Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If I were to lose all my five senses, except one, which one would I choose and why?

Okay… I know that I don’t really blog such kind of things and this would be my first attempt but this was the topic given to me at the Just-A-Minute competition conducted at my college during our annual fest this year. First of all, I take this big platform to thank Hemanshu Joshi… who not only convinced me to take part but is a very nice person to know and a wonderful secretary. I am glad that the committee came to you and Arun, of course, who is equally a gem! Thank you guys! :)


If I were to lose all my five senses, but one, I would choose to keep my eye sight. Quite honestly, I feel my eyes are really pretty and I would never want to lose them. Furthermore,

"All things bright and Beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful…
The good Lord made them all!"

The God has created a wonderful and beautiful world for us. I don't want to lose my eyes and miss any part of this mystical creation of the Lords'. I also plan to donate my eyes after I leave, so someone else could have my pretty eyes and also see this wonderful world.
Moving ahead… I may not be able to touch someone but I can see them in front of me. I guess that is sufficient. I already know the fire would burn me, I can see a fire and judge that. I don't need to burn myself each time.
I may not be able to talk to you but you can always write to me and if I can see, I can read what you want to tell me. Also, I might not be able to talk to you but I can write back (but hey, speaking is not in the five senses, is it?) and then you can read what I want to say to you.
I may not be able to hear your voice and figure out how you feel but I can always see you smile or frown and act accordingly. Voice can be manipulated but your expressions cannot be.
I may not be able to taste something and tell how it is but I can see the colour and have a fairly good idea of how it would be tasting. I can see the look on the face of someone smelling it and figure out if they like it… I can see how you look when you taste it and know if you like it or not.

Now, I don't say that the other senses are replaceable… It is just a simple perspective, which btw, won me the first position. So just thought I would share!!

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