Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Professor Langdon...


The date 9th has always held a great significance in my life. Some of the best people in the world are born on the 9th - Me (for the best instance :P).. Severus Snape (the sweetheart!).. Akanksha Khansili (my roomie LOLzz) and now today, today the dawn brought the end of another year in the life of Tom Hanks or rather marked the beginning of a beautiful year ahead...



                          TOM HANKS

 Its not been long since I have known this guy. Not known him actually
ever :P, just seen or known his existence since I saw DaVinci Code
(movie) in 2004 (I guess... 2004 has been a really good year for me and
most of the landmarks in my life date back to 2004).

 I knew him and something just made me NOT forget him. I read and read
more about him. Then I discovered the grey shades in his life. Having
not read or understood enough, I found him to be another cheating
husband who leaves his wife for his co-star (now wife) Rita Wilson.
Later on being guided by a friend (coincidently whose birthday is 

tomorrow i.e. 10th July) told me that his wife had been cheating on him
and spending HIS money holidaying with her boyfriend. Yet, this guy just
 divorces her taking the entire responsibility of his kids.

 I dont think anyone anywhere on this planet would find his act wrong now.
Since then, I have found this guy to be the total sweetheart and has perfectly fit as my idol.

So today, its a great day when its his birthday and all I pray today is - God, bless him as you have for all these years. Guide him towards the right path of life. Shower all your happiness on him. And if you just can manage, create many more people, so talented, so human and so adorable like him (though I personally believe he cant be replaced... but yet :P)...

Happy Birthday Professor!!

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