Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miracle of the Day : 15th August 2013

I guess I am pretty late to narrate the miracle for 15 August, however, it is definitely one thing I would want to share with each and every one of you.
As most of you might be knowing that 15 August in India is celebrated as the National Independence Day. There was a small function at our college for the same occasion - a few cultural events and a lot of speeches. I was also asked to deliver a speech on the significance of the day. Very honestly, we all have gone through the school assemblies and I very well know how it feels like to be on the other side of the mike and have people just keep speaking. More than half of the people are not even present there mentally. However, I am a few of the fortunate people who know how it is to be the one to speak on the mike. Keeping both in mind, I did prepare a speech but was really reluctant to speak it.

Very honestly, the speech wasn’t prepared by me but I had got it prepared and it was just wonderful. There were certain words that even the best of hindi orators in my college wouldn’t have heard… The sequence and the sense it made was amazing. But it was 'Shruti'. It was more or less what I would think but it definitely wasn’t anything close to defining me. Therefore, in the early hours of the night between the 14th and the 15th, I sat for extra long hours and rewrote it. That rewriting was really tough for I wanted to make it sound like the voices in my head speak and at the same time maintain its level of language and the quality of thought-flow. Also, unlike it previously did, I didn’t want to make it sound so diplomatic and speech-like. If I were given a chance to address a mass, I would rather tell them what I feel than being a diplomat.
No ofcouse there is nothing wrong with being diplomatic, its just not the way I like.

If you have read this long, don’t really get bored thinking I am making you read nonsense. I am just trying to tell you that I really did put my soul into this speech. I wanted to connect with the people and it had to be me who needs to connect. If I would have gone with the previous speech, not a single person would have connected to it. It really took a lot of me and my thoughts, mixed with all the emotions that I feel for this divine landmass and all the respect I bear in my heart for the greatness residing on it.

Yes, you can say I jinxed it by asking the teacher in-charge and student in-charge, constantly, if I really have to do it and if anyone else could do it… But let us just say that I learned the hard way - 'Words are far too powerful'.
It started raining!

Whatever you would want to call it, only mine and another one poor friend of mine, got called off. As in only our two speeches were cancelled. Despite the fact that we were like the senior most people in the college and still there were programs of our juniors going on and on in the rain but only ours got called off. If I were to say I felt bad, it would be an understatement. I still have tears in my eyes as I write this.
Probably, after spending three years learning to respect your seniors, it feels bad when such a thing happens to you when you are the senior-most or rather I have still not got accustomed to getting this sort of dejection from the same people over and over again. Well whatever it was, it was bad. Really bad.

The rain was a good disguise to feel miserable and still not having anyone bother for everyone was busy grabbing a shelter. I came back to my room the first moment I could and just as I changed my clothes, some very sweet juniors called me from the veranda. They all wanted to have a rain dance… and yes then did we dance!
It was one of the best rains that I enjoyed. The rain did stop but not the fun. We danced for minutes and after the rain stopped, we would fill up buckets and throw water on each other. No sooner did the three of us multiply to like two dozen or so. And with all such madness going on, it was really a little difficult to feel sad.
Let us just say as I danced, the rain drained away all my tears and the worries.

I see it as a miracle for I just believed that there were still people who knew I was upset and did such a pretty thing to cheer me up. Maybe it wasn’t the case but still there is someone up there who knew how I felt and he/she just disguised his/her blessing in the form of the rain and the little kids.

So I take this moment to be silent in honor to the father of all (not Gandhiji… for father of all not India) - the almighty to show my gratitude for lending me this life and taking care of me in moments like those. I also would thank all the little angels, who were really angels to me that day - Tanuja Tiwari, Kalpana Chauhan and Babita Negi. Thank you sweethearts and I know I don’t show it much because of the other bitter experiences I had, but I do really value and cherish you. And like I said, this event was far to powerful to make me vulnerable even today, but if even I shed a single tear, it would be an insult to all the people I just mentioned and I don’t want to do that.

Lastly, I just pray to Lord that there are several others in far severe pain than me, be the miracle to them as well :) .

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