Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 66th Independence Day to each and every citizen of India.
As we enter the 67th year of freedom, I glance and see what a long way we have come. Foremost, we shall never forget the dignitaries to whom we own this freedom to - not only the great named leaders whose names make to each history book but rather the thousands of soldiers and countrymen who sacrificed their wealth, property, lives and even the lives of their loved ones to give us this safe land.
Its not that I am not thankful enough to idols namely Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Rani Laxmi Bai and several others, but they were in the true sense the ideas which moved the nation; there were several other like them who were able to move only a smaller mass but they did their best to ward off even the last of the Britishers.

Well, this aint any article to remind anyone of the Indian Independence war or any such thing.
Let me make this very clear, no matter how much ever I love my country and love its freedom, I cant deny that Britishers were definitely one of the good things that happened to the progress of this country. No offence to anyone, but yes they were the ones who got the Railway tracks, which we now so proudly call the largest Railway Network of the world! They got Industrialization and so many things more.

On this really great occasion, I feel pleased but at the same time I really don’t understand why do we feel this patriotism only twice every year? Why only each and every Indian gets this feelings only on National Holidays? Is it because on National Holidays it is off and we don’t have anything better to do? Or is this because on National Holidays we get Holidays?
Whatever it is, this country is really huge and the feeling is even bigger…

India, it is not a country, not just a country. It is a mixture of thousands of people from different diverse backgrounds, who are as different from each other as much as they can be but are in perfect harmony. India is the place where we have Ramazan as grand as Navratri or Christmas and Guru purab are equally auspicious.
It is a land mass that treats everyone equally regardless of what you earn, what is your age or from where you belong to… it is the place that has given me and everyone I love, food and shelter, no matter how much we have criticized it… it is one mother that has only given and never expected anything in return.
I am an Indian and I am very proud of it. And not just proud, but Indian is not a word that defines the Nationality in my passport, Indian is my description.
Indian defines what a person I am… Indian defines that I belong to a land which has a history of producing great scholars… Indian defines the feeling when you land on moon and all you can say is - 'saare jahaan se accha hindustan hamara'… Indian is the values that no matter how much you earn, you still bow low to touch the feet of your elders.
And the list has not even started… it is as huge as it possibly can be. So, back to where I started, how can the entire thing can be wrapped up in just one or two days?

I love my country… and with every day that passes and I live another day on this great land, I cant help but thank God that I was born as a daughter to this country. I don’t care where I land up tomorrow or whatever will become of me, my greatest achievement will only be that I was born here and my greatest ambition or dream in life is that one day people should just look at me with some respect and adoration and say 'She's from India…' … Unlike thousands others, my sole dream is to make my country proud.
And the love and respect I have in my heart for this country, well, it grows every second. Everytime I check, I am more and more in love with the country… Everytime I breathe or eat (for that matter), the debt grows more on me, but it is one thing to take debt as a bank loan and another to treat it like investment where I need to return a lot to the country.

To people not belonging to India, I am no way saying any other country is disgraceful… actually each and every country in itself is so great, that no one, especially like me, can ever bring any disgrace to it. Moreover, a country is made up of its people… and no people in any country are bad. Its just that the people are good enough and some rulers arent… But we can maybe discuss about that later…

Back to the point, if you were to ask me, there is nothing in life greater than my country… its just like my family, in a bigger sense.

But what is happening to this country? Are all the hurdles faced to bring this freedom, being justified? Is freedom only freedom from another's rule?
Freedom is when the society is free of constraints (of any form) to progress… Freedom is when there is no disparity among people; when we all are not jealous but can work collectively in harmony.
And that is the only time that I am waiting for my country to have…

Moreover, freedom can never be won from a single war… it’s a continuous effort… a never ending challenge… which if lost, will make us dominated and everytime we win it against an enemy, we will rise in the world as a better and stronger community.

I don’t wish to lecture anyone about it but rather consider this as a request to anyone and everyone reading it to remember who we are and what responsibilities we have towards this country. All of must be aware enough and enlightened enough to distinguish the right from the collective right. And only when all of us contribute our bit, then we shall get the freedom in real sense.
Sometimes I ponder how different the people have become? Where is the fraternity lost? Why are we all so devoid of human values and the morals we are known for? Common guys, high time! Success and money are very luring but even they will never be able to buy you good friends. Help others so that you get help when you require… care for people who care for you… spread love and not hatred!

If only we do our little bits, I am sure that soon we will gain and restore the real freedom that the people once sacrificed for!

With that thought, I wish all of you Happy Independence day, once again and hope you get the real freedom soon!

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