Friday, May 8, 2015

What our fandoms tell about us?


I noticed a real weird thing yesterday... actually not notice but observed.
There are plenty of trending quotes on the internet about how two Harry Potter fans can get along very easily. And I have found it so true.... Every time any Harry Potter soundtrack plays, even if one doesn't say it out loud, but all fans raise their necks and strain their ears to find the source of the music of their people. Similarly, you can just say Harry Potter and it's like an anti-taboo which attracts all the fans. And I am not merely saying it based on the internet. I have experienced it myself.
Once I was at a pretty boring get-together and I didn't know anyone my age there... then I met this girl who was a huge James Potter fan. She totally loved him and complained that there was so luttle of his character in the books. And about the movies, don't even bother!! Anyways, we both talked the whole evening without getting bored. And years after that evening, today, I remember not her name but her as the fan of James Potter.
See, Harry Potter is in this way truly magic! There are millions of fans around the globe and we all connect like we have known each other for ages, simply by knowing one fandom!
There are countless more examples... things I have myself witnessed. I have met these wonderful people through Harry Potter fandom. People who made me believe magic exists in this world as well. People I would have never known otherwise and then not even known what I was missing. People I haven't even met but are very dear friends.

On the other hand, I happened to have a supernatural fan, Dean Winchester fan at my workplace. I have felt that I can talk to this one guy if not anyone else, since e share a mutual fandom. But then, it turned out pretty weird. This guy likes his own comfort zone and he is nice and everything but you see, trust no one outside family.
It kind of reminded me of what supernatural is all about. And that is how I landed upon writing this blog entry.

Harry Potter is all about making friends and standing up for them. So I believe this is how we fans are. We like to trust. We like to look out for one another. We like to hangout and talk. We like to be open even if that means to be getting hurt once in a while for the other option being friendless is not desirable.
Whereas Supernatural is about not trusting the other person for you don't know the monster inside the human face. It is about just trusting the family and being there for your family even if that means sacrificing your happinesses and friends along the way. Supernatural is more about being on the right path, even if that means being all alone. But Harry Potter is about that the path is always right if there are people you care for, walking alongside.

I mean to offense to either, I am a big fan of both these epics but I kind of found it strange how these fandoms condition us. How can they affect the person we are, altogether??

On a lighter note, no insult or offense intended, but do the twilight fans go around making choices between worse and worst??;)

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