Monday, August 5, 2013

'Knowledge' is food to soul

Some of you might have noticed (or would have known) that I read; as in read novels. To be honest, yes I am very much pro-reading and I do enjoying reading. All of it, makes me a real fan of reading. Nonetheless, the lazy I am, trust me I hardly spend time reading. I would waste time watching a movie over and over again but taking out time to read, phew! That's a hard one!
Well, part of me enjoys reading so much that it is very difficult to let down a book once it has me interested. Unfortunately, that part is very small. And so only a very small reason for me not being a regular reader is that I feel the need to finish a book as soon as it gets interesting and this hampers all my daily tasks and routines. Also, when a book end, the same little part inside me, it develops a strong hunger for more which would lead from a book to another and so on. But like I said, that part is small enough and majorly I am plainly lazy.
Dan Brown's all new Inferno

Remember: Only when you acknowledge a problem, can you solve it. If you keep denying it, you will never solve it. Thank God, I am not lazy to not recognize mine ;)

Anyways, so there is this book 'Inferno' by Dan Brown; the latest in the Robert Langdon series. Dan Brown is definitely my all time favorite author and no doubt, like every other book of his, Inferno has me gripped up real tight. Now the problem I face is a conflict between my laziness and my respect for the fantastic work. Every time I start reading the book, somewhere or the other I have to slow down or get a break. Then after the break whenever I start, out of respect, it so happens that no matter what I have to read from the beginning. After a few days again I meet some break. And so has this vicious cycle got me tangled in it. I have like read the beginning so well that I could even visualize the hospital, Dr. Marconi and the dress Sienna changes into. But it also kills me not knowing the end. Of course, I am an ending person. I just love to know the end. Its kind of reassuring that there is a 'happily-ever-after' :P.

 Today, I had nothing to do really and so I wasted the entire day. Towards the later part of the evening I thought to finish the book but then I had to again read from the beginning. So far, I have read like a good 270 pages of the book, 50 being the only new additions today but reading the book made me realize a lot of things.


There was a scene where the trusted contact of the provost turns out to be Mr. Ferris. And right from where Dan's introduced the man with rashes all over his skin, I just couldn’t get to leave guard of this character. When it was finally revealed, I nearly jumped in my bed starling my roommate and another friend in the room. Later, while the two of them played some typical hindi Bollywood songs and danced to the tunes, I found it harder to concentrate on the song than I ever had. It was like there was something about the book that had stopped my brains from registering the audio input. Like sound did fall on my ears but it didn’t get registered in the brain. I found no difficulty whatsoever in reading and it was then when I realized that knowingly or don’t know how, but reading has become a very important part of the person I am.
It got me thinking about what all changes I have felt since I have read; this post is the result.

Reading not only makes me a better listener, but like Richard Castle, of the tv series Castle, says that there is always a story. Reading makes you find that story. It gives your brain a good exercise. And like I said in the heading itself - "Knowledge is food to the soul". Not only you become clear with your thoughts and expressions, you start seeing the world differently. Reading gives you a whole new perspective. And well, there is always, it makes you better at the language. You get good with getting the meaning of the words as you read or what they call 'contextual vocabulary'. Moreover, if nothing, just read enough, you will definitely improve some vocabulary if not much.
Trust me, reading is an addiction. If you start once, it takes like the first 30 - 50 pages (depending on the size of the book) for the plot to unfold and once it does, and you get even slightly interested, trust me, you are just into a new world with people whom you didn’t know a couple of minutes earlier but now you can easily predict their actions.

Reading Inferno, I found myself laughing to all the witty humor, scared when Langdon makes allies with Ferris, skeptical with Sienna and moreover amused with what all the author can give you in just so few pages. Not only to Dan Brown, but this is a salute to all the authors who in a few pages, have captured a story that not only takes us to places we have never been to but also introduce people who teach us some of the very important lessons life has to offers; books show us things we would have never seen in real life, they tell the stories forbidden to be even whispered and all along have the power to involve us emotionally into itself while making it all very interesting.
I mean just WOW!!! Hats off guys and gals (authors)!! I totally salute thee…

There was a time when I didn’t read. When I look back to those days today, I get scared for what if I would be remained so adamant on not reading. The very thought is deplorable.

Okie, so I guess I have mostly said whatever that I desired and now there are like a little over 100 pages of the book still calling out to me and I wish to finish it today itself or else I would have to start all over ;)

But before I sign off, trust me guys, reading is very boring if you start today and it looks a waste of time if you just sit reading word by word. It takes a little time to get a hang of it but once you do, you are totally going to love it. Give it all the effort it takes but start reading. This is one free thing that just requires your time but gives a lot back!

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