Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Seat in a Metro : Ladies Special

If you have ever travelled by the Delhi Metro or have a basic idea about it, you would know how the Seats are divided, still let me give a brief intro - basically -
  1. The first compartment is reserved for ladies only (except in the violet line - as far as I am aware). Any male passenger is requested not to travel by this.
  2. 4 seats per compartment are marked for ladies.
  3. 12 seats per compartment (except in the first and the last compartment where only 8 seats) are marked for the old or the physically challenged passengers.

Now whenever a new girl enters the metro compartment, she will scan the entire compartment for a possible seat.
There are two outcomes for the above -
  1. She finds a seat and no matter who the girl is, if she finds a seat in the metro (especially if she has not boarded from the first station or is travelling in peak hours), you will see her do a happy victory dance. The dance May be a very small one and only restricted to expressions or a rare gleam in her eyes but it is always there!!
  2. She doesn't find a seat and then goes and stands in front of a seat she feels should empty soon enough. In such a case she will keep staring the person on the seat and on the adjacent ones unless they get up. Mind you, if stares could kill, this would be the stare. However, since the others also travel daily, they have grown immune to the stare. Also, the stare might be occasionally accompanied by a grunt - verbal or non-verbal.

Special clause - a girl is defined by how adjustable and gentle she is. All the girls apt in the art of travelling in the daily metro are vicious and ferrocious when it comes to getting their bags scanned or entering the metro compartment; however, once in the compartment and when there is no seat readily available, they will talk to everyone and get some space made.
Not just their gentle, polite and adjusting behaviour is what is shown here, but also their physical fitness. A girl of size 24 to 124 can fit in the same space if it is in the Delhi metro!! Of course the others being pushed into one another doesn't count!

Let us now look to some other scenarios - when in the General compartment, girls always know that it is the third entrance from the end and the third entrance from the beginning where the 'Ladies Only' seats are marked. They will crowd this exit the most (Even I do 😏) . If with a male companion, it is his responsibility to get a seat adjacent to the ladies only seat and save the ladies only seat for the lady - you see, when someone can fight the war for you, why do you need to fight your way through the sweat, heat and bodies?

Sometimes it has happened that there is a male on the ladies only seat - no girl can bear it. Its like written in the 'unspoken Constitution of the Ladies' and needs to be followed religiously. So even when the person seems to be deserving more than you, thou shall not get the 'Ladies Only' seat if thou not a Girl.
However, the converse aint true. If a girl is sitting on a 'Old or Physically Challenged seat', no one can make her get up, unless she wants to. Well, here we confirm to Newton's laws, I guess.

Now the legendary part, any girl, no matter how old she May be, will never (I repeat, NEVER) go and sit on and 'Old and Physically Challenged' Seay unless it is empty and there are lesser persons around to think she is 'Old' 🙈🙊.
[well, again quoting the 'unspoken Constitution of the Ladies', even at 600 or whatever her age is, the red Lady (Melisandre) is a GIRL. Respectfully, you May call her a lady. But she will always be a girl. The same has been followed throughout this article and I suggest that you incorporate it in your lives as well!]
So, in short, its a sin for a girl to make someone get up and then occupy the 'Old and Physically Handicapped' Seat.

Let us now know what happens to the girls who keep the attitude that 'I can stand'. Mostly, girls who don't aim for a seat, aim for the doors. They would keep their bags between their legs and stand, resting their weights on the partitions adjacent to the doors. Most of these girls, read, see a movie, listen to songs or talk to other people on the phone. However, no matter what they are reading, watching or listening to, they will always be interested in what others are doing.
Some of these girls are just pretending to do what they are doing- they actually keep a look out for the seat, secretly and jump on the prospect of getting one. Some are of the attitude that one in hand is better than two in bush and don't leave the partition for a probable seat. Still rest are slow. They only get to know that a seat had been vacated when the person occupying the seat previously gets down. By then, all they are left to do is turn and look at the new person who is busy adjusting his or her 'tashreef' in the newly conquered seat/space as the rest of persons on the bench try to capture some more territory to theirs.

Well, I am different. I do stand at the third door and often get a seat no exceptions. Yet, if I read, I read.
If I see a movie, I see the movie.

Else i observe around and gather more content and inspiration for such posts and then draft the post, just like i did now.

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