Friday, August 30, 2013

Sometimes all it takes is a few words : Miracle of the Day : 28 - 29 August 2013

I am really fatigued with using my usual phrases to start any of my articles but trust me guys and gals, I am
very week with vocabulary and I am working hard to get it higher. Till then, please bear with me.

Back again, if you don’t know, let me tell all of you that I am currently in the last year of my college and all the placement and further studies and career thing is definitely getting onto my nerves. I have been made physically incapable of sacrificing sleep, by God, or else I wouldn’t be sleeping at all. I have stopped eating and that is like in three days I take one proper meal. I cant laugh heartily for tears automatically form in my eyes. I cant even remain healthy.
I am not scaring anyone for I have a habit of taking everything a little too much to the heart and so I know I am worrying in super excess. But as I say, it’s a technical fault in my making and there is nothing I really can do about it.

Moving ahead, I am sure you might be wondering why two dates when I havent posted anything like this before… and also while I am trying to maximize the number of posts and the hits on those, why will I ever do such a thing. The answer is pretty simple… something sweet happened on both of these days… and its kinda the same thing.

Let me start from the beginning… Yesterday, that is on the 28th, there were Janamasthami (Lord Krishna's Happy Birthday) celebrations in our hostels. Since I have been in this hostel, I have always considered it my sacred duty to be involved in everything that goes on around here. But recently, with addition of some errant elements in the system, who never leave a stone unturned to make you feel inferior and themselves as superior, I have stopped getting involved in anything unless I am asked to.
So I did help whoever asked for me but not once did I go down to help and I know that wasn’t anything nice to do. However, when I went as the function started… a faculty member - Alok sir, he greeted me cheerfully and said playfully that I wasn’t anywhere seen around. I replied equally playfully that now I was the senior-most, so I would leave the work for the juniors and arrive only on invitation. He could have laughed and waved off the topic but then he said something so sweet that I think I am going to remember it throughout my life - he said that my absence was very much felt and recognized.
This was one thing that I really needed to listen and thank you sir, it definitely made my day.

It doesn’t matter how well off you are economically or in terms of fame… but if people remember you or you manage to touch them in some way or the other, there is nothing more than that.
Like I said I already got my plate overflowing with tension, so I scarcely go to any hostel matter for I don’t want more of the tensions but I never imagined listening to that.

You know, quoting Professor Dumbledore, even in the darkest of times we can find happiness, just if we remember to turn on the lights. And supporting words such as what I mentioned acted as real bright lights. And like I said I never want to forget them… this is also a reason that I am blogging about them for if in the worst of cases I do forget, this entry will remind me about them.

A similar thing happened today as well. I had mailed a teacher about some help with my confusion over a career and he too replied positively. His words were so encouraging and positive that again I wont ever forget them.
Thank you Prashant sir… like I already messaged you, I needed some guiding light, thank you for being one.

It doesn’t really take a lot to be a miracle… and now I look back… the first miracle of the day I posted was about a smile that I brought on someone's face… and today I am posting about the people who brought a smile on my face. See, its really easy to make a change in anyone's life and even if that change is as small as a smile, it is a change. It signifies that you have touched someone in a way that made them forget whatever they were doing and do what you intended them to do - in this case, smile.
Be a good change… never, I say NEVER be the reason for someone's heart to ache or never be the one for someone to cry. No matter how nice the person is, an aching heart always curses and don’t be the one to get cursed. A smiling heart gives out blessings… trying to get as blessed as you can.

Stay Blessed!!

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