Thursday, February 27, 2014

I wrote a little 'POEM' for you

[[Dedicated to all the 'Gaurav'z, I
currently am bothered by]]

We met due to little accident
initially, with talks of nothing
much other than the Earth and the Sky
which turned into prolonged hours
between acquaintances,
resulting into friends, i.e. you and I.

There were things sweet
and others too sour
but all through these hills and valleys
I came to trust you more
but what counts is
something that contributes equally to this
your faith and belief you put in me,
a devil in disguise, I am a kind of she

So, to acknowledge what you mean to me,
I write down all that was long due
I want to thank you for being there for me
I wrote this little 'Poem' for you! 

The good inside of you

The good inside of you
is trying so hard to glow
shed your tears and free your mind
then let all the good flow

It's so simple to be happy
and yet so difficult to be simple
Being good in yourself, in your soul
is the key to tinkle

You can look
but you will not find
happiness is the good within us
and can't be derived from any material kind

Therefore, it's always important to remember
to laugh and love,
one and all
alike to old and new
to make the life count
all you do, acknowledge
The good inside of you!

I see some good in you

You want to be famous
You want to be looked up by all
You want to shine,
shimmer and glitter
You want to be right under the
spot-light ball
You are mean, lusty and blinded
to anything remotely sweet
but from where I see,
you walk deserted, on a long street

You are pretty
You are smart
but what others dont see
is, you also have a heart

A heart that was no always so hollow
A heart you now fear to follow
A heart that has closed all its doors
A heart with nothing but empty floors

I wish people would know you more
a little deeper inside, the pretentious snob
if only they could see
or what you are and what you are not
I wish you would, rediscover the virtues
of trust and love
I wish your heart, be as pure as the dove

I don't say just because you are a friend
I say because I have a clue
I see what others have neglected for so long
I see some good in you!

It's the 'X' that I can't find

"Find X"
I know it's no rhyme
it's my misery
and of plenty others, that
thousands cry
in words or in mime

Nowdays, it's often accompanied by Y and Z
which is frequently all the reason
in my copy
for all that is red

Initially it was just one 'X'
now there is a baseless stack
I hardly know the
number of cards
of the deck
that I have
and those I lost
I just know I can't ever find
any at all

They say it will all be fine
find one, and the rest will be kind
But it's not one, I have spent hours of time
still, it's the 'X' that I can't find!!

A rather Funny Fellow

A rather funny fellow
is one I know
Black and Green, he adorns
where ever he goes

funny speech
funny gestures
less concerned about his subjects
more about delivering his lectures

"It's not good"
"It's not nice"
he keeps teaching on and on
like preaching meat and mice

He firmly believes in
assigning than assisting
but, to any hard work from his side,
however, he is always resisting

Nonetheless, he's intelligent and nice
perfect to be entitled a stall
about a rather funny fellow, I know,
that's all!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

'Love Stories' in a metro

On Monday, while travelling in the Metro, a strange thing happened to me. I got to the station just in time to
board the train. It was one crowded coach of a crowded train that I boarded! There was just some space by the door where one could stand. I went as inside as possible (which wasn’t even two full steps) and then held onto the left side handle by the door. There was already someone standing, leaning against the left side map and so I had to stand partially blocking the way to the door.
Then, probably at Yamuna Bank Station (enroute Pragati Maidan to Noida City Centre), a lot of people got in (A lot of people do get in at Yamuna Bank station, I am not sure about what I am going to jot down next). After the doors closed and the people inside the metro shifted to let the crowd settle in, a man, dressed in a very nice black suit, blue shirt, with curly hair like those of Bobby Doel, asked me to get a little aside. He had easily spotted probably the only one spot in the entire metro that wasn’t crowded - just in front of me, unfortunately, also just before the metro door. And it was just enough to accommodate one person.

When he asked me to move aside, I wanted to remind him that the spot he was aiming for, would be the spot used by passengers to board and exit the train, but I decided to go with the better decision of his, and stayed silent! However, for anyone travelling on that route, even I know that the stations that follow are the major stations where people get off. And nothing was different that day either.

For few stations that followed like Akshardham, Mayur Vihar I, Mayur Vihar Extension and Ashok Nagar, the crowd getting down is not much and it could be managed to move aside to let a couple of people board or exit the train. But for Noida sectors and the stations that follow, this is something that seriously isnt possible. The exit doors are so much crowded, that you just cannot stand there.
I stood right behind this young, handsome person watching him get hesitant a little, at each station. For the earlier stations, he was in a situation of a fix, for there is hardly any place to move near the doors. There was a girl to his left and another man to his right. He had to move nearer to the girl every time someone boarded or exited the train. There was a very confused expression on his face that amused me. At each station, as soon as I saw him have that look, I couldn’t help smile remembering how badly I wanted to warn him against this.
For the next crowded stations, I saw him get down at every single station to let the crowd from the Metro exit and then enter back into the metro. Every time he got out of the metro, he wouldn’t let go of the handle, in case he missed the metro. And his hesitant or confused expression changed to one with worry and irritation. Every time he exited the metro, I couldn’t help supress a giggle.

Before moving ahead, let me share something with everyone - something has gotten into me these days and whenever there is even slightly funny around me, I couldn’t help laugh hard; even if I am in public!

So I laughed… thankfully, I laughed silently.
Finally, at Botanical Garden station, where to the joy of the poor, cute fellow, most of the metro gets empty, you just had to see his expression. He got down in the good gesture and the moment he stepped on the platform, he kept trying to get back in but the number of people getting down at that particular station is so high that he couldn’t even get space to keep his single foot onto the train. I was still laughing.
While entering in (FINALLY!), he saw me supress at laugh and he smiled too. It was a very sweet and modest kind of smile nonetheless, it was great.

He spotted a seat and went to sit. I kept on laughing (it is hard to stop when once I start laughing). We exchange one or two looks with smiles, before people started looking and suddenly the sweet turned into awkward. I don’t know about him but I tried to get a look of him every time I could but after that he wasn’t looking.

The next day, I boarded my usual ladies coach and it was rather crowded. Again, I stood near the door. There was an instance where I had to move aside to let huge crowd deboard and there was no option. So I deboarded to let others get down and then board back. As I got down, I remembered the guy I had seen the previous day, do the same and smiled. That was when I knew this is going in my blog.

There are several instances when you meet a person and you just don’t like them. Or a stranger says something that might offend us. But there are very few moments when a stranger affects you in a positive manner. There are very few strangers who leave you with a smile. This particular guy, was one for me.
Not only I remember him for his good gesture or the laughter I enjoyed, but he was a stranger with whom I shared a small and sweet instance.

While travelling in a metro, it is often that we step over someone's feet, push somebody or the seat fights, but how often have you given someone a sweet smile? Or a sweet memory? For that, this stranger will always be a special stranger. He is definitely one person, if you find, you could befriend!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Because I love you........ Lyrics!

To Write Your Name Down
On Piece Of Paper
Then Strike It Off Better
And I Am In Need It
But You Remember This Once
And Once Forever That I Will Be There
When You Need Me
Because I Love You
I Love You Till The End
Because I Love You
I Love You Till The End
Because I Love You

Because I Love Love Love..
Because I Love Love Love..
Because I Love Love Love..

Don’t Write Me Oh So Soon
Cuz I Will Show Improve To You
That I Can Be Someone/Timelong Special
In Your Heart
I Know This Love Is For You
And I Will Spend My Life With You
Because I Love You
I Love You Till The End
Because I Love You
I Love You Till The End
Because I Love You

Because I Love Love Love..
Because I Love Love Love..
Because I Love Love Love..

To Write Your Name Down
On Piece Of Paper
Then Strike It Off Better
And I Am In Need It
But You Remember This Once
And Once Forever That I Will Be There
When You Need Me
Because I Love You
I Love You Till The End
Because I Love You
I Love You Till The End
Because I Love You

Because I Love Love Love..
Because I Love Love Love..
Because I Love Love Love..

You know its not always that we get awesome 'English' songs out of a hindi movie!
You can consider this a mini review for both the movie as well as the song, but it is just something that I wanted to share. I mean I never expected such a beautiful track from a hindi movie and that too one like 'Jai Ho' that is meant to be a thought cum action movie...
The love story in the movie is not very catchy or something that will be remembered or quoted, but certainly the songs will be!

This sweet melody is the opening of the movie and the same hindi melody is the confession song! If you havent caught both versions yet, now is the time!!

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