Saturday, May 8, 2010

RIP - Nirmal Pandey

One thing that I know about myself is that though I say I want to be a forensic doctor but I cannot see someone I had seen growing up, turn into a corpse. It hurts hell lot!

Nirmal Pandey is an actor or a better way will be that he was an actor. He lives no longer now but everytime I look at anything that reminds me of him, I realise its been a serious big loss.

I heard that his 'name to fame' chance was through 'Bandit Queen' (If that's the name of the movie I am correctly recalling).. I have never seen the movie but I saw this guy in a couple of movies. He was in 'Hadh Kar di Aapne' with Govinda and he was very much noticed. That's one movie I love seeing him in. Who can forget that classic comedy fan repair scene with Govinda potraying many roles.
But this guy reached my heart with his role of Dajjal in Hatim. He was so good with it. I already love the bad people.. (that story sometime else) but the thing is that in between when Dajjal's face was covered for few episodes... I used to miss Nirmal Pandey so much for those days I am sure he wasnt playing Dajjal...

Well.. all in all.. I know he's a great actor (I dont use was for great people).. and certainly every mention of his will bring a tear to the eye but also a smile to the face!
RIP Nirmal Pandey!


Anonymous said...

Good blog... keep posting

Luna Lovegood said...

thank u :)

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