Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Rhythm of my own Song

They want me silent
They want me controlled
They need me to fit
their perfect mould
To walk and talk
like a lady
to cook and clean
and be a heliolatry
To be the one
who’s easily defined
not too rugged
but can sail through every grind.

But in my head, stuck
there is a song
it is not too loud
but it has been there all along
Its speaks of a place
I want to see
It speaks of the people
who wish, just like me
It sings the verses
of brave knights
of battles and wins
here, I can only dream at night
It tells about
the women whose will be free
not tamed or labelled
very unlike me
The women who have been
strong and brave
dancing to the
wish of their hearts
and not follow someone
like a slave.

So I step out
into the blazing Sun
a my tune which feels
right and fun
breaking the chains
doing what I like
nor hurting anyone
neither a spike
the land of joy
that I had so yearned
I saw it materialize
the moment I churned
For I was free
and this was my chance
that now I had finally
taken my stance
Happiness engulfed me
this was where I belong
Open, free and wild
dancing to
The Rhythm of my own Song.

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