Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HIMYM : Episode 22 : The End of the Aisle

It took me 9 years and 206 episodes to realize this - I love you Ted Moseby. You are definitely one person I would want to spend my rest of the life. You are a best friend, lover and a protector, all in one package and if there is something that keeps us apart, it is the fact that you are way too perfect for me. I might never be good enough for you.

This particular episode was the end of the story in a way. Finally, we see Ted moves on. I believe that the show was not about 'How Ted meets the Mother' but it was more about how hard it is to let go of your first love. In a broader picture, the show is all about what love is.

SPOILER ALERTS!! I know it is very difficult to not have seen the episode by now, but still just in case.

It is in a sense the correct ending for the story, just like I mentioned. The episode is about Robin finally gets her locket. But before getting the locket, Robin panics and wants to see Ted. She tells Ted that only if Barney had somehow found the locket. Ted gives the locket to Barney who gives it to Robin, not revealing the truth. Of course Robin finds out that it was actually Ted who found the locket and for a moment, she believes that when Ted is the one who is always there for her, who is always by her side, shouldn't she be marrying Ted instead> Ted totally rejects the idea and tells her firmly that if she believed him to be the guy who would run away with her after knowing that she loves Barney, she had him all wrong.
It was this one moment that I fell in love with Ted. I had known Ted Moseby for some time now but it was the first time I really knew him. It must have taken everything he had inside of him to hear Robin say what he always wanted to hear and still do the correct thing. In that one moment, all the love Ted had for Robin, vanished somewhere. In a moment, he was free,

I guess it had to be like this. There could be no other way that Ted would have ever let go. If this particular event hadn't happened, even in Chicago, or any place on this entire world, Ted wouldn't have been free. I guess, it was destiny or on a little practical sense - the creators are just mind blowing.

Moreover, in a moment, I seriously fell in love with Ted. I have no words to describe why or how, but in one moment, I knew that his perfection had reached a level even I couldn't resist. Dear Lord, I know I would have to be penned down by the creators of How I met you mother to be Ted but I wish that I would never forget that one moment. Let that one moment always be in my heart as a reminder of what true love is. True Love is never to keep holding on; it is to let go. True Love is not to get love but to love unconditionally. At that moment, Ted suddenly reached to a point where he loved Robin with all his heart but he had come to terms with the fact that she would be happier with Barney and all Ted wanted was her happiness. Even if, at that point of time, it meant that he would be left alone.

I pray that I get someone who would love me like Ted loves Robin but more I pray, that I could love that unconditionally!

Meanwhile, as Barney tries to write the perfect vows to exchange on his wedding day, we see Marshall and Lily tell how real vows should be. For the first time I looked carefully and definitely Lily has aged. She does look like a married lady with kids. Her skin is not what it used to be, Her hair has thinned but you know what? She looked beautiful. The way Marshall held her, and was looking at her, no woman requires anything but that to be pretty. If you have someone who wants to see you beautiful, you are beautiful and that is what Lily and Marshall teach us, We are all humans and none of us is perfect but if you are with someone who loves you with all your faults, it is what makes life worth living. I disagree with who say marriages are built on compromises, Marriages are built on a love that pure that it is as obvious as the air we breathe - never noticed but can't be survived without. Lily are Marshall share a relation that only a very few couples could ever share. I sometimes wish that they were together in real.

Also, inbetween there is a little scene where Robin decides to escape alone. She hits the mother and there are some beautiful lines that the Mother shares there. Robin is surprised when the Mother doesn't advice a running bride instead, she just asks her to get calm before deciding on the next move. I am seriously glad that the mother is how she is shown to be. She is sensitive, just like Ted; emotional, again just like Ted but at the same time she is a visionary which is very different from an impatient Ted. I hate that Ted just started telling the story of how he met his wife where he should be telling his children more and more stories, especially of the times when he fell in love with the mother.
Finally, Barney accepts to Robin that it was Ted who brought the locket. He decides on one vow that he needs to make and keep - he will always he honest with Robin....... Aww <3 all="" can="" his="" i="" is="" p="" say="">
All I could say - I am glad 'How I met your Mother' happened and thankful to the creators for a wonderful story and lastly, blessed, to have been a part of its journey!

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