. <3
Ache lagte hain hai now and then.. <3
Mere jaisa koi kahan 10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Kaise main kisi ko de doon 10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Mere jaisa koi kahan 10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Kaise main kisi ko de doon 10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Mere jaisa koi kahan 10 on 10.. <3

One two three four.. <3

Meri zid bhi aadatein bhi.. <3
Meri baatein attitude bhi.. <3
10 on 10… 10 on 10.. <3
Main jo bhi hoon, jaisi bhi hoon.. <3
Jo chahon main woh karti hoon.. <3
10 on 10… 10 on 10.. <3

Chalo tum bhi ho 6 on 10.. <3
Aache lagte ho now and then.. <3
Mere jaisa koi kahan .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Kaise main kisi ko de doon .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Mere jaisa koi kahan .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Kaise main kisi ko de doon .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Mere jaisa koi kahan 10 on 10.. <3

Alisha Alisha Alisha Alisha….. <3

Galti se jo muskra doon.. <3
Ik hassi mein sab bhula doon.. <3
10 on 10… .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Kadamon pe bhi gir jaayega.. <3
Phir bhi mujhe na paayega.. <3
10 on 10.. <3
10 on 10.. <3

Even if I break your heart.. <3
Even if you fall apart.. <3

Tere jaisa koi kahan .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Kaise tu kisi ko de de .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Tere jaisa koi kahan .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Kaise tu kisi ko de de .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Oh ho….. <3
Tere jaisa koi kahan .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Ohhh huuuohh.... <3

One two three four.. <3

10 on 10 …. .. <3
10 on 10 …. .. <3
10 on 10.. <3
Wooooohhhhhhhooooooo.. <3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tune Jo Na Kaha.. : New York

(Mmmmmmm….mmmmmm…) 4
Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Mmmm mmm mmmmmm… mmm mmmm
Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
Is shehar mein na apna tikana raha
Durr chahat se mein apni chalta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Gar woh pehle se hai zyaada, khud se phir yeh kiya wada
Khamosh nazrein rahe bezuban
Apno phele si baatein hai, bolo tho lab thar tharatein hai
Raaz yeh dil ka, na ho bayaan
Ho gaya ke aasar koi hum pe nayi
Humsafar mein tho hai humsafar hai nayi
Durr jatha raha, paas aatha raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Aaya woh phir nazar aise, baat chidne lagi phir se
Aankho mein chubtha kal ka dhuwaa
Hal tera na hum sa hi, is khushi mein kyun gham sa hi
Basne laga kuyn phir woh jahan
Woh jahan dur jisse gaye te nikal
Phir se yaadon ne kar di hai jaise pehal
Lamha beeta huwa, dil dhukata raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
Is shehar mein na apna tikana raha
Durr chahat se mein apni chalta raha
Bhuj gayi aag thi, dhaag jalta raha

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ve Malang Tera Iktara..

Rooh ka banjara re parinda ..
Chhad gaya dil ka re gharonda
Chhad gaya dil ka re gharond todke
Re gharonda todke .. gaya chhodke.

Je naina karun band band ...
Bahe jaaye boond boond (2)
Tadapaye re .. kyun sunaye .. geet malhar de

Ve malang tera iktara ..(8)

Beeti raat basi basi, padi hai sirhane ..
Band darwaja dekhe lauti hai subah ..
Thandi hai angheethi seeli, seeli hai diwaarein ..
Goonje takrake inme dil ki sada ..
Goonje hai ..goonje hai re .. dil ki sada.

Je naina karun band band ...
Bahe jaaye boond boond (2)
Tadapaye re .. kyun sunaye .. geet malhar de

Ve malang tera iktara ..(8)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The '3 IdIoTs'

Okie... this is really late... since the day I saw 3 idiots.. I really wanted to write this review but somehow it just didnt happen.. I mean probably I was too lazy... no I WAS too lazy.. anyways.. now finally I am kind of when celebrating my 'Blog - week' ... I am writing.. writing.. and writing!!

3 Idiots.. is another hit by Aamir... and very honestly I will call it Aamir's more than Chetan Bhagat's... Though I am a person who goes with the book version more than movie version but this time.. the story isnot so simple... the movie is based on the same plot the characters arent same... I mean their character traits! and also the story... Aamir modified it and he did it for the best.. because trust me if it was simply the Chetan Bhagat story - I really doubt if you will even see it...
No offense meant.. Chetan Bhagat is a good person and a good writer.. but somehow he hasnt been able to catch my attention with his books yet! Indeed I hated 'The three mistakes...' and if I were to write such a book.. I will count reading THAT book as one of my mistakes!!

Anyways... somewhere I heard a say 'All great stories begin in college' ... and so does this one.. I mean okie.. it begins in a plane.. but it starts to unveil itself when they reach on the water tank... so.. that great line I heard.. holds true here too!

Moving on.. the story is about the search for someone by his friends... this person called Ranchod Das Shyamal Das Jhanhad (sorry if its not correct)... popularly 'Rancho' ... Rancho was a working genius... he used the knowledge he gained... and he was kind of using it to the fullest... we all learn.. and probably we all know the same thing but as it is in Mathematics... we understand it better when we practice it... Rancho practiced it and also he learnt everything that he had an acess to...

While on the search for Rancho... the two friends remember the times they spent with him... the story of the 3 friends unfold - Rancho, Farhan and Raju... Raju belonged to a poor family and he was there to do something to better the living conditions for his family... Farhan was in the institute because his father wanted him to... Rancho helped his friends realise the problem with them and find a solution... Meanwhile.. the Dean of the Institue - Viru Sahastrabudhi (sorry again if the name isnt right)... popularly known as 'Virus' played by Boman Irani.. is a man who believes in mugging up... he believes in gaining knowing but not implementing it.. to be a good competent but maybe not a good student... he wants to win but he doesnt know the right path to work for the victory!

So like most hindi movies... there is 'since birth' rivalry between Rancho and Virus.. Rancho goes beyond being just a student.. he believes he can tell everyone when he thinks something isnt right and his methods are mostly effective... and even more like hindi movies.. Rancho falls in love with the Dean's daughter who is a medical student..

While Rancho creates alot of problems for Virus.. he falls immidiately in love with Virus's daughter - Neha... he helps Neha dump 'Suhas' who was with Neha just for he was seeing profit.. another Virus... Neha eventually falls in for Rancho along with hating him for troubling her dad...

Above everything.. the movie provides two comic reliefs - Suhas and Silencer.. Suhas is an engineer with MBA working in a Bank in foreign country... he is Neha's fiancee but sees life as a profit - loss statement.. Rancho gave a 'demo' to proove this and finally Neha leaves him...
Silencer is another student at the institute.. he too wants to win and finds Virus as ever correct... he is opposite to the 3 protagonists since beginning and his famous speech will live on like legendary movies like Titanic!! :D

Meanwhile... we get to know that Rancho topped every year.. but at the end of the college... he mysteriously left without a word... since then his friends - Raju and Farhan searched him.. the person who helped Raju overcome his fears and get a job.. and who helped Farhan know his real interests and convince his parents for them... and also gave Neha the strength! However.. once Rancho went.. he never returned and there was totally no news or no sign of him...

Five years hence they were called by Silencer who seemed to have an idea where Rancho was... and so they set on the journey.. the journey reveals more than it was meant to.. Rancho turned not to be just a brilliant student and a brilliant friend but alot more... he had set up a school in remote area of the country where he made the students innovative and imaginative! Neha is on the verge on getting married to Suhas but Farhan and Raju kidnap her from her wedding.. or say run with her and take her along to search Rancho...

All in all.. the movie is good.. and a perfect relief from the gross movies that were coming for a while now... however the movie had its own drawbacks...

Like all Aamir movies.. in this too... there is a message... against the wrong system of school and college teaching... however a few things shown are totally impractical.. like one person alone CANNOT change it... we will continue to have students like Joy and Raju who will keep quiting... Abolishment of examination is no alternative either... it is rather a hide out.. students have to be built strong from younger clases... I hate it when parents say my child is 2nd in class... or my child is good in academics but what will he do in co-curricular.. and these are parents of students of classes till 5th...

I mean.. do you all know that all children in this world are special.. no not like in Taare Zameen Pe... I mean till date whoever I have met.. they all have had a special talent... a talent that no one has... all people I know are amazing in something or the other... but the problem that comes is.. we all are so much stuck up in this system that breaking free is so difficult.. those people are so much into their routine life.. trying to meet ends that somewhere they have lost that magic.. or say forgotten its worth...

I just hope that Aamir's effort helps to bring some change!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Teri kali ankhiyon se..

Rom rom tera naam pukaare Ek hue din reain hamare Hum se hum hi chiin gaye hai Jab se dekhe hai nainn deewane Sajda ..

Teri kaali ankhiyon se jind meri jaage Dhadkan se tej daudu, sapno se aagey Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun Sajda tera sajda, Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon Sajda tera sajda Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon

Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun Sajda tera sajda, (karun mein tera sajda) Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon Sajda tera sajda (karun mein tera sajda) Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon

Ranjhna… naino ke teer chal gaye Sajna… saanson se dil sil gaye Palkon mein chupa loon, oh tera sajda karoon Seenay mein samaa loon, oh din reain karoon Palkon mein chupa loon, seenay mein samaa loon Tere ang ang rang mera bole

Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun Sajda tera sajda, (karun mein tera sajda) Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon Sajda tera sajda (karun mein tera sajda) Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon

Veliya kya hua jo dil kho gaya Mahiya ishq mein khuda mil gaya Zara aakh se pila de, oh tera sajda karoon Zara khwaab sajaa de, oh din reain karoon Zara aakh se pila de, zara khwaab sajaa de Mere hontoon pe mann tera bole

Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun Sajda tera sajda, (karun mein tera sajda) Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon Sajda tera sajda (karun mein tera sajda) Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon

Ohhh… Teri kaali ankhiyon se jind meri jaage Dhadkan se tej daudu, sapno se aagey Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun Sajda tera sajda, Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon Sajda tera sajda Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon

My name is Shruti and I just reviewed My Name is Khan

It was after a really long time that Karan Johar (KJo) bothered to make a decent movie... I remember someone saying it in an interview that what is the problem with movies like KANK... they dont sell in India because the Indian culture is different.. I would love have loved to ask that guy... yeah right.. your wife is sleeping with someone else behind your back.. she behaves dreadfully with you... wont you kill her like totally?
KANK didnt sell for it wasnt realistic!! Dostana was a good movie.. no doubt... but it was good because it was different... Indian audience has grown tired of the old horrid stuff.. so Dostana was a comic relief...

and now about - My Name is Khan (and I am not a terrorist)... I liked the story to be honest! It was about a man Rizwan Khan who is diseased by aspargus... his mother wanted him to have a happy family and finally he attains one for himself.. until he is questioned on being a muslim... his wife and son are hindus (son as in step son)... and they suffer the surname Khan... the story then deals with the struggle of an ordinary person to tell the world that his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist!

Indeed it was like after many movies one role of SRk that I can appreciate... best part of this role was that it was SRK's signature laugh... hahahahhaha... :D ... Aspargus is shown nicely... and trust me I never expected any Indian director to do such a good job with such a theme... medically or say pshycologically.. the movie is mostly perfect! (Rizwan can never ask for a hug... the disease of his will never let him know what a hug is.. so he looses a point there) Further I loved how Rizwan says 'okay' to everything and repeats it.. reminded me of Small Wonder :D and the way Rizwan smiles.. my God.. made me laugh so much... but honestly what took my heart 'It says the product will be delivered in 7 days, we are lieing.. It will only be delivered in 10 days' [Ps - If you havent seen the movie.. you wont get it.. I am not explaining for that will be spoilor!]

Next hot topic of discussion in the movie was Kajol.. yes Kajol is back after long but honestly the story was alot around Rizwan and the character Mandira couldnt come up to all its strength... the fight of a mother wasnot highlighted properly... further.. Kajol looks aged.. I know SRK is aged too but probably girls age more! She is also shown stern and a woman facing alot of difficulties of life.. I know that's how it was supposed to be but common that look of Anjali of K3G and KKHH was lost...

And then as everyone must have noticed.. alot of drama in the second half... in real life.. trust me a person gets tired of drama after a point and wont have more no matter whatever is on in his / her life but no.. it didnt stop there in the movie! So it grew a little boring...
Now someone tells me about Rizwan Khan that he did so much for humanity alone that most of us cant do in our lifetime... well to that I disagree... fine Rizwan was a good man but there are better people too... and we dont do the work is because somewhere we are scared to loose.. Rizwan had nothing to loose.. his family.. his wife had just disowned him... he wasnt in any mood to go to his brother's house and in that situation when a person has nothing to loose.. he looses his fear... he fears no more and does things to the best of his capabilities...

All in all.. I would give it a 3.5 on 5... but I really doubt it will break 3 Idiots records... and I hope on the medical side... we keep getting such movies! Welcome back KJo.. :D


Oh yea.. very much that white thing followed by noise when the sky is black and usually raining or raining later.. that lightning :P

"Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of electricity accompanied by thunder, which typically occurs during thunderstorms, and sometimes during volcanic eruptions or dust storms. In the atmospheric electrical discharge, a leader of a bolt of lightning can travel at speeds of 60,000 m/s (130,000 mph), and can reach temperatures approaching 30,000 °C (54,000 °F), hot enough to fuse silica sand into glass channels known as fulgurites which are normally hollow and can extend some distance into the ground.

There are some 16 million lightning storms in the world every year."

phew.. that was something I must say...

Usually when its raining... I feel the heaven's leaking :D I believe the heavens leak when some of its very dear souls on Earth are upset.. the heaven weeps out for them... vanishing their sorrows and giving them light just like the one that comes after rain...and lightning.. its Hades being chasen by Zeus for me!!
But not for everyone...

Not long back someone asks me a simple question - Do you know how many thunderstorms are required to keep the Earth's atmosphere neutral?

Well being a science student I knew the Earth's atmosphere had a tendency to break to ions and get charged in the process... it was obvious that it would get to neutral else we all would have been electrified :P but I never thought beyond what I knew...

"An average bolt of negative lightning carries an electric current of 30 kiloamperes (kA), and transfers a charge of five coulombs and 500 MJ of energy. Large bolts of lightning can carry up to 120 kA and 350 coulombs. The voltage is proportional to the length of the bolt.
An average bolt of positive lightning carries an electric current of 300 kA or about 10 times that of negative lightning."

Taking '16 million' as an average number of light storms per year.. I am sure the complicated answer to the above simple question can be estimated!

Sometimes I wonder... is science the complicated way of dealing with beauty? I mean take this only as the example.. an amazing light amidst clouds turns to ionization of air and leakage of charge from clouds!! My God... till date humans have not resolved the mystery that no matter how many ever times you call the plumber.. the tap leaks! but we are so determined to find why clouds leak? How stupid!

"According to the electrostatic induction hypothesis charges are driven apart by as-yet uncertain processes. Charge separation appears to require strong updrafts which carry water droplets upward, supercooling them to between -10 and -20 °C. These collide with ice crystals to form a soft ice-water mixture called graupel. The collisions result in a slight positive charge being transferred to ice crystals, and a slight negative charge to the graupel. Updrafts drive the less heavy ice crystals upwards, causing the cloud top to accumulate increasing positive charge. Gravity causes the heavier negatively charged graupel to fall toward the middle and lower portions of the cloud, building up an increasing negative charge. Charge separation and accumulation continue until the electrical potential becomes sufficient to initiate a lightning discharge, which occurs when the distribution of positive and negative charges forms a sufficiently strong electric field.

The mechanism by which charge separation happens is still the subject of research. Another hypothesis is the polarization mechanism, which has two components:

1. Falling droplets of ice and rain become electrically polarized as they fall through the Earth's

natural electric field;
2. Colliding ice particles become charged by electrostatic induction"

Well.. here I think.. I have written and mentioned enough to get someone curious enough to find out more.. the others are getting a way lot bored with such talks!!


Well... as traditionally what I do on my blog.. with introducing a label.. I try and mention what kind of posts you will find in the label.. so here I am... introducing 'sci - log'

very honestly.. though I am a science (non medical) student.. I dont have much information on science.. but I love interacting with people.. and it has been God's grace that I have had teachers who have been amazing with their job... so I think I know somethings.. and I want to share them with others...

Sci - log will deal with mostly whatever we see around us.. normal things :P but I am just gonna show you the abnormality behind them.. that is the science behind them :D :D

Hope you will enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Someone you maynot know......

SHE... (oh not the Standard Hydrogen Electron) but SHE... she is sweet, simple, caring, loving, cultured, innovative, competetive, hard-working, loyal, funny, attractive, beautiful, charming, religious, rational, adorable, intelligent, sympathetic, a good listener, a good orater, adventurous, graceful, writer, singer, dancer..... she is everything... yet sometimes nothing!

People say books are your best friends.. some say dogs are... but these people never tell what a best friend is - If you ask me - A Best Friend is a person who will always listen... who is never need to be told what is wrong with you.. who supports you through thick and thin... who likes you for what you are... who knows all your faults but will count a thousand good traits when they tell it to the world... and above all.. a friend is one - who does all or some of this and you appreciate his / her act... a best friend is one.. for whom you are willing to do all these things... with no demands.. no complaints!

Since when a child is born... a girl (... a She ...) is always there with him / her ... as the best friend... sometimes we are just to blinded to see that..

With the birth of a child.. a mother is born too... when other relatives say we dont know how to take care of the child, the mother too is somewhat unsure (in case of 1st baby)... but the moment she holds her child in her arms... she needs no training... she is the 'Perfect Mother'! She knows when the child is hungry... she knows what is in his / her mind... she knows your strength and struggles to vanish all your weaknesses...

When you grow up... she is your sister.. the one to trouble you the most.. but whose tears are the thing that you cant take... who cant see you hurt.. who will play with you... who will be your first competent and will never let you loose! Her smile gives you hope... you love to fight with her but you cant imagine not having her... and trust me those who dont have sisters, are the ones to know what they are really missing! Sister is the best way of knowing your own self from someone else's point of view... someone who will eat up your brains with endless talks but listen to you always... and no wonder elder brothers and sisters are so protective about their younger sisters!

Some more time ahead in life.. we all meet girls as a friend... just a friend as for now... she's bubbly, chirpy, crazy, wild... and totally unlike you... but you enjoy her company... you talk as though you have known each other forever... talks that are so innocent!

Then comes a division... guys see girls as girl friends... and girls and some guys might find their best friend in a gal!

Girl Friend is a girl who knows you best after your mom... she knows when you are upset or angry or happy or irritated.. all in all she knows you.. the best thing about her is she knows how to connect to you... mind you.. there are no tutions teaching all this, yet your girl friend knows when you need her the most... when you want her to just be there silently... she is demanding... possessive and sometimes jealous... and that is really what draws two people close in a relationship.. because you know she cares that's why she is like that... and you know it or not... but if you both are in some serious love.. you are the same too... she likes you for what you are.. she even likes your flaws.. and though there are times she will ask you to change.. but trust me - a girl very sheldom means that!

Being a best friend... I super strongly oppose that a guy and a girl cant be best friends... indeed I think they can be the best of the besties... someone who is totally different from you and still there for u... isnt this what best friends are? They listen to you.. support you.. be with you... okie do I sound that 'you' are very helpless and cowardly person?? If so.. then sorry... I am not a very good writer then :P
Its just that you are also there for her!!

Then you meet her as your wife.. (for boys only!) someone who is there for you at all stages of life.. who will hold your hand no matter what happens... she loves you unconditionally.. she fights with you... but makes you smile too... according to me.. when we say that marriages are made in heaven.. we actually mean finding the angel of your life.. who is there for you in every way possible.. isnt that just great...

A few more roles a SHE is to play - Grandmother, Aunt, Daughter, ....

Imagine not having those stories which only your granny knew.. and the hand knitted sweaters she gave you.. all the bed time songs she sang for you and the taste in her hand... I know no one can cook like my mother.. but the taste in my granny's hand is even unique! You just love to sit by your grandma and she would tell you all takes about her childhood.. now who can imagine to miss all this?

Your Daughter... to a father.. the daughter is the world! her smile makes the world seem so sweet! Her laughter makes everything right.. her tears are hot than stream and they strike right at the heart and her words are just so innocent.. a father will do anything to protect her daughter.. and the day when a father has to stop his emotions and let his daughter open her wings and fly into the world all by herself... I think that day is the most difficult day for a father... and to a mother.. the daughter is a reflection... mother sees herself in her daughter.. she wants her daughter to be even better and much more perfect.. someone the world looks upto!!

See... a SHE can matter so much.. a single SHE can play so many roles to different people and live upto all of them... and still the number of girls in the world is far behind the number of males...
Forbidden by law but we still have female foeticide...
There is still dowry.. a wedding is still sale - purchase for some...
We have child marriages and young widows...
Women are still considered incompetent at places
Women are considered evil... a witch is bad .. a wizard is the boy who lived and earned millions by 7 books...

I really dont know what to say but I have a question... Does me being a girl really matter this much?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

:: Our Story ::

I really dont know if its been 10 years or 12 ... I just know that since I have known myself... I have known you! I have known myself by knowing you! You bring out the best in me and give me courage to do still better...

Now that I stand here.. all alone.. waiting for one glance.. all those moments pass my eyes... all those feelings give my heart a beat but I know my brain wont ever agree and today, I am not that girl who would listen to the heart... today my brain isnot my weakness or my excess rationalism... my brain is my need because my heart doesnt know how to survive without you....................................

A five year old girl... stares at the television.. the cable isnot new to her but the shows are... new shows... the cable had just then been started and some of the very first shows of Indian Television were on air... With her mother, a five year old girl sits before that 'idiot box' watching the serials she didnt understand but still Nursery class doesnt provide enough work to do for the whole day nor does the computer provide sufficient games. And ofcourse the internet wasnt something so popular then.
I remember, the girl sees a man of around 23 - 25 who played a role of a mentally retarded person... a person who is physically 23 - 25 but mentally the age of 8... (the boy ISNOT Hrithik Roshan and I am NOT talking of Koi Mil Gaya or Krissh for that matter)... the show was about the boy's family gets him a bride. The bride is unaware of the boy's condition... the story was about the bride's struggle into the family... with what her life gave her and her revealing all the secrets behind the boy's such condition...
I really dont remember the show but what I remember is that whenever the boy used to cry... the five year old girl shed tears along.. she couldnt bear him to be hurt...

At the age when probably the girl didnt even know how to write the word 'connection' , she had mysteriously developed a connection with someone... connection far stronger than between a hero and a fan...

The girl left India and went out with her parents... for the next three and a half years, the girl didnt see the actor, no news of him... the girl probably didnt even know the name of the actor... but he was with her.. within her.. always!

The decade had changed when the girl returned... she had started to have her ideas... she had started thinking... reasoning... debating... once again the television did a revolution to her life.. the girl saw that very guy in another serial... he had grown old... he looked no longer innocent like he did... he did look handsome and gave her the 'excitement' goosebumps, but he no longer gave the cute look... the very first site of him and the girl exclaimed 'Thats him' ... The girl's mother verified that this is the very person...
India had completely changed in the three and a half year... there was internet, books, magazines and alot of television and radio.. the girl hunted widely... everywhere.. not a single corner was spared... the girl found his name.. but well that was just the beginning.. it was followed by numerous photos and what not.. every small bit of information that was available about the person on the net was with the girl...

And the girl never realised but she started liking the person and she called it 'love' ... She said she is destined with that guy... and her relation with that guy isnot what we might see in a regular 'Emraan Hashmi movie' but something alot more sacred... the love was passionate enough to keep burning for long years... passionate to keep the girl warm and in its wrap always... passionate enough to decide the way of thousands of kilometers ... across states... across age difference to that boy's heart... but probably not passionate enough to let him feel it too...

Anyways, the girl grew fonder and fonder of that guy... she found him her good luck charm... all she needed to do was - call that boy's name and ask for what she wanted and she would get this... 'Jaan I need to watch that movie' and the movie would come on television with a day or two... 'Jaan I need that dress...' and her dad would agree to buy her that dress... 'Jaan I need you to be with me' and its been the moment of this wish to till date, the girl has never felt lone.. never felt endangered... never felt left out... all she was loved...

(Ps : the guy's name wasnt Jaan.. that was kind of nickname if you would call it that)

However... as I said.. the girl was growing.. she had started reasoning... one day she labelled all her fondness as 'mere attraction' ... she said that love was more 'like a chewing gum... you find it soft and tasty initially... it grows tasteless after a while.. but on holding onto it for longer... it turns to bad taste and harder with each bite'
Probably she was right then... but her heart outlawed her logic... the heart did beat for that one.. the heart did beat to that one...

The girl left no stone unturned.. the love had now left passion behind.. it was madness... the girl needed to let the boy know... the girl knew that it didnt matter and it never will but it mattered to her... she lived for the day when she would let the boy know...
and one day she struck GOLD... google... 'the - ultimate - survival - for - internet - users' ... honestly we are all so used to google.. that now the word 'search' can be conveniently replaced by 'google' even in the English Dictionary.. Search it.. nah ... just Google it!

Well Google came as her helper too... it provided the girl with the guy's address and telephone number... ofcourse there were infinite pages to search and surely just googling the name didnot help... the girl was witty in that way and knew to work her way out and she did... but she never dared to call or even write a letter...

Then one day ... the heavens rained... It was in late May that the girl read an article on the net that the guy got engaged and would get married later that year in November... I always thought seeing movies that if something bad happens.. there should be some kind of sad music.. so did the girl... because she was so mad in love.. she could hear violins with her smiles but this news didnt fall upon her as though lightening would from heavens... it did hurt her.. there were days of tears... pillows wet with memories... pages and pen not in contact for there wasnt anything left for her to write... she thought to rationalize her thoughts.. her mind started to grow stronger against her hurt heart... but just before the day of the wedding... the girl's heart roared with love again...

the heart said that if I loved someone, doesnt mean he will love me too... and being in love was the best thing that happened.. so these tears are meaningless.. the love never demanded the guy's physical presence... the connection between souls will always be there... growing stronger every moment... and if he is happy then the heart needs to be happy!

The guy was good.. he was almost angel - like.. the girl had no proof to this.. she just kept saying this.. to herself.. to her friends.. to everyone who asked her how can you love someone whom you havent met? ... I know him.. the girl would end saying...

On his wedding day, the girl asked her sister to call the guy... the sister tried... sister too was her age and had some limitations.. she dialled but the guy was getting dressed.. however the very news that the number was correct filled the girl with joy... the girl danced the whole night... she was probably even happier than the guy or his real life bride...

An year later, the television was hit with 'reality - show' wave... all channels launched various reality shows.. the guy was doing 2 daily soaps and then he and his wife jumped in for a dance competetion too... after almost an year of the wedding... the girl had her answer.. she had a proof that the guy is good... he decided to walk out of the show just to play fair with the other participants.. he was definitely in for the finals if he had just played along.. the judges gave him the chance but he refused...

It was 8th December when the episode was telecast... the girl cried the whole night.. in the morning, her mood was aweful.. her friends would come and pay sympathy... 'what the hell' the girl would think.. and when she had had enough.. she said - he is the real winner... she never realised saying it... but she did and she then realised its true...

Alot happened after that... the guy turned to a singer.. a dancer.. some poor attempt at comedy too.. he did movies.. all in all.. he was doing great...
at the same time.. the girl had been flying in success too... she had gotten all she would desire for and without her knowing, someone was changing her... changing her and making her a finer person.. He was her miracle... someone who came to her like an angel... - her angel...

He had indeed been the best person she had ever known.. and if she was any good... it was because of him.. everytime the girl did something good.. she looked upto the guy and she felt no - he is still better and the girl would work still harder...

This girl is me.. and the guy.. wont mention his name.. I called him quite a few times and chatted to him twice... but what I get to know is that he doesnt like fans too much into his life... I had known this... but some how I considered myslelf out of that category...

you know one thing weird about the heart? The more it gets.. the more it wants... I was very happy the day I told him I am there.. ofcourse it all didnt matter to him.. but he does remember those words... I found him on a social networking site and added him... but he deletes me every few months and I add him again... lately what I have realised is that he wants me to stop loving him... no its not my decision and I just give it his name to find a cover... I mean it.. I have loved that person for all the life I have had...
did what he liked.. the way he liked... I know so much about him that I never had the time to know my own self...

'DUDE... hello!! I know each and every heart beat of yours... just sometimes I dont want to listen to it..'

All these years... I know what's your favourite dish (atleast what you said)... I know how you like to eat Dal, I know your favourite song, your holiday destination, your small habits... and guess what... I have them all (the ones I know)!

.. we both need a watch no matter we carry a cell or not.., cells? hello We just need them to make calls... not dependent on them.., we love to write..., we love to goof up with friends and family... , we are movieholics, musicholics, we like long vacations... , we love dance, we have our own favourite shirts and believe they go wherever you want to wear them!! , it maynot be a label... it is definitely stylish... , ...

and the list is endless..

I dont know if I sound too stubborn or over - confindent or the sort... but its just I do know you!!

I remember calling your name when I was scared... I remember wishing you on your birthday... I remember seeing your face when I am in trouble... I see your smile when I am upset!! You make my life just so perfect!! Your presence makes my morning alot more fresher and my nights sweeter!

But the bitter day did come.. it always does.. to everyone.. I had to make a choice..

It took me years to grow from a five year old girl and reach to the person whom I loved all my life.. to let him know that somewhere in this world there is a girl who is praying for him.. who is always ready for anything just for his one smile...
A big journey to kilometers apart.. especially the distance of 18 years, 9 months and 2 days had been most difficult to decide... but I did it.. and the decision to take was that I need to be glad with fulfilling my aim of letting him know..

My heart is still trying to come out and cry for you... it needs to learn to be content... but one thing that my heart knows is that somewhere you know me and that's enough for one lifetime.. a connection that the five year old girl made was strong enough to reach to you without even meeting you ever and letting you know the height of maddness in the love.. and I know this connection is strong enough to keep holding me and you together for births.. so no regrets over years!!

Today when I see you happy.. a tear falls from my eye to say I want to be there.. but my lips smile because I can carry your smile in my heart!!

Love is in giving.. to see you happy and this is also taught to me by you... I like to see your smile and you can call this my love... when I really think I need you... its just a matter of seconds and I find you all around me.. your warmth never leaves me cold... and when I close my eyes... the smile comes.. to make me smile.. And I pray that the smile stays...

'You know Shona..
All these years... you have been my strength.. the reason of me going on.. you make me what I am!

I may be happy without you... I may be enjoying... I maybe laughing.. but I am INCOMPLETE without you...

but I dont want to see any misery near you... even if that means I should disappear from your world...
Today... I stand here.. I have separated your world from mine with a thin glass... I can see you.. smile for you and just say 'Jaan I want you to be happy'... '


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Monday, February 1, 2010

An infinite series...

Hi People...
just a few minutes back.. I was onto a discussion with some friends on a proof of '2 = 1'

The proof went -

Let: X=Y


x+x-x = y+y-y


2x-x = 2y-y


2x-2y = x-y


2(x-y) = x-y

By dividing x-y both side:



Now I know a majority will say that there has to be something wrong but what?? It looks perfect...
But unfortunately.. who wrote this was a great doctor but had to learn a few things about math :P

see.. I know its just for fun... what's the harm, however, to learn a new thing??

you say...

x + x - x = y + y - y... See More

which simply is

x = y

which means

x - y = 0

Let x - y = c (a new variable)


c = 0

so further you say

2 c = c

now the rule says if there is a number = 0 on both the sides of a mathematical equation, then it cant be cancelled.. as multiplication and division is allowed only with a non zero number...

so the real solution to this question.. will be...

2c - c = 0

c = 0

which is true as proved above!! :P

so you see.. with this proof.. you end up into a loop which will roam around 'c = 0'

Now try this people...

Ps - you need to know a few terms to get the catch of it.. like infinite and series... these words sound simple but unfortunately arent!! If you dont know them... dont go into detail... just deal with simple math and i have written it in the simplest math I could..

let s be an infinite series... (that is that it goes on and on and on.. no ending)

s = 1 - 1/2 + 1/3 - 1/4 + 1/5 - 1/6 + 1/7 ...

s = (2 - 1) - 1/2 + (2-1)/3 - 1/4 + (2-1)/5 - 1/6 + (2-1)/7 ...

s = 2 - 1 - 1/2 + 2/3 - 1/3 - 1/4 + 2/5 - 1/5 - 1/6 + 2/7 - 1/7 ...


s = 2 - 1 + 2/3 - 1/2 + 2/5 - 1/3 + 2/7 ...

taking 2 common...

s = 2 ( 1 - 1/2 + 1/3 - 1/4 + 1/5 - 1/6 + 1/7 ...)

= 2.s

Here I just prooved 's = 2s'

This proof is very well Mathematical.. true and well defined.. there is no flaw...

from here... if someone wants you can conclude 2 = 1... however this is not correct.. there is a flaw and lets see if you find it :D

All I wanna say is... 2 years have been the 'mathematical' years of my life... I have known math more than I knew what is happening to me... Math is a part of my life.. and I learnt it from someone who knew Math more than Math knows itself :P and the other teacher made me do it so much that I can even do it in sleep :P
I love them both for this!! I said so.. because with Math... dont take panga if am around :P

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