Thursday, April 3, 2014

HIMYM : An Alternate Thought

:: Something I read on the internet and I really liked - yes, How I Met Your Mother ending wasn't perfect but well, it teaches us that neither is life. We don't always get what is perfect... what life is - to make the ends meet in the best possible ways. I will always be annoyed and upset... I will always fight that Tracy should be alive... I will never ever consider watching the Finale ever again, especially the scene after the story is over............ nonetheless, I have given you 9 years, I can't stay mad at you forever. It will take time however! ::

I read an article written by someone who counters the people who hated the ending. Firstly, I really liked that article. It was very nicely written.

Of course, I am still very much adamant on the fact that 'Tracy' was the only one for Ted and it is she who should have been with him, forever. However, there was a very beautiful thing that I realized through the article - HIMYM had a beautiful ending, it wasn't perfect (see others see that too!) but HIMYM wasn't about perfection either... It showed life with all its twists and turns. It showed life what what life really is... and Life, my dear friends, is not perfect.

Yes, the perfect ending would be that when Ted finishes the story, the mother would come from one of the rooms and taunt him playfully that is he reciting the story all over again? Maybe she and the kids would share few laughter before Ted would join in and then we would see a happy family - the kind of family, Ted always wanted... the kind of life he deserved!
But, well hey - no one does get what they want - life's not that perfect and eventually, you learn to get along with this fact.

To be very honest, what I hated the most or the reason why I am so hurt is because Ted and Tracy, both have been through A LOT! It was only fitting that they shouldn't have to go through more. We all have been with Ted - being left at the altar... running away with a bride... going after a girl for 9 years, only to know that she is the one and you can only be her friend... and Tracy, on the other hand, loosing Max wouldn't have had been easy. Of course, we didnot see Tracy as much as we did Ted but in a way, I think that it was only fitting that the two should be together. They are like made for each other.
Both of them think that there is this one person in their lives who they love and who is the only one destined for them. Whatever may be the reason, that one person is also the person who is just not the one who can stay with them. Somewhere, they live their lives trying to find love, only to find in the end that they have not let go of that person that possibly, they never will be. To Tracy, Ted was the fresh start - answers to all her questions since Max left... and to Ted, Tracy was the only woman who ever freed him from the ghosts of his past relationships with Robin. She accepted him the way he was, with all the things he did for Robin and others... remember, she even had him dressed for the slutty pumpkin... and that was the adorable thing about the couple. Both of them were incomplete because of some other person but they both completely each other... perfectly!
Of course, because of their past experiences, they both wanted a perfect wedding - this is also because of the fact that they were peas in a pot - both hopelessly romantic - but this never stopped them from sharing love. They both spent years together... having kids and seeing them grow. In my culture, such a relationship is not generally seen with respect but I see theirs with a lot of admiration. I learned from them that a wedding is not required to keep your vows. It is more important to be there, for always.

Tracy never burdened herself onto the group... she knew she was the late entry but even being so, she never pulled Ted out. She was happy to be a part by hearing the stories and sharing hers with Ted.

Tracy McConell, you are one lady I wish I would grow up to be. You are kind hearted and charming. You are understanding and at the same time demanding. You are definitely my inspiration.

Yes, I totally loved the character of the mother but there is also another reason that I hated the finale - ROBIN DOESN’T END UP WITH TED! I mean she shouldn’t. Oh common… not once.. Not twice… but three times the two hooked up in 8 years and not once did Robin realize how much Ted loved her? And she didn’t even realize when she was there searching for her locket and the only one who turned up was Ted, despite the fact that he was the only one who had a real reason not to? I mean he does everything for her… as in everything he does is all for her and she never sees it. How can this girl be the right choice for him?
You know, it was already hard for me to accept that but having some chat with friends who like that Ted ended up with Robin, somewhere I am more determined that Robin was the wrong choice. The honest confession is that yes, I could have coped up somehow with the mother being dead but Robin is unacceptable. If it had to be Robin, firstly it should have been her long back… it shouldn’t have taken this long for her to realize. And then, if it was Robin then the entire point of the story is lost!! Somewhere the mother was the one who helped Ted get over Robin. She was the reason that Ted could finally love…

I guess, I am complaining again. Anyways, like I began… just because of 2 episodes I can't be mad into a 9 year long journey. Yes, it will take a lot of time and not to forget that I will never, never accept that Tracy can die or Robin is the one. However, I have loved the show. I know it was hell for like 10 days before the finale when each day I counted the moments. I didn't sleep on Monday night because I had to see the episode first thing when it came on Tuesday. You see, I can't be mad at it forever. I am disappointed and I will be, maybe forever but yes, I can't be mad forever.
Inshallah, I will definitely write my version of the finale and who knows, one day, just one day, the creators might read it and all I wish is that they would smile out of joy.

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