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Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana : Movie Review

You know, I have never really understood my friends when they spend hours watching a south-Indian movie. I don’t really ever get why would anyone want to see those movies in the first place!! No I am not promoting Hindi Cinema, I myself watch a lot of English movies and I also understand people watching Korean movies, but never South-Indian. Part of my this opinion is from the movies that keep running and rerunning throughout and forever on our Hindi movie channels like Star Gold and Set Max. I mean, oh for the love of God, those movies lack story!! There is always a goofy character… there is always a villain with lots of money… there is always a hero for the all justice!! I mean, give me a break!! No wonder, I never thought that I would watch any south Indian movie at all!

However, like we all know, there are two sides to any story. The first south Indian movie that I saw was 'Moonu' or '3'… (Ps: Don’t point if the names are not correct. I am just saying what we all popularly call them ;P). Anyways, I don’t think this Dhanush and Shruti Hassan starrer movie needs any introduction, so I am not going to waste the space :P.

Well, with all the 'Ramaiya Vastavaiya' buzz in the air, some friends of mine told me that it is based on a south Indian movie called 'Something Something'. [Unable to read or understand Telugu, I believed it but today while checking in wikipedia, I discovered that it is not so]. I really wanted to see the movie, so I went with the flow.

And, well, the movie is a bit ridiculous if you ask me; even Wiki states that it is a remake of Salman Khan starrer Maine Pyar Kia. Well, not just Maine Pyar Kia, the movie has an exact scene from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, and a few bits here and there from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. And that scene there in the flight was from Vivah's song 'Hamari Shaadi Mein'. Well, all in all, it looks as if the writer is a huge fan of Salman Khan… just like me ;) . Having said that, let me complete that the writer is a huge fan of Salman, while the movie is a collage of the most memorable moments of Salman's hits! No wonder it was a hit!

Ofcourse, so you know that the movie's hit point is not the story but if you ask me, it is definitely the acting. I mean, honestly, both Trisha and Siddharth and also the guy who portrayed the girl's brother are all so amazing that you don’t take a moment off the screen to ponder over where the movie is headed towards or whatever occurred till now. It looks so real life like that for sometime I felt as though the emotions that I witnessed were not on-screen but in those people themselves.


Well, the movie is about a brother and a sister who are deserted by their father; their mother not being able to bear this, dies on the very day. The brother decides to cultivate

their own land and raise her sister while also repaying back the loan to the landlord. He raises his sister Siri like his own daughter and gives her every happiness with all the means he has. Even in school, Siri has only one friend.
On the other hand, Santosh is brought up abroad and his father is a billionaire.  He is brought up in a life of luxuries and comforts. Santosh is very close to his parents and even though he enjoys his life and exploits it to the fullest, he is a well-brought up son. He respects his values and understands his responsibilities. His father is the understanding and fun-loving person who is very close to Santosh but his mother is the disciplinarian of the house keeping the two under check.

Siri's only friend Lalita, who happens to be Santosh's first cousin, has her wedding and so both the people arrive at Lalita's house a fortnight before the wedding. Santosh brings the wildness to the house which annoys Siri a lot. He constantly troubles and nags her. Siri refrains her from saying anything to him but she is shown complaining to others or to herself and somehow Santosh always gets to know.
Ofcourse there will be a third wheel to the story. Friend of Lalita's father wants Santosh to marry his daughter. So this girl always is flaunting about her wealth in front of Santosh and tries to attract him to her. But the more she attracts him to her glamor, the more Santosh is drawn towards Siri.

Finally on the occasion of Lalita's engagement, Santosh helps Siri for she was having some dress malfunction and he followed her to hide that. Initially, Siri hated it but later she realized that Santosh isnt all that bad as she thought. Later an ex-boyfriend of Lalita shows and threats to reveal some love-letters if she doesn’t give him cash and jewellery. Siri and Santosh go to the guy's house to get the letters. They get the letters but are stuck together for there is a dog in the house. To make this scene more worthy, the two are stuck in the bathtub and suddenly the tap breaks drenching the two. Santosh stands directly in front of the shower to prevent Siri from getting wet. Anyways, they return back and we can see a hint of what they call 'love strikes' with the two of them and they both finally become friends.
The girl who wants to marry Santosh is jealous with the budding friendship between Santosh and Siri and so breaks Siri's childhood horse that was very dear to Siri. Siri feels the loss and then Santosh mends the horse and gifts it to Siri. When asked, he says that he did it only to see a smile on Siri's face. Siri confesses her love for it was obvious by then that Santosh loves her. Then there are all the good moments until Santosh realizes that he would have to leave soon.

There is a little emotional moment between Santosh and Siri which the girl sees and tells the elders. Santosh's mother, who is very delusional about status being the supreme things, has already committed to the other girl to be the daughter-in-law and takes charge. She sends Santosh out and then insults Siri a lot. Siri's brother arrives just in time to take her sister back.

Initially Santosh feels that Siri deserted him but then later is told by Lalita that Siri was insulted and sent away. Santosh does go with his mother in the flight but then doesn’t take the joining flight but comes back to Siri's village to ask for her hand in marriage. Her brother puts up the challenge that he should cultivate atleast how much he cultivates. And like a typical hindi movie the other girl's father and Santosh's mother and the landlord, who wants Siri to marry his psycho son, are all trying to put hurdles into Santosh's way. Santosh's mother fuel up her husband and sends him but he realizes that love is worth the effort or else if not for the love of his son, he wouldn’t have travelled all the way for his son. So he respects his son's love and leaves with his blessings for the two.

Finally, even Siri's brother softens and accepts Santosh but just then for Santosh has won the challenge, all the villains combine and kidnap Siri. The landlord's son is trying to marry Siri so Santosh kills him. Siri brother takes the blame to let her sister lead her life with Santosh but they don’t marry till the brother is released!! Happy Ending.

Fine, I maynot have don’t total justice to the story but in crux, this is it!

Okay, so there is a huge motive for me writing this review. This movie is definitely better than Ramaiya Vastavaiya; no offense meant. There is a serious need to know that there was such a movie and people should definitely see it.
Moreover, again no offense meant, Siddharth has done some great justice to the character.
Like I previously said, there is not much to the story but the actors are so much into character that you just seem to feel what they are portraying. The highest critics I could give would be by saying that in no ways were the actors any short of the theatre level and if they turned out to be theatre artists, that wouldn’t really be any surprise to me.

I mean, yes you might think that this review is comparison based, but oh well! This movie is an 'inspired' movie and there are movies 'inspired' from it, some with even the same hero or the same heroine. So a comparison is the least you should say that you didn’t see coming.
And well this will really go incomplete without the special mention to this fabulous actor - Prakash Raj, who played Santosh's dad. His role, though brief, but is totally amazing. And definitely, he is one of the finest actors in the industry.

Let's not drag this any longer, but this is the movie you should see. It’s a total regular movie with some real nice direction and acting. As I don’t understand the language, I cant comment much on the music.
But if you want to enjoy Ramaiya Vastavaiya, see this movie after you have seen the previous one. All in all, its a typical Bollywood (Indian film industry and not just Hindi film industry) entertainer... the kind we call in hindi - 'paisa vasool' and ofcourse, if you are a Salman Khan fan, this is made just for you.

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