Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Luna Lovegood : Poem

Golden Hair
That shine so silver
With mystic eyes and an enchanted smile
She reads the quibbler
You know she's different
Unique, she has always stood
Princess of her own kingdom
She's Luna Lovegood!

She's simple, she's witty
She's the friend present in your need
You will find her by your side
In all your ups and downs
She's a friend indeed.

Others are always mean to her
They don't hesitate to make fun
You tease her, you displease her
Still she shines as bright as the night's sun
You will still be in her good books
She will still be there for you
You will come to know of it, in the long run.

Her heart pumps kindness
Her soul is divine
So what if she believes in something even Hermione doesn’t know
So what if she is a grape in the bunch of lime
That doesn’t make her wrong
It doesn’t make you right
Treasure a person for who they are
And now by what you perceive from your sight

Towards the end, all I can say
From all that I have understood
Maybe different, but just as special
Is Luna Lovegood!

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