Thursday, February 27, 2014

I see some good in you

You want to be famous
You want to be looked up by all
You want to shine,
shimmer and glitter
You want to be right under the
spot-light ball
You are mean, lusty and blinded
to anything remotely sweet
but from where I see,
you walk deserted, on a long street

You are pretty
You are smart
but what others dont see
is, you also have a heart

A heart that was no always so hollow
A heart you now fear to follow
A heart that has closed all its doors
A heart with nothing but empty floors

I wish people would know you more
a little deeper inside, the pretentious snob
if only they could see
or what you are and what you are not
I wish you would, rediscover the virtues
of trust and love
I wish your heart, be as pure as the dove

I don't say just because you are a friend
I say because I have a clue
I see what others have neglected for so long
I see some good in you!

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