Saturday, May 8, 2010


People come in our lives by destiny. Some are given to us as relatives who stay with us no matter what so ever. Some are friends who help us be strong and stand by us in our thick and thin. Some people are there in our lives to give challenges. We often call such people our enemies or contenders but they are they people who bring the best out of us. While there are also some people who come to you for some purpose decided by the all mighty! They come in our lives, fill it with their blossoming fragrence. I know that these people are not always our friends. But they always leave behind the element of 'experiance' which make us better and a beautiful person!

However, there are still people you just connect to! Thanks to internet and social networking sites, we make several new friends daily. People in two ends of the diameter of Earth can be the best friends!

Why or the better term how does it happen that two people connect? What connects two strangers? No just a common interest is not enough. If it was, then a million Harry Potter readers are there, they donot connect to each other - each and every other... Even in a group, or a team, not every member be gel along equally well. We meet a million people but why just a hundred are remembered? Why does one face seem the one who can cheer you up in the worst of times?

I hope it doesnt sound as hopeless as it appears to me but I am just trying to find an answer to this phenomena that we all experiance. Why do people come in my life if they have to leave? Why today I am not talking to one of my best friends? Why dont they care the way I do? The difference in attitude of them and me is simply because they got another reason to be with me and I got another. But why were we chosen to be together if we had to part after we both had our wishes fulfilled? Probably for God wants us to be inter - dependent than to be totally dependent on him but I am still not convinced!

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