Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to increase number of views in your Blog? Just Read...

There is one thing 'to be honest with your job' and another thing 'to supply what is in demand'…

Recently, because I have this crazy knack for blogging and I decided to try and earn some money out of it, that is if I can. After that, I find a lot of reviews in my blog… there are less posts about what I have to say or just some random topics… but is that so?

Yes, I am trying to blog so as to attract public attention but does that really mean I am not blogging honestly? Even when I am writing a review, am I not mentioning what I really felt about the song, movie or the book I just reviewed? Have I ever skipped out my own views? Rather at times I feel that I write very less about what the general public has to say and a lot about my own views.
Not going round and round the topic but coming straight to the point, there are far more views on the songs and movies than I get on other posts. And no matter how much sad that is, but it is true. If you ask me, or even check my previous posts, when I started writing the blog, I didn’t write much reviews. Rather there were hardly reviews. Whatever seemed remotely related to media, was my own take on some of the topics.
However, scenario has changed today. I feel sad seeing it but the highest viewed posts in my blog are songs.

I do agree that it will take sometime for me to write other kind of posts for I havent written for sometime in between and also it will take further a longer period for people to discover it and me to find the right audience for my blog who will follow it; but I cant even deny the fact that more media related posts help me get good number of audience.

Therefore, I just want to say that times are really changing and we need to change or rather adapt to them.
I don’t really think there is any harm in posting about the entertainment world, as long as I havent forgotten to write it all from my own mind and soul!

This post is not just for me but it is for every blogger out there. As I blog I know that we wish someone would read and there is no harm wanting to have more people read our blog. Also, there is no harm with trying to earn something from your blog. Just there is a single point that we know what is the main objective of writing the blog. This objective will differ for each and everyone of us and as long as we are honest to this objective, and true to ourselves, I doubt it really matters.

I would rather dedicate this post to the people who are new at blogging and not getting enough audience (even I am not getting that!!), just hold on and be true to this task. No wonder was built in a day… therefore, just give it some months and be sure that for atleast 6 months to an year, you should write regularly (if not daily)… and definitely, around the end of that time, you will yourself see the change that comes to the way you write and the increase in the number of views for your posts and the regular visitors!
Best of Luck Blogging!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Abhi accha lag raha hai mujhe, that I don't have many blog views :)

Luna Lovegood said...

Neither do I honey.. :(
Sometimes I feel low that I am trying but what the hell.. I like my blog!! :) eventually others will as well!!
nd same goes fr u :)

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