Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miracle of the Day : April 11, 2014

Now I am really not so sure about the date but this will be the one I would put my maximum bets upon. So well, while writing my last blog entry, I remembered one other incident with some other junior of mine that was similar. Initially I thought I could write it there only as a special note but then I thought, this incident is also special enough to have it's own special place.

There is a boy called Shashwat and he is really sweet. I have known him for a couple of months only. Though he is my junior but well, I am not a very good person at knowing too many people. Special point before we move forward - Shashwat is NOT either of the persons I have mentioned in my previous post.
Back to the story, Shashwat and I were arguing about something. It was something he wanted for me and I was wanting for him (or something similar) and then suddenly he said something I had no counter to. He said that if I wanted to fight, alright because he can fight with his elder sister, which I was.

I am often laughed at by my friends for making so many brothers, but something they don't realize is, God might have not given me a biological sibling, but he has created so many people around me who care for me, always look after me and in a sense have created this shield around me - a shield that protects me from anything bad or harmful.
Inside, all I need to do is be happy.

In disguise of my brothers, like Shashwat, I am indeed being blessed by God. I doubt if I could ever be thankful enough to him.

Thank you Lord and Thank You Shashwat. My journey in this college would never have had been complete if I hadn't met you. I am honored to have known you and I am blessed that you are a part of my life. Thank you, not only for being so kind - hearted and tolerant with me but also for filling my life with joys.
And yes, now you have made me your sister, you will never be allowed to break free :)

I can't help wonder and smile of how many ways, the good Lord decides to surprise you !!

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