Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Barbie Turns 50 :(

Okie I know that this is really old news now but hey I am no news bulletin to provide news.. that day when Barbie turned 50... i saw on the news that they launched new dolls and today I just felt like seeing those.. when I typed a google search - Barbie turns 50.. what I see is not the barbie I know.. there's the new face of Barbie where Barbie is 50 with all wrinkles and other stuff and to be honest I never liked even in thoughts a grandmother Barbie.. She was my doll and I will always see her as one..

Aww... I jus hate this... I mean common, come to think of it... she was my little doll... a doll so beautiful that I still keep her safe... a doll so important, so precious... ah I hate even thinking of her ageing...

Well, I just think this has to happen and one day, even with me :(

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