Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hey guys and girls...
I have introduced alot of new labels without any introduction post, so it feels really nice to write one after so long :D

'Pictalog' as you might have already guessed, I am going to post alot of pictures under it. The images will mostly be screenshots from movies and songs. There will be plenty of them and chances do exist that one or two might be bad quality but as there will be plenty, you can always search for the best ;)

You are free to request screenshots of a particular person, movie or from a particular song.. I will definitely try to help you with the best of my capabilities...

Also, all these images are free to use. I am going to include the blog address, but it can be easily cropped out. However, I would really appreciate that if you just using the images to post elsewhere, I have no copyright on them, but it would be nice if you didnt remove the blog address..
In case you are using these images for making some graphics, no problems again... it would just be nice if you could mention the blog address ;)

And well.. I would just say that I dont own any images. I just watch alot of movies and videos and I just capture screen caps... Its really simple and maybe someday I will add another blog entry about it... but till then you can check it here - how-to-take-image-of-your-desktop

So, without much ado, enjoy :)

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