Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miracle of the Day : April 11, 2014

Now I am really not so sure about the date but this will be the one I would put my maximum bets upon. So well, while writing my last blog entry, I remembered one other incident with some other junior of mine that was similar. Initially I thought I could write it there only as a special note but then I thought, this incident is also special enough to have it's own special place.

There is a boy called Shashwat and he is really sweet. I have known him for a couple of months only. Though he is my junior but well, I am not a very good person at knowing too many people. Special point before we move forward - Shashwat is NOT either of the persons I have mentioned in my previous post.
Back to the story, Shashwat and I were arguing about something. It was something he wanted for me and I was wanting for him (or something similar) and then suddenly he said something I had no counter to. He said that if I wanted to fight, alright because he can fight with his elder sister, which I was.

I am often laughed at by my friends for making so many brothers, but something they don't realize is, God might have not given me a biological sibling, but he has created so many people around me who care for me, always look after me and in a sense have created this shield around me - a shield that protects me from anything bad or harmful.
Inside, all I need to do is be happy.

In disguise of my brothers, like Shashwat, I am indeed being blessed by God. I doubt if I could ever be thankful enough to him.

Thank you Lord and Thank You Shashwat. My journey in this college would never have had been complete if I hadn't met you. I am honored to have known you and I am blessed that you are a part of my life. Thank you, not only for being so kind - hearted and tolerant with me but also for filling my life with joys.
And yes, now you have made me your sister, you will never be allowed to break free :)

I can't help wonder and smile of how many ways, the good Lord decides to surprise you !!

Miracle of the Day : April 15, 2014

Though it is a public blog post, but in this, I am taking an opportunity to communicate to two people - very dear ones to me - who made my 15th April 2014, worth remembering, forever. This is something I want to share with the entire world…

Now well, a friend of mine has helped me put words to my habit - I am very surreptitious about my inner most feelings.... that is why when the two of you called, I couldn't reciprocate in the manner I should have. Rather, I have no idea how to reciprocate to something so sweet.

Anyways... well.. on the 15th... 2 of my juniors decided to get drunk. For the reasons obvious, I am not going to mention their names here... Anyways... So these two get drunk and they are roaming around the city and I don't know why but they decide to call me.

I didnot have the number saved but I answered. The one with the phone was still very decent to tell me who he was and then he said that he wanted to tell me 3 things... rather, the two of them together wanted to tell me 3 things..
1. they well hell drunk (though the second one kept objecting that he was sober)
2. they both respect me alot (and somewhere it was very important for the first one that the two of them spoke this simultaneously)
3. they were low on balance so they would have to cut the call

Okay... I really didn't know what to say and I don't even know it now... If I had to speak, trust me, I would still stand silent. But well... maybe an engineer by qualification, I am an author by choice... so i thought I might use my words to show some gratitude.

To the both of you,
you are both really very special to me. I know it has been a very little time since we have known each other but trust me, if I were to leave this college without knowing you, I would have missed the most important thing. I really respect the two of you as people, admire you as able, learned men and care for you as I would for my own family. I want only the best for the two of you, no matter what so ever may come. And I can assure you that anytime you need me, I am just a phone call away...
Your gesture to think of me at a moment like that and to say something so sweet - I am touched. I am deeply touched and probably when the moment I die, when my life would play in front of my eyes as a river of memories, I am going to hear your voices and the words you spoke to me then.
Thank You... not only for being the best juniors I could possibly imagine but thank you, for being a part of my life and making it so much more beautiful........

I went for a stroll a little while after the call and I met the other guy (who claimed to be sober) and by God, he looked like a one year old kid then - though by age he is a few months elder to me, but he looked just to little, so naive.. so innocent that all I could do was laugh. And since then, every time he is seeing me - he is saying sorry for something only known to him.

So to him, and to the other one,
I don't encourage drinking and I seriously think you need to stay away from it but nonetheless, I don't judge people for they drink. Try to deal with things - especially tiredness, some other way but it was cool. so, Peace Out.

It is simply beautiful... everytime there is a tear drop in my eye, I wonder if I doing fine for if I am, why is there this tear drop? On moments like the ones I mentioned above, I just look up, smile towards the Lord and thank him. At the same time, I am also amused by how he works in many mysterious ways.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If I were to lose all my five senses, except one, which one would I choose and why?

Okay… I know that I don’t really blog such kind of things and this would be my first attempt but this was the topic given to me at the Just-A-Minute competition conducted at my college during our annual fest this year. First of all, I take this big platform to thank Hemanshu Joshi… who not only convinced me to take part but is a very nice person to know and a wonderful secretary. I am glad that the committee came to you and Arun, of course, who is equally a gem! Thank you guys! :)


If I were to lose all my five senses, but one, I would choose to keep my eye sight. Quite honestly, I feel my eyes are really pretty and I would never want to lose them. Furthermore,

"All things bright and Beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful…
The good Lord made them all!"

The God has created a wonderful and beautiful world for us. I don't want to lose my eyes and miss any part of this mystical creation of the Lords'. I also plan to donate my eyes after I leave, so someone else could have my pretty eyes and also see this wonderful world.
Moving ahead… I may not be able to touch someone but I can see them in front of me. I guess that is sufficient. I already know the fire would burn me, I can see a fire and judge that. I don't need to burn myself each time.
I may not be able to talk to you but you can always write to me and if I can see, I can read what you want to tell me. Also, I might not be able to talk to you but I can write back (but hey, speaking is not in the five senses, is it?) and then you can read what I want to say to you.
I may not be able to hear your voice and figure out how you feel but I can always see you smile or frown and act accordingly. Voice can be manipulated but your expressions cannot be.
I may not be able to taste something and tell how it is but I can see the colour and have a fairly good idea of how it would be tasting. I can see the look on the face of someone smelling it and figure out if they like it… I can see how you look when you taste it and know if you like it or not.

Now, I don't say that the other senses are replaceable… It is just a simple perspective, which btw, won me the first position. So just thought I would share!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

HIMYM : An Alternate Thought

:: Something I read on the internet and I really liked - yes, How I Met Your Mother ending wasn't perfect but well, it teaches us that neither is life. We don't always get what is perfect... what life is - to make the ends meet in the best possible ways. I will always be annoyed and upset... I will always fight that Tracy should be alive... I will never ever consider watching the Finale ever again, especially the scene after the story is over............ nonetheless, I have given you 9 years, I can't stay mad at you forever. It will take time however! ::

I read an article written by someone who counters the people who hated the ending. Firstly, I really liked that article. It was very nicely written.

Of course, I am still very much adamant on the fact that 'Tracy' was the only one for Ted and it is she who should have been with him, forever. However, there was a very beautiful thing that I realized through the article - HIMYM had a beautiful ending, it wasn't perfect (see others see that too!) but HIMYM wasn't about perfection either... It showed life with all its twists and turns. It showed life what what life really is... and Life, my dear friends, is not perfect.

Yes, the perfect ending would be that when Ted finishes the story, the mother would come from one of the rooms and taunt him playfully that is he reciting the story all over again? Maybe she and the kids would share few laughter before Ted would join in and then we would see a happy family - the kind of family, Ted always wanted... the kind of life he deserved!
But, well hey - no one does get what they want - life's not that perfect and eventually, you learn to get along with this fact.

To be very honest, what I hated the most or the reason why I am so hurt is because Ted and Tracy, both have been through A LOT! It was only fitting that they shouldn't have to go through more. We all have been with Ted - being left at the altar... running away with a bride... going after a girl for 9 years, only to know that she is the one and you can only be her friend... and Tracy, on the other hand, loosing Max wouldn't have had been easy. Of course, we didnot see Tracy as much as we did Ted but in a way, I think that it was only fitting that the two should be together. They are like made for each other.
Both of them think that there is this one person in their lives who they love and who is the only one destined for them. Whatever may be the reason, that one person is also the person who is just not the one who can stay with them. Somewhere, they live their lives trying to find love, only to find in the end that they have not let go of that person that possibly, they never will be. To Tracy, Ted was the fresh start - answers to all her questions since Max left... and to Ted, Tracy was the only woman who ever freed him from the ghosts of his past relationships with Robin. She accepted him the way he was, with all the things he did for Robin and others... remember, she even had him dressed for the slutty pumpkin... and that was the adorable thing about the couple. Both of them were incomplete because of some other person but they both completely each other... perfectly!
Of course, because of their past experiences, they both wanted a perfect wedding - this is also because of the fact that they were peas in a pot - both hopelessly romantic - but this never stopped them from sharing love. They both spent years together... having kids and seeing them grow. In my culture, such a relationship is not generally seen with respect but I see theirs with a lot of admiration. I learned from them that a wedding is not required to keep your vows. It is more important to be there, for always.

Tracy never burdened herself onto the group... she knew she was the late entry but even being so, she never pulled Ted out. She was happy to be a part by hearing the stories and sharing hers with Ted.

Tracy McConell, you are one lady I wish I would grow up to be. You are kind hearted and charming. You are understanding and at the same time demanding. You are definitely my inspiration.

Yes, I totally loved the character of the mother but there is also another reason that I hated the finale - ROBIN DOESN’T END UP WITH TED! I mean she shouldn’t. Oh common… not once.. Not twice… but three times the two hooked up in 8 years and not once did Robin realize how much Ted loved her? And she didn’t even realize when she was there searching for her locket and the only one who turned up was Ted, despite the fact that he was the only one who had a real reason not to? I mean he does everything for her… as in everything he does is all for her and she never sees it. How can this girl be the right choice for him?
You know, it was already hard for me to accept that but having some chat with friends who like that Ted ended up with Robin, somewhere I am more determined that Robin was the wrong choice. The honest confession is that yes, I could have coped up somehow with the mother being dead but Robin is unacceptable. If it had to be Robin, firstly it should have been her long back… it shouldn’t have taken this long for her to realize. And then, if it was Robin then the entire point of the story is lost!! Somewhere the mother was the one who helped Ted get over Robin. She was the reason that Ted could finally love…

I guess, I am complaining again. Anyways, like I began… just because of 2 episodes I can't be mad into a 9 year long journey. Yes, it will take a lot of time and not to forget that I will never, never accept that Tracy can die or Robin is the one. However, I have loved the show. I know it was hell for like 10 days before the finale when each day I counted the moments. I didn't sleep on Monday night because I had to see the episode first thing when it came on Tuesday. You see, I can't be mad at it forever. I am disappointed and I will be, maybe forever but yes, I can't be mad forever.
Inshallah, I will definitely write my version of the finale and who knows, one day, just one day, the creators might read it and all I wish is that they would smile out of joy.

How I met your Mother : vlog

Here is a shorter version of 'How I met your mother' story. If Ted would have been a computer person instead of architect, it would have spared us the 9 years and thousand tears!! Enjoy!

HIMYM : An Alternate Ending

I did one article about how I felt about 'How I met your mother' coming to an end, before the series finale telecasted and it is only suited that I do one after. So here it is - I spend 10 days mourning… I spent an entire night crying… I spent hours of my classes scribbling in my notebook/ whatsapp/ facebook about the number of days left… I took every second of my time to tell and spread the fandom of the show to other people (I have 2 people watching it from start and another one planning to)… I did all I could - and you give me this crap??????? HELLO??

The wiki article about 'The Mother' stated (I haven't checked it after the telecast of the finale) that the mother is the 'eponym' character - really? Is she? Is that why she is FREAKING DEAD?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?


I spent 2 years following the show - wait, more than 2. I saw every single episode for I don't know how many times… I spent all Tuesday mornings downloading the show… I wasted my precious internet MBs like water just so I could see you and this is what I get to see?

For the love of heavens, dear writers/ creators of the show, the show is called - HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER…. And NOT 'How I met your Aunt Robin'.

I get what Penny said that this story wasn't really just about Ted meeting Tracy at the Farhampton Inn, it is definitely about how much she affected his life and more importantly why. It is a journey, like Ted said - a long and difficult one and had it not been this difficult, he would have never met the right girl and fallen for her in the very moment. Everything - right from Victoria (I hope that's the name) to Stella to Zoey to Blah-Blah to Jeanette and even right to the girl he was trying to hook up with on the wedding - each one of them contributed to Ted's reaction when he first met the mother.

Of course, speaking of the wedding - I will get back onto Ted-Tracy after a little while - We SPENT AN ENTIRE SEASON ON THE WEDDING just so that THEY GET DIVORCED IN THREE YEARS?????? Guys, I understand that this is a sitcom but lately, especially after season 8, it is moreover a love story (love stories). Of late, it was a celebration about what is true love. What Barney did for Robin, he didn't do for anyone else and I never even imagined him to be like the way he was with her, to be with anyone else. Even the stripper he dated, she wasn't as special as Robin was. I know the baby thing was totally adorable and I totally agree. Even after marrying Robin, Barney couldn't be tamed. Eventually, they both would have to adopt a baby to let Barney be responsible and for Robin to learn to stay put at a place. But I can never imagine Barney to let go so easy… especially not when he spent every bit of himself to get her! That is just not like Barney!!
And Robin - Wow… it just took her 12 years to realize that she is in love with Ted! I mean in the 9 years of the story that we heard, she hooked up - not once, not twice but thrice with Ted and not even once did she realize that he loves you… Her was there for her when she was looking for her locket - did you not then realize that HE LOVES YOU? Even at her wedding, she had a panic attack; had she been really thinking that Ted was the correct guy, three breaths would NOT change her mind.
I mean, Robin and Barney were supposed to be the couple! We didn't even see 22 episodes put into Lily - Marshall wedding. When you spend 22 episodes of a season on a wedding, you do not take 2 minutes in the 23rd episode to get them divorced. Agree it or not… even if not you get Ted to be back with Robin, she wouldn't stay put and there will be the loop again. For goodness sakes, Ted has already been through a lot. And though I know Ted is sort of the centre of the talk over here, but I like to think of it as for Robin and Barney as well… before the divorce, Barney said that he loved Robin and later when at Ted's wedding he meets her, he says that he doesn’t feel anything for her now. I mean, please at least let's be consistent! It took 8 seasons for Robin to find someone and I don't want her to lose him either.

Back to Ted - I still don't get it! Right I know Ted isn't the most straight-forward person ever to be, but just to say that he wants to date Robin, he doesn't really need to tell the story he told.

So, ultimately to the creators/ writers, even if you wanted the mother dead, I take it but I won't take Ted hooking up with Robin. Personally, if you ask me, Tracy shouldn't have died either.

But what the hell! I spent a day crying and then I remembered - I still haven't accepted the last book of Harry Potter series and nor the things JKR keeps telling - like Dumbledore is gay and Harry and Hermione should be together… If I can deny an entire book, trust me, 2 episodes are nothing! I am a writer by choice, I will just have to re-write a few scenes here and there. So, this little post is about - I will post an alternate ending to the series in my other blog! Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HIMYM : Episode 22 : The End of the Aisle

It took me 9 years and 206 episodes to realize this - I love you Ted Moseby. You are definitely one person I would want to spend my rest of the life. You are a best friend, lover and a protector, all in one package and if there is something that keeps us apart, it is the fact that you are way too perfect for me. I might never be good enough for you.

This particular episode was the end of the story in a way. Finally, we see Ted moves on. I believe that the show was not about 'How Ted meets the Mother' but it was more about how hard it is to let go of your first love. In a broader picture, the show is all about what love is.

SPOILER ALERTS!! I know it is very difficult to not have seen the episode by now, but still just in case.

It is in a sense the correct ending for the story, just like I mentioned. The episode is about Robin finally gets her locket. But before getting the locket, Robin panics and wants to see Ted. She tells Ted that only if Barney had somehow found the locket. Ted gives the locket to Barney who gives it to Robin, not revealing the truth. Of course Robin finds out that it was actually Ted who found the locket and for a moment, she believes that when Ted is the one who is always there for her, who is always by her side, shouldn't she be marrying Ted instead> Ted totally rejects the idea and tells her firmly that if she believed him to be the guy who would run away with her after knowing that she loves Barney, she had him all wrong.
It was this one moment that I fell in love with Ted. I had known Ted Moseby for some time now but it was the first time I really knew him. It must have taken everything he had inside of him to hear Robin say what he always wanted to hear and still do the correct thing. In that one moment, all the love Ted had for Robin, vanished somewhere. In a moment, he was free,

I guess it had to be like this. There could be no other way that Ted would have ever let go. If this particular event hadn't happened, even in Chicago, or any place on this entire world, Ted wouldn't have been free. I guess, it was destiny or on a little practical sense - the creators are just mind blowing.

Moreover, in a moment, I seriously fell in love with Ted. I have no words to describe why or how, but in one moment, I knew that his perfection had reached a level even I couldn't resist. Dear Lord, I know I would have to be penned down by the creators of How I met you mother to be Ted but I wish that I would never forget that one moment. Let that one moment always be in my heart as a reminder of what true love is. True Love is never to keep holding on; it is to let go. True Love is not to get love but to love unconditionally. At that moment, Ted suddenly reached to a point where he loved Robin with all his heart but he had come to terms with the fact that she would be happier with Barney and all Ted wanted was her happiness. Even if, at that point of time, it meant that he would be left alone.

I pray that I get someone who would love me like Ted loves Robin but more I pray, that I could love that unconditionally!

Meanwhile, as Barney tries to write the perfect vows to exchange on his wedding day, we see Marshall and Lily tell how real vows should be. For the first time I looked carefully and definitely Lily has aged. She does look like a married lady with kids. Her skin is not what it used to be, Her hair has thinned but you know what? She looked beautiful. The way Marshall held her, and was looking at her, no woman requires anything but that to be pretty. If you have someone who wants to see you beautiful, you are beautiful and that is what Lily and Marshall teach us, We are all humans and none of us is perfect but if you are with someone who loves you with all your faults, it is what makes life worth living. I disagree with who say marriages are built on compromises, Marriages are built on a love that pure that it is as obvious as the air we breathe - never noticed but can't be survived without. Lily are Marshall share a relation that only a very few couples could ever share. I sometimes wish that they were together in real.

Also, inbetween there is a little scene where Robin decides to escape alone. She hits the mother and there are some beautiful lines that the Mother shares there. Robin is surprised when the Mother doesn't advice a running bride instead, she just asks her to get calm before deciding on the next move. I am seriously glad that the mother is how she is shown to be. She is sensitive, just like Ted; emotional, again just like Ted but at the same time she is a visionary which is very different from an impatient Ted. I hate that Ted just started telling the story of how he met his wife where he should be telling his children more and more stories, especially of the times when he fell in love with the mother.
Finally, Barney accepts to Robin that it was Ted who brought the locket. He decides on one vow that he needs to make and keep - he will always he honest with Robin....... Aww <3 all="" can="" his="" i="" is="" p="" say="">
All I could say - I am glad 'How I met your Mother' happened and thankful to the creators for a wonderful story and lastly, blessed, to have been a part of its journey!

How I met your Mother

When asked Cristin (The Mother) about how she would describe the ending of the 9 season long
journey to be, she said beautiful. If I was asked the question, I would reply saying 'Legend I-am-so-gonna-miss-you-and-wait-for-you-forever ary'. This is definitely one show that I never wanted to end. Even as I write this, I stare at the picture of Ted and the Mother, on my window and while Ted is smiling towards me, the mother is smiling seeing Ted. Like Josh said, I am really happy for Ted. I am glad that he finally found the one. It has indeed been very long and somewhere I wanted the Mother to be perfect. Cristin is perfect and so is the character she is portraying.

I really cannot believe that the series is ending. For the past ten days, I have been dreading this very moment and now, when it is just a couple of hours before the actual telecast of the series, I am just speechless. I got big tears rolling down my eyes, I am glad every time I see Ted and the Mother together but there is a huge empty space in my heart, which can't be filled, ever. For the past 9 days, I have cried, I have laughed, for every moment that I am awake, I have dreaded this moment. All my friends have laughed and tried to tell me why do I like the series to an extent that I am crying for it. Well, there is no answer to be honest but if you look at it the way I look at it, you would not need an answer.

I know I didn't follow the show since it started. I used to catch the last few minutes of the show when it telecasted the 7th season on Star World before MasterChef Australia. I quite wasn't a fan then. After that, I saw the entire series from the beginning, till the end of the 7th season where finally we see 'The Robin'. For whole 7 seasons, I fell in love with Barney (yes, Barney!), I hated Stella, I was happy for Lily and Marshall, I wanted to see the slutty-pumpkin and the
biggest of all, Ted was always the perfect guy. He was definitely far to perfect and I dreaded that I couldn't ever live with someone so perfect. He was the perfection that always got him into my friend-zone.
Anyways, what I mean to say here is that when someone, even if they are just a fictional character, shares 9 years of his or her life with you, that is something you just can't let go.

Now when I think of it, in a couple of hours the final episode will telecast, someone will record it and put it on the internet and I will download it. I will dread watching it but will finally watch it. I will cry out of happiness. I will cry due to the void I am filling inside me. I will cry at the happy ending. I will cry because of the ending. Every atom inside of m will urge that just one more, please if not more, just one more episode be made. Let there just be one more Monday to await. Let there be just one more time at the McLarens. Please let there be a moment of the 6 of them.

My Mondays are going to be very dull without you!

I really don't know what to say and what to not. I just know that no matter how harsh it is going to be on me, I have to in a couple of hours see the finale. It is not the season finale but the series finale and trust me, these words hurt. They hurt bad!

I really can't think of what to say or what to not. I guess, I am just going into the rhyme more and more. But this is definitely a special message to all the crew and cast of this wonderful show - To especially the creators - Thank You! Thank You very much. I don't know if you will ever read it but I wish you do. I promise I will wish every day that you read this, for a week. I don't know if it means anything to you at all but I want to let you know that there is someone in India, far from where you guys are, who loves you show. I am so deeply attached to the show that I really can't figure out how will I carry on. You guys are just phenomenal to have created something so 'beautiful'. I know it is a sitcom but hey, it's life. Thank you for giving me Ted and the others, of course. Each day, I just grow more and more in love with them. Each day, I grow with them. Thank You. And I know the beautify dignifies when things are ended at proper time, but if possible, let us never be apart from the show.

Okay, I am crying way too much. So I just better wait for it. I hope you watch it too.

I am going to miss you a lot Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney, Ted and the Mother….

Writes of what to write and what not to write

Recently reading a lot of emails (because that is what I do), I realized that there is no correct or incorrect way to perform written com...