Thursday, April 3, 2014

HIMYM : An Alternate Ending

I did one article about how I felt about 'How I met your mother' coming to an end, before the series finale telecasted and it is only suited that I do one after. So here it is - I spend 10 days mourning… I spent an entire night crying… I spent hours of my classes scribbling in my notebook/ whatsapp/ facebook about the number of days left… I took every second of my time to tell and spread the fandom of the show to other people (I have 2 people watching it from start and another one planning to)… I did all I could - and you give me this crap??????? HELLO??

The wiki article about 'The Mother' stated (I haven't checked it after the telecast of the finale) that the mother is the 'eponym' character - really? Is she? Is that why she is FREAKING DEAD?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?


I spent 2 years following the show - wait, more than 2. I saw every single episode for I don't know how many times… I spent all Tuesday mornings downloading the show… I wasted my precious internet MBs like water just so I could see you and this is what I get to see?

For the love of heavens, dear writers/ creators of the show, the show is called - HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER…. And NOT 'How I met your Aunt Robin'.

I get what Penny said that this story wasn't really just about Ted meeting Tracy at the Farhampton Inn, it is definitely about how much she affected his life and more importantly why. It is a journey, like Ted said - a long and difficult one and had it not been this difficult, he would have never met the right girl and fallen for her in the very moment. Everything - right from Victoria (I hope that's the name) to Stella to Zoey to Blah-Blah to Jeanette and even right to the girl he was trying to hook up with on the wedding - each one of them contributed to Ted's reaction when he first met the mother.

Of course, speaking of the wedding - I will get back onto Ted-Tracy after a little while - We SPENT AN ENTIRE SEASON ON THE WEDDING just so that THEY GET DIVORCED IN THREE YEARS?????? Guys, I understand that this is a sitcom but lately, especially after season 8, it is moreover a love story (love stories). Of late, it was a celebration about what is true love. What Barney did for Robin, he didn't do for anyone else and I never even imagined him to be like the way he was with her, to be with anyone else. Even the stripper he dated, she wasn't as special as Robin was. I know the baby thing was totally adorable and I totally agree. Even after marrying Robin, Barney couldn't be tamed. Eventually, they both would have to adopt a baby to let Barney be responsible and for Robin to learn to stay put at a place. But I can never imagine Barney to let go so easy… especially not when he spent every bit of himself to get her! That is just not like Barney!!
And Robin - Wow… it just took her 12 years to realize that she is in love with Ted! I mean in the 9 years of the story that we heard, she hooked up - not once, not twice but thrice with Ted and not even once did she realize that he loves you… Her was there for her when she was looking for her locket - did you not then realize that HE LOVES YOU? Even at her wedding, she had a panic attack; had she been really thinking that Ted was the correct guy, three breaths would NOT change her mind.
I mean, Robin and Barney were supposed to be the couple! We didn't even see 22 episodes put into Lily - Marshall wedding. When you spend 22 episodes of a season on a wedding, you do not take 2 minutes in the 23rd episode to get them divorced. Agree it or not… even if not you get Ted to be back with Robin, she wouldn't stay put and there will be the loop again. For goodness sakes, Ted has already been through a lot. And though I know Ted is sort of the centre of the talk over here, but I like to think of it as for Robin and Barney as well… before the divorce, Barney said that he loved Robin and later when at Ted's wedding he meets her, he says that he doesn’t feel anything for her now. I mean, please at least let's be consistent! It took 8 seasons for Robin to find someone and I don't want her to lose him either.

Back to Ted - I still don't get it! Right I know Ted isn't the most straight-forward person ever to be, but just to say that he wants to date Robin, he doesn't really need to tell the story he told.

So, ultimately to the creators/ writers, even if you wanted the mother dead, I take it but I won't take Ted hooking up with Robin. Personally, if you ask me, Tracy shouldn't have died either.

But what the hell! I spent a day crying and then I remembered - I still haven't accepted the last book of Harry Potter series and nor the things JKR keeps telling - like Dumbledore is gay and Harry and Hermione should be together… If I can deny an entire book, trust me, 2 episodes are nothing! I am a writer by choice, I will just have to re-write a few scenes here and there. So, this little post is about - I will post an alternate ending to the series in my other blog! Stay Tuned!

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