Monday, August 12, 2013

15 most searched topics on the Internet

Some of you might know but if you dont, I am either ways saying that I am not new to blogging but I have just got the flavor of trying to make some fortune out of my little blog and so I keep searching alot of things.
Mostly, I search for what the people like to search for... writing about popular topics and including most searched keywords in your blog will increase chances of someone visiting your blog. And after all, this is what is required - a person searches something and your blog appears in the search result and so you get a hit!! 
Here is some general information which I found a little useful, hopefully it will help someone just like me...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The whole world is searching on Google-Millions and millions of people are searching for Different topics. I always used to think which would be the most popular topics on Google and what word would top the most searched list. To have a fair Idea what people are searching online can make or break an online business. Who so ever you may be, but to know what are most popular search on internet will definitely give you an edge.  Before that you should keep in mind, today`s most searched topic won`t even be talked tomorrow. This should not worry you in this post I have chosen the most popular and evergreen topics.
Various topics which are searched on Internet:------ 1:  Sex- This tops the category. Various types of searches are done on the topic of sex related to kissing, positions, toys, books, videos, comics, stories, photos, these are just some of wide variety of topics
2: Technology- It was once the top most searched topic in 2011 for good six months.It totally depends on technology related products and their launches.
3:  Health- Day by Day people are becoming more and more conscious of their health which results in making this topic a good one for internet marketers. Healthy Diet- Healthy food-Organic food-Fat free thing-Exercises-Exercising equipment every thing fall under this.  
4:  Celebrities- We all love our stars, and it bring them into the list. Their marriage-Any controversies related to them-Death-Affair-breaks up. 
5:  Events- Various event fall under this category like Sports events,or death of a celebrity like in the case Michel Jackson `s death or the celebrity weddings or any natural event. It include attacks,blast etc.
6: Country` searches- They are the next big thing-Like something happen in a particular country could be important for its residents
7: Sports related searches- Every country has its own national game, so people search for them. Like for an Indian cricket could be more important then Rugby or NBA or football.
8:Job related searches- Yes it in in the list.People searches for various topic which directly or indirectly related to jobs like job site, Interview tips, resumes etc.
9: Software- Free software hold the place this also
10 Music: Videos: Photos: Books- These are also among the things which are quite popular on internet.
11:How to: Yes what ever thing you can imagine to start with how to is available The most popular how to`s are to be fit to become  to earn money  to kill  to suicide to communicate  to talk  to act  to play( something ) to ask ::::There are thousands of how to but i won`t be able to list all 
12:Business ideas- there are lots of searches done every year which contain these words New business ideas, crazy business ideas, top business ideas, home business ideas.
13: Fitness- Is should fell under the health category but it has its own place on internet. Loose weight- Reduce fat-Gain weight- Gain fat
14: News- Internet has replaced the way we use to get the news before. now a days its available seconds after any event and that too free of cost.
15:Social networking sites and forums : It includes everything from Facebook, Myspace, Twitter,Digg,Google plus to Reddit, You tube, flicker etc. There are thousands of thing which are still remaining, I understand as i am too lazy to cover the entire web but i am sure this would give you the fair idea what people are searching on internet.

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