Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Haaaave you met Ted??

Trust me, every time I think that the series will soon come to an end; aargh!! The very thought is deplorable.

I started watching this show on my train journey back home. I saw most part of the season 1 episodes and trust me, I just couldn’t stop watching. Season after season, I didn’t stop till I was through with the 7th season (that was the last season aired till then). And there doesn’t still go a moment by when I watch the show and I experience both the tears of laughter as well as the sadness of the fact the show will eventually end.

I thought of writing what I feel with the series coming to an end but there is something else that I must as well mention. The last few episodes in the season 8 were just so much heart touching that if I don’t mention them, it would be a disgrace to call myself a fan.

As I started seeing the series, Ted was a character that you like but don’t love. He was kind of vain in his
attempts to find the girl of his dreams. Your heart goes out to him but more like a friend or a brother rather than as a lover.
First there was Vittoria (I hope I have the name right) and it was really magical to see the two of them. I mean, how they saw each other at a wedding, danced and let the destiny to make them meet. And they do meet… I mean, this couple was the most adorable of all Ted was ever a couple with. I so wanted more than anything for them to be together.
But then came along Robin. I have always envied Robin. She has the kind of attitude I wish I had but thankfully, my dad raised me quite feminine. Yet, her attitude and how she stands up all alone against the entire world, that is really admirable. However, Robin was too perfect for Ted. Ted was head over heels for her and it was so obvious. I still don’t get why did they have to breakup. It would have been so amazing if they remained together forever!
But even after Robin broke up with him, he remained the only friend that understands Robin. Robin never needs to speak and Ted understands. Many times I would chuckle with the thought that the series was better called 'How I met your aunt Robin?'… But yes, I have always admired and I still do the way Ted's character is so sensitive and so organized and so dedicated. In his lifetime (or atleast what has aired so far), Robin is the only girl whom Ted has loved and no matter whatever happened, he never stopped loving her. And this is the only reason why I so wished that they were together. I mean, I personally believe that the correct guy is who understands you and Ted understands Robin like Robin wouldn’t even understand herself. He has noticed her with such minute details that she already has become a part of who he is. And I know they both don’t end up together but I cant help wonder how the future Mrs. Moseby would cope up with it.
Part of me believed that most of Ted's relationships fail for at the end of the day he would start looking for Robin in the girl… and this is what Vittoria rightly said when she broke off with him for the second time - Ted wouldn’t have any normal relationship till Robin was sticking around. Or he would just care extra for Robin no matter he was in any relationship or not.

Moving ahead, there was the doctor who left Ted on the altar. I mean common… she didn’t want to marry him atleast have the courtesy to tell him that to his fact than running away like this. Honestly, I always thought that Ted was a little too sweet for her. He shouldn’t have been for she was always far too mature and practical for him.

Okay… why are we really discussing all these? Let me tell you why 'literally' am I writing this article.
Its been eight years since Ted met Robin and its been eight years since he loved her so deeply. During all these years both of them have seen several phases of life and while it took Robin a few months to get over her relationship with Ted, Ted is still where she last left him.
During these eight years he has played a friend, a mentor, cupid and what not to Robin. Ted is the only person who knows what is it like when Robin cries and he is also the only one who helped Barney be serious for Robin… for all he wanted was for her to stay happy. That is definitely one heck of a hopelessly romantic thing to do. Meanwhile, I have abhorred Robin for these years as I find her malice in her acts. At times I cant help wonder that for she knows how ardently Ted feels for her and so she could exploit him further.
It was the last stroke when in season 8 Robin was uncertain about marrying Barney and she called up everyone but no one except Ted turned up. No one but Ted had an actual appointment and again no one but he was the one who came. Like to everyone else, Robin even told him
that it wasn’t important but as I mentioned already, even if she had stayed silent, he would have known that she needed him. And then Robin is there talking her worries and woes to him and he helps her out but she just fails that through comforting her, how much pain he goes through. It appears that he has gotten used to all this pain for dating was nothing new to Robin.
I couldn’t stop my tears with that expression on Ted's face. I know this scene was also to signify a major event of Robin's life but nope… Ted did steal it all. And the show closed on this very note.
After the episode ended I thought that maybe I had seen something that wasn’t present at all. But in the last episode, Ted confesses to Lily that he still feels for Robin and because she is getting married, he wouldn’t be able to bear the sight of her getting married. All in all, he would just give away his best wishes and leave or else the pain would exceed far beyond his capacity of tolerance.
Needless of saying, I was crying again and even remembering that scene, I am still crying.

I know what it feels like to love someone… and I also know how it feels like to love someone and see them with other people. That was the first time in the eight seasons, I felt connected to Ted. I wished I were there just to stand besides him when he hears Robin and Barney exchange vows. I wished I could just hold his hand and say that he would find the girl made for him… I wished that someone I could go eight years back and warn Ted to not fall such deeply for Robin.
And yes, when really will the series end, there will be no one but Ted that I will miss the most.

Back to our 'Ted Mosby'
Honestly speaking, I have been briefly in love with Barney and gotten over him… I have loved Lily and gotten over it… I have adored Robin and still do… but the most I await is what love story will Ted have.
And finally - the Mother
I know Ted isnt a real character but still, this is hats off to the wonderful actor, the writers and the directors. For each episode of the seasons aired so far, though the story was told by Ted but he remained just a character along the story lines… It was not until the last episode of the 8th season did I know for what really the character was all about. So, Thank you for giving us all - Ted Moseby.

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