Friday, December 26, 2014

Miracle of the Day : 25th December 2014

Christmas is really all about 'Miracles'! I have heard this alot of times... and somewhere deep down I do believe it but the truth is, today, I lived it!

I woke up in the morning to a friend's message. Well... you must be wondering what is the miracle here... So, the miracle is that this is a special friend. He is as wonderful person as you can ever find and yet, me, being a really stupid person, let him go. Indeed, I hurt him out of my life... but he is really sweet. For a couple of days, he is talking to me again... And I find myself really wanting much
more of it. Everytime I talk to him, I somehow want to talk everything... maybe to make up for the 2 months that I lost.
Anyways... waking up to his message was really amazing! Thank You for being my miracle Raspberry... ;)

So well... after that... the best Miracle thing was - I wore a rosary and swore the name of Allah during a puja that was conducted for me on Christmas! Hell... I loved it! No offense to anyone... but I seriously feel that movies like OMG and PK come.. people see them and praise them. They say they are so good movies and so correct too. But no one follows the message behind them. Eventually, these are just reduced to a credit for the actor.
Even for OMG, I used to follow it. It is we who created God. God never created the division. We divided ourselves and when we had no one to blame, we created God and blamed him that he sent me to this family!
Anyways... I guess I am going off topic. I really loved sitting there. I felt at peace.

Then... after like 4 months... I met my sister! She is like a soul mate to me. She understands me in all ways perfectly and it is like she accepts me and loves me for all my flaws. I am truly blessed to have met her. Well... the miracle here was, we are neighbors and yet, I met her after this long. And the moment she met me, she knew exactly what I needed to hear and tell her. And even though she is younger than me, she would scold me like she is so much more experienced. But you know, she is always correct... so whenever I need help - I go to her. Ananya - if you are reading it - you are awesome love. I am definitely blessed to have you. Stay that way :D

Then later in the evening... I talked to this friend I mentioned earlier. It was another miracle!

Also... another long lost friend contacted me.. and though I did not yet talk much to him... it is still a miracle :D I feel great!

Lastly.. I met so many relatives today. My cousins.. family!

Christmas is indeed magic!

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