Monday, August 12, 2013

29 states?

I don’t know if you heard the new joke on facebook but its "If Congress rules over for another 5 years, even Google will not be able to search India"…
I know that I myself called this as a joke, but like said by someone great "One's tragedy becomes other's comedy"… just in this case, the joke is also on the citizens of India and its also us that we be ignorant and laugh. But if I may take a moment and urge every Indian citizen to be a little more responsible and give the state of our country, a serious thought.

I have taken the 29 states - Telangana thing as just an opportunity for discussion but it is not the only topic of concern today. There are several of the same or higher intensity.
But first let's try to see how grave a situation the Telangana matter is.
I was browsing facebook and that is how I came to know that any such thing is happening. Right, I accept that its my fault to not read newspapers that I am never updated, but the thing of surprise was that my family or friends, who knew this, they never considered it important enough a news to even inform me. My mother would go on lengths discussing the family matters and my friends got all the time in the world to discuss which movie is better, but like there wasn’t a moment with either of them to even inform me this. And when I asked my mother, there wasn’t a single speck of worry in her tone. It sounded as if the most obvious thing to happen, was this.
I mean, seriously people? Is Chennai Express breaking all records of Salman's movies, a bigger deal than that? Don’t answer me, just ponder over it. And also on the ratio of the number of people who would have given the previous one a thought and the number of people who would have given the later one a thought.

Like every great citizen, even I blame the Government for displaying such lack of wisdom. But well, we all know, what they are displaying has nothing to do with wisdom and lots to do with 'continuing their rule without opposition'.

Don’t take me wrong people - I am NOT ANTI-CONGRESS. Yes, there was a time when I was pro-BJP but that was before former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, retired. As of now, I don’t even believe in Arvind Kejriwal. All these people are one and the same. Even in the long run, I suspect if Arvind Kejriwal will turn out any different. And I wont even blame him. Indian politics has just become a scheme to cash out. The fight is just who gets the ticket and the rank is based on who is able to suck more out.

Even writing this, I feel ashamed. It is not the case that people don’t realize what is happening, it is just that we all like to sit where we feel cozy and just discuss that the country is going to dogs.

There was a time when my friend and I decided to write out a blog and press on the political issues of the country. Yes, we didn’t get much to write it but today I reckon that it would take a lot more than a few blog entries to awaken the nation. A lot more!

As in - we are living in a country where any so-called-terrorist can issue a warning to watch out during the Independence Day? Try doing that to the 4th of July and you will see how the USA literally slaps you. And this is not only USA but every country that got dignity - which will be every country but India.
Every day the Indian soldiers are killed on the border without any war… Its like the Pakistan Ministers have no longer any control over their army for at one place we are talking about making peace but on the other they are just killing the people.
I would really like a moment here - I am NOT ANTI-PAKISTAN. It's not Pakistan who is responsible for it but the country is again as unfortunate as ours and landed in the hands of the wrong kind. Sad part was that Pakistan was unfortunate right from the time of partition and so we can see that the politics in their country often even involves assassinations and what not? But don’t worry, we are definitely on the same path… and its just a matter of years where all the treacherous people will do their dirty work out in the open.
I really find the partition the most deplorable thing that has ever happened to India as well as Pakistan. The partition not only divided our lands, changed our identities and made us weak enough to seek shelter from our former rulers and their kind; but it also split one power which if had stood united, would have made wonders happen. And trust me people, I am not lying. The worst thing that really happened to us was partition and just to make matters worse, the Governments decided to break the unity among people based on religion. I have known a few people from the other side of the so-called-line and they are as humane as you can think. The people over there are also suffering, rather owning to their political conditions, they are definitely enduring worse than we could think; But isnt this how we all always have been?
Even before, the Indian sub-continent, when stood united, had endured a number of invasions from outside and never, let me just stress - NEVER did we even oppose. We were always the patient people who believed in hardwork and never in exploitation of any form. This is the sole reason that we survived and sailed out successfully from the years of attacks. And history witnesses it, never in India, there have been wars or depressions like in the rest of the world.

We are still the same, but now its just people have targeted us; used us to gain power; and chosen us to display their power as well. With all terrorism and Chinese crossing boundaries, I am scared of what future might reveal to me in a number of years.

As horrifying it is to deal with the forces from outside, there are chthonic monsters within who are constantly eating us from within making us hollow and leaving us weak.
Another example to cite the same would be the reaction our Government has to offer to the Nirbhaya-rape-case accused. I don’t recall the name, but there is another heart-shattering story of a girl whose face was ruined by acid by some guys who would tease her and then when she opposed, I just mentioned what noble thing they did.
Is the Government like blind? Or wait, here the target is definitely not the Government, but the judicial system - STOP COMING UNDER INFLUENCE OF THE POLITICIANS. Have brains? Use them… and if you don’t, trust me you are in the worst possible place!
These are just two cases and there are several more I am not writing about, and even more that I don’t know about and several others that don’t even get in the Police registers. Are we heading from a male-dominant country to a male-only country? For at the rate the crimes against women are increasing, have guys become such uncontrollable lot? There is no decorum left at all? And even the Policemen are committing are committing such crimes.
As a girl, I really want to ask everyone who keeps their ears open - just for I am born with a XY pair, am I to fall prey to such a fate in my own country?
"I am an Indian and all the countrymen are my brothers and sisters" - this is what they taught me at school but if a girl like me is pleading for justice, not a single brother or sister is there to help her. I mean total hats off to the Government and the judicial system that even after a nationwide protest about what happened to Nirbhaya, they have been very much successful to keep their ears shut and just count their money.
Let me just one small question - where are you going with all the money? I mean, I hate to break it out upon you but we come on this planet with a body but we leave behind even that when we depart. And with all such money you are never buying a safe future for your children, you are just buying them lots more hatred from the people you have so much squeezed the money out from.

I am not going to write about this topic, for being an Indian and a girl, I feel an anger building inside me whenever I think about it; think about what has become of the human species and what have they done to this beautiful creation of human - Earth and especially to India.

This article will never really end if I keep writing. There are endless issues if you see - the negligence of the Government on the Uttarakhand floods. Trust me guys and girls, they were floods. A number of villages have ceased to exist. And forget about the number of people dead AND ROTTING THEIR ON THE SO CALLED HOLY-GROUND INCREASING THE CHANCES OF A PLAGUE OR ANY OTHER DEADLY DISEASE TO KILL A FEW THOUSANDS MORE. After all, over-population is the major problem in India and it is so nice of our Government to give us a chance to fight it so effectively. [There should be a big GAALI here, but I want my blog to be neat enough… so..]

And yes, the falling of rupee. Let me just say - *speechless*.

Sorry people, I am not here to blame anyone. A small Government is never powerful enough to achieve all these just by itself. Its our lack of responsibility and ignorance that has made it powerful enough. This article is just to shake you up a little and let you see light. I really request you, if you are reading this, and even if there is a small thing that you can do right, I beg you, please do it right. Small rights will eventually make a good difference in all our lives. I beseech each and every individual to see the light and just for once, think not about Shahrukh-Salman but about what you owe to this country… the land that has been your identity, source of your food and everything you have known………….

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