Saturday, August 15, 2009


I really dont know what I am doing.. I dont feel like anything at this moment... I dont believe that it can be true... NO IT ISNT TRUE!

In my memories
I can still see
Each and every moment together
I can still remember
The past so tender
And the life in each and every day

The flowers in the hall havn't been moved yet
The paintings in the room hvnt been taken down
And as I wait for you to come home
And take me in your arms
I realize that you're gone,
You're not coming bak anymore
Forever Gone

I still feel you
And you linger around
And i pray that you'l come bak
I Love You
And to live, I need you.
You're the only thing I lack

Here I am
Still waiting
For you to come bak..
And I know
That you're Gone
But I cant bury the past..

And I'm still waiting
For a million years
Just to be bak in your arms again
And I'll keep on waitin
For many more years
Hopin to be bak in ur arms again

Okie.. I havent written this.. I found it in a frnd's blog and I liked it alot.. so I took it without asking her and the best part is that she hasnt written it either..
bt it speaks of how we all felt about Daya.. Daya..dnt do that again dude..

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