Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Monk who sold his Ferrari : Book Review

There is a beautiful line in the veteran actor Rajesh Khanna starrer movie Anand - 'Its very simple to be happy but very difficult to be simple'.
Even before having read the book, I was really wanting to write an entry with the same topic, but now
having read the book, I just think I have couple more points and I could really write this article right now.

Firstly, lets talk a little about the book. Honestly, who am I to talk about the international bestseller, that has moved people all over the world?
It’s a very simple and short story which just teaches us two things - 'common sense is not all that common' and 'walk your talk'. These are mainly the two things that the society is really lacking at this moment and if any human being just followed these principles, maybe not to the extent as in the book or as the sages of Sivana, but life is definitely bound to improve.
Also there was another thing that I really liked in the book - The real things that make our lives worth living are no amount of money or wealth. Yes, I agree with the author that if you work hard enough, the material things are few rewards that you earn and there is nothing wrong with that. But imagine having millions and eating just bread, like Julian described. Or having to live each day thinking of the lost daughter. These are some pains that you can say are harsh but the one who bears can only know.
Like I said its easy to 'talk the talk' but very difficult to 'walk the talk'…

Often, people don’t themselves follow what they preach and there can be nothing worse than this. How can you ask someone else to be honest if you are yourself lying to them?
You see, there are several books and even more people saying the same things over and over again… its just that people are so busy in their lives that it is true, there is not a single minute when a person halts and ponders over where he is headed to. Instead, one thinks that the minute would be wasted and make him behind in the race.
Yes, right from the time a child is born he is made the part of a race - who is the cutest baby? Who has the best name? who starts the education first? Who comes first? And goes knows to what… If you are reading this, please take a precious moment of your time and effort and just let me know that where exactly is the race headed towards? - who dies first?

People have just stopped seeing life as the gift it is. I am no sage and therefore I wont ask you to do yoga or vigrously exercise or even be a vegan. What I truly believe is that even meat is created by God… and once he blessed you to be a part of his exquisite creation, you really ought to cherish everything there is offered. If in any sense you are eluded of some pleasures the world offers, your life is not fully lived.
I do agree that there are hundreds or even more things that the Lord created and how can one ever cherish each one of them. Well this is where the book comes in. The book clearly states that life without achievement is live not lived well. Therefore, set your goals. Have some dreams and if you dare dream, you also have the power within to unleash the dream into reality. Harness that power!

Someone really close once quoted to me - "A miserable soul can only make others miserable"… Well yes, I am one of those persons who really get tensed quickly. I am always having something or the other to bother me and usually it keeps me on my toes till it is done. But this is one thing I have learned. No matter how hard the situation is or how tensed you are… whenever you talk to others, share some light thoughts. Talk to people to relax yourself. If you talk to people and talk about your worries, you just get more worried. Instead, if you have a bad day, take out a few minutes and a find a person who can spend his/her few minutes. Talk to the person, share some jokes or relive some good memories. Share a story or ask him/her to do so.
There is nothing better relaxing to a human mind like this. Not only talking to a friend and laughing, freshens up your mind and mood, but in a way you just strengthened your bond with a person.
Imagine, with the amount of worries we have, if you apply this with different people every time, how many good friends will we have?

Coming back to the sentence I quoted from the movie… a person can be happy for any number of reasons. You bought a chocolate, your could be happy. From buying a Rs. 5 chocolate to buying a crore Rs. Flat, anything can make you happy. But now you have to decide what is the happiness that lasts forever…
On the other hand, if we live a content and peaceful life, we are bound to stay happy for most of the part. Being content is not being un-ambitious. I mean not being greedy. Its mainly greed that forces a man to take part in the race we have been discussing… greed for money… greed to be at the top… great to be famous… or simply greed to outlive the other. Whatever it might be, but greed is definitely a strong link to the major negative thoughts prevailing in the world. Once you open your mind to one, the others will all be welcomed.

About the book, it was a good book… and rather a book that everyone must read and reread in the different stages of their lives. It has a hidden wisdom for all the ages and all the kinds of people of the society. There are very few, or maybe even less such books that you must definitely have in your library, for once you have read them, they act as your guide whenever you think you need a little motivation or you need a friend.
However, the book must have done great overseas, but being an Indian, there were bits that were presented too dramatically but are not all that dramatic. I enjoyed it and I am moved but I am not all that thrilled as it was I heard about the book.
Nonetheless, I cant ever end without saying that I felt really great when they wrote all the good about India and its rich culture. I felt really proud. Also, I couldn’t help but wonder what if it wasn’t a tale… atleast not all of it. What if Robin was Julian or he knew Julian? I mean a book is an amazing way to live upto your promise to Yogi Raman. Who knows? If you do, please let me know… for if there is Sivana, I would really want to visit there atleast once in my lifetime.

Till then…
Happy Reading...

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