Thursday, January 14, 2016

I never thought that this would be the first post that I would make in this year. I never wish that I would have to write this at all.

There were always posts on facebook and other social networking sites that "One Day, a News Item should come that Jo passed away and my children wouldnt understand why I take out some old books named 'Harry Potter' and read them while crying." I am not ready for that. I am not ready for this either.

I come home from office.. and somewhere I was not feeling very nice today. But it was a good day at work. I had no idea why I had a bad feeling. I slept on my way back and just like that, it was all gone. I felt normal again.
When I reached home, I saw my phone and there were messages that "Snape passed away". I couldnt even make any sense of it. Snape was dead already, almost two decades earlier. Then why are people posting such messages. I couldn't even think, not for even a moment, that it was about Alan.
I just came home and like always, I switched on the television and connected my hard drive. I wanted to see a movie and decided to watch Death Hallows.

When I finally realized what had happened... all I could think of was the post... that when Alan
should be 80, he should read Harry Potter books.

Alan came to me as a person who believed in the goodness in Severus from the start (having been told by Jo himself)... this is something I shared with him. Other than that, he gave face to my passwords... Today when I tried logging in, for a moment I thought I wouldnt be able to, since Snape isnt there anymore. 

The final memory of Alan I treasure is realizing that he is 69. I never knew he was this old. Snape doesnt look that old. And as a joke, I realized that its just 10 years for Alan to read the Harry Potter series again.

Damn You destiny! I still cry everytime I see 'The Prince's Tale' chapter in the movies. How do you expect me to live this in real life ?

But you know something.. I know there is no bringing back from the dead but there certainly is not letting you go. I took out all my Harry Potter books and I am holding them and that is when I realize... you don't need to kill anyone to create a horcrux. Each and Every one associated with Harry Potter, even us - the fans, will never truly leave until even a single copy of these books exist.

You are not going anywhere Snape or Alan. It is a personal loss for your family... Other than that.. you are here... and even though I cry as I type this, I just cant help but this what a global impact would this have caused.

Today there would be millions other than myself who would be in the great sense of despair. Many with me, would wear black, to honor the man who wore the same robes. Many would be posting this and googling the same.

Snape.. (Jo)... look what you have done!! This is the magic of love and ink!!

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