A sweet short thing...

Pata hai... I have always told something to my friends and everyone I knw.. whenever they find themselves at the end of something and its difficult for them to get over it...

"Whatever you shared.. all moments you loved.. are yours.. you can't undo them.. and no one can take them from you... not even the friends or that special person with whom those memories are... and if you see it all ending.. dont make it sour.. leave with a smile and with happy memories.. whatever it was.. its all good.. and now its upto you how much longer you want it to be good!!"

Okie.. I believe that's a big piece of advice but I must say people this works..

Things aren't as you want always.. and to be honest they never will be.. why should they be? Things come.. things go.. life is how you react to each and everyone of them...

In some interview.. Shahrukh Khan said that if you want to tell a joke to God.. tell him your future plans :P :D
And this is reality..

Well I write this.. No I am not upset or anything... I write this because I tried it with a few of the people who were really important to me.. and it worked.. I felt great today after really long!! :)

So trust me.. I am not saying it for I read it somewhere.. I liked it and I want to have that 'gudie - gudie' image.. but because everyone who reads this will be a special person to me and so I want you to be glad!! Stay Happy!


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