Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miracle of the Day : April 15, 2014

Though it is a public blog post, but in this, I am taking an opportunity to communicate to two people - very dear ones to me - who made my 15th April 2014, worth remembering, forever. This is something I want to share with the entire world…

Now well, a friend of mine has helped me put words to my habit - I am very surreptitious about my inner most feelings.... that is why when the two of you called, I couldn't reciprocate in the manner I should have. Rather, I have no idea how to reciprocate to something so sweet.

Anyways... well.. on the 15th... 2 of my juniors decided to get drunk. For the reasons obvious, I am not going to mention their names here... Anyways... So these two get drunk and they are roaming around the city and I don't know why but they decide to call me.

I didnot have the number saved but I answered. The one with the phone was still very decent to tell me who he was and then he said that he wanted to tell me 3 things... rather, the two of them together wanted to tell me 3 things..
1. they well hell drunk (though the second one kept objecting that he was sober)
2. they both respect me alot (and somewhere it was very important for the first one that the two of them spoke this simultaneously)
3. they were low on balance so they would have to cut the call

Okay... I really didn't know what to say and I don't even know it now... If I had to speak, trust me, I would still stand silent. But well... maybe an engineer by qualification, I am an author by choice... so i thought I might use my words to show some gratitude.

To the both of you,
you are both really very special to me. I know it has been a very little time since we have known each other but trust me, if I were to leave this college without knowing you, I would have missed the most important thing. I really respect the two of you as people, admire you as able, learned men and care for you as I would for my own family. I want only the best for the two of you, no matter what so ever may come. And I can assure you that anytime you need me, I am just a phone call away...
Your gesture to think of me at a moment like that and to say something so sweet - I am touched. I am deeply touched and probably when the moment I die, when my life would play in front of my eyes as a river of memories, I am going to hear your voices and the words you spoke to me then.
Thank You... not only for being the best juniors I could possibly imagine but thank you, for being a part of my life and making it so much more beautiful........

I went for a stroll a little while after the call and I met the other guy (who claimed to be sober) and by God, he looked like a one year old kid then - though by age he is a few months elder to me, but he looked just to little, so naive.. so innocent that all I could do was laugh. And since then, every time he is seeing me - he is saying sorry for something only known to him.

So to him, and to the other one,
I don't encourage drinking and I seriously think you need to stay away from it but nonetheless, I don't judge people for they drink. Try to deal with things - especially tiredness, some other way but it was cool. so, Peace Out.

It is simply beautiful... everytime there is a tear drop in my eye, I wonder if I doing fine for if I am, why is there this tear drop? On moments like the ones I mentioned above, I just look up, smile towards the Lord and thank him. At the same time, I am also amused by how he works in many mysterious ways.

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