Thursday, June 28, 2012

PoTTeRmoRe : The more to everything!

When I said 'more' to everything.. I even meant the number of fans, the madness displayed by each of them, the wait for the next one and lots MORE!!

These words have been the very chant we are hearing from mouths of people all around the world. Even people who have not been part of the magical journey from the beginning know that the final movie of the Harry Potter series released worldwide on Friday, July 15. Most of those people, made it a point to see it. Till now, all my friends who have seen the movie find it great but they are quite taken with the ‘Post – Potter – Depression’ or what they are calling it. Yes definitely, it is heartbreaking to think that no more of the Potter movies… no visits to Hogwarts… no classes… no magic!

But only a true PotterManiac knows that the ‘Harry Potter – magic’ can never vanish. The characters, the stories, the magic within… will never die! Neither can it end.
With the release of the first novel, J.K.Rowling presented everyone with a world, an entire new world or you can just call it – a Parallel Universe. Since then, there have been people who keep joining the race but there hasn’t been a single person to know where this will end.


[Image courtesy : Dhruv Khurana] 

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