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Why should one read Dan Brown??- Part I

This is not what you think… I am not at all trying to sell or endorse Dan Brown. Rather, if you have read my
'About Me', you know that I am a huge FAN of Dan Brown. Rather, I am ardent believer of his.
Therefore, this article is never about Why Dan Brown? But it is why I love his work!!

First things first, if you don’t know, which aint possible though, Dan Brown is the author of the very widely known, controversy struck and an international bestselling book - The DaVinci Code. *Applause*. Anyways, Dan Brown is the author of the male protagonist - Robert Langdon series - Angels and Demons, being the first, followed by The DaVinci Code, The Lost Symbol and now the Inferno, which on a totally unrelated note, I have finally finished reading. *Even greater applause*.

Well, if you ask me, I would say that Dan's work is mainly divided into two categories - one will be the exciting religious thrillers that are intended to reveal a lot of mysteries and give us bits of information here and there which often prove to be ground breaking. These definitely include The DaVinci Code, and like the example, each of the books in this category, which will be Angels and Demons, The DaVinci Code and The Lost Symbol, question the very beliefs of a person. They press certain things that we have believed for most part of our lives and then suddenly there is something revealed that forces us to question us our own belief. Often such books can create a worldwide controversy, like our very own DaVinci Code did.
The other category would be just-Thrillers, which do contain a very tight plot and talks about things we have never heard about but on the same hand, they are informative not faith-shattering. These are the light hearted, less talked about books which provide a constant source of interest, information and entertainment to the readers but they don’t challenge or annoy anyone in terms of their content.
These books are nonetheless witty and intelligent. They would contain - Deception Point, Digital Fortress and Inferno.

SPOILER ALERT : I will not leak out any story but yes this article might build in some opinion of any one or all of these books for you.

Having read all of the books, I find it only fair that if I say I am a fan of the intelligence in Dan Brown's writing and it has a little to do on the plot the book is based upon. Yes, the plot does matter, but for someone like myself, who has a limited exposure to the theories of the world, each of these books offers a new plot, a new world and a new story. Not a single book has left me more intelligent. Yes I agree, mostly all these books are about a guy who has very strong opinions and decides to change the world and then there is always a hero who is witty yet very good at heart who wants nothing more than his small life but ends up saving the world. But, let me also point out there within every story, there are several small stories that have a lot of impact on the teacher. In a way of saying, the characters are strong enough to influence and impact a very own personality of the reader. They make you think in a particular direction. Having read a lot of Dan Brown, there was a point in Inferno where I could speak out loud that I did definitely see a major twist coming but I guess Dan saw this even before and so he surprised the readers yet again with a double twist!

Now, if I have to be honest, yes I am a lot biased towards Dan Brown books. It is not because of whatever you might think but there is a single and simple reason behind it. They always leave me craving for more. Since I have put down Inferno, trust me I cant live a day without reading but then I am now reading Nicholas Sparks which leaves me more frustrated. No offense, I love Nicholas Sparks as well, but there is a certain thing about Dan Brown that leaves you on the edge whereas Nicholas Spark books are all good read and very easy with daily life. There is a little or no heart-shattering fact revealed. These are just nice romantic novels that make you love life and everything around you. Well, more about Nicholas Sparks books in what I will dedicate to him.
Here, I am just trying to provide you with why I love the books. Now, I could really have written a critic opinion but like I already mentioned, I am already biased towards Dan Brown, so there is a thin chance of that happening. Therefore, I thought I might write this only.

Anyways, the first category of the Dan Brown books which are like the Earth shaking religious treacheries revealing kind, are about people who know a little too much but they are so much blinded by their own knowledge that they don’t see the small obvious bits. And then starts their act of acting as the messiah to the world.
Ofcourse, then there is Robert Langdon… He's the perfect guy. Even though I love him, he's way too perfect to be real. Professor Langdon is a professor of symbology at Harvard. He is a bachelor and loves his life His most prized possessions include his collector's edition Mickey Mouse watch, his love for his subject and his bachelorhood. Unlike most people of his age, Robert likes to lead his life his own way. He's a very positive person, filled with life to the brim. And probably his this attitude and never ending spirit is what keeps him going even in impossible situations.

Well, all the three books in the first category are from the Robert Langdon series so, I can definitely write distinctly about Robert Langdon. But I would also like to give a little about what I think about the books.

The best first - Angels and Demons… the first book in the Robert Langdon series. Yes, I know that the book   but that I have three copies of the same book. I wont really say that it’s a journey to find the cardinals but its rather about the question - "Is God and Science ultimately two names for the same thing?". I enjoyed the book not because I am into science or into God but because the book had a great way of presenting it.
isnt as popular as The DaVinci Code but this is definitely my favorite book of all times and what more proof you need
Some people think science provides the answers and others just say that belief is the ultimate weapon. But the book was the first one to show me that the two are not different ways but just different languages. Rather, not only this, the book showed the perspective of both the sides , comparing and contrasting them before presenting us the final gist in the form of the words of the new Pope (in the book).
The other great thing that the book offered was that it showed how people confuse between faith and fear. Yes, I have strong opinions about this and that is for I find it true. People fear God. I have well, never feared him. Since I remember, I have argued with him; said he was wrong whenever I thought so; complimented him when something he created was worth the effort; thanked him whenever he was to be thanked… but never feared him. This is because I believe God is our friend. Even in the Holy Bible it says that God wanted angels to bow to mankind.
So yes, I love this book and no its not because it gave words to what I already felt; rather because it showed me the perspective.
Angels and Demons is definitely one book that people of any age can enjoy. It is book which would interest anyone and everyone. But yes, it isnt that popular because it never raised any questions on any beliefs.

The DaVinci Code - do I really need to write about this book?
Ofcourse, my blog so no one else will do that :P … Anyways, the book had been in so much controversy because it questioned the basis of Christianity and called them names - horrible ones. The book was not only filled with contradicting theories about the beliefs but it also told point blank range truths that raised a lot of fingers.
But that wasn’t really the point of the book, if you ask me.
To me, the book contained a deeper meaning. It was about how simple things could be and how complicated we choose to see them. The very idea that Jesus could be just like one of us and do things a mere mortal does, was enough to shake the belief of all the masses.
But trust me, there is one thing about the book - you cant read it without googling a lot of theories and things mentioned in the book!!
However, I would really like to mention here a thing that I have recently learned and that is - what an author thinks is one thing but to each and every reader the book contains an entire new world and it is totally on the reader how he/she infers it. No two readers might ever get the same inference...
However, having said that, this is my blog, so not being rude but still here, I shall right what I think about it.
If I were to sum it up, The DaVinci Code is a book that leads you through some very strong beliefs and shows how violent a person can be or to what extents is one willing to go to prove his own thoughts. Whereas, the entire picture might never be so complicated!!

The Lost Symbol… this is another beautiful book by again Dan Brown. It is all about the real knowledge of life. Again, I know what is said about Dan Brown books that moreover each and every one is the same... maybe, yes! They all teach something very important - to lead a simple life!
The Lost Symbol, like I mentioned, is about a journey taken by a person to gain the finest knowledge of the world. Towards the end, the guy, along with our Professor, only realize that there is nothing such as the supreme knowledge. God only has one manual to his wonderful creation - the Bible and it and only it will contain all his wisdom.

Anyways, the more reason for why I love Dan Brown books has been this category… but I will definitely write all I loved about the other books and be back in some other review soon ;)

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