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Emraan Hashmi... Aww, the sweety!!

Seeing Emraan Hashmi on Comedy Nights with Kapil, I just realized that 'Oh my God! Isnt Emraan just a little ice-cream cone with extra chocolate chips' as in 'totally yumms!'. Trust me, he is! I mean, okie fine, he's done mostly exposing movies which have been totally controversial, but that doesn’t make him any less of a rockstar.

Rather, at this very point, Kapil invites a girl from audience, Pratibha, to dance with Emraan and he's looking so - just so - muah! And I cant help but agree that I am jealous; mind you, I am not jealous often and if I am jealous, I would really want this!

Well, I really do understand why people don’t like Emraan much. The very first reason for this is that people havent seen much of his work. There is always a mindset of people that if Emraan is in a movie, it has to be an exposing one. AND THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUE. Only if all the people would see his movies (which are like 30 so far), Emraan has given some great work.
I do agree that I am very much biased towards him for I liked him from the moment I saw him. Yes his acting in Murder wasn’t really nice, but he looked a stud even then. And over the years, his acting has improved exponentially while his looks have gone from hot to total killer looks.
I mean yes you can simply see how hot he is looking these days. Especially since Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Emraan has become just a heartthrob. That mustache looked superb on him. While his latest release, Ghanchakkar, the little pony at the back, well, that didn’t suit the role but nonetheless it made him even much more desirable.

 Okay, I get it, you must be thinking that I am just crazy about his looks and if that is the case, then there will be hundreds other who might be better looking. Also, good looks is different for all people. I may like Emraan while someone while not like him at all.

Anyways, whoever thinks so, you really need to watch some movies of Emraan where he is just awesome. He has some real nice movies to his name. And people havent seen much of his work, so its hard for them to tell that he's good but for I have seen quite some of his movies, trust me, he's good.

Here's a quick view of a handful of Emraan movies that you really shouldn’t miss!!

Topping the list has to be - GANGSTER. This is simply because I have the movie on my hard-disk but I havent seen it yet ;). And everyone says that this is by far the best movie of Emraan in terms of his role and acting. Not much about the movie but the promos, songs and synopsis has been really promising. Maybe we both will see the movie together :)

Awaarapan… This is NOT a movie. It is definitely a classic. Its about a person who has loved and lost love. He is just living with a hope to do all that his love prophesized and so eventually meet her. It is a story about how helping someone helps soothe your own pain. Emraan has held the serious role throughout except for the few flashbacks where his love-story is revealed. Yes, Emraan is not at his best but still it’s a wonderful movie.

Ps : To all parents, worried guardians and dirty minds ;) - not all Emraan movies have any vulgarity stuff. And for heaven's sake, all movies contain nudity. Let's talk to the youngsters about it so as to let them make the right choice for the rest of their lives instead of scolding them and forcing them once to do so and live in constant fear that they might see it without our knowledge!

Raaz 2… Well, this movie shouldn’t really be on one-of-the-best-movies-of-Emraan, for Emraan has been completed flummoxed throughout the movie which makes the plot even more befuddling. And honestly, it is a female oriented movie and there is not much role for Emraan. But yes, this is a turning point for Emraan, if you ask me. There is a huge change in his persona before and after the movie. This is the only thing that makes this movie any special.

 And who can ever forget Jannat. I mean, it wouldnt be the right thing if I were to ever rate that movie. That was probably the first Emraan movie that made all girls fall for him instantly.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai… Yes, even I hate Emraan's character in the movie but you cant deny he's outdone himself in this movie. He's looked sensual at the same time mysterious and authoritative. That mustache not only changed his looked but it changed the aura that he reflected. This movie made Emraan a serious actor.

Now there have been many movies in between like Raaz 3, Jannat 2, Shanghai, The Dirty Picture and Ek Thi Daayan, where Emraan gets better and better as an actor. These movies didn’t work for there was totally no story line and especially in Jannat 2, there wasn’t much to the role given to Emraan.
Also, there is constant abusive words given to him to spoil his image. But of you see these movies, you cant deny that each of these roles is challenging and from Murder to any one of these, Emraan has improved immensely. But there is a special but brief mention for a movie - Murder 2. Again we have the abusing problem in this movie but the scene where he is searching for the girl and then finds her dead and then gets worried and realizes he's in love with Jacqueline, I mean he's totally adorable in those scenes and you just have to see them. Murder 2 isnt one movie I would advice people to see, but if you even have a little scope of thinking Emraan is a good actor, these scenes will give you concrete to base your opinion on.

Lastly, but never the least, Ghanchakkar!! Whoever has seen this movie has loved it. What else do I say? Well, I will just say that Emraan looked a darling with the pony. It gave him the serious look he required for the movie still letting him have some casual air hanging around him. And did I mention he looked great?? :P

All the girls, just google some photoshoot pictures of his and you will see for yourself that he is one of the hottest people of the industries. Yes, initially he did work that wasn’t much appreciated openly in public but common you had to somehow or the other get into the industry. If he would have refused such roles, someone else would have definitely said yes and as a result, we would never have got Emraan - who is just too cute.

On a signing note, he's too cute ;) and you should definitely check some movies that I mentioned and you will know for yourself...

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